Rambling thoughts about omgcp, the South, being really fucking gay.

I just finished reading @lollard’s yuletide 2014 omgcp fic (idk if she would want me to link to it, so I’m gonna refrain but if you are interested send me a message). It’s short, mostly a character study of Bitty. Probably the length of this essay/diatribe I’m about to write will be greater than the story that inspired it–but nevertheless I’m not surprised that in not so many words, lollard managed to push so many buttons I have related to the South, growing up gay, rural and urban Southern identities, et c. et c. omgcp is very broad brushstrokes about a lot of the Southernness of Bitty–it’s the outline of a story, dropped hints and coded jokes and occasionally stereotypical jabs–and lollard does an amazing job of pencilling in the fine detail. She builds out a concrete world of universal emotion (how much like myself can I be and still live up to the unspoken expectations of parents?) through the chiaroscuro of Southern culture. It’s quite good.

I have my own thoughts about the Southernness of Bitty, and in particular the comic’s courting of the idea of Southern homophobia, and homophobia in general. (under the cut)

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that nanami figure isn’t too great, i always had regrets because when it arrived it was much smaller than i expected. the figure was nice but the base didn’t work at all. not only was it super vibrant but it was the crappiest base structure i’ve seen and didn’t even prop her up. i would recommend this one because good smile company makes gorgeous figures but… yeah the exchange rates as well as shipping are a pain. sometimes customs catches your packages too and charges you extra like 1/3 of the price hoo boy. (i’m looking at you magnolia, she was the only one that i got charged extra for when she arrived at my door)

good smile company just re-released the kirigiri one so it’s up for preorder it’s gorgeous

naegi nendo is fantastic and super cute 10/10 would recommend

so is faris! she’s one of the cheaper nendos out there.

ok so i had no idea whats going on and i was definitely not taking that anon’s word for the truth. i am just not feeling well and would rather this blog not be a source of discourse any longer so pls no more anons or anything. im just gonna be bloggin about my other ships for a while.

but first, some music

'' We will live... ''

 Thanks to @unisonraidd for helping me with the text ♥