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Ignis and Aranea headcanons?

I don’t have a lot but these are all I got at the moment. 

  • When they’re camping, Aranea helps Ignis cook. Whenever Ignis is baking some sweets, she likes to lick the spoon from the batter, mostly to annoy him because he finds it unsanitary. 
  • If she ever stays with them while they’re camping, she gets her own tent and sometimes she’ll invite Ignis either to snuggle or have sex.
  • Ignis is a good masseur, so he’d massage Aranea after a long day. 
  • During the ten year gap, they started dating and living together and even going on hunts. After any morning where they had sex Aranea helps Ignis look for his clothes but she always wears his shirt without telling him so she can stare at him shirtless for a little longer :3
  • She also helps pick clothes for him although she’ll throw in something goofy because he couldn’t tell. Additionally, she’ll tie his tie even though he’s capable of doing it by himself.

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You've addressed this supposed credit issue so many times, people need to leave you alone about it. You're doing your best to credit and that's all anyone can ask. No one should be demanding it of you, and if they care so much about it, they should help you find the sources. I hope people stop harassing you over it. And I hope the rest of your day goes well, hun.

Thank you  . ゚ (T ヮ T) ゚.  It’s mostly just annoying because I do source stuff. I think people are just upset that I’m not like every other stim blog who bans everyone. And my day would have been super duper amazing if it wasn’t snowing (I HATE SNOW SO MUCH). I like it when it’s warm and nice and sunny… But my day is still good. I’m just going to stay inside and snuggle up in my gloomy bear onesie :3

no offense but if a trans person tells you their preferred name and you refuse to use their preferred name and make no attempt to correct this mistake then you’re a piece of shit

One of my favorite narrative devices is the slow reveal of underlying layers of story and the way that throws a spanner into the more linear progression of Character-Does-Thing-And-People-React or People-Do-Thing-And-Character-Reacts. It becomes Someone-Did-Thing-A-Long-Time-Ago-And-When-It’s-Revealed-Suddenly-A-Lot-Becomes-Clear, and it’s incredibly satisfying when done right because it lets you play with the audience’s expectations and then drop them into the middle of something completely different and tie up a dozen loose plot threads while you’re at it. 

It is, oddly enough, a very common trope in YA and children’s literature, and it’s often done very well there: the kids/teens who headline the story will eventually realize they’re embroiled in something their parents or older siblings or teachers set in motion ages ago. It makes stories feel that much richer and fleshed-out while providing writers with a wonderful way to throw their characters into in-media-res situations without having to justify an extended buildup. It’s a pre-set tripwire of a wham moment, just waiting for someone to stumble through. It’s a plot twist that relies on richness of backstory rather than a less-satisfying bolt from the blue.

And oh, Critical Role is perfect for that kind of setup, because Matt’s manipulating the players’ expectations every bit as much as he’s manipulating the audience’s, and because the improvisational nature of the show makes the twists that much harder to anticipate. For instance, a lot of the first few dozen episodes of Critical Role boil down to the slow realization that Vox Machina are basically playing out the sequel to Allura’s adventuring party’s campaign. What starts as someone giving them a quest takes a sharp left turn into the reveal that a whole lot of what’s happened to them over the years is the direct consequence of the actions of that quest-giver fifteen years ago. And that reveal is stunning, when it happens, because it ties so much together and shifts everybody’s perceptions of the world and the NPCs all at once.

Which is all to say that I’m pretty sure we’re just on the cusp of pushing through to a reveal of another underlying layer of the story. Thordak’s first fall and the existence of Glintshore Island don’t quite add up with his return. Emon is built on the subterranean bones of a long-abandoned city. Temples of Ioun are being repurposed for dark, secret rituals. A magical siphon has been spinning under the city of Whitestone for months. And on two occasions the party’s come across massive chambers filled with bones and glass. Nearly all the pieces are in place, and I honestly have zero friggin’ idea what they mean. Waiting for someone (be it VM or whoever comes next) to stumble over that one underlying thread that yanks everything together is like being just at the apex of a long, long drop on a rollercoaster.

This show is so much fun. I can’t wait for Thursday.


This and a few other items never left my inventory. 

  • Combeferre & Courfeyrac: *seeing Enjolras & Grantaire kissing in the corner booth at the Café Musain*
  • Courf: (quietly) I can see what's happening.
  • Ferre: What?
  • Courf: (louder) And they don't have a clue.
  • Ferre: Who?
  • Courf: (even louder) They'll fall in love and here's the bottom line... our Trio's down to two.
  • Ferre: Oh...
  • ...
  • Courf: (louder still) And if he falls in love can be assumed...
  • Ferre: His carefree days with us are history...
  • Courf & Ferre: (shouting) In short, our pal is dooooooomed!
  • - Bonus -
  • Enjolras: Will you 2 shut the hell up?! Grantaire and I have been dating for a year and you 2 are the ones who set us up!
  • Courf: ...Your point?

My older child and their friends have stumbled upon something momentous.

Upon further discussion with my kid:

Alton Brown - Bard

Geoffrey Zakarian - Healer (Hello Kitty band-aids for all)

Guy Fieri - some troll that you encounter engaged in a nefarious activity, but once you get him to stop he joins your party and he’s kind of annoying but mostly okay and very useful.

Alex Guarnaschelli needs to be involved in this somehow.

Further ideas, anyone?

Seventeen as shit that my mother's side grandpa has said to me
  • S.Coups: I once had to put you on a leash, cause you just wouldn't stay put!
  • Jeonghan: You're my favorite grandchild.....don't tell the others tho
  • Joshua: //hands me a baby chick// meet your new pet! It's gonna stay here tho, cause I doubt you have a place to put it (I named the chick Lucky)
  • Jun: So....any boyfriends yet? No? You're gonna end up alone with 50 cats at this rate //laughing the entire time//
  • Hoshi: //starts dancing an old mans dance// when you\re getting married this is going to be your husband
  • Woozi: If people are annoying you (mostly boys) just flip them off and smirk....always worked for me
  • DK: //just laughs...he has a weird laugh which made me judge him// where do you think you got your witch laugh from? //continues laughing//
  • Mingyu: //hands me fishjercky// come ooonnnn it's goooooddd, especially with beer.
  • The8: //to my mom// HA! You just got roasted by your own daughter!HAHA!
  • //I tripped over literally nothing and landed face first into the dirt//
  • Seungkwan: //laughs at my misery//
  • Vernon: //tries to cook// I think I just burned know what lets just eat bread, yea lets do that until grandma comes back...
  • Dino: WHO WANTS'S CAKE!?! //hands me the biggest piece of cake//

I was watching @shenanimation‘s stream yesterday and they were doing twitter prompts and I decided to draw along for fun. The prompts were; Bunny knight, t-rex chef, and cat heroine. It was a fun stream. 

CONFESSION:  I headcanon that during Morrigan’s romance, a warrior warden names his weapon after Morrigan mostly because it just annoys her, and it annoys her because she actually thinks it’s really sweet which even further annoys her. And every time she complains the warden gets a big grin on his face