I have posted my Jensen photo ops already back during JIB (here and here), but I thought I’d upload them in better quality again since back then it was a photo of a photo (and therefore not the best quality), these are scans, which are def better.

Anyway. I still can’t believe both photo ops really happened. That I really had two pics taken with Jensen. That I wasn’t dreaming any of it. That it was reality. :)

Oh and btw: I, of course, was ridiculously nervous both times. Especially because I have been told a couple times before that Jensen is very picky and extremely weary with props.

All I can say is, when I met him he wasn’t like that at all. He was relaxed, sweet and all in for the ideas both times immediately, which was great.

And what can I say… I really love both pics. :’)

Because Nell requested it. :)

These are my most used ways of sharpening. For that blurry sharpening effect that’s been popular lately check out this tutorial of mine.

I won’t go into details where to find the controls I’m talking about, so having some knowledge of Photoshop is required. I also use Topaz denoise, so having that would be handy if you are to follow this tutorial. You can substitute it with Photoshop’s built in filter for reducing noise.

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