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Does Anshu ever accidentally hurt Dave with her superior size and strength?

just a few broken ribs. dave is kinda annoyed but mostly proud he made such a stronk & sassy being


Concepts for Slumbertale! Alphys and Undyne.

This AU is still so open, who knows how any of this works yet. I just like exploring the psychological representations of these characters.

Alphys- Her spines generate electricity when she’s thinking, like synapsis in a brain firing?

She experiments with the power of the subconscious or whatever it is that is fueling their world (Their world might BE a collective subconscious of humanity?)

Her experiments create these ghost things (Yeah their the Amalgamates xD) that are representative of half-made/ wayward thoughts/ recurring anxieties/ the niggles in the back of your brain etc.

Their mostly just annoying but they’re just trying to help.

Undyne- Not sure what her angle is in this AU yet. Probably the personification of that badass feeling that lurks deepdown within us all.

Confidence and perseverence probably, the part of you that defies reason and won’t take no for an answer.

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i really liked the interpretaton of buffy friends could you do buffy characters as types of friends like not personal to you

  • buffy is that friend where you know everything about each other even though you haven’t seen each other in three months, but you still are really close and it’s amazing. she’s also the one that eats more than her weight everyday, but still stays thin.
  • xander is that friend who has to snapchat everything and you mostly get annoyed by it because they’re always on their phone, but sometimes it’s great because you have records of your memories together because of them. 
  • willow is the one that secretly mutes group chats because it gets too much, but she doesn’t want to leave because that’s rude. also, she’s a study buddy and the 100% reason you passed your exams
  • cordy is the one that tells stories in front of your parents, but forgets that what you did wasn’t good, or she says stuff that you didn’t want them to know like “oh do you remember when we went to that party and there was sooo much booze” and then you give her a look and she’s like “so we left the party because drinking is bad”
  • angel is the one friend who never leaves the house so when they agree to do anything with you there are fireworks and people yelling “it’s a miracle!” and you text all your other friends about the fact that they’re actually leaving their house
  • giles is the one with the car. you know, the one that drives your friend group everywhere, and therefore has to stay sober at parties otherwise there is gonna be a group of ten people without a ride.
  • dawn is the one who you tell a joke to, and it’s funny so they laugh, but her laugh is so funny that you end up laughing at that so it’s and endless cycle.
  • tara is that friend that sleeps over but when you ask her anything she says “i don’t mind.” like you’ll ask her what she wants for breakfast and she’ll say “i don’t mind.” and it’s infuriating but really cute. she’s also the one who will call you and pretend to be sick when you’re in a bad situation
  • faith is that friend who you ask if they want anything when you go to the kitchen and she says no but you come back with your food and she steals some. also, no one can use her nickname for you. if they do, they’re dead.
  • spike is that fake friend who will support you when you’re happy and be with you when you’re getting attention, but then piss off when you’re upset, saying that he “doesn’t want the drama”
  • wesley is that friend who you’re the complete opposite to, but you somehow become friends. although for some reason, you never seem to hang out alone. there always has to be other people there.
  • gunn is that friend that always gives it to you straight. he’ll help you work out what to say to your ex, or you’ll do a presentation and afterwards you’ll ask him how you did because you trust him to be honest with you. also he always has a cracked phone screen.
  • fred is the one who is most like you. she gets whatever you’re going through and she’s the one you can phone to rant about something and she won’t try to get you to appreciate the other side of the story, even if you’re being unreasonable. she’s also the one you can sit in comfortable silence with when you’re sad.

Honestly the sudden eruption of fandom wars between Rowaelin and Doraelin makes me want to do this:

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Because having weathered through the whole chaolaena vs. rowaelin fandom war as well, this entire “fandom war” is just plain fucking ridiculous. So like last time, I’m just going to put in my two cents in and then leave because I saw something that shall not be named that really pissed me off. 

Please take this post with a grain of salt (not so much salt that I end up drowning and totally regretting stating my stance please) for unintended bias because I have and always been a Rowaelin shipper and have never shipped Aelin with Dorian or Chaol.

First off: The Whole Rowan Whitethorn is an abusive motherfucker who is a tool just like Tamlin Debate.

I’m going to copy and paste something I wrote in a very very old post (back when I was super active within the fandom):  “ I’ll admit, Rowan is not a pleasant person in the beginning of Heir of Fire. In fact he is a fucking asshole. And yes, he punches and basically pummels Aelin (some during training, which is bound to happen because TRAINING). He says some insensitive comments that rips open Aelin’s psychological wounds out of sheer spite. There is honestly no excuse for any of his actions.” And sure you can interpret that as abusive or not (there’s no point in arguing and trying to change your mind if your set on believing this is abuse or not).  But what a lot of people tend to dismiss is the fact that Aelin is just as hurtful to Rowan. Sure, she doesn’t get any physical hits in because Rowan is centuries old with a shit ton of fighting experience. But Aelin does hurl comments that also hurt Rowan psychologically, whether they be intentional or not. So why is it so easy to dismiss and forgive Aelin for her actions and not Rowan? My point is, both Aelin and Rowan were flat out terrible people in Heir of Fire because neither were in a very good place at the start of the book.  Rowan is still dealing with the loss of his mate and Aelin is dealing with Nehemia’s death and a destiny that she wants no part in. Does that really give either an excuse to be nasty as fuck to each other? Not really. But it happened. 

But something absolutely wonderful comes out of this originally antagonistic relationship: understanding and GROWTH. What I enjoyed on a whole in Heir of Fire was the growth of character development. What I love about the entire Rowaelin relationship was the understanding shared between the two that allowed them to consciously realize their faults and actively go about to change and rectify/acknowledge those faults to become better and changed people on the other end of the abyss they’re currently in. THEY CHANGE. OH MY GOD. CHANGE. WHAT A NOVEL IDEA. Rowan and Aelin both change drastically by the end of the third book. Unlike Tamlin (who Rowan is often unfortunately compared to) who has yet to go through his redemption arc because at this point in time he’s an asshole, Rowan realizes what he has done that is so wrong. Every single time that Aelin lashes out at him because he either intentionally or unintentionally ripped open a psychological wound, he backs off immediately after he understands the backstory. He doesn’t go about antagonizing her further out of sheer spite. If anything he stands there as a silent support (ex: when Rowan and Aelin watch slaves being imported in QOS, he stands there as a silent support by placing a hand on Aelin’s shoulder) because he gets it. He gets that sometimes words of “I’m so sorry” and other words of condolence aren’t enough because he’s been through enough shit like Aelin to know that. He gets that sometimes he just needs to be there for Aelin, and if she wants to talk. Sure! He’ll talk through it with her. He’s always there for her as support and vice versa. That’s the difference between Rowan and Tamlin. Tamlin who is so consumed by the idea of protection and doesn’t acknowledge what Feyre NEEDS differs from Rowan who DOES acknowledge and address what Aelin needs. 

Now on to Doraelin. Don’t get me wrong, just because I ship Rowaelin does not mean I can’t appreciate Doraelin-a worthwhile and beautiful ship. Yeah, Dorian’s been there since the beginning of the series for Aelin. Would I have pegged Dorian as a good partner for Aelin at the beginning of the series? Honestly, I have to say no. But please hear me out, I am not trying to put your ship down. This is just my honest opinion that you can once again take with a grain of salt. The reason why I don’t think Dorian would have made a good romantic partner for Aelin in the first two books is that he doesn’t truly understand Aelin. He might understand bits of the assassin Celaena that other people don’t, but he does not understand Aelin as a whole person. A person who has experienced and felt that a sacrifice made for her was worthless. There are a lot of scars that Celaena the assassin kept hidden that I don’t think Dorian at the point in time in the book, a somewhat naive (but still very wise and somewhat jaded) prince couldn’t understand. When I say naive, I mean that he wouldn’t understand sacrifice in the way that Aelin does. Having said that, I do think Dorian is a viable romantic interest now given recent events. Because he now understands sacrifice (poor Sorscha) and has gone through more mental torture than I’d have liked him to go through. Dorian and Aelin could quite possibly connect to each other on a very different but much deeper level now. On that note, Dorian has always been the one who has always accepted Aelin as friend, assassin, and queen as a whole entire package as opposed to separate little pieces. And yes, the whole joining of hands and the whole “they were infinite” was FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. So is he a viable romantic interest and could things change? Yeah. Absolutely. Definitely. 

Even if things do change, you can bet your ass that I’ll still be Rowaelin shipping trash. BUT! That does not give me the prerogative to put down the Doraelin or for that matter, Chaolaena ship down. What happens in the books, happen. Rather than grumbling about it, just look at the endgame ship or any ship with an open mind and find good points about it.

So what is the point of these fucking fandom shipping wars? What is the point in dragging down a ship that other people enjoy? What is the point of dragging down characters that other people love and cherish just so there’s more fodder for your ship (I’m looking at EVERYONE)? Like honestly, if you have shit to start just for the sake of starting it, don’t. Why can’t you just ship your ship with lovely fanart, meta, headcanons, and fanfics within your own hemisphere? Why must you feel the need to drag and dump some ship in the opposing pairing that threatens the existence of yours? Like jfc, this is not the 2016 US Presidential elections. We’re debating not insulting. Shipping is supposed to be fun. Not an all out war in which every opinion that is not yours is wrong. 

I’m done ranting. This is a really stilted and super disorganized argument–my bad, my thoughts are all over the place. 

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Please tell me about Remus' tattoos. Please.

Okay okay okay okay yes (sorry for the late answer, at first I was really excited about this but then I didn’t have time to reply right away and later it felt like work, so I waited until it felt good again)

  • He has 10ish tattoos (I’m only gonna talk about those that have been mentioned so far in the fic)
  • -ish because he’s not sure how to count them, for example does he count the quill and then the writing he can do with is as one or two? What if there’s more than one note at a time? The flowers are technically three different kinds, and the magical bit that can hide the lion wasn’t made at the same time, so?? 
  • His first one was the quill. He saw that people in school were writing things on their hands and arms, like what’s for homework and stuff, and he got the idea from there. He asked his dad if he can come with once to Diagon Alley and he got it made (he also bought floo powder on that trip, so that in the future he wouldn’t need his dad to apparate him there). He modified the spell that was used there later to use on the post-it notes.
  • He got the flowers soon after that; he just wanted something really pretty to grow on his body, and they covered some scars nicely. They started as small little things on his hip, and by now they’re grown almost to his shoulder. They’re yellow, orange, and red.
  • The star was made exclusively to cover the scar where he was bit.
  • It used to annoy him sometimes because it moved and danced around a lot, but ever since he’s met Sirius it reminds him so much of her and her energy that it’s possibly become his favourite one.
  • He wanted to get the Hogwarts’ animals because being still sad about not attending, he wanted to have something from there.
  • But he’s also bitter and angry about it, so as a tiny private fuck you to the world that didn’t want him, he made them muggle.
  • He went to a tattoo parlour in Cardiff four times in four months; all in the few days after the full moon, when the healing potions were still making him fairly numb, so he wasn’t in a lot of pain.
  • First was the eagle on his right shoulder blade; with his dad being a Ravenclaw, that was the house he had heard most about and at the time felt closest to. If he’d do it again now, he’d ask for a smaller one.
  • Second was the badger on his right ankle; this is the cutest one and the one he sometimes wishes was magic, because it would be adorable if it walked around his ankle in circles.
  • Third was the snake below the eagle. The tattoo artist suggested it could be made to seem like the eagle is attacking it, but he refused. He liked to think about the houses being equal and believed there’s little reason for that much rivalry and hate, though he never felt too close to Slytherin.
  • The lion was last, and was first meant to be on his right wrist, but a combination of new scars and his dad making rude comments about his tattoos and how much of him they cover, he switched and got a big ass lion head tattooed on his right thigh. The magical bit that can hide it was added later, because he’s sometimes uncomfortable with the lion’s eyes on him. He blushed a lot when Sirius complimented it though :)
I think it's hilarious how you all think Kendall is permanently high...

I bet the majority of you haven’t even seen drugs much less know when someone is doing them…

Just funny. 

Not that I think he doesn’t smoke, but it’s like….you guys see a picture of him and are like “omg he’s so high right now omg I can’t!" 
And then I look at the picture and he looks completely normal to me….like what the fuck? How can you be so naive?

Oh wait, you don’t smoke….now I get it.

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Can u rec me some of your favorite werewolf Bucky fics? I just started reading that area and want some good things to start. And also no rape/noncon pls, really a trigger for me.

heres a few top picks 

Breaking & Entering by inspirednewt

In which Bucky is a werewolf who turns human only on the full moon and has the habit of breaking into offices. In which Steve doesn’t quite understand how a wolf ends up at his office once a month.

Hunters by witchbarnes 

Natasha, Bucky, and Clint are an experienced hunter team, while Steve prefers to hunt on his own. They find out the hard way that they have been tracking the same werewolf pack.

only one my arms will ever hold by wearing_tearing

Like most stories about Bucky Barnes and his questionable and sometimes terrible life choices, this one starts because he decides not to listen to Natasha’s cryptic and mostly annoying advice.

He decides not to listen, and he hunts down and kills a deer during that month’s full moon run with his pack and leaves its dead body on Steve Rogers’s front step.

Steve, the man Bucky kind-of-possibly-maybe-absolutely is in love with.

Bucky would try to smother himself after that one, but he’s learned that werewolves are hard to kill.


Or: the four stages of courting Steve Rogers.

Redshift by Kryptaria & rayvanfox

For seventy years, the Winter Soldier has been a legend, a ghost whose identity was hidden from friends and foes alike. After the firefight on the bridge, Steve thinks he recognizes his friend.

He’s wrong.

Redshift: A shift toward the red end of the spectrum; longer wavelengths of light emitted by an object that is moving away from the viewer.

@lostthebucky sent in Werewolf? There Wolf by leveragehunters (Monkeygreen), Monkeygreen

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What books would Hannibal consider must-reads?

I love this question, but I can’t help but doubt my ability to answer it, because (I’m assuming) my reading tastes and Hannibal’s don’t have much overlap. Does Hannibal like Stephen King and J.K. Rowling? I doubt it. He laughs at Gillian Flynn, and not in the way Flynn wants to be laughed at. He rolls his eyes at House of Leaves. He’s bored by Kate Atkinson, and amused but mostly annoyed by Ursula K. Le Guin (except for The Lathe of Heaven, which he enjoyed, identifying with Haber until he saw how dull his version of reality actually was). He also identifies with O’Brien in 1984, and appreciates all of George Orwell’s writing, while being a little contemptuous of his politics. Would he like Nabokov? Who doesn’t like Nabokov? I can see him being very taken with Pale Fire, but is that only because I’m so taken with Pale Fire? See, this question is hard. I don’t think of Hannibal as someone who has good taste, or at least as someone whose taste I want to imitate, and yet I can’t help but assign to him books I myself recommend! Or, at least, books I’ve read. 

Dante’s Inferno and Le Vita Nuova, obviously. William Blake, of course. Paradise Lost. Faust. Since he’s apparently into literary works involving Satan, he considers Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita a must, very near his sensibility in terms of mood, humor, and worldview. He loves the Grand Inquisitor scene in The Brothers Karamazov. He appreciates The Waste Land for its language more than anything. He enjoys Frankenstein, and here at least he has the typical reader response, identifying first with the doctor and later very intensely with the Creature, except that Hannibal was rooting for him to kill his maker. Would Hannibal love the tales of Edgar Allan Poe, or are those too obvious a choice? Maybe he reads them as comedies? How about some Ray Bradbury? That seems on the right track, but then again, I’ve only read The Martian Chronicles and that doesn’t exactly scream ‘Hannibal’ to me. Borges and Calvino, perhaps. E.T.A. Hoffmann, I bet. Of Shakespeare, he likes best Titus Andronicus (naturally), The Tempest, and The Winter’s Tale. But on the whole he prefers the plays of Webster. The misanthropist in him is delighted by Shirley Jackson and Patricia Highsmith. The humanist in him adores John Keats and Thomas Hardy. He’s fascinated by Melville, particularly The Confidence-Man (because I’m fascinated by The Confidence-Man, whoops, there I go again). 

Would he like Flannery O’Connor and Cormac McCarthy, or is that veering into Will’s domain? Hannibal is probably more of a Proust guy. Nietzsche, another obvious one. I bet he reads specula principum for tips. And Sun Tzu, because lest we forget, Hannibal is basically an insufferable person. He probably reads Finnegans Wake for pleasure.

Not a lot of contemporary stuff on here, maybe because it’s hard to imagine Hannibal cracking open the newest Jonathan Franzen. Maybe he likes Roberto Bolano and Patrick Modiano, those I can see.

Oh, and of course, The Count of Monte Cristo. ;-)

ETA: Forgot to mention that Hannibal circa TGSOE totally has a favorite author – Oscar Wilde, particularly The Ballad of Reading Gaol and De Profundis.

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kurotsukki first kiss please :3

Tsukishima’s interactions with Kuroo are mostly based on provoking each other. Tsukishima is mostly annoyed by Kuroo, but he is still weirdly drawn to him. It pisses him of because he doesn’t understand why. One day, after practice together, a frustrated Tsukishima decides to take a walk and finds himself a nice place under a tree to sit and be grumpy, all by himself. A few minutes later Kuroo walks in on him and asks if he can join.

Tsukishima expects more teasing and provoking, but the opposite is true. Kuroo sits next to him and talks to him. Really talks to him. He talks about what a beautiful night it is. He talks about the stars and the moon. He talk about how he always goes for walks to clear his mind. He talks about how nice the training camp is, but how it’s also hard to keep up with everything. He talks about his own struggles with volleyball.

Tsukishima listens, completely surprised by how vulnerable Kuroo is being, and just relaxes. He even ends up talking too. He doesn’t know why, but he just opens up to Kuroo, and before he knows it, he hears himself express his frustration and fears.

He already regrets it after his first words, but Kuroo is surprisingly nice. He lets Tsukishima talk listens with empathy and says the right thing at the right moments.

“But you know,” Kuroo eventually says, “you are freaking amazing. Even if you don’t practice you are already amazing. I can’t even imagine how amazing you would be if all these issues wouldn’t be there.”

And Tsukishima just looks at Kuroo and realizes two things:

One: kuroo isn’t a dick. He really is a nice person.

Two: Tsukishima is in love with him. He is so incredibly in love with him.

And at the moment he realizes that, they kiss.

The kiss itself isn’t even that special. They just lean closer and let their lips touch. They both pretend it’s nothing, even though they know it’s everything.  It doesn’t feel like a milestone, it feels way to natural for something like that. it relaxes them, it make them melt into each other and It makes both of them realize it’s okay to be vulnerable.

They meet each other under the tree every night for the rest of the training camp.  Sometimes they talk, sometimes they kiss, sometimes they just sit in silence.

They don’t act different towards each other during the day. They don’t talk about it with others. This is their small little secret, and they like to keep it that way as long as possible.

Poet!Calum always being in the library after school always reading about poetry and genres of poetry and you’d sometimes hang out with him which mostly consisted of you annoying him about what poet he’s reading about and you’d make him talk about it and he’d get frustrated but he would comply and start talking and once he starts he never stops so he’s talking about the person and he’s so into it he sets the book down and turns towards you and he’s using hand motions and his eyes are shining and he has this little smile on his face and asdfghjkl bye

okay so I’ve recently started to really really like one of my friends but he’s very hard to read and so I can’t tell if he’s flirting or if he’s like that with all of his female friends ? but last night a few things happened that made my the butterflies in my tummy kinda explode:

(He does stage crew and sometimes I go when I don’t have rehearsal)

-when I asked if he needed any help with like building stuff he goes “I mean kinda, but I really don’t want to put a nail through your hand so I’ll ask someone who I don’t actually like” (he was joking because he nearly did but a nail through his friends hand yesterday)

-we had a school football game last night and I stood with him until the rest of my group got there, but the whole time he kept leaning his arm on my shoulder and making little jokes about my height

-kept touching me in little ways, mostly just jokingly buT STILL

-tried to teach me to play volleyball

- and my personal favorite:

I was standing on the bleachers and it was super crowded and he came up to me and goes “that’s my spot” so I got down. He started laughing and apologizing to me because I didn’t realIZE HE WAS JOKING AND HE FELT BAD THAT I ACTUALLY GOT DOWN so he kept like trying to give me back the spot and I kept telling him it was okay and so hE GOES “ok well then we’ll both stand here” AND MADE PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE IN THE SENIOR CLASS MOVE DOWN BUT THERE WASNT A LOT OF ROOM SO WE WERE STANDING REALLY CLOSE AND ASDFGHJKLL

like I know none of these are significant events by any means and like in most cases may seem a little bit flirty but it could honestly just be how he is with his other friends who are girls idk because he doesn’t have that many

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Some people don't like/favour certain parts of a person's personality. Do some characters in AMP not like/get annoyed by certain things Annie does?

Annie can be overwhelming at times!  She has a lot of energy and does her best to be pleasant especially with new friends that she makes.  Megan and Eli dont like how flighty Annie can get; May Gunn gets peeved by Annie’s bragging when she beats her at something; Rei is mostly fine with Annie but sometimes finds her to be blindly optimistic; Xii is just mostly annoyed by Annie’s general presence; Hudson gets annoyed when Annie steals his muffins