I begged and begged to host the Bruce Campbell panel, only to get denied. Thank God. Bruce’s hand picked host was Jeffery Donovan, the star of BURN NOTICE! Hands down the BEST panel I’ve ever been to! Even Denise Crosby dropped by! I’ve got it all recorded.

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Throwback Thursday!!! Back in 2005-06 I interviewed THE ERGS in Colorado Springs for Mostly Harmless Magazine issue 2! The band was on tour with MC Chris and SNMNMNM and played that night at the BLACK SHEEP! It was one of my favorite interviews and experiences! When I ran into @mikeyerg at Riot Fest 2012 in Chicago he remembered me and had kind words to say about the interview we did almost 9 years ago!

When I decided to start Mostly Harmless Podcast, I took this early interview with The Ergs along with an even earlier interview with A WILHELM SCREAM and created a Mostly Harmless Flashback episode to give people an idea what to expect (and to ask for money to help do it.) I had never been really happy with the introduction and outgoing bookends, and this episode had been one of the most downloaded episodes of the show. So today I finally took the time to sit down and re-record the bookends and made it such a stronger episode! 

It’s cute to listen to 22/23 year old Damian interview bands and how much has (and has not) changed!

You can find Mostly Harmless Flashback with A Wilhelm Scream & The Ergs at:

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New interview up with Charlie from GOLDFINGER! This interview was 17 years in the making and more than worth the wait! We hang out at Coleman’s Soul Food, Taste of Detroit and talk candidly and Charlie’s early musical discoveries, challenges with drugs & alcohol, and his current careers! All of that and more! Listen/Download at! #goldfinger #charliepaulson @charliepaulson #hangups #hellodestiny #openyoureyes #stompingground #darrinscoconutass #johnfeldmann #colemanstasteofdetroit #colemanssoulfood #mostlyharmless #mostlyharmlesspodcast #dammitdamian #partytime #excellent (at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom)

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