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top ten weecest fics?

ME ABSOLUTE PLEASURE [and I went with 12 *coughs*] Of course, since this is weecest, beware for underage Sam in all of them. And I gotta admit most of my favorite weecest are my favorite because of how kinky they are, just to let you know.

So the first two are actually long chaptered weecest with deep meaning and boys falling in love. [Baba more than Crush, since Crush is very porny too, but it also has them starting a relationship.] Then you got kink galore.

  1. Crush
  2. Baba O’Riley and Eleanor Rigby walk into a bar
  3. Playing House [domestic kink, feminization]
  4. I’ve Got A Hand For You [first time kink, virgin!Sam]
  5. Too Sexy For My Skirt [teen!Sam crossdressing for Dean]
  6. Resemblance to Sense [possessive!jealous!Dean]
  7. Won’t You Treat Him Right [daddy kink]
  8. Spring Tour [exhibitionism and voyeurism]
  9. On The Way Down [Sam grows wings for a curse. wing kink]
  10. Fall Into Place [possessive!jealous!Dean]
  11. Easy Access  [toys, feminization/genderplay, impregnation kink]
  12. Sharp Dressed Man [crossdressing aka Sam in in lace panties and fishnet, thigh-high stockings]