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can i get some fuckin uhhhhhh mac & dee content? its Gay Solidarity

i live for mac and dee

  • after dennis leaves, mac and dee spend many long nights together at each other’s apartments getting wasted and shit-talking the hell out of the person they both pretend not to care about the most
  • mac is the first person dee comes out to. mac gets so excited he tears up a little bit
  • they’re each other’s wingman whenever they go out, despite the fact that neither of them are particularly good at it. dee usually ends up accidentally stealing men’s wallets instead of pointing them in mac’s direction, and mac often scares off girls with his overenthusiastic karate moves when talking about dee 
  • one day dee takes mac to ikea to get him new furniture for his apartment, and needless to say they get banned for life after mac sets all of the kitchen timers to go off at the same time because one of the employees wouldn’t stop being creepy with dee