mostly no tickling

Fluffy Post-Reveal Adrinette Things
  • “*giggling* Your teeth” “omg” “*giggle snort* I keep hitting your teeth” “marinETTE” “*scream-laughing* I’M SORRY” “I’m getting braces” “no no no pls chaton I love your teeth hahahaha*snort*”
  • Adrien whispering things in Marinette’s ear at school and she’s giggling harder and harder (mostly because it tickles) and the rest of the class just looks exhausted
  • Adrien attempting to teach Marinette Chinese again and trying (and failing) not to laugh at her but she’s so hopeless and she keeps whining and swatting his arm
  • *bangs pots and pans together* BIG SPOON MARINETTE
  • Dates at the Agreste mansion. Gabriel is actually present for the meals and Marinette CANNOT act natural, God help her
  • Adrien casually leeeeeaning on Marinette when he wants to look at what she’s doing
  • Adrien shoving his entire head under Marinette’s hand because he wants her to play with his hair (he falls asleep after a few minutes)
  • Marinette making funny faces at Adrien during photo shoots so he’ll laugh more naturally
  • Mama and Papa Cheng open the trap door just a bit to see how the bebs are doing with their studies, and their desk chairs are pushed up right next to each other’s!!! and they do that cute tag-team swoon (Marinette hears them and screeches at them to go away)
  • Walking to school together. Holding hands. Doing that arm swing thing but like ridiculous high until they’re trying to windmill it and turning themselves around and Alya and Nino are like “wat r u doing”
  • Marinette carrying Adrien piggyback and running around the school and they’re both laughing and enjoying themselves and Alya and Nino are like “seriously wat r  u doing”
  • Sneaking out of class to transform during akuma attacks together. But like exaggerated synchronized sneaking with the huge steps and everything
  • Rubbing each other’s temples when they have headaches
  • Putting ridiculous clothes on the Ladybug and Chat Noir statue in the park every April Fools Day
  • Marinette trying Adrien’s rock climbing wall. “You keep going, I’ll keep admiring the view,” says Adrien from down below, causing Marinette to fall.
The Pen

Description: Peter is stressed about school, so he decides to hang out in the lab with Tony and Bruce. 
A/n: Filling a prompt I’ve had sitting in my ask box for ages for Tony cheering up Peter, except I added Bruce into the mix. Hope you like it!


Peter Parker was always stressed.

It didn’t matter if all of his homework was done, all of his t’s crossed and i’s dotted; he was still stressed. 

On days when he was particularly anxious, he would normally text Happy to see if Mr. Stark was in. Happy always said he wasn’t, but most of the time that was a lie.

 After cramming in three tests, a book report, and a speech in the same day, Peter felt exhausted. He walked out of the school, his backpack feeling a little lighter for once. It was Friday, so he could say goodbye to school for at least two days. His brain probably wouldn’t let him, though. It never did. 

He looked across New York, wondering if he could catch a cab in time to ride to Stark Tower. He wasn’t going to text Happy this time. 


“Hey, kid.” Tony gave him a wave from under the vehicle parked in Tony’s lab. “What’s up?”

Peter gave a sheepish smile, setting his backpack down on the ground. DUM-E whirred to life, scooping up Peter’s bag and trying to move it onto the empty lab table. 

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tickling jaemin

just rly soft …. :/

  • so basically you’re minding your business eating some candy you just bought
  • something sweet like air heads or jolly ranchers.. whatever you want
  • and you’re oblivious to the world bc youre on ur phone watching youtube videos, just chowing down on this candy having the time of ur life
  • and you get to ur very last one.. you saved it for last bc it’s your favourite flavour (watermelon)
  • jaemins been eyeing up this candy for a while.. not wanting to ask for one bc he knew he would just end up eating them all
  • so… he sneaks up behind you and steals it off the table just as you’re about to pick it up
  • ur like ………. ‘what in the world .. who does this kid think he is’
  • so you playfully yell at him like “uhh hey!! that was my last one!!”
  • n hes like ‘oh.. what is?? … you mean this??’ n waves it around giving you the biggest smile :/
  • and the entire time youre just thinking…… this little shit
  • so u start chasing him around bc u want your candy back also bc you love to hear him laugh :/
  • he shrieks n starts giggling, and starts running away but hes…still waving the candy up in the air like the lil shit he is 
  • after what seems like 7000 light years of chasing him, you finally grab a hold of his sweater 
  • so he turns around,,,, still smiling like a dork :(
  • you try grabbing the candy out of his hand but he puts his hand in the air so you cant reach it
  • you’re jumping up n down and you kinda start to a lil embarrassed 
  • but jaemin thinks its the cutest thing in the world and cant stop smiling down at you :/
  • eventually u give up and stop jumping
  • so now ur both kinda just …. looking at each other
  • and then he…. eats the candy .
  • probably would open his mouth wide n go ‘ahhhhh’ to prove he ate it and to tease you
  • all you can think about is how ur gna beat this kids ass
  • get ready for extreme cheesyness uwu
  • conveniently your right by a couch
  • so you glare at him and ur like ‘you’re in for it now nana’
  • probably would mock you n go ‘ooooooo im so scaredn would . wink at you.
  • so….you know how ticklish he is so now you can finally use it to your advantage
  • you tackle him n he falls on his back onto the couch
  • you mostly just tickle his tummy to begin with,,, starting with the sides
  • you end up straddling him
  • n u start tickling the SHIT of him
  • u dont even see it as smth cute or cliche u just … want him DEAD
  • hes laughing and screaming so hard and so wide you can see all his teeth, he cant form words bc hes laughing so hard
  • his head is moving back and forth and he cant keep still 
  • theres tears forming bc he cant stop laughing
  • his laughs end up turning into…. wheezes lol
  • then………… get an idea………..
  • if you cant eat the candy anymore you still wanna be able to taste it right?  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • so youre still tickling him but.. then… your hands start moving upwards 
  • until they reach his neck
  • which btw . his neck is the ticklish part on his body
  • so he starts flailing his legs behind you and hes squirming under you and he cant stop laughing 
  • and every second that goes by you just fall for him even more :/
  • youre still tickling his neck but your movements get slower n slower until youre kinda just…… cupping his face/neck..
  • you can hear and feel underneath you how hard he’s breathing from all the laughter 
  • but he still.. cant stop smiling . at all
  • MMMmmDMMMMMMMMMMMDSH im gna jump off a cliff
  • so you lean down.. until youre maybe… 2 inches away from his face.
  • he stops smiling n you can see his face immediately goes red 
  • cutie :(
  • so uuuhhhhhhhhhhh
  • you kiss him
  • it catches him by surprise and you can hear his breath hitch 
  • ur still holding his face so you rub your thumb into his cheek
  • and he hums into the kiss :(
  • its deep n slow.. bc you’re in no rush also bc you can taste the watermelon 
  • his right hand moves to rest on your thigh and the other comes up to your hair
  • doesn’t pull it or anything just kinda…. has his fingers in your hair, playing with it :/
  • you kiss like that for a while… just rly slow.. :(
  • you’re the one to break the kiss, n you lean up just slightly 
  • his face is slightly red 
  • and he…….he licks his lips.. that are now slightly swollen n red
  • n he shyly smiles at u :(
  • then u say smth like “hmm.. didn’t realize watermelon could taste that good?”
  • first he hums then says
  • “wanna another taste?”
  • BYE
  • so then u make out for another 2 hours
  • and everytime you eat something watermelon flavoured all you can think about is jaemin
  • and now he steals you candy all the time just to find an excuse to make out with you
  • :’)
NurseyDex Week Day 2 - Bedsharing and Room Sharing

If you were to tell Will last year - or hell, even a month ago - that sharing a bed with Derek Nurse would become a regular occurrence… he probably would have laughed. Or cringed. Or flushed bright red while shaking his head, adamant that he was being fucked with.

Because people like Derek Nurse don’t share their beds with people like Will.

They just don’t.

Because people like Derek Nurse are unfairly attractive and ridiculously literate and so far out of Will’s league that they’re barely in the same solar system.

The thing is - as Will learned quickly on their first official night as roommates - people like Derek Nurse are a lot of things… but mostly they’re impossible to refuse. Especially when they’re curled up, all warm and soft-looking in the bottom bunk, smelling faintly of weed and holding out their arms for snuggles.

Crawling into Derek’s arms, Will knew - even then - that nothing would be the same after. Because snuggling with his teammates wasn’t something that Will had ever considered, let alone wanted… and because Will knew that he wouldn’t forget the heat of Derek’s body or the strength of his arms anytime soon, all that muscle and smooth skin and god.

It was just. More than Will was prepared to handle. Or consider. Or fight.

And maybe he had just assumed that it would be a one-time deal, but then Derek kept opening his arms to Will. Not every night, but often enough that it became something that Will could look forward to. Something that he could hope for.

Which… brings them here. Nearly two months later, curled up against the frame of Derek’s body, Derek’s hand rested on Will’s hip and Derek’s breath fanning warm against the back of Will’s neck, and-

It’s comfortable.

It’s easy.

And honestly, Will should have known that it was too good to be true.

That he had spooned himself straight into a trap.

“You know-” Derek starts, fingers flexing for a moment before going lax - not hard enough to bruise, but firm enough to bring Will’s attention to the point of contact. “It’s chill if this isn’t, like, your thing. I’d get it if you didn’t want to play body pillow for me anymore.”

It takes a moment for Will to formulate some kind of answer, and he’s man enough to admit that it’s mostly because of the tickling sensation of Derek’s lips against his neck, and the way that he can feel the words as they’re formed. He can’t focus on the tingle though, not when he’s been struck by the realization that maybe he had been right from the start.

It’s a sharp reminder that people like Derek Nurse just don’t share their beds - and their warmth - and their affection - with people like Will. It makes him go stiff, muscles braced for impact - physical or otherwise.

“I- wait, what? I thought that you- that you liked this.”

Derek’s hand dips forward, drifting from where it had perched high on Will’s hip to curl around him properly. It has the negative effect of bringing them even closer, bodies spooned tight - close enough for Will to feel every rise of Derek’s chest and every restless twitch of Derek’s knee.

“Of course I like this. I just know that it’s my thing.” Carefully, Derek’s fingers curl into Will’s shirt, holding him tight and close and it’s confusing. It’s so fucking confusing. “I don’t want you to feel like you have to.”

“When have I ever done something just because you wanted me to, Nurse?”

Derek laughs at that - a strained little thing that ruffles the hairs at the nape of Will’s neck - and everything about him is unfair.

“I can think of a few times. I don’t know if you even notice it, but you’re always going out of your way to do little things to make me happy. You make me happy. But, like. I’m always the one that starts this. I’m always the one that asks, and, like. That’s chill… but it kind of feels - sometimes, at least - like it’s just me. Like I’m taking advantage. And I don’t want that for you. Or me. It just-”

He doesn’t finish the thought, and it hangs heavy between them in the quiet of the room. And Will… well, he should probably take a moment to think about their friendship and the possible repercussions and the fact that Derek Nurse is barely in his solar system, let alone sharing his gravity. But the thing is, this thing between them has never been about common sense or about making Derek happy. Because the thing is, Will is a selfish creature at heart.

This thing between them has always been about Will - what he wants and what he’s allowed himself to need.

And maybe it’s about time for Derek to know just how selfish Will can be.

He can feel the disappointment radiating from Derek when he pulls away, but it’s necessary. It’s so necessary. Because it’s only after Derek has let Will go that Will can turn around. And it’s only once he’s turned around that Will can open his arms - raise them as much as the space between them allows - and wait for Derek to take the hint.

They’ll have to talk about this later, but that’s a headache for another day.

Right now, Will’s content to hold his arms open for Derek - a silent plea for contact - for snuggles - for something more than he thinks friendship alone allows. It’s a plea that Derek answers immediately, arms wrapping around Will’s chest, face coming to rest in the join of Will’s shoulder and neck, and it’s perfect.

It’s everything.

They’ll talk about it later.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Saw the requests were open and decided to request. RFA + V & Saeran react to an MC who has had back surgery and suffers from pain plus is self conscious about it. I had surgery for scoliosis and honestly am super self conscious about the fact that I have a long scar down my back and avoid wearing anything that shows it. Thanks in advance!

So sorry to hear. We hope you feel better soon, and hope these brighten your day a little. :) 


  • It came up when he suggested you guys go to the beach
  • You were avoiding it for awhile
  • He finally got annoyed because he knew were hiding something
  • You blurted out about your surgery and the scar and how you were self conscious
  • He understood the feeling
  • He didn’t want you to give up fun things in life because of it
  • So he does some research and helps you to the degree you can handle
  • He’ll help pick a swimsuit that covers your scar
  • Looks up remedies that help with the pain
  • Huge support to you on good and bad days


  • He planned to take you to an amusement part as a surprise date
  • You felt really bad, but you had to tell him you couldn’t ride most of the rides there
  • Your back probably wouldn’t be able to handle it well
  • He was beating himself up for not knowing about your back problem and surgery
  • You told him it was fine since you had been silent up until then
  • He tries to make it up to you and does whatever you can do in the park
  • Even it’s just playing those arcade games
  • He wins you a huge stuffed puppy
  • “If you’re in pain and I’m not there, you can squeeze this for comfort!”


  • You two liked to jog in the park every once in awhile together
  • She noticed you’d start out strong, but slowly lag behind
  • She watched you for a few weeks, and finally confronted you about it
  • She said she figured out you had scoliosis from your symptoms
  • She had a mild case due to desk work all those years
  • That’s when you told her about your surgery and the pain that happens every once in awhile
  • She’s patient and tells you when you need a break, even when you want to keep going
  • She buys you heating pads for when the pain gets really bad
  • Also has a bunch of tips and remedies memorized


  • You’re wearing a big t-shirt around the house
  • It kinda sags in the back a bit, exposing some of your scar
  • Jumin happens to notice and freaks out
  • He asks what happened and how’d you get it
  • He’s just super worried
  • You explain your condition, and he calms down a lot
  • But you can bet he’s already researching on how to care for you
  • He has the best doctors do check ups on you and help you through physical therapy
  • He even bought you one of those massage chairs that was safe enough to use for when you got a bit better
  • Really calm when you get pain in your back, and does whatever he can to help


  • You hadn’t told him anything about it
  • And you two usually have those play fights that are mostly tickling and ends up with him “throwing” you onto the couch
  • Only this time, when he picked you up, you started screaming in pain
  • He put you down and panicked
  • He thought he hurt you and was feeling really guilty
  • Once the pain died down, you explained  that it really wasn’t his fault
  • You explained about your surgery and back problems
  • His over-protective mode activates
  • It’s really hard for you to do ANYTHING as he’s always swooping in to help
  • You eventually find a balance, but he’s still careful with you


  • He’s very observant
  • He can tell when you’re in pain and can tell when you’re self-conscious
  • Very blunt when he asks if something is wrong
  • You explain about your back
  • He helps you on the rough days, but he’s also pushes you to get help
  • Really supportive of you getting physical therapy and strengthening your back
  • He sympathizes with you when you talk about your scar
  • His tattoo is a scar of his own
  • You both comfort each other in this aspect


  • He can’t see, so you weren’t as worried about your scar
  • One day, when you’re really tense, you ask him to rub your back
  • His fingers brush across your scar, and he asks you about it
  • You’re a little embarrassed but you explain the whole situation
  • He doesn’t act any different
  • He doesn’t make a big deal about it
  • But you can bet he still pampers you on bad days
  • You both continue living your life around his blindness and your back pain
  • Giving support to each other just comes so naturally 

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Cute tickle things

I’m not one to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I’m also secretly a sucker for cute things so here are some cute mostly romantic tickle things to remind me how lonely I am because apparently romantic love is all that matters:

  • hands finding your sensitive spots midkiss, making you laugh into your ler’s lips
  • your ler trailing their lips over your skin, kissing and tickling it at the same time
  • your lee laughing as you kiss their neck, but trying hard to not move away
  • tickling the palm of your lee’s hand when you hold hands purely to see them smile
  • wrapping your arms around your lee and giving their upper body a few tickles as you pull them close
  • running your foot over your lee’s foot or leg under a table, making them all flustered and smiley
  • giving your lee flowers, chocolate and tickles for valentine’s day
  • giving your ler flowers, chocolate and your tickle spots for valentine’s day
  • taking a study break to tickle your lee to pieces to give them new energy
  • listening to music and poking your lee to the beat of the song
  • giving your lee a massage and tickling them a bit because you can’t help it
  • did I mention tickly makeout sessions?

anonymous asked:

Hey!! Love your writing and I'm so excited for all the one piece that's about to show up! To start off, would you mind doing romantic hc's for ya favs? I know there's so many so to cut down how about the top three?

beautiful thank u I love this


•Law isn’t inherently romantic, but he definitely has his moments. He’s a pretty emotional guy when it comes down to it, so he’s bound to let some of that emotion out, and it takes the form of romance when he wants to let his partner know how he feels

•It’s mostly in private he’ll get ‘romantic’. That basically means intimate. He’s kinda touchy? Holding his s/o’s hand, brushing their hair, stroking an arm or a thigh (trying to make it as non-sexual as possible but he’s got that cute smirk on his face which just ends up making it sexual so yeah good job Law). Even if it’s just a small physical connection, it’s nice. It relaxes him

•But those smirks and smiles!!! Law has such a relaxed, loving smile, only meant for his s/o. It’s so cute???

•Law also shows affection and romance through his leniency? Like, he’ll do things for his s/o that he wouldn’t do for other people

•You’ve been craving some sort of food that they don’t currently have on board? Law will have Penguin or Shachi go ashore to a market and find it. Law will surprise you by having it made for your dinner, though he doesn’t let on to the fact it was meant to be a surprise. His deeds go unnoticed, and he likes it better that way. He gets a little shy when he’s praised for romantic gestures

•He likes joining his s/o out on the deck of the his submarine on nice nights when the rest of the crew is asleep. There they get to just relax, look at the water, the stars, talk about deep things, make jokes, etc. Law likes those heartfelt moments

•Comfortable alcohol nights with his s/o. Not heavy drinking, just sipping on some beer or something and relaxing together

•Being a doctor and all, he feels it’s his responsibility to make sure his s/o is always in good health which means they’re getting some intense chiropractic treatment if Law feels it’s necessary. So yeah they’re getting lots of massages. He knows it’s relaxing for his s/o, and it feels good, so he’s willing to put those amazing hands to good use and let them get treated every once in a while (he tries to keep it innocent). They make small talk, but Law mostly wants them to stay silent and just relax into his hands, let him do all the work


•Ace’s idea of being romantic includes literally being his s/o’s slave. Will do anything for them. Whatever, whenever, wherever. Literally anything. It’s pretty great? But also a cry for help lmao. He does it in a ‘please I will do anything for you just let me love you’ way. This man has a lot of love to give please have mercy on him

•He takes his s/o out on little trips to the nearest island pretty often. Just the two of them on his lil boat, relaxing out near the shore. Sometimes they’ll even travel far to new islands when Ace isn’t constrained by Whitebeard duties

•He gets romantic during playful moments? And vice versa. He’s just a playful guy, and romance makes him all giddy sometimes. Ace and his s/o lie in bed together all cuddled up, making fun of each other, making fun of other people (Marco and Thatch mostly), TICKLE FIGHTS, just a bunch of laughing and giggling, all that cute stuff

•Probably gets his s/o’s initials tattooed on him somewhere at one point. He can’t help it. He knows he’ll probably get yelled at and teased by his crew, but he doesn’t care. He wants his s/o’s name on him? Like hell yeah?? I’m yours?? That’s romantic to him

•Ace is also very romantic when he’s drunk off his ass. You can’t pry him off of you. He just keeps telling you how great you are and that he loves you and that you’re amazing. He’ll probably throw up on you or fall asleep on you but it be like that sometimes

•Lots of cuddles and napping together, especially after Ace hasn’t seen his s/o for a long time. He has a difficult time keeping his hands off of them when he’s missed them so much

•He’s always bragging about his s/o and hyping them up, especially when it comes to something they’re proud of, like a hobby of theirs. Even if it’s just bragging about how smart they are, how creative they are, even just how good-looking they are omg

•Ok but Ace taking his s/o back to Foosha Village and getting to show off his new boo to everyone. Busting into Makino’s bar like “MAKINO LOOK WHAT I GOT”. He’s gotta show his s/o off in every corner of the ocean I guess


•He always jumps at the chance to be a romantic dork for his s/o. He doesn’t care how goofy or sappy he looks. As long as his s/o is happy, that’s all that matters

•He has a soft spot for slow dancing okay. He knows it’s old fashioned but he knows how to slow dance really well and jumps at the chance to teach his s/o

•Sanji prepares soothing bubble baths for his s/o almost every night, with sweet-smelling oils and soaps, candles lit everywhere. And a bottle of wine waiting. He’s so extra. He won’t insist on joining them but if they ask… who is he to say no??

•Obviously when it comes to cooking, he will only serve his s/o the best food. Sometimes even better than what Nami and Robin get. Sorry ladies. But Sanji literally spends HOURS thinking of recipes to serve his boo. He legit has a full-course meal plan for his s/o every single day

•His s/o always gets breakfast in bed by the way. ALWAYS. Sanji gets up at the crack of dawn just to make it

•Would also love to teach his s/o how to cook one day?? He knows that’s his job but cooking lessons could be fun

•If he’s away from his s/o for a while, he calls them up (on their matching Den Den Mushi ok) and acts so afflicted, like their absence is just unbearable. Whining and fake crying, the works. Everyone on the Sunny gets a headache 

•He has pictures of his s/o all over his kitchen. Literally, all over. If his s/o has a bounty, the bounty posters are up too. The Straw Hats walk into the kitchen and feel like they just entered a shrine for Sanji’s s/o. And if they complain about it, Sanji gets all defensive. He claims seeing his s/o everywhere keeps him motivated

•He of course has the worst but sweetest nicknames for his s/o. Sweety, darling, baby, honey, etc. So cheesy, but he can’t help it

When and Where You Tickle Them (Teamiplier Preference)

 Request from Anon:  I have a wierd Teamiplier preference request, “When and Where You Tickle Them”

Word Count: 550


You mostly only tickle Mark in bouts of teasing. He’ll jokingly comment on your outfit our how weird your hair looks, and in revenge, you tickle him. For some reason, he’s foolish enough to think he can win in a tickle war, and always attempts to pin you down. You always overpower him, however, and a few tickles on his neck can make him squeal like a pig and admit defeat. Every once in a while, the commotion can excite Chica and lead to her standing on the two of you while you grunt and try to push her off. 


Tyler is probably extremely ticklish in all areas, though he has a strict not tickling rule. It’s not that he doesn’t like to be tickled or is against it, he’s just afraid he’ll hurt you in the midst of squirming and flying limbs. He accidentally kicked you off the couch once, and ever since then refused to let you tickle him. However, every once in a while you can find the perfect scenario and sneak up behind him when he’s sitting to tickle him. You always go for his sides, and just one small pinch can make him squirm like he’s having a seizure and laugh until he can’t breathe. 


Ethan’s typically the one to start the tickling, and he often bests you. He loves to sneak up to you and surprise you with tickles, which can lead to you getting upset. He always apologizes when this happens, and pretends not to notice when he sees you trying to sneak up on him. You always put your hands directly under Ethan’s arms and tickle his armpits, which makes him giggle like a little schoolgirl. You’ve found that the best way to get back at him is to poke the spot in between his shoulder blades. Not only does it tickle, but leads to him bending over and conceding, and can also hurt a bit. No hard feelings, though! All tickle fights and wars end with a sweet kiss. 


Tickles with Amy take place during cuddle times on the couch. Depending on who is bigger, Amy is either laying on you, or you’re laying on Amy. You always brush your nose against her neck or give her soft pecks in the same spot, leading the soft giggles and returned pecks. When you’re not cuddling, you always greet Amy in her pottery studio with the same tactic. Gentle kisses and nuzzles, occasionally a few small pinches on her sides, then you retreat to where Henry is laying and cuddle with him until it’s time to start making dinner. 


Your relationship with Kathryn isn’t too frisky, and late nights with her often end up with both of you on separate couches, huddled with your own pets and watching a movie, until you retreat to your bedroom and semi-cuddle through the night. You don’t tickle Kathryn that much, which is okay. The times you do tickle is when you’re excited and in an extremely playful mood. You always glide your fingers up her calves, making her squirm and giggle a bit. Whenever this happens, she always tickles you back more, knowing exactly how to make you giggle harder every time and always ending the short tickle-session with a kiss.

anonymous asked:

How do the 2ps cuddle with there S/O? ( love ur blog btw)

2p america: the classic spoon, with him as big spoon: he loves to inhale your scent.

2p canada: the sweetheart’s cradle: loves to look into your eyes and feel the softness of your hair.

2p england: the pursuit, with him as little spoon: cuddling ends mostly in a  tickle-war with dis guy.

2p france: loosely tethered: with your head on his chest, you can hear his quick heartbeat, because on his face you wouldn’t tell he is nervous.

2p china: honeymoon hug: just wants to be close to you and never let go.

2p russia: the belly embrace, with his head on your stomach: the movement of your belly calms him.

2p italy: hasn’t a favourite position, aslong as he can look into your eyes and admire you.

2p germany: ALL CUDDLE POSITIONS IN HUMAN EXISTENCE: doesn’t stay a second still.

2p japan: the leg hug: needs his personal space, but when asleep cuddles up to you. You’re wrong when you think cuddling is the only thing you’ll do.

2p prussia: shingles: absorbs all your warmth. Kisses are recommended.

2p lovino: the position is up to you, he just wants his arms around you so he can whisper italian love confessions in your ear.

anonymous asked:

omg,,, a tickle writer,,, who watches bnha,,, and thinks todoiideku is cute,,, i'm in heaven holy shit (bless you angel) anyways speaking of todoiideku do you have any headcanons of the boys(:

- deku is the lee for the most part only because out of the three of them he actually LIKES being tickled

- todoroki likes it too, just not as much as deku lol. and he likes it more soothing and gentle usually, whereas deku likes it ALL. rough, soft, light, intense, everything in between. deku just likes to laugh and he likes the affection that comes with tickling 

- iida doesnt mind being tickled but he likes to do the tickling mostly. both his bfs are so cute and they have cute laughs (esp. todoroki. it’s a silent agreement that todoroki has the cutest laugh out of all three of them)

- deku usually has to ask for it cause todoroki and iida doesn’t really pick up on all his queues hahaha. deku will flop in their laps all stretched out and stuff and they still wont get it unless he says ‘oh my god u guys. pls just.. cmon…’ 

- one of their fav things is to have todoroki in the middle when they’re all about to go to sleep, and iida will hold todoroki in place while deku slowly and gently scratches at todoroki’s ribs and stomach until he’s giggling all sleepy and stuff ahhhhh

- deku is most ticklish on his sides, thighs and like, his forearms omg. iida will hold one of his arms up and drag his nails down his arm and deku squeals

- todoroki is most ticklish on his ribs/stomach, and his neck. also his feet are pretty ticklish too, especially the tops of his feet

- iida is most ticklish on his neck and his waist. rough digging into his waist makes his knees buckle and he’ll immediately fall to the floor lol

- one time todoroki and iida tickled deku for so long with just gentle touches and nothing more, that deku got so desperate for more he starting whining abt it, these little incoherent sentences as he arched into their hands cause it felt so good but it still wasnt enough, and thats the day that todoroki and iida learned that they can use tickling in more ways than they thought 8)

Human Things

AO3 Link [x]

A/N: STEVEN. UNIVERSE. Go watch it right now if you haven’t it’s only like 10 hours of show so far do it and enjoy life forever because everything is great and gay. Also, Pearl is my baby and needs to be reassured with love.

Words: 1,030

Summary: “Gems aren’t….affected by human things as trivial as that. We can feel pain, sure, but we don’t… Tickle.”

“Wait- wait! I’m happy now, see?” Steven stretched his mouth into a wide, insincere grin.

“Come on, Steven, you know I don’t buy that!” Connie smirked, wiggling her fingers toward him, “I’m gonna cheer you up, and you can’t stop me!”

Steven scooted back until he cornered himself by the foot of the bed and the wall. He gulped dramatically, sweat dripping down the side of his face, eyes scanning for a way out. The amount of adrenaline coursing through him rivaled that of the times he was battling bad gem creatures.

“It’s not right of me to sit by and let you be sad just because Toast got stood up on his first date since he and Butter broke up!” Connie consoled, referencing the newest Crying Breakfast Friends episode that had been released.

“I’m not- I’m not sad!” Steven insisted, still trying to wipe away the remaining tears in his eyes despite the nervousness that Connie had brought upon him.

Connie shook her head, whooping out a war cry before lunging, attacking with lightning-quick pokes and jabs, intermixed with some devastating spider tickles when a weak spot opened up in Steven’s defenses.

Steven howled with laughter, slumping over and aimlessly batting at Connie’s hands, “Please- nohohoho! Wahahait I’m too-hoohoo ticklish! Hehe-wait plehehehe- Connihihihie!”

“Do you feel better?” Connie squinted her eyes, zeroing in on his bad spots (basically, everywhere) with her tongue just poking out of the side of her mouth in demonstration of her focus.

“I’m hahahappy I prohohomise!” Steven squeaked, flailing helplessly on the floor as his part-best friend part-trained knight took him apart.

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You know what’s endearing? Luke and the fact that he’s almost always nursing a cup of tea when he’s on tour, like he’ll be at soundcheck drinking some steaming hot tea between songs and questions or he’ll be at a meet a greet, his cup resting comfortably in his hand, the teabag label dangling from the edge as he grins at the camera one arm thrown carelessly around Michael or a fan and it’s just so cute that this giant 6ft something man child always has a cup of tea nearby  

(Please note I only take requests via my askbox when it is open ! This one is an exception -u- !!)

Leonardo : He first discovered your ticklish side when you were both laying in bed, Leo slowly trailing his fingers on your skin. You jolted when he reached your sides, surprising him at first. It didn’t take time for a smirk to appear on his features, tickling you again and covering you in kisses. You’re so beautiful when you smile <3 … He would mostly tickle you when you’re both alone. Only he can know your weakness~

Raphael : Okay, you started it first. You wanted to see if he was ticklish, but he was quick to pin you down on his bed and tickle you in turn, victoriously grinning. Seeing you all flustered and happy brings him so much joy. He loves to cherish moments like these, especially when it’s with you <3

Donatello : Oh he found out long ago that you were ticklish. Now he only needed to prove his theory! He asked you to put something on a high shelf and when your arms were up enough, he lunged in and surprised you by tickling your sides, near your armpits. You yelped, dropping what you were holding, and thus began war! Afterwards, Donnie won’t tickle you often, but will mostly do it whenever he wants to grab your attention or he’s feeling playful enough.

Michelangelo : Everytime he sees the opportunity to tickle you, HE WILL DO IT. You want to have a normal, boring conversation? You fool. Mikey can’t get enough of your laughter and he wants to hear it forever. Also, it’s a good excuse to keep you near and cuddle afterwards, both of you in a delicious, silly afterglow.

Taking Chances (Bill/Stan)

Summary: Bill and Stan are crushing on each other, hard. They each take a chance to make their friendship something more. (This ship is so fucking underrated, man. Thanks to the anon for the prompt! Hope you enjoy!)

Bill was a courageous person. At least, he liked to think he was. The other losers sure thought so. Why else would they make him their leader? Leaders were brave. Or, they were supposed to be.

So then why was he struggling with this so much? This being his big, fat crush on his best friend.

Stan and him had been friends since they were quite young, two geeks who found each other when they had no one else. Richie had beaten Bill to Stan, but once they got Eddie aboard their little band of losers, those two became inseparable, leaving Bill and Stan to get even closer. And yes, they got very close after that.

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Of someone has asked this before then ignore me! Companions reacting to being tickled/where their tickle spots may be? (Include Nick and Maxson pleaaaase :) )

I need to write this after the depressive last reaction. 

Cait - She is super ticklish everywhere; armpits, feet, ribs, neck, legs, everywhere. She makes a mistake of pointing out how ticklish she is, after Sole accidentally rubs their hand against her rib. Sole tackles her to the ground and starts tickling her and there is a stream of laughter mixing with swear words coming from Cait. When Sole finally stops, she is smiling bright like the sun, despite addressing Sole ‘motherfucker’.

Codsworth - He isn’t very ticklish, but when Sole was repairing him once, they accidentally touched one of his exposed wires and a sound similiar to giggle came out. They touched the wire few more times, it was always an “accident”, but they had to admit, it was funny.

Curie - She is also very ticklish and sensitive, since she is still new to her synth body so when Sole came up to her from behind and started to run their fingers over her ribs, she laughed and giggled so hard she cried, constantly repeating ‘Stop that’ and ‘please’, completely in Sole’s mercy. When Sole stops, she is flushed as a tato, cheeks wet from tears and she still giggles and smiles at them.

Danse - The only spot he’s ticklish at is his feet, which (to his luck) are mostly protected from being tickled. Although one time Sole accidentally brushed against his feet and he let out a soft giggle, which was his big mistake, for Sole began to tickle him furiously. That was their mistake, on the other hand, for Danse began kicking to get them to stop, accidentally kicing their face. Even with a blue bruise forming on their cheek, they laughed at him and remembered it for some other time.

Deacon - He isn’t ticklish, he however has very sensitive sides, so when Sole approached him from behind and squeezed them, he yelped like a little girl, jumping up. He promised a merciless revenge, much to Sole’s entertainment.

Hancock - Very ticklish and sensitive, but he actually enjoys being tickled. When Sole came to him, he knew they were up to something, the innocent smile on their face and how close they were, it was all suspicious. Then they began to run their fingers across his ribs and he bursted out into a pile of laughter and giggle, not fighting them. He feels kind of sad when they stop.

MacCready - Not very ticklish, surprisingly, but he adores it, because this way, he can tickle Sole without fearing their revange. That is what he though, at least, as he slided his fingers across their whole body, with them laughing like crazy. Revange was cold. Literally, they ended up spraying him with an old fire extinguisher, head to toe.

Nick Valentine - As they ask him if he’s ticklish, he gives them a frown sayig a clear ‘Really?’ and Sole takes it as a no. But later they come up to him from behind and poke his side, earning a soft yelp. They burts into giggles as they repeat the action a little harder and Nick squirms under their fingers, his mouth formed into a smile.

Piper - Very very ticklish. Sole is told by Nat and they make a deal. As Piper comes home from her noodle break, Sole catches her and holds her down as Nat tickles her furiously. She is laughing and swearing and promising revange.

Preston - As much as he hates it, he is ticklish on his arms. It is discovered by Sole, when they’re tending to his wounded shoulder. They brush over his arms in affection and he lets out a giggle. They only stop when he’s left red-faced and laughing.

Strong - When Sole tickles him, he just yells at them: “Why human touch Strong?!”. They rather leave him alone. He’s a bloody super mutant after all.

X6-88 - He isn’t ticklish and is quite annoyed when Sole tries to tickle him.

Bonus!Maxson - He is secretly very ticklish and is mad when Sole finds out. He makes them swear to never ever tell anyone about this. However, Sole is cruel and fights their hands under his coat and starts to tickle him, excited when they hear almost high pitched iggles coming from him. After a while, he pushes their hands away with a serious expression. “Sodlier. Stop.” but Sole can see that he¨s fighting a grin.

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I saw in one of your scenarios that gappy and his s/o play fight, so could you make a scenario where the Jojo's get into play fights w their s/o and their s/o somehow manages to win? I love domestic shit like that

This is such a cute request, thank you! 


Jonathan is terrified of hurting s/o even in a play fight, so his attacks are almost entirely tickles and kisses. You know he’s up to something when his hands slip underneath your shirt because Jonathan is not the type to fondle you without warning. When he brushes lightly along your sides you crumple against him, letting out a cry of surprise. You manage to wiggle out of his grasp, sitting up on your knees to watch him seriously. He’s laughing at your reaction and you see an opening. You dive forward, grabbing his sides and tickling with all your might. He erupts into giggles, pushing at your arms, weak from all of his laughter. After a few more failed attempts to stop your attacks he holds up his hands in surrender, managing to squeak out a, “Stop, please.” You relent, grinning triumphantly at your boyfriend who rolls onto his side, groaning dramatically. You snuggle up to his side, pressing a kiss to his nose. “You’re diabolical,” he teases, still out of breath. “You started it Jojo,” you retort, sticking your tongue out at him.


Joseph is a little more reckless than his grandfather, but not so much that he would ever hurt you. He’s still careful that he doesn’t get too rough, although he does enjoy scooping you up and throwing you around onto the cushioned furniture. He mostly pins you to things, tickling you until your sides hurt from laughter. You’re resting against a pillow, trying to catch the breath that got knocked out of you from hitting the couch cushions unexpectedly. You see him leering over you mischievously and you press your feet against his chest, trying to push him away. He quickly overpowers you, grabbing you by the ankles and pushing your legs out of the way. “No good, babe,” he teases, moving in for the kill. “Joseph stop! I’m going to scream!” you pout, pushing against his chest with your hands an effort that yields no results. “No one’s gonna hear ya,” he responds, grinning in a sinister way. An idea sparks in your head just in time as he moves to tickle you. You pinch at his nipple and he lets out a shriek, retreating with a look of betrayal on his face. “That’s no fun!” he whines, giving you a pout. “Neither is getting tickled to the brink of suffocation you jerk,” you retort, laughing at his expression and leaning in to press a kiss to his cheek.


Jotaro never thought he would be play fighting with you, but after a humiliating defeat in which you decided to tickle a laugh out of him to dispel his grouchy mood he has been out for revenge. You honestly never expected him to seek retribution so when he lifts you off the ground, throwing you over his shoulder you are confused. He throws you onto the bed and your cheeks are flushed in embarrassment at what he might be insinuating. It only serves to make you blush more when he crawls over you, leaning down to press a kiss to your cheek. “Jotaro,” you sigh, cupping his cheeks when he looks up at you. When a grin splits his face you tilt your head in confusion, “Wha-” your question is cut short when he dives in to tickle your sides, causing you to fall into a fit of giggles. By the time he’s finished you’re gasping for air. “Jotaro,” you whine when he falls next to you, leaning against your shoulder. “Hey, I’m not the one who declared war,” he says simply, shrugging his shoulders.


Josuke is incredibly playful and he loves to get into tickle fights, but today he seems to be in a bad mood. You plop down next to where he’s pouting on the couch and lean against his shoulder. “Josuke~,” you whine, pressing a kiss to his nose when he turns to look at you. “What’s wrong Mr. Grumpy?” you ask, pouting at him and leaning into his neck. You smile when he nuzzles against you, kissing your neck and lingering there. You feel his lips curl into smile before he turns to whisper in your ear “I gotcha good babe.” You scream when he grabs you by the hips, climbing on top of you and tickling your sides. He is laughing just as hard as you are and he relinquishes his grip to wipe some tears from his eyes. You shove him off of you unable to hold back a smile when he pouts at you - he’s just so cute. You dive off the couch to wear he’s crumpled up on the floor, straddling his hips and brushing your fingers along his neck - you know he’s super ticklish there. He falls back, laughing so hard his breath comes out in a wheeze. You relent, grinning down at him triumphantly before pressing a kiss to his lips. “You win babe,” he chokes out, still trying to quiet his laughter.


Giorno is only really silly when he lets his guard down around you, he can get pretty playful, but he does it in a way that is so him. He’s reading over a report when you start poking at his side to get his attention. You smile as he raises his eyes to look at you, one eyebrow perking up curiously. “May I help you?” he asks, teasingly, a smile tugging at the edges of his lips. “You’re ignoring me,” you whine, a pout forming on your lips. “You want attention?” he questions, leaning toward you, his lips hovering over the skin of your shoulder. You can feel his breath across your skin, but he lingers, teasing you. “Gio~” you sigh, pushing him back giving him a confused look when you notice a sinister smile on his lips. “What are you- No!” you cry out, barely dodging his jump forward - his arms outstretched to grab at your sides. “You think you can win a tickle fight against me Giovanna?” you tease, jumping into his lap and running your finger lightly over the shell of his ear, he shivers shrinking away from you, too slow to dodge your attack to his ribs. You grin as he erupts into laughter, it’s such a harmonious sound. “OKAY, okay - stop, please,” he begs after a while and you relent. You can’t help but smile when he pulls you against him. “You’re an absolute villain,” he breathes, nuzzling against you.


Jolyne absolutely adores teasing and fighting you. She’s a little rough with play punches, pinches, bites, and of course tickles. She isn’t shy about it at all, but she is sneaky. You can’t even hear her footsteps when she approaches you from behind and before you know it she has you in her grip, tickling you sides and nibbling along the base of your neck. “JO!” you yelp, as she catches you off guard. You twist and turn trying to escape her attacks, but to no avail. You decide to use your secret weapon - you press your ass against her, wiggling your hips and you can’t help but smirk when you hear a little satisfied hum against your skin where she is still kissing and nipping. Her grip around you weakens and you take the chance to spin around, turning her with you and pinning her against the wall. You grab her chin, pushing her head against the wall. She gives you a suggestive smile, winking at you. “You’re a jerk, you know that?” you whisper, leaning down to bite at her shoulder. You brush your fingers along her sides and she squirms, shrieking with laughter. “Please! Stop, I promise to behave!” she begs, letting out a sigh of relief when you release her and step back. “I hate you,” she jokes, giving you a pout. “You do not,” you retort, smiling in return.


Johnny hates being tickled, but you know it’s the quickest way to cheer him up when he’s in one of his moods. In this particular instance, your actions have backfired and he is determined to get his revenge. You’re laying on the couch with your legs draped across his lap. He shoots you a side glance before running his finger lightly along the arch of your foot. You shriek, pulling your legs back towards you, glaring at him. “Stop that!” you protest, huffing when he grabs your ankles and tugs you closer, running his fingers over your hips, causing you to squirm even more. “Not so fun when it’s you being tickled, huh?” he asks, giving you a devious smile. “No fair, I just did it to cheer you up,” you argue, pouting at him. You give him a warning glance when he slides his hand up to your ribs, “You’re looking pretty gloomy, babe,” he murmurs, laughing when you jump away from him. You seem to have misjudged his reach and he grabs you by the waist, pulling you into his lap. You gasp, grabbing at his shoulders and when your hand lands on his neck you giggle, seeing the twitch of reaction and the look he gives you. “No,” he says, but to no avail you have him right where you want him.


Gappy is super playful, he loves to tug you into his lap, attacking you with kisses and fluttering his eyelashes against your neck because he knows it makes you squirm. You’re curled up against his side at the moment and part of you wants to test his reaction to similar treatment. You lean upwards, pressing your face into the crook of his neck and giggling at how he pulls you closer, letting out a contented sigh. You flutter your eyelashes against the skin there and he shrieks in surprise. He shrinks away from you, letting out a wheeze of laughter and sending you a pout. You smile, leaning back in and pressing a soft kiss to his ear which has him giggling even more. “Stop!” he cries out, slapping your hands away when you try to go for his sides. “You always tease me,” you challenge, giving him a playful look. “Fine I’ll stop,” you relent at his pitiful expression. He pulls you back against him, sighing. “Give me a kiss,” you murmur, happily returning the kiss he places to your mouth. You grin against his lips, slipping your hands up his sides once more and tickling him. He pushes you away, giving you a betrayed look. “How dare you, you’re a dirty cheat,” he accuses, laughing despite his serious tone. You put your hands up innocently, “I don’t know what you mean,” you feign, hopping up and away from him when he lunges forward. You take off down the hallway when he stands next to you, screaming when he chases after you.

Having A Group Baby With BAP Would Involve:

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  1. This is totally planned
  2. Youngjae overheard Himchan and Yongguk discussing the appeal of becoming parents
  3. And Youngjae being the kind of guy that can’t keep a secret to save his life, calls you
  4. You are kind of shocked, but also thrilled to become a mom
  5. Himchan and Yongguk soon find out that Youngjae informed you, because you start dropping hints
  6. You sand BAP have a long sit down, which makes especially both Rappers very awkward
  7. In the end it’s either Yongguk or Daehyun who’s gona be the biological dad
  8. Bc wth we are really doing this now?
  9. Yes we are!
  10. Daehyun ends up backing out, thinking Yongguk’s genetics are more desirable than his
  11. So you and Yongguk begin doing the do without protection
  12. It takes a while for the genetics to mix
  13. When you take the test, all six bunnies are waiting in front of the toilet door.
  14. They jump up and down with joy when the test is positive
  15. From that day onward their dedication is uncanny
  16. Daehyun has all sorts of ways to lessen your morning sickness
  17. Yongguk comes with you to the first ultrasound
  18. He’ll print them out and put them on the wall
  19. Himchan reads copious amount of books about pregnancy and parenthood
  20. When you enter second term, your hormones start bothering you
  21. But you have six sexy men at your disposal
  22. Especially Jongup and Daehyun don’t mind
  23. All your senses are on sharp, which suits Daehyun’s tender touches just right
  24. By your third term, you are not even allowed to do anything yourself, Himchan makes sure are stress free and off your feet
  25. Youngjae gives you foot massages
  26. Yongguk is giving you the softest tummy rubs
  27. Zelo is so excited any time the baby kicks
  28. Daehyun and Himchan make sure all the stuff the baby needs is already stocked up in the house
  29. And then the big day comes
  30. Your waters break just after dinner
  31. Daehyun, Youngjae and Zelo are freaking the fuck out
  32. BangHimUp are calm and collected and get you to the hospital
  33. Bang is pacing, Himchan holds your hand and Jongup facetimes the stress balls at home
  34. Just a bit past midnight you give birth to a healthy baby boy
  35. Himchan picks up DaeJaeLo
  36. Yongguk holds the baby in his arms with that wide gummy smile on his lips.
  37. Then he gives it to Himchan, because he is crying actual tears
  38. Himchan gently rocks the baby and does aegyo voices
  39. Then Daehyun is allowed to hold the baby, singing softly to him
  40. When it is Youngjae’s turn he is so careful and almost scared he will hurt the kiddo
  41. Jongup in his turn is calm and gentle and holds the baby while he falls asleep
  42. Zelo’s rather insecure and look to you for confimation all the while
  43. You’re allowed to take the baby home the next morning
  44. You’re kind of out of it the first week
  45. Of course the boys do everything for you
  46. Himchan is a burping champ
  47. Where as Youngjae is a killer at nappy changing
  48. Yongguk catches up on sleep when he takes naps with his baby on his stomach
  49. Daehyun is the one that puts the baby in a wide array of onesies
  50. Yongguk especially loves the Tigger onesie, of course
  51. Zelo allows the baby to use his fingers as teething ring
  52. Daehyun always manages to sing the baby to sleep
  53. Jongup and Zelo are the one’s who do most of the playing
  54. At first it is mostly tickling and peekaboo
  55. But as the baby starts to grow they will design more cute kiddy games
  56. Himchan always comes home with the A brand toys
  57. Youngjae is the one who teaches the kid new words
  58. But the babies first word is of course Appa
  59. Queue six grinning proud bunnies
  60. He is pasted all over their insta as well

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