a tag

i was tagged by my sunshine melissa (mkstudies) soooooooo i guess here it is! aslo: thank u for tagging me <3

  1. nickname: annabeth? annabelle? anne?
  2. eye color: green
  3. hair color: brown i guess?
  4. one fact abt me: i know a ridiculous amount of random whale facts bc i love whales with all my heart
  5. favorite color: green, gray, like pale grayish blue
  6. favorite place: any place along the oregon/washington coast. or nyc.
  7. favorite celebrity: louis tomlinson, duh. 
  8. favorite animal: whales. and orangutans. and pugs.
  9. favorite song: um??? defying gravity from wicked or no faith in brooklyn by hoodie allen
  10. favorite book: the song of achilles by madeline miller. pls read. rip.

yikes okay i tag: studyjpg, motivatde, and studybiird