about the whole age gap argument

listen if someone was to say to me “this ship makes me uncomftorable because of the age gap” I’m like cool that’s fine and I respect that and you. I won’t push it on you I won’t argue with you.

it’s when people start attacking me about age gap ships that I get angry. It’s when people tell me i’m a ped/ophile for shipping a ship with a 10 year age gap even though it’s consensual and both members are of age. 

I’ve been told i’m a teenage girl with self inserted fantasies with older men which is hilarious cause i’m almost 21 and i’m gay so nah. 

the thing that gets me the most is, there’s so many couples irl who are togehter and happy with big age gaps. my grandparents were happily married for 50 years and had a 20 year age gap. do you go up to people in real life with age gaps and tell them that they’re gross? 

it’s honestly quite ridiclous and pathetic and tbh I’m so over being told i’m a bad person for shipping a fucking fictional ship. 

if age gap ships bother you so much, I just gotta say, good luck in the real world folks! 

ok listen i work at a movie theatre and this past week, because of the new ghostbusters, i’ve had to put up with a lot of annoying (mostly male) costumers complaining that they’re being dragged to watch it by their date/friend or that they don’t understand the hype because they’re so sure a female remake is gonna be monstrous and im not gonna lie its been very tiring dealing with so many narrow minded sexist people but you know what??? i’ve seen dads bring their little girls. i’ve seen dads bring their little boys. today a little girl no older than 6 jumped up and down and said “we’re gonna watch ghostbusters! i’m so excited!!” to me with the biggest smile ive ever seen. i’ve seen moms bring their teenage daughters. i’ve seen two boys probably around 13 come out of the theatre talking about how cool the movie was. 

please go out and support ghostbusters. it’s honestly such an important milestone for the film industry. little girls are finding rolemodels. little boys are watching strong women. this shit is important and we need more of it


My BFA2 film at Calarts is about how a young woman’s world transforms when she experiences street harassment / catcalling and how a catcaller gets called out for his wrongful actions. This film is mostly inspired by many annoying experiences I face as a female living in New York City.

Music / Sound
“Unstoppable (Jungle’s Edit)” by Lianne La Havas
Jungle Score + Mixing by Jacob Shrum

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I’m really not a fan of the whole blame game that fandom likes to play. It’s usually pretty simple: the person who did the killing is the person responsible for the killing. Hades killed Robin. That’s it.

The blame game gets very convoluted very quickly because no one ever does anything for no reason, so you can always trace it back one more step. Let’s see:

If it’s Emma’s fault for “dragging” everyone to the Underworld, then first of all it’s also Emma’s doing that Hercules and Meg and Henry Sr and Liam and everyone else moved on. No matter anyone else’s role in any of it, because by this logic, only the person who initiated the entire situation is responsible for everything that happens within it. Emma Swan is the reason why all those people got to move on, why the Mills family got reunited, etc. Well done Emma.

Except we can trace it back further, because Emma didn’t go to the UW on a whim. She went to save Hook. Because he died to prevent the whole Dark One disaster. Which he brought about because Emma turned him into the Dark One. Which she did to save his life because Arthur nicked him with Excalibur, which he could do because they were in Camelot to save Emma, which was necessary because Emma became the Dark One, which she did to save Regina/the town from the Darkness, which was free because the Apprentice took it out of Rumple. Which he had to do to save Rumple’s life because Rumple had blackened his heart to that degree, with all his misdeeds.

Soooo you could just as easily say that it’s all Rumple’s fault. If he hadn’t done so many terrible things, he wouldn’t have needed saving. Or maybe it’s the Apprentice’s fault, for taking the Darkness out of him. Or Belle’s fault, for asking them to.

In fact, let’s talk about Belle. She asked the heroes to save Rumple - thereby putting the entire town in danger and necessitating Emma’s sacrifice - because she just couldn’t bear to let the man she loves die. My, doesn’t that sound familiar? And yet, none of the people who blame Emma for bringing about another bad situation because she couldn’t bear to let the man she loves die seem to apply that same judgement to Belle. Or vice versa.

I’m sure there’s another strand you could trace back whereby it’s all Emma and Hook’s fault for bringing Marian/Zelena back from the past. But even then - why were they there? Because of Zelena’s time portal. So that goes back to being Zelena’s fault, which traces back to being Cora’s fault.

I am not actually saying that Robin’s death or the whole UW thing is Belle’s fault. Or Rumple’s. Or Emma’s. Or anyone else’s aside from Hades who, you know, killed the guy.

People make choices. Sometimes they’re tricked, or influenced, or whatever. But everyone is responsible for their own actions and their own choices. Cora killed Daniel. Emma killed Cruella. Regina killed Graham. Hades killed Robin. That’s it. And just because maybe something could’ve been prevented had someone made different choices doesn’t make it their fault. If you invite a friend over, and she’s walking along the road and a car splashes her, that’s the driver’s fault for driving through the puddle too fast. It’s not yours for inviting her over, even if otherwise she’d have been at home and not gotten splashed.

So these arguments are a bit ridiculous, honestly. The show is pretty clear about the whole choice issue. You’re responsible for your own choices, not anyone else’s. And you make the best decision you can, in any given situation. Sometimes it’s a mistake, sometimes it has unforeseen consequences, but no one can read the future. All we can do is act in the moment.

Not to mention that we’ve SEEN what happens when you blame the wrong people. Regina spent years persecuting Snow for Cora’s crime. And as long as she kept blaming her misfortune on others, nothing got better for her.

No one is responsible for anyone else’s choices. I don’t know what’s so hard to understand about that.


asoiaf meme [minor characters]: brynden ‘bloodraven’ rivers (1/10)

so we’re getting new pop figures for the hobbit

as you can see we get smaug and bard and tauriel and more legolas and gandalf and thorin and bilbo BUT FOR SOME REASON thranduil is once. again. neglected. 

that’s just really fun like yeah let’s make the whole main cast into figures except thranduil (or is he even part of the main cast?? looking at his screen time in dos it doesn’t seem like it)

i hoped we would get some more thranduil stuff now before taba since he was basically invisible in merch and promos last year but looking at this thing it seems like the neglect will continue

i’m annoyingly upset over this i mean thranduil is a popular character???? what is the problem???

Ouija Rant and Safety Shpeel [PLEASE READ & REBLOG]

I’ve seen a couple posts today about Ouija boards, mostly people annoyed by those of us who will tell you not to use them. I don’t care if I lose followers because I’m warning you idiots against the dangers of Ouija, Black and Necromantic Magick and the Satanic Occult.

Do not fucking use Ouija boards. They are nothing but bad news, unless of course you are familiar and work closely with darkness; in which case you’re probably bad news… Or if you absolutely don’t believe in them and really just play them as a game; but seriously be warned that if you invest just a bit of belief into the legitimacy of a Ouija board, you are in dangers path. 

If you’re going to use them be SAFE.


  • Belial (The Demon of  lies and deceit) is behind every working in a Ouija board; He will deceive you by shifting personalities and showing himself as a “nicer” demon, or a more intense demon, or whatever he’s chosen to show himself as; He will give you different names to match the personalities, and trust me they will be real. You will be able to write them down and search them up later and they will be on record. Belial may sometimes be nice, and warn you what you’re getting into; he’ll actually tell you to stop using the board. 

  • Lucifer/Beelzebub/Satan may come through the board himself at times (or it may still be his disciple Belial, this is easy to figure out if you know how to get the truth out of Demons; trickery). Just so ya know. 

  • When you open a Ouija board, you are opening a gate for dark energies and entities to enter through; be warned that they may not leave even if the session is properly ended and the board is properly ‘closed’. Darkness encompasses a lot of the spirit realm, and depending on how many people are participating, the timing of the session and the power fed into it, many different spirits can and will come through.


  • Don’t use Ouija boards by yourself; first off it is difficult to get a proper connection, and by being alone it’s said you’re at risk of possession by and attachment to/with whatever gets through.

    It is said there should always be even numbers, and even gender ratio using the Ouija board, and that a pair should be sitting with their knees touching and the board in their laps. In group settings the circle should have their knees touching and the board on the floor; not a table.

  • If you’re any good at protection wards around yourself, I suggest you do. If you can cast a circle, do that as well; if you like, even do it with salt as it’s said Demons can’t cross it.

  • Never use a Ouija bored if you’re ill, or in a poor emotional state as this may put you at greater risk of possession or attachments.

  • Remember that you do not have to comply with anything Belial or any other entity/personality asks you to do.

  • Do your best not to let the planchette slip from your fingers if it’s being violently moved around; and never leave a board open and unattended. 

  • Be careful that you do not become dependent on the board, this is known as “progressive entrapment”; Belial is trying to gain your confidence and build a relationship with you - Demons are not the kind of enemy you need closer.

  • If you choose to destroy a Ouija board, do not burn it. Some believe burning it can do more damage than locking it away; I say it’s better safe than sorry. If you do burn it, you will hear it scream. I promise. 

    To properly dispose of a Ouija bored, some believe it must be broken into 7 pieces, and sprinkled with holy water before burial. Some say it must be buried face down and that the planchette must not make contact with the board before or after burial. Choose as you may, I believe either would be sufficient.

    DO NOT bind Ouija boards! Some have said this is the proper way, and it is not. By the rules of Necromantic Magick any spirit you bind will be bound to you forever.

  • Don’t ask for physical signs - if however you’ve noticed the entity has gone ahead and done so, you may ask if that was them making the noise or whatever you noticed.

  • In a group setting, you should have one questioner or 'medium’; although everyone can ask, sometimes Belial and his personalities only answer to one person - you may figure this out as you go along.

  • You also may want one person to write down what is being spelled out for you, as sometimes it can go rather quickly and not everyone will get it.

  • Alwaysmake sure you close the board properly and have it either covered and facing a wall, in a box, or physically closed when you put it away.

    To properly close a board/end a session simply move the planchette to “GOODBYE” and close/cover/box the board.

Please read and reblog this post, tag it with whatever you want (don’t remove the source) and share it anywhere else you know (with credit to me) where people need to be educated on and warned about Ouija boards.

Also, if you are not experienced with using Ouija boards, please do not use them on Halloween/Samhainas this is when the “veil” is thinnest, and everything has an easier time crossing over if we allow them.

If you have any stories/experiences you’d like to share about Ouija workings, or anything else related please message me or submit a post! (Don’t use fanmail unless I’m following you as I can’t message you back!)