Teachers, DON’T:

Don’t think that you don’t matter

Don’t think that the kids don’t care

Don’t listen to the lies in your head that tell you you should stop teaching

I had a professor for one year in college and then kept in touch on Facebook mostly

He died three or four years after I met him. He did more for me in that one year of professorship than he probably knew. When he died, I was hear broken.

Teachers, we matter. The students won’t always tell you, heck they might even cuss you out, hit you, or call you names. Just know that you matter. You are loved.

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oh my god i love your camp camp kids please tell me about them


This is Mallory! -This one’s mine!
His nickname is “Oof” because that’s the sound he makes every time he gets hit by anything. :-)
He’s got a really shitty luck and he got into safety camp since his parents were worried about him getting hurt often and being super reckless. He tends to zone out alot but he’s a really sweet boy that keeps a happy attitude even if he’s having a bad day, he also likes to go “clover-hunting” that’s basically trying to find four-leaf clovers since his mom told him these give him good luck.

This is Dana! Made by official-nova !
“Dana is a non binary child who is completely obessed with Superhero comics. They claim to be “Marvel Kin” and come up with being a new Marvel character everyday. They can be a bit aggressive but it’s all in their “Alpha” nature, they’re only like this when they feel threatened. Dana is the biggest meme you’d ever lay eyes on, anything they say could be an entire shitpost. They also can somehow communicate with frogs, thats a thing. They also like to supress their positive emotions for others, wearing a mask of aggression instead.” -They got into acrobatics camp!

This is Axel! Made by lancemcclainvevo !
“Axel is a little shit, very gay and very mischievous. He’s a nice boy when you actually talks to him and he’s super compassionate, he just likes to play pranks and dick off. He’s a great artist but he wastes it drawing nothing but memes. He’s anxious but he hides it with a fake-cocky “ironic” exterior.” -He got into Art camp and Meme camp!

And finally George “Weeaboo-kun” Made by  g-engy!

“George is obviously a weeaboo. he’s not even Japanese, however he’s fully convinced he’s going to grow up to be the green ranger, and that he is his own anime. he’ll kick your shins if you talk shit about naruto. his parents are kinda absent in all this so his brother takes cafe of him mostlyhe probably has ADHD, as his attention is difficult to maintain, and he seems to nearly almost be in a state of mania or hyper activity. he likes to scream, but he’s also pretty oblivious.“ -He got into kendo camp!

Also, Dana and Axel aren’t originally camp camp ocs! but they were adapted to be such!

pjo au

So we’ve had pidge’s backstory and lance’s meaning now it’s time for Keith’s!

  • Alright so Keith was born to Ares and his mortal father in Texas
  • Growing up his dad was a little bit unconventional (by a little bit I mean a lot)
  • They lived out in the middle of the desert in a tiny shack
  • Keith never attended school, but his dad was a stickler for teaching him survival skills (along with reading and math- as those are both very handy)
  • So maybe Keith didn’t know who the 16th president was or the names of the moon phases when he was seven, but he did know how to shoot a crossbow and a rifle. He knew the best way to use a knife, how long you could survive without water, the best ways to find food shelter and water
  • It was a good life
  • Him and his dad didn’t really have money, but that didn’t matter since they were living off of the wild mostly
  • He was a happy kid, it was always just him and his dad
  • But that all changed when he was nine and his dad had a heart attack
  • Keith didn’t know he was a demigod, but he knew how to survive and that’s what he did after a day of grieving

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  • Breezy used to be into hardcore punk / punk rock bands like Descendents, Minor Threat and Rancid
  • she used to date a guy with a mohawk
  • she loves books by Anne Rice; she says some of her books are for adults only (The Sleeping Beauty trilogy 😳 )
  • she owns the Twighlight book series
  • they have “Warm Bodies” on their bookshelf because Dallon wanted to read it
  • she loves to paint and draw
  • Breezy met Dallon on Myspace
  • the first present she gave to Dallon was a signed Shaun of the Dead poster, and second, tickets to Elvis Costello
  • March 18, 2016 will be their 10th anniversary
  • the best concerts she has ever been to: Radiohead and The Cure
  • Breezy’s favorite colors are black and pink
  • Dallon is a jokester; she tells the story how they had a fruit bowl in the kitchen with oranges, apples etc and there was one banana; when she came back, the banana was in a “compromising position” between the oranges.
  • recent movie she has seen: Cinderella
  • Breezy’s favorite Doctor is Eleven
  • Dallon might get a tattoo together with Breezy
  • Dallon tans really easy
  • she doesn’t think they will have any more kids; “two are enough”
  • B & D had an internet relationship first
  • she thinks it’s cute when fans call her “mom”…and yes she will adopt you! :)
  • she’s trying to go to the Reading & Leeds Panic! show
  • B & D were friends first, then were talking on the phone; he came to L.A and they met; (he came like 4 times to L.A on a Brobecks tour and they met) the rest is history
  • Breezy dyes her hair a slightly darker color
  • she used to have blonde hair and a tongue piercing
  • she got bullied in highschool because she was skinny :c
  • she used to date guys in the music scene
  • she was an AP art student
  • favorite subject in school: art, she liked science too
  • she’s from Ventura L.A
  • Dallon wants to sing something together with Breezy; she sings for the children all the time
  • she prefers coffee over tea but she loves chai tea, green tea
  • her dad passed away when she was a kid; he used to design album covers, her mom was a model
  • one of her uncles does music for Disney and Dreamworks
  • Breezy owns a whole record collection, then she shows a Too Weird To Live P!ATD vinyl and a Sex Pistols vinyl
  • someone asks whether to pursue model career: answer “go for it and don’t stop!”
  • her height: 5″8, she says Dallon is 6″2
  • “religion/ church is a personal thing”
  • she draws abstract stuff mostly
  • her role model: probably her mom
  • she met Spielberg and Micheal Bay once; and also Tom Cruise
  • Favorite TV series: Dr Who, Orphan Black, Walking Dead, Peaky Blinders, Silicon Valley, Orange is the New Black, Teen Mom used to be her guilty pleasure; she used to watch Dexter; and she used to watch the first seasons of Supernatural; but she missed so much
  • she never watched 6 Feet Under; because she had audition; and you had to be nude for a dead body scene; she passed it
  • “Johnny Depp gets better with age”
  • Cry Baby is one of her favorite movies of all time
  • Edward Scissorhands is her fave Johnny Depp movie
  • unpopular opinion: she likes Moffat
  • she’s neither a pancake nor waffle person: she likes French toast more
  • she really wants to see Radiohead live again 
  • she likes Green Day; she went to many of their concerts when she was younger
  • first concert: she saw Bad Religion, Green Day and Rancid together at one show
  • Dallon keeps fan mail
  • how Dallon proposed to her: they met outside the apartment where they first met, she was under a vintage light pole; that’s where he proposed to her, he got on one knee too
  • Iron Man is her favorite super hero
  • the Ponds are her fave Dr Who companions
  • the Weekes recently got a new table :)
  • the children call Ryan Seaman “Uncle Ryan”
Saudade | c.h

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Prompt: Saudade refers to a feeling of longing, melancholy, or nostalgia. 

Word count: 1,596

A/N: Angst mostly

He sat there as he watched her stuff fading away each second. How did a blooming 4-year-relationship come to an end like this? Just a week ago, he heard her voice exhilarating through the phone about how much she missed him, and how happy she was that she could finally feel his sense again. He had wished he could say the same. He kept his voice from cracking as he heard the three precious words falling from her small voice. She had thought about a glorious life with him hereafter. She had thought about looking at him nervously grinning at her as she walked down the aisle. She had thought about having little golden kids resembling him in every way running around their home. As cliché as it sounded, she had thought about growing old with him and sitting on their porch recalling every milestones they would have reached together.

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RFA reacting to MM headcanons

I read unholy amounts of mm headcanons, I mean i started typing my own because of em. So i want the crew to react to our headcanons…oh boy this will be fun


  • You were just sitting on your phone reading some headcanons about the RFA
  • And Yoosung walks in
  • “Hi MC! whatcha doin?”
  • You were so into your reading that you didn’t notice him calling for you
  • He walks over and looks over your shoulder to see what you are reading 
  • And you so happened to he on his headcanon
  • as he’s reading his face gets red
  • “MC?!”
  • You flinch and turn to him
  • “uh oh”
  • He was all blushy about it all
  • he was so surprised!
  • but what surprised him most of all is that this is exactly what he would do in such situation
  • “M-MC how do these strangers know me so well!?”
  • poor baby is scared and doesn’t know how to feel about people knowing him
  • “am I being stalked?!”
  • “Well technically yeah, pretty much”
  • “My poor privacy!”


  • He was coming home after a good work out session
  • He saw you on your laptop typing something
  • He smiles and kisses your head
  • “Hello honey~”
  • You slam your laptop close
  • “HI!”
  • You do nervous giggles and can’t look him in the eyes
  • He doesn’t do anything
  • Yet
  • After dinner and you were safety asleep he took a look at what you were doing
  • He knows he shouldn’t but he was curious
  • and a bit worried
  • but more curious
  • He opens the last thing in your history and sees what you were doing 
  • RFA+V+Unknown sending nudes most to least likely???
  • oh you naughty MC
  • He was pretty surprised about it and was going to confront you about it
  • after reading it
  • He really wanted to know
  • He gasped
  • “Me?! first?!”
  • He was a bit offended but then
  • “does MC want my nudes?”
  • “does she want the beast that much?”
  • Yes
  • He reads the others
  • because why not
  • “These are pretty accurate”
  • “MC what is in that mind of yours??”
  • He closes the laptop and goes to bed
  • When it’s morning he decided not to say anything
  • He was going to wait for your next work
  • Maybe even hint about writing more about him


  • You were pretty open about it
  • She was making some coffee for you and her
  • and she looked at you
  • you were giggling at your phone with a goofy smile
  • “MC? what are you doing?”
  • you freeze
  • “Well umm…”
  • You just hand her your phone so she can read it herself
  • She reads it over and looks at it confused
  • “Why do you want to know this?”
  • You sit her down and tell her about the wonders of headcanons
  • She would actually get into the whole thing
  • “Wow do you really think Zen would do that?”
  • She’s really impressed with their work
  • But she is confused how they know so much about them


  • He doesn’t really bug you about what you do in your free time
  • But today you were crying about something
  • He runs up to you as you drop your phone
  • “what’s wrong dear??”
  • You point at your phone not even thinking about it being about him and the others
  • He picks it up and reads it
  • He was confused and didn’t understand how this would be real
  • How dare that person make my MC cry
  • He forgets it for the moment to calm you down
  • once you’re calm you explain what he just read
  • he just sits there and pulls out his phone
  • you look at him and speak
  • “Honey? what are you doing?”
  • “Calling the police, they must be a stalker”
  • “Wait Jumin you-”
  • “Shh my love, I’m trying to save you”


  • You were obsessed with headcanons
  • Everyday all day
  • So him finding about it wasn’t a surprise
  • He was confused about this
  • how these people know so much about him
  • “I’m secret agent 707 and even I don’t know this about me”
  • as he researches into it more
  • trying to look into these people that write these things
  • he finds that almost everything about them is on this “Tumblr”
  • Photos
  • Very interesting Fan fics
  • “Okay I am not going to do that with my brother”
  • But as he dig deeper and deeper into it
  • he became addicted to reading them
  • He would spend hours just looking at memes
  • cat photos mostly
  • He was so interest in this”Tumblr” he created his own
  • He thought of a genius name
  • notahaker
  • They’ll never know
  • Days and days he would just read these headcanons
  • but then 
  • You found him reading one
  • “Maybe I should get MC drunk…”
  • He was snickering and laughing at his scenario
  • “Um Saeyoung?”
  • he looks at you quickly
  • “MC!…hi?”
  • you two just look at each other
  • “Saeyoung are you-”
  • You just nod your head agreeing
  • you too send each other headcanons all the time
  • “MC I already read that one”
  • “Yeah well shouldn’t you be working? Vanderwood-”
  • He puts his finger over your lips
  • “What Vanderwood doesn’t know won’t hurt him”

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