Dudes. It’s 1am & I can’t sleep so I’m gonna tell you about this instead, ha! 👍I got my belly button pierced behind my parents back when I was 14 at a flea market 😂 I was obsessed with piercings! I used to pierce my own nose & hide it from my parents. One time I got away w/ 5 days w/out them noticing! 😎Anyway, I took it out when I was around 22 because I ate a 🍄 & thought it was moving.😶I got freaked out & took it out. So, today I went to get new jewelry for my monroe & we decided to see if it at closed. 💁Only to find it was still open after like 8 years! 😱 So, I got this cute little bohemian ring put in. 👯If it’s there I may as well have some jewelry in it! Got any piercings? 👌#MostRandomStoryEver #NobodyWillReadThisAnyway #ILoveStories #LaLaLaLa #SpringForward #ReadyForVacation