When I was little there used to be a Disney Store at the mall by my house. I was so in love with the place, every time I walked in I’d tell my mom “I’m going to work here. My first job will be at the Disney Store!” She used to laugh that my dream job was a part time job, but IT WAS DISNEY. The store itself could capture you. I still remember looking at all the figurines thinking how amazing it was, having Mickey Mouse wave to me every time I walked by, and the skits that would play. It was the most amazing thing to me, and I wanted to be a part of it. Sadly, they closed before I was even old enough to work (it was my favorite store!) but, funny how life works, because nothing ever went to my original plans, I didn’t get a job when I was 16 like I wanted to, but my first job STILL ends up being with Disney! So after all, it is a dream come true! I can’t believe check in is only 2 days away!