Hi everyone! 

I’m a huge fan of 8tracks so I decided to show you some of my fav study and writing playlists. There are different kinds of music from only instrumental to punk rock. I hope you’ll find something for yourself.

1. sleep, skeleton - slow/calm/relaxing/sad indie and folk rock mostly

2. homework mix pt. 2 - really calm songs by not so famous bands or singers

3. rainy day with harry - popular songs with rain in the background

4. let go - relaxing and calm not popular songs so you will not be singing and distracting yourself

5. dream of something that doesn’t exists - the mix of great songs you may not know but have to know

6. alone. - only instrumental music

7. just breathe. - the next calm mix

8. study time - … and the next calm/relaxing

9. study playlist - I think that this one is a little bit more energetic than the “calm and relaxing” ones

10. stay up late, wake up early - the next calm and relaxing but this one is like the saddest one

11. indie/punk rock (or whatever) - like in the title

12. Charile’s first mixtape - my fav! I love it so much. If you watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower then you know what I feel