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BTS snapping at their s/o accidentally


As you entered the door after a long day of work, you smiled as you saw the boys scattered about. It was finally a day where you could stay at the dorms with them, after their insanely hectic schedule. You could smell food coming from the kitchen, and you realized how hungry you actually were. 

“Hey y/n” rap mon said from the sofa, you waved, dropping your bag and walking over to the kitchen. You ruffled Jungkook’s hair on the way, and he huffed, attempting to fix it.. You crept into the kitchen, seeing Jin working at the stove. You smiled to yourself, wrapping your arms around his waist.

“Hobi the food isn’t done” he said in frustration. you stifled a giggle, looking up at him.

“I’m gonna have to talk to Hobi about being touchy with my man now aren’t I?” you said. He smiled, quickly trying to face you, but his hand hit the scolding hot pan in the process.

“FUCK!” he yelled, jumping back, causing you to let go.

“shit baby let me help..” you said, reaching for his hand but he snatched it back, burning it once more.

“y/n.. get the fuck out of my face… you’ve helped enough” he growled. You felt yourself tense up. Jin never cursed at you. You looked over, and saw the six boys watching you with their mouths hanging open. Refusing to let yourself cry in front of them, you swiftly walked to the living room, grabbing your bag, and heading home. 

A few hours later, after feeling like absolute shit, you heard a knock at the door. Puffy eyed, you opened it and saw Jin standing there with a Tupperware container in his non bandaged hand, and flowers in the other. You leaned against the door frame, staring him down. 

“What?” you said, in an almost inaudible voice. He melted at the sight of you, almost not being able to let words out.

“I’m so sorry.. I shouldn’t have snapped at you.. and I shouldn’t have spoken to you like that.. I swear I won’t do it again..” he whispered.You chewed on your bottom lip, and saw tears weld in his eyes. You broke, wrapping your arms around his neck, and kissing his cheek.

“it’s okay.. come inside..” you whispered. He softly kissed you, accepting your invitation inside.

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You smiled, happy at yourself with what you had done. Yoongi was at practice, and you managed to clean his studio. It was a disaster with the upcoming comeback. You sorted all of his papers, filing them all onto his desk in folders. You made sure everyone’s lines was sorted, songs were sorted by track number and color coded. Took his trash out, dusted, swept, the whole nine yards. Organized cd’s, flash drives, everything. anything to make yoongi’s life easier. You knew the environment was becoming a lot for him. You just wanted to make him happy. You ordered take out, and waited for him to stumble into the door, because he was coming to work in the studio after dance. It was simply meant to be a time you two spent together. As you heard the door creak open, you watched as an already exhausted yoongi walked in. You watched as his face contoured into an expression you didn’t expect. He looked angry. Infuriated. 

“what did you do..” he said.

“I cleaned up for you…. I know you were complaining that you needed to clean up.. so I did it for you..” you said, in almost a whisper. 

“What.. did… you… do..” he said. You stood silent.

“I had everything placed specifically a certain way! What the hell would possess you to do this!!!” he yelled. You stood dumbfounded. 

“Yoongi i-im sorry I only wanted to help….” you said.

“just.. get out of here please. I have to sort this mess you made.” he spat. You rose silently, walking out of the building. You stood outside, feeling confused, and guilty. While you did that, yoongi realized what you had done, and felt guilty immediately. You had made it easier for him, leaving little post it notes on the computer, indicating what meant what, and what color was assigned to whom. He also saw the bag of take out, and sighed. He ran outside, hoping to catch you before you got too far. 

“y/n..” he said breathlessly. You turned around, seeing him crouched over trying to catch his breath.

“i’m sorry… come here..” he whispered, taking you in his arms.

“I’m sorry.. I’m just stressed.. I shouldn’t have come at you.. you were trying to help me.. I love you.. thank you.. lets go eat..” he whispered, softly kissing you. You followed, slightly confused, slightly happy. 

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J Hope

You were frustrated. Hobi hadn’t been home in hours. This was a reoccurring thing. The comeback was slowly approaching, so he spent countless hours in the dance room. He was constantly out, leaving early, returning late. You genuinely missed him. He wasn’t only your boyfriend, but your best friend. You sat on the sofa, fighting sleep to see him at least once. Hour ticked by. 12 Am. 1 AM. 2 AM. 3 AM. He walked into the door at nearly 4 in the morning. You sat up, and he sighed, taking his shoes off. 

“Hi baby..” you said, making your way over to him. He took his jacket off, not uttering a word. It was the first time you’d seen him in a while. You just wanted to hug him. You took the jacket from him, placing it on the sofa, and wrapped your arms around him. He pushed you off, with glaring at you.

“Geez you’re so clingy. I just got here and I’m tired” he said. You were dumbfounded, but mostly hurt. 

:Well. Sorry for being clingy. I just missed my boyfriend, and wanted to fucking see him so I stood up till almost 4 in the morning to see him. Sorry that I fucking missed you.” you said, tears burning your eyes. You made your way to your room, laying in bed. He went to the shower, and you heard him cursing under his breath. Tears slowly trickled down your cheek as he crawled into bed, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you close to him. You sniffled, crossing your arms.

“I’m sorry.. I’m just tired with the come back.. I didn’t mean it.. you know i love when you’re all over me…” he whispered in your ear. You remained silent. He softly kissed your shoulder and you melted against him. 

“I missed you too..” he whispered in your ear. 

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Your boyfriend was always pranking you. Always. You decided to mess with him. You stored all of his tracks onto a USB, Triple checking to make sure it was all okay. You slipped it into your pocket, and deleted it from his computer. He walked in, sweetly kissing you and you toyed with your hands

“Joon.. I don’t know what I clicked.. but I accidentally deleted something off your laptop..” you whispered. He paled immediately. 

“not the tracks.. please tell me it wasn’t the tracks..” he whispered. You remained silent. He moved you to the side, seeing that they were gone.

“y/N WHAT THE FUCK!” he yelled. You jumped, not expecting that.

“I worked for weeks on this shit! Why the fuck did you touch my shit! How could you do something so idiotic!” he yelled. His voice boomed in the enclosed room. You felt small suddenly, tossing him the flash drive.

“it’s on here.. It was a prank…” you whispered, walking out of the room nearly in tears. He sighed, following you out. You locked yourself in the bathroom trying to calm down. He could hear your hiccup sobs from the other side of the door.

“baby i’m sorry.. please come out..” he said. You made your way out, arms crossed, sniffling. 

“You yelled at me..” you whispered, near tears again. He took you in his arms, trying to calm you down.

“i”m sorry baby..” he says.

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You were beyond excited. It was weeks of countless stress, studying and worry. You got your grades from your final exams. You passed! You literally ran to where your boyfriend was, in the dance hall working on dances for the comeback. You couldn’t contain your excitement.

“Jimin guess what!” you squealed.

“Not now” he mumbled.

“really quick baby I have great news!” You squealed. He glared at you, but you were still giddy and excited. 

“I said not now! I’m busy!” he yelled. You took a step back, trying to figure out who he was talking to. You shoved the paper in his chest, becoming angry like he was and walking out. When he would get home he would feel bad, seeing you on the sofa with your arms crossed, clearly upset. He crawled next to you, laying his head on your lap and not letting you push him off. 

“i’m sorry… I was rude.. Congratulations jagii.. you passed..” he said. You stared forward, ignoring him. He sat up, pulling you onto his lap, and placing his plump lips on yours, knowing you wouldn’t be able to resist. You kissed back happily, and he smiled.

“Let’s go celebrate” he said, picking you up and taking you to the bedroom and you started dying. 

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As you dropped off the last bag, you felt satisfied. You and your boyfriend decided to donate to the less fortunate. You both donated a bunch of clothes, as well as some money to help those in need. You went home, and saw your home in a war zone.

“Where is it!!!!!” you heard your boyfriend yell. You tiptoed over shoes, and sweaters, careful not to step on anything.

“baby?” you asked, looking into your bedroom.

“I can’t find it!” he yelled

“my sweater! my favorite sweater!” he yelled. You sat there, completely and utterly confused. Then you realized that it must have been at the top of the donations pile. Tae had the habit of throwing things in random piles, so you assumed it was for donations.

“… it wasn’t the black one with the grey writing on the front was it..” you asked.

“yes! have you seen it?” he asked.

“baby.. don’t get mad.. I assumed it was donations… It was in the pile-” you started

“What the fuck y/n!” he yelled.

“it’s not my fault you throw your shit around!” you yelled back. You stormed off into the living room, cleaning up. After he calmed down, he pulled you close to him on the sofa.

:im sorry.. it was my fault.. it’s going to someone in need.. you still love me right?” he teased. You huffed, looking at him.

“Sadly.” you responded. He showered you with kisses, and you smiled, feeling 1000000x better.

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You sat in the kitchen, working on an assignment when you heard the front door shut. Your favorite time of day. Your boyfriend, Jungkook was finally home. It was really busy for the both of you lately. School had started again, so you were constantly studying, and his comeback was slowly creeping up, so he was always at practice, and rarely home. You missed him, and rarely got to see him. You were only lucky this time because you were up late to finish something. You walked into the living room, and saw him elevating his leg.

“What happened?” you asked, softly kissing him. 

“I fell at practice.” he groaned. you tried fixing the pillow, but he moved away. You ignored it, walking to the kitchen and getting him an ice pack.

“my poor baby.. do you want something for the pain?” you asked. 

“I’m fine. You’re acting like my mom” he said. You frowned, trying to put the ice pack on his leg. He moved away once again.

“I said i”m fine!” he yelled. You looked at him, irritation taking over.

“You bust your ass, I’m not the one who hurt you. Stop acting like a dick” you said, throwing the ice pack at his chest. You stormed out, and he sighed. Your attitude was the craziest thing he had experienced, but it was his favorite thing about you. You didn’t take shit from anyone. He felt guilty immediately, letting his pride get the best of him when you were only trying to help. You shut your laptop, going to bed. He hopped over, laying next to you and pulling you onto his chest.

“You’re sexy when you’re mad” he teased.

“Do you want another bad leg?” you asked. He grinned, softly kissing you.

“I’m sorry.. you were trying to help.. thank you babyyyyy” he said gooffily, trying to kiss you up.

“Jungkook you need to watch yourself.” you said. He continued kissing on you, eventually making you give in. 

“I love you..” he whispered.

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Paring; Min Yoongi x Reader

✎ Words; 3.4k

✎ Genre; Slight angst, smut, some fluff (Mostly smut) 

Warnings; Cussing, face riding, light bondage, Min Yoongi being called ‘Kitten’ 

✎ Summary; Despite Yoongi promising to be home early on your anniversary, he completely forgets. The two of you end up having an argument and you offer him a way to make it up to you. 


You and Yoongi have makeup sex, plot twist, he’s the sub (well kinda a sub, for a little anyway)

Request from: @taehyungieshands

A/N: I’m sorry it took so long.

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The Mistake (Prologue) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The One With The Pact”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Allison Argent & Reader

Author’s Note: A few weeks ago, @fillthevoid-stilinski and I were talking about her series, Between Us, which is an excellent Scott/fake relationship mini, and she was like, you know what I want to read? A Stiles/fake relationship fic, and I want you to write it. Seeing as her big TWO-OH is coming up on October 18th, and I also worship the ground she walks on, I obliged her. This is my birthday gift to my Posey, the other half of Eat, and one third of the Puppy Pack, and just my all-around across the pond soulmate. I hope you all enjoy this fake relationship, Stiles mini series. 

Thanks: huge thanks to @ellie-bee242 for helping me finally come up with the idea of how this fic was going to go. I literally would never have come up with this without her.

Series Summary: When Stiles Stilinski and Y/n Y/L/N were sixteen years old, they made a pact: if in twenty years, they were both still single and their friends had all gotten married, they would marry each other. At twenty-six, a turn of events and a wedding, change their entire lives.

Prologue - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Epilogue

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“I still feel bad for Isaac and Kira though.” You said, sitting on the counter in Stiles’ kitchen, eating an apple, while he stared at his open fridge. 

Stiles closed the door halfway so that he could look at you on the other side of it. “Are you telling me you were rooting for anyone but Scott and Allison ending up together?” He rolled his eyes and went back to searching for something to munch on.

“Of course not, they’re our best friends, and they’re sickeningly cute together, and she loves him so much, I wanted them to get back together. I just feel bad for, well, Isaac mostly. Kira and Scott were never that serious, but Isaac seemed pretty into Al.”

Stiles closed the door, not having found anything, and stared up at you, crunching your way through the granny smith apple in your hand. “Yea, well, maybe if he stopped wearing those fucking scarves when it’s the middle of May, he would get the girl.” You smirked and rolled your eyes at your best friend, not indulging his irrational hatred of Isaac’s scarves with a reply. “Did you just roll your eyes at me?” Your smirk grew into a smug grin, which you broke when you took another bite from the piece of fruit, and then shrugged. “Oh, well then, I hate you, and you don’t get to eat my fruit.”

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The Wait

Summary: Eileen tries to be patient while Sam figures things out.

Warning: brief smut, mostly just Saileen feels

Word Count: 1350ish

A/N: I am currently in the Sam x Eileen trash can. Join me, won’t you?

Eileen doesn’t mean to move into the bunker. It’s just one of those things, one of those changes that’s so slow and subtle she doesn’t realize it’s happening at first. And then one day she wakes up with a new, wonderful life. She can’t remember when or where it changed so much. None of the decisions she’s made over the last several months felt huge. But they add up to her hairbrush sitting on the bathroom sink, her favorite cereal in the kitchen, and Dean arguing with her about laundry.

It’s perfect.

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Six days without fucking you are too long

Summary: You and Jungkook make a bet who can go the longest without sex. Guess who gives in first.

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A/N: I read a mtl to make a bet about who can go the longest without sex and immediately thought how stubborn Jungkook is and how funny it would be, so I wrote this instead of one of my requests haha

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Reader X Jungkook

Word count: 1.9 k

If you continued reading at this speed you could finish your book tonight. But only if there weren’t any distractions. And there was one very tall one entering your flat right now. You sighed deeply as you heard Jungkook walking towards your bedroom. He had been out with the boys but Jungkook wasn’t the one to get completely trashed, he was only slightly drunk. And in fact very horny. Immediately when he had entered the bedroom he let himself fall down next to you and tried to get your attention.




“What do you want Jungkook?”


“Not right now, I’m tired and I want to finish this book.”

“But pleaseee

“God Jungkook why are you always so needy can’t you go one day without sex?”

His mouth changed into a pout, sulking over what you had accused him of.

“I’m not needy you’re the needy one here. You always want to fuck when I’m too tired after practice.”

“You are the one that always wants to fuck at the most inappropriate times! Remember your last concert or the dinner lately-”

“Yeah don’t try to tell me I was the only one eager then, you’re just as bad as me.”

“I’m definitely not.”

“Fine then how about a bet, who can last the longest without sex?”

“And what does the winner get?”

“The loser does all the housework for a week.”

“Fine, I’ll win anyways.”

Jungkook left the room, frustrated but determined to win. You finished your book and went to sleep as planned, Jungkook joined you later after playing some video games. The next morning you found yourself in your usual sleeping position in Jungkooks arms. You snuggled closer up to him, only to feel his boner poking you in the back. He groaned and you shifted around a bit to accidentally rub your butt against it. He groaned again, gripping your hips tightly to stop you from moving.

“How about you just give up? Imagine how much fun we could have right now.”

“Are you kidding me? If I give up after one day you will never let this down. I am stronger than this.

“Let’s see for how long.”

You giggled as he rolled away from you to escape your teasing. He had dance practice today so he wouldn’t be home till late in the evening. And after practice he was always too tired to do anything besides falling into bed and sleep. His luck.

The next few days went on normally how they would anyways. Just without the sex. He had a lot of schedules with the group that provided enough distraction for him. When he came home he was mostly tired so he went to sleep immediately. As hard as it or better he was, he couldn’t sleep without you cuddled up in his arms, he just got up quickly every morning to take care of his problems before you could tempt him to just give up. But it was not only hard for Jungkook, you were suffering as well. But you wouldn’t lose that quickly. You were close to giving in when he had come out of the shower, only his towel around his hips, his toned chest and stomach still glistening with water drops. He was honestly a sinful gift sent by the heavens. But you resisted the temptation and just crossed your legs and pretended to be completely captured by a game on your phone. You decided to get him back for it on the same days evening, walking around only in your underwear pretending to look for something. Whatever you looked for was strategically placed under the TV so you had to bend down right in front of Jungkook who was sitting on the couch. You could hear him breathing harder but he didn’t move. After you had returned to the bedroom you could her the bathroom door being locked and you smirked. Hopefully he would give in soon.

On the fourth day of your bet you received a text from Namjoon.

From: Namjoon

As the leader of our group and as Jungkooks friend, you need to end this stupid bet. Jungkook is a mess, he can’t focus on anything for long and he’s constantly in a bad mood. Please give in you know his ego wouldn’t let him.

That was Jungkooks problem though, he started this bet and if his ego was too big to lose then he had to suffer, he could give in any time. And you thought he would when he came back this evening. He arrived home from practice and gave you the usual kiss as he greeted you. But instead of pulling back his kisses grew stronger with more need. He walked you backwards until your back hit the wall, kissing you roughly as his hands roamed over your body. He was close to his breaking point, ready to give up. His kisses were raw and needy and he proceeded to suck hickies onto your neck. You couldn’t help but moan, tangling your hands in his hair before he suddenly pulled away. He was panting hard and so were you. But you knew him better than this, he was way to stubborn to give in. His arms trapped you against the wall as he whispered in your ear.

You know I’m not gonna lose this baby.

Neither will I.

You captured him in one last kiss before you duck under his arms and walked towards the bedroom with a smirk. He followed you but this night he made sure you didn’t cuddle up too close to him to avoid you rubbing your ass onto his dick. He wouldn’t survive it this night. On the morning of the fifth day you seriously considered just throwing this bet down the drain. Jungkook had a concert and fansigning and would sleep in a hotel for one night. But as bad as you wanted Jungkook to finally fuck you again, you would at least last a week. That was your promise to yourself.

Taehyung was at your door to pick Jungkook up and Jungkook made sure to only give you a quick kiss before he left. Taehyung grinned widely and obviously held back a bunch of stupid comments. Through out their fansign you received multiple texts from Tae informing you that Jungkook had been asked by fans if he had any worries or if he was really stressed since he seemed so tense and unfocused. You made sure to fuck around with him a bit more, getting into his favorite lingerie set and posing as nicely as you could. Your phone buzzed and it was to your surprise Tae and not Jungkook.

From: Tae

What the fuck did you just do?? Jungkook looks like he will pass out any second. Or like he will stab us all.

The concert was hell for Jungkook. He loved it, he loved performing, he loved the fans, that was out of question. But he couldn’t get you off his mind. Especially not after the pictures you had sent him earlier. He needed to end this as soon as he got home. The night at the hotel was too long. He shared a room with Taehyung who wouldn’t stop teasing him until he fell asleep. He couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

You were surprised when you heard the front door being unlocked, usually you would get a text like I’ll be home in five. You were just in one of Jungkooks big shirts and your panties, since you had just gotten up. Jungkook entered the flat, slamming the door shut behind him and dropped his things carelessly on the floor. He walked over to you in quick and determined steps and crashed his lips onto yours. You melted into his arms as he grabbed your thighs so you would wrap them around his waist and lifted you onto the kitchen counter. After a while he pulled back to catch his breath. You chuckled.

“Well nice to see you too Jungkook.”

I give up. This stupid bet needs to end. I give up okay, it has been six days since I last fucked you, I can’t do this any longer. I’ll do all the housework for a week I don’t care just please let me fuck you right here and now.”

It was very unlikely for him to beg and you could see the desperation in his eyes. Six days were too long. You grabbed his hair and pulled him close to kiss him. He carried you to your bedroom without trying to break the kiss, throwing you onto the fluffy mattress. In seconds he was back hovering over you, trailing kisses down your neck. You both were impatient and needy so it took no time until you both pulled your shirt over your head. You were left only in your panties and Jungkook proceeded to take off his pants as well, leaving him in his boxers. He wad already incredibly hard. His kisses wandered to your breasts, gently sucking on your nipple as his fingers toyed with the other one. You moaned and arched your back, trying to grind yourself onto his knee that was placed between your thighs. He growled lowly.

“I can hear how fucking wet you are.”

His lips trailed lower and he wasted no time until he pulled down your panties. Without any further warnings he wrapped his lips around your clit and pushed a finger inside you. You were dripping wet and he could easily push in a second finger, curling his digits upwards so they would brush against your spot with every thrusts. You were so needy it didn’t take long till you were clenching around him close to your orgasm. His fingers worked with an intensity borderline painful as his lips were wrapped tightly around your clit and you tried to speak between moans and panting.

“Wait stop, Jungkook.”

He looked at you questioningly. Why on earth would you stop him from finishing you off after he hadn’t touched you in six days.

“I want you inside me when I cum.”

He didn’t need to be told twice, hastily taking his boxers off before he hovered over you. He didn’t tease you this time, he hadn’t got the strength for it. When he pushed inside until he filled you up all the way both of you let out a guttural moan.

Fuck you’re so tight, stop moving around or I will loose it right now.”

It had been too long since you felt this full and satisfied. You couldn’t stop clenching around him. Jungkook was too close already to go slow or tease you any further, he thrusted into you hard and fast, hitting your spot with every thrust.

“Oh god you don’t know how much I missed this. How much I missed you.”

“I’m s-so close, Jungkook, I c-can’t hold it any longer.”

His fingers went straight to your clit rubbing hard circles onto it and you lost it. Your vision went white as you clenched erratically around him. He followed quickly after you, groaning and moaning your name. He made sure to ride both of your highs out completely before he pulled out and dropped next to you onto the bed.

“We are never gonna make a bet this stupid again okay? Six days without fucking you, completely wasted, think of all the things we could’ve done.”

“We have plenty of time now haven’t we.”

The Art of Falling in Love

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Pairing: Mark x reader
Genre: fluff, high school!au, bad girl!au 
Warnings: some language, underage drinking
Word count:  6,786

“I can’t believe you skipped school! Again!” your mother yelled furiously as she paced back and forth in the living room; she was fuming. Your eyes were focused on a loose thread on your carpet, hands behind your back. After promising not to skip school, here you stood, getting your ass scolded. 

You didn’t know how your mother put up with your antics, and truth be told you commended her patience and the fact that she still loved you after all that. It’s not that you were a bad person. It was just that, you could say you didn’t like living by the norms. Thus, that made you a very rebellious teen. Despite the young of your age you’ve lost count of the many rebellious things you’ve done; you still vividly remembered that one time you took a train to Busan all by yourself without any notice. 

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Zach x Reader: Before You Leave (One Shot)

(A//N: This is by far one of my least favorite work but I’ve gone so far already so I decided to post it anyway just to get it out of my drafts. SO I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS TRASH I CAME UP WITH AND BETTER CONTENT WILL ARRIVE SOON)

Plot: The one where you learned love and grudge doesn’t mix well.

Originally posted by void-obriens

“You used me?”

Zach could’ve sworn his heart broke in half when he remembered the pain in your face and how you’re voice broke when you heard him bragging to his friends how he would soon drop you once Hannah decided to ‘wake up’ and get jealous and finally go out with him. How you were so replaceable, how you didn’t matter.

It was a party and he was a drunk and insecure little boy that wanted to fit in with the rest of his sex-crazed friends. He knew it was wrong, and his excuse are literally nothing. He wanted to punch himself the moment those words came out of his mouth but it was too late. You already heard it.

You heard all of it.

And Zach would’ve sold the whole world if it meant he could take back everything he said.

“Big Z!” He put up his facade and cheered with the rest of his friends, eyes discretely running around the cafeteria to check for you, out of instinct, but his heart give out when he found you sitting with Jessica on a table, not even sparing him a glance. He saw Jessica rub your arms up and down and whispering something in your ear.

“Hey Zach,” before he could prepare himself, too focused on what Jessica was saying, Therese (a cheerleader he once had a complicated thing with) already had her arms wrapped around his neck. Not wanting her to lose balance and fall he placed his right arm around his waist. “,you up for Bryce’s party this Friday?”

“I – I don’t – I’ll try to see if I can.”

He had enough of Bryce’s party. Nothing good ever came out of it.

Therese was obviously trying to convince him based on her high-pitched voice but Zach’s eyes were already back to your table which was surprisingly void of you and consist of only a glaring Jessica. Zach panicked, pushing the girl off of him unnecessarily hard before getting his bag and running out of the cafeteria.

He saw you walking towards the main building and Zach nearly broke his legs from trying to catch up to you.

“(Y/N)! WAIT UP!”

You flinched when you heard his booming voice through your headphones but stopped walking regardless. He just had that effect on you.

“I …” Zach noticed how the walls he had worked so hard to break down were now standing tall and proud in your dry and sunken eyes, mocking him. Reminding him how much he fucked up. “, I never apologized. What I said in that party was … not right. I was being an ass, I’m sorry.”

He kept staring at the top of your head since that was all he was blessed with considering you’re barely giving him a glance. Nothing made him hate himself more when you looked up and gave him the fakest smile you could muster. 

You barely whispered.

Zach was flabbergasted by your reply. “Okay?”

You bit your lip and for a brief moment Zach could clearly see the damage he has done that was reflected in your eyes. “I don’t know what to say.” You looked down again and Zach felt his nerves shot up to the sky.

“Tell me I can fix this.” He tried moving closer but you just stepped back, not wanting him too close in your personal space.

“You want to fix it?” you said, almost angry, mostly confused. Zach was prepared to beg on his knees right there.

“I don’t … you hurt me, Zach.”
“I know.”

“Do you?” you looked up to him with watery eyes, lips trembling making Zach want to hug you back together. “, because let me tell you, Dempsey … you have no fucking idea.”

“(Y/N), plea –“

“It was so hard, Zach.” There it was again, your broken voice. The voice that you unconsciously used when you were trying hard not to cry. “It was so hard to be the one for you, to be enough for you. I learned to cook cause you said you hated cafeteria meals, I fixed my grades to appease your mom, I lied to my parents and sneaked out so I could spend more time with you and I ignored every single red flag that came because I …”

Zach held his breathe. If you would say what he thinks you’re about to say then Zach lost more than what he thought. He had lost so much already.

“I loved you, Zach.” You sniffed, smiling up at him sadly.

Zach has never wanted to beat his sorry ass so much before.

“I loved you, Zach … so much. I thought …” you laughed, covering your face with your hands but Zach couldn’t do anything. He was a statue stuck staring, just now noticing, the little gashes and red marks and band aids in your dainty fingers. “You win, Zach. I loved you. Go ask your friends if you get a bonus $50 for that. Or am I just worth a 25?”

“What – no! (Y/N), listen –“
“I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough. I’m sorry I wasn’t Hannah.”
“(Y/N) –“

“YO, Z!” you flinched again when you heard Justin from the hallway, looking confused seeing his best friend with one of his hook-ups.

“You should go.” You pushed Zach away, catching him off guard and making him stumble. Before he could protest you were already disappearing off a curve and wiping off the tears that slipped. Zach couldn’t help but punch the wall nearest to him which resulted to a broken wall and a bloody hand.

You loved him, and he was a fucking idiot.

He wanted to tell you he loved you too and that he didn’t mean shit that he said. He wanted to beg for you to come back until his knees broke. He wanted to tell you that you were one of the only people that mattered to him in this God-forsaken world. He wanted to beg for you to love him again, just one more time because he can promise you he will give you the world on a silver platter.

“Man, are you okay?” Justin eyed the right hand that was just dripping with blood warily as Zach neared him.

“Fuck off, Justin.” He nearly plastered Justin on the wall when he barged past him, not wanting his best friend to receive all of his pent up anger right now but he was making it so hard with Justin following him.

“Whoa, calm down! I’m only trying to—“

“WHAT, JUSTIN?!” Zach lost it. He can actually hear himself snap, can feel his blood boiling. “HELP?! You’re trying to help!?“ It took everything in Zach not to punch Justin and break his jaw just to have anything to release the stress inside him. “I wouldn’t accept help from any of you even if it can cost me my life.”

“Look if this is about that chick then you knew what you put yourself into, man. It was just a joke and she took it too seriously. ”

Zach was aware the whole cafeteria could hear him and he couldn’t give a flying fuck right now. He’s lost enough trying to impress everybody and he was sick of it.

He just lost the girl who loved him for who he is in exchange for the world who barely bats an eye on him unless he was shooting three points on the court. He literally traded a diamond for mud.

He saw the rest of his team watching from the cafeteria door.“You know what, if you wanted to help so much,” he took off his wallet from his back pocket, cleared it with all of his money and threw it to the general direction of his team. “, you can have your money back with interest. Maybe we can all use that to stop being assholes that uses people for fun, yeah?!”

“Zach …”

“I’m done with all of you.” He shook his head, tightening his hold on his backpack in anger. If only he did this sooner, if he just loved you better sooner then he wouldn’t have to lose you.

But he did and he is gonna curse the whole world for it and nobody is gonna fucking stop him. Because he was done being a pushover, he is done begging for their approval, and he is done being who he is not for the world to love him.

He just wanted your love back.

He just wanted you back.

Zach immediately got out of his car when he saw you exit the school gates. He had the whole afternoon to think through on how he would get you back and he decided to do what he does best: be annoyingly persistent.

“(Y/N)!” your head nearly snapped when you heard that familiar voice. You heard what Zach did, everybody was talking about it for the rest of the day. It’s not every day their resident friendly giant snaps.

“Hey, Zach …” you swallowed. You always hated confrontations.

“Can we talk? Please?” he looked behind you and on cue you became aware of the whispers and eyes surrounding you. You nodded, also wanting privacy.

He took your bag, on instinct, and went out to take your hand but you flinched so he stepped back. He opened the door for you and you gave him a small thanks. He drove and drove and even if he took an unfamiliar road, the long way, you knew where you were going. To their family’s lake house.

The whole car ride was filled with tense silence that when you arrived,  you didn’t even wait for Zach to open the door for you and just went barging out and heading straight to the dead wood that laid flat on the ground, just in front of the lake.

Sunsets always made the lake so pretty.

“(Y/N).” You looked at your side and saw that Zach was already sitting beside you, although he preferred to sit on the ground, only leaning on the wood to support his back.

“You’re very brave.” You cut him off. “I’m proud of you.”
He scoffed. “Yeah, you shoudn’t be. I’m still an ass.”
You genuinely laughed but looked up at him anyway but he was just looking straight ahead. “We were never compatible anyway.” you mumbled.

“That’s bullshit and you know it.”

“I know.” You nodded, shaking your head to prevent yourself from crying. “But it hurts less if I tell myself that.”

Silence, once again, became the third wheel. Nobody knew what was the right thing to say because the two of you were not just walking on eggshells – no you were way past that, you were walking on knives and every step only made everything hurt more and more.

“Can you love me again?”
he whispered, this time looking straight at you.
“I don’t think I can un-love you, Zach.” You breathed deep and hard. “But that’s not enough.”

“We can make it enough.” He kneeled in front of you, feeling a small relief when you let him take both of your hands in his. You could almost cry at how perfect it fits. “I’ll change.”

“Zach –“

“I’ll quit basketball.” Your eyes widen with his sudden announcement. “I’ll never talk to any of them ever again and I will be the best boyfriend you will ever have. I’ll even walk you every day to every single one of your class and just spend the weekend with you just … one more chance, (Y/N).” This time he was hiding his face by seemingly studying your fingers but the sniffles he tried to hide were clear as day.

“Just one more because … I can’t lose you – not like this. I promise I’ll do better this time. I’ll be better.”

You shook your head, still being stubborn, afraid of opening up from the regret you felt when you got hurt. “Hannah –“

“I don’t give a shit about Hannah, okay?!” He screamed, reaching his breaking point. He grabbed you, desperate for contact – desperate for anything. He is desperate for you to understand that it was a mistake, that everything in his life has been a mistake except you. He had shitty friends, a shitty family, and have been a shitty person for the majority of his life but it didn’t matter then because he had you.

And he can’t lose that – lose you. 

He won’t allow it.

“I love you.”

The hitch in your throat did not go unnoticed but it was still too early to celebrate, you were still not looking Zach in the eye – still not believing him.

“I know,” Zach sighed, hands gently taking yours. “It’s kinda hard to believe, especially after all of the shit you just heard me say but I swear to you if you … if you just give me a chance, I promise … I promise you won’t regret it.”

You really wanted to believe him, wanted nothing more than to forgive and forget about everything that just happened but you simply can’t. You could barely trust him before how much more now when he already shattered your illusion of love into a million pieces.

“You don’t have to forgive me –“

“I forgive you,”
you cut him off and you can feel his grip in your hand starting to tighten. “That’s actually … that’s actually the easiest part, Zach.” You chuckled humorlessly. “You could’ve murdered me and … and I would still forgive you but I …”

The sobbed escape before you could finish your sentence but you braved through it, not wanting to show any more of your broken state to Zach.

“Tell me, Zach,” you gripped the front of his shirt and buried your face in it in hopes of drowning your sobs. “How can I forget?! How can I forget what you did?! I can’t – I don’t know how and I – I –“

“Shhh,” Zach nearly carried you from how tight he held on to you but it was just what you needed: just what you needed to stop from falling apart. “I … I can’t answer that, baby. I’m sorry.”

You sobbed even harder, holding on more tighter. You were desperate, desperate to forget but you were only human. A human who can get hurt and can hold grudges.

“Don’t worry baby I’ll still be here.” He tried to calm you down and you were so surprised by his statement you actually shot up and looked at him. “It’ll take a long time and I don’t care. I’m … We’re in this together, okay? I’m not leaving. I’m winning you back.”

“Zach,” you sniffed, shaking your head. “I’m not sure I’m worth all that effort.”

This time it was Zach’s time to laugh, disbelief written all over his face as it got closer that you were pretty sure the breaths between you was one. 

“You’re the only one who’s worth anything to me now, baby.”
He whispered like a secret that the thought made you release a watery giggle causing him to smile.  “I’m not letting you go.”

Friends With Benefits: Bill Skarsgard... Chapter 6

Originally posted by imaginingyournotsolikelyfuture

The next few days passed in a blur and things with Bill were different, a nice different.

He was so invested in me and even kept his word, he didn’t push me to talk about what happened on the hill top, he was waiting for me to be ready and bring it up myself.

This morning I’d awoken to him pushing the hair from my face and placing a lingering kiss on my temple.

My eyes fluttered open and I was met with the sight of Bill leaning over the bed, I smiled sleepily at him and I lifted myself up to lean against the headboard, holding the sheets to my chest.

I was so tired from the last few days on set that I’d slept through the night and not even felt Bill get up or heard him get ready.

“Where are you going?” I asked, looking him up and down.

“I have a meeting.”

He was clad in a fitted black shirt that was tucked into slim, dark grey trousers that were fastened with a black belt and his hair was gelled into place.

I bit my lip and looked up at him through my eyelashes.

“Don’t.” He warned, narrowing his eyes.

I tilted my head at him and smiled innocently, before pulling him down onto the bed with me and pushing him onto his back.

I dropped all the sheets around me and climbed on top of him, straddling him and pinning his arms by his head.

He groaned but watched as my breasts bounced and he shifted under me, it was pretty obvious that his trousers had just become tighter.

“I’ve literally just told you I have a meeting.” He laughed, making no effort to remove himself from under me, even though he was considerably stronger than me.

“And? We’ve got time.” I began unfastening the buttons on his shirt, revealing his milky skin to my eager eyes.

“My ego hurts at those words, I must admit and as badly as I want you right now, I really have to go.” He sighed, flipping us over and kneeling between my legs as he fastened his shirt back up.

I lay with my arms behind my head, staring at the white ceiling of Bill’s room.

“When will you be back?” I wondered, looking downwards towards him.

“A couple of hours maybe, I’m not sure.” He shrugged, focusing hard on my naked body and running his hands down my thighs.

“I’m gonna head back to my place, I need to get showered and I bet my post is mounting up. My neighbours probably think I’m dodgy or something, I’m literally never there these days.” I laughed, leaning up onto my elbows as Bill removed himself from the bed and adjusted his hair, pushing it back into place and shoving his hands in his pockets.

“Wanna do something after my meeting?” He wondered and I nodded.

“Target trip?” I asked excitedly and he rolled his eyes.

“Fine.” He groaned, and I clapped my hands.

“You’re such a pushover.” I giggled, now sitting up on Bill’s kingsize bed.

“I’ll show you pushover later, but right now I really need to get going.” Bill hurriedly kissed my lips and left the bedroom, I could head him jog downstairs.

I waited until I heard the sound of his car pull out of the driveway, the gravel crunching underneath the wheels and that’s when I finally decided to get my backside out of bed to brush my teeth in the en suite bathroom.

I shoved my hair up into a disheveled bun and washed my face, removing any reminents of toothpaste from around my mouth.

I quickly sprayed some deodorant just to last me until I got home and could have a good scrub in my bath or in the shower, depending on my mood.

When I was back in Bill’s room I mooched around for the first set of underwear I could find, which just happened to be plain black.

I stole another t-shirt from Bill which was white with a random print on the front and rolled the sleeves up so they didn’t hang awkwardly at the crease of my elbow, I hated that.

Luckily, I had a few pairs of Joni jeans hanging around here so I merely shoved a light blue pair on and was good to go.

I was pretty impressed with how briskly I’d managed to get myself ready, although I definitely had the advantage seeing as I hadn’t applied any make up.

I tidied up Bill’s bedroom and made his bed, pulling up the blinds to allow the morning sunlight to flood the room and wake me up further.

I made my way downstairs and to the door, where I just pulled my vans on, grabbed my bag and had a quick scan inside to make sure I had everything including my wallet, keys, iphone and my glasses.

I was pretty content that I’d got everything and that I’d tidied Bill’s place up accordingly so left the house after setting the alarm and locking the door behind me.

I’d driven over here yesterday so my white Audi was parked up and waiting for my entry.

I unlocked my car and hopped right in, dumping my bag on the passenger seat.

I belted up and pressed the button to start my car, seeing as it was a keyless start. I got into gear and began the long descent back onto the road, eager to get home.

I’d been back and forth to Bill’s place over the last month and it was starting to feel pointless paying rent for such a gorgeous apartment when all I did was stay at his.

I pulled up to my apartment complex, parking in one of my designated spots and locked my car up once I’d grabbed my bag.

I punched in the code and opened the door to the building, entering the foyer where I collected my post.

I mindlessly flipped through the envelopes,  scrunching my nose up at the sheer amount of junk mail I’d received.

I climbed up the stairs to my floor, where only my apartment was and shoved the key into the lock, happy to be home.

I kicked my shoes off, dumped the post and my bag on the kitchen counter which happened to be around the corner from my front door and also threw my keys down next to the items.

My apartment was in pristine condition, mostly because I liked to keep it tidy because I was a slight neat freak. It worked out pretty well for me though, because Bill was the same.

I flopped onto my couch, grabbing my MacBook from the glass coffee table and placing it onto of my folded legs, logging onto my account and almost immediately pulling my emails up since I’d neglected them pretty bad.

I flicked through the junk emails, sending them straight to trash folder. Most of them were pretty standard, a few asking of my availability for the rest of the year but one in particular caught my eye.

The name was unfamiliar and the subject merely said ‘an interview with the hottest couple of 2016’ and my heart sank just at reading those words, but it was nothing compared to the actual email itself;

An invitation to Miss Mya Williams,

We hope you are able to join us at our Beverly Hill studio to participate in an interview that delves deep into the reality of dating one of the biggest upcoming actors of the year, we would be delighted if both yourself and Bill Skarsgard could attend and reveal all to us and your fans.

I hope to hear from you in the upcoming days,

Lizzie Sharp
Entertainment Central

My mouth was agape and my heart was beating so aggressively against my chest, why would this reporter lady want to interview Bill and I over being a couple when there was literally no proof or anything out there to suggest that we were more than friends.

We were so careful about doing anything on the set of the last television show we worked together on, that ceased filming a few days ago. I don’t know if Lizzie was working with information that had sprung from rumours, since Bill had gotten big, the public were interested in his personal life, specifically his love life and people were quick to pin me to him.

I hastily sent the email to the junk folder, where it was going to lay dormant with he rest until I went on a deleting spree.

If I didn’t reply to the email, surely it would all go away, right?

I tried to forget about the strange email, hoping to never receive anything like it again.

I pulled up twitter, signing in and having a mindless scroll through my timeline, favouriting the odd tweet and retweeting a few cool pieces that had some relevance to my life.

I also decided to tackle my mentions, which filled up a lot these days after my work was revealing to the world of critique. I mostly got compliments galore and the odd comment that came from a pre pubescent girl who liked to slate my every move, every breath I took.

After moving to LA I grew a back bone and learnt to take shitty comments on the chin, and because of this grew my delightful personality that consisted of sarcasm and standing up for myself.

I yawned as I weaved through the mentions, not particularly interested.

Well, that was until I came across multiple pictures of myself and Bill spamming my mentions. I rolled my eyes, people loved to be nosey.

Although what I did notice was that it was the same three images across multiple tweets, so I decided to enlarge them and what met my eyes were pictures of myself and Bill looking awfully close.

Sickness overwhelmed me, as did sheer panic.

The first image was of us on set, with me on his back and a huge smile on his face as I whispered something into his ear.

The second was of us walking to the restaurant in Beverly Hills in the other day with his arm thrown over my shoulders.

The final image was of us in the restaurant, taken through the window and we were holding hands.

It didn’t look good for us, and I figured it was better to say nothing than to try and magic up a lie that probably made us look shadier.

I let out a growl and slammed the my laptop shut, throwing it to the side of me and covering my face with my hands.

I knew this would happen, but I thought it’d be easier to deny and it was only a matter of time before the tabloids had the pictures printed in every magazine in America.

The last thing we needed getting out was that we both liked each other and the sheer amount of time we spent together, or to have any more picture taken of us without our knowledge.

To say I was worried was an understatement, being so out there now meant that the press would start digging and the last thing I wanted plastered over the internet was my sad excuse of a life.

I didn’t need anyone to know that I’d dropped out of school and that I hadn’t even wanted to attend college. I didn’t want anyone to know that my parents absolutely hated me for doing these things, I was nothing but an embarrassment to them.

I definitely didn’t need Bill to have to endure the comments that would be thrown at him about my age or my background and it was a blessing that he didn’t have any social media or it was certain that this would have blown up even bigger.

I have no idea how long I was sat on my couch wallowing in self pity but the sound of my phone ringing, along with he vibrations snapped me out of my trance.

I yanked it out of my back pocket taking a quick glance at the caller ID, almost shouting out in frustration at the sight of Bill’s name.

I couldn’t bring myself to answer it, so speedily pressed the reject button on the screen.

There was pure silence for a minute before it rang again, flashing up once more with his name. I knew that he’d keep calling if i didn’t pick up, he was the most persistent man I’ve ever met.

“What’s up?” I breathed, running a hand down my face.

“Oh, hey. I’ve just finished with my meeting, are you ready?” He asked, most obviously speaking to me over the speaker in his car.

“Erm, no. I don’t feeling like going out anyway, feel free to head back home.” I excused, the thought of being pictured out together again making my head spin with anxiety.

“Why not? You love going to Target, you were so up for it this morning… is something wrong?” I could almost imagine him frowning in confusion, because it was true, I fucking loved Target.

“I just don’t feel brilliant, Bill. Look, I’ll talk to you later, bye.” I spoke in a rush, hanging up the phone and dropping back into the cushions of my couch.

Tears spilled over and I sobbed quietly, more overwhelmed than anything.

I didn’t move to LA to become the focus of every gossip magazine, I came to escape my old life. This wasn’t what I wanted, I just wanted to work and be happy.

I merely wanted to be left alone, it’s all I’ve ever wanted. Bill was the only person who knew almost everything about me, he was the one person I knew who would catch me if I fell.

A knock at my door pulled me away from the darkness that was just my thoughts and I wiped the tears from under my eyes, sniffling and breathing deeply before hopping up from the couch and plastering on a smile ready for whoever was on the other side of the door.

I twisted the inside lock and pulled it open, cursing at myself for not checking through the spy hole before opening the door.

“What are you doing here? I told you I didn’t feel like going out.” I muttered, leaving Bill at the door and walking into my kitchen.

I heard him close the door behind him and he followed me, and I could feel him watching my every move as I leant on my sink and looked out of the window in front of me.

“You sounded upset on the phone and I’m not an idiot.” He remarked, his presence strong behind me.

I made a face and gritted my teeth.

“You’re an idiot if you forgot how to use your key and let yourself in.” I whispered to myself, watching as the sun moved behind the clouds.

“What’s up with you? You were fine this morning, right until I left. Now I’ve finished my meeting and you have no interest in being around me, and I can’t figure out why.”

I span around harshly, taking him off guard.

“I told you to be careful with what you did in public, the hand holding, the cuddling! Now the press have got photos of us and they’re all over the fucking internet and I have people emailing me asking for interviews, I knew this would happen, I told you that people would start speculating!” I yelled at him, his eyes widening at my sudden tone of voice.

“What pictures? You need to get a grip, Mya! We take one step forward and two back and I specifically remember telling you to not worry and just let people speculate. We’re the only people who need to be involved in our business, it’s our own business.” He spoke back, making me roll my eyes.

“It’s not even speculation that’s the problem, Bill. It’s the fact that people have confirmation that there’s something going on between us, and I don’t know what to do about it.” I spoke, my voice cracking and more tears threatening to fall.

Bill let out a prolonged breath and advanced towards me with his arms outstretched, they wrapped around me like a shield.

“There’s nothing you can do, or that you need to do. But I think it’s time to face the facts or maybe our feelings in this case.“ Bill murmured into my hair.

I nodded against him, my face buried into his neck.

Now was the time.

"I’m pretty damn sure that I’m in love with you.” I admitted against the skin of his neck.

“Well that’s good then, because I’m pretty sure I’m in love with you to.” He replied, pushing me back gently and holding my face between his hands.

I looked up at him and once our eyes met I felt every ounce of hurt, upset and anger leave my body.

He rested his forehead against mine and pressed a kiss to my lips, it was gentle, like a feather touching you for a second.

I kissed him back and let my arms go up around his neck, so grateful to be in his arms.

He pulled back for a second and I almost let out a whimper at the loss of contact.  

“Be my girlfriend, wife, whatever. I just know that I need you, all of you.” Bill revealed and I nodded.

“Can we not say anything to the press? or to anyone, just not yet.” I asked, touching his full bottom lip with mine.

“Whatever you want.” He whispered, grasping my face harder and crushing his lips on mine.

This was it.

This was official.

Friends with benefits didn’t really work out the way I planned but I think it was for the best and now all feelings, secrets and confessions are out there.

I just hope nothing ruins it.


- Hey everyone, I’m so thankful for your patience with me and I’m so glad to finally have this chapter up. I hope you enjoy this filler and there will be more tomorrow :) Also thank you for your wishes of wellness, they’re very much appreciated 😘

I Choose You | Peter Parker

 Summary: Nobody is perfect and yet out of all the girls in school, Peter Parker chooses you…

Warning: Fluffiness!

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Type: Oneshot

Requested: @yourstrulyspidey

A/N: I have fallen in love with this gif…


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♡ You are my hero ♡ (Part 1)

A/N, this will probably be a two part story because A: I’m tired, and B: I’m a sucker for Drama. (For those who wished to be tagged: @emo-space-trash @fandomsandanythingelse @suchtrashwow and @sunshinelollip0ps )

The first time Patton saw him, no, not when Logan popped into existence, with angled eyes and a sort of… little brother way about him, but actually saw him as more than that…

Logan had been young, trying to get Thomas to study harder for an eminent test. In that moment, he had been but a pair of peeking, chocolate eyes, watchful over the giant stack of paperbacks he carried.
Patton remembered the last moment he’d ever think of Logan in a platonic way, how the other paused in their communal lounge, re-gripping the bottom of the stack.
Patton could almost see the moment in his mind, hear his own voice offer to take a few, ‘lighten the load’, so to speak. But with bare movement, Logan shook his head.

“Thank you for the offer, Patton, but I am quite capable of handling myself,” and with an affirmative nod, he departed.
Patton never quite understood, why at that moment, his heart beat against his ribcage as if it wished to escape, how the scent of old books and ink and detergent did not swamp his mind with ‘boredom’ any-longer, but with a fluttering feeling that made him lightheaded.
Now, Patton knew he wasn’t exactly the smartest of the sides. But he knew emotions.
He knew what this meant.

Patton knew that he was, with no other words for it, fucked.

It was no coincidence, that after that time, he began acting a little more bubbly, often border-lining on air headed around the more logical side.
He hoped it served good contrast between the other’s fairly boring day-to-day being.
He hoped it didn’t annoy Logan too much.
Because, if he were completely honest… Patton had no idea how to feel anything other than the bursting bubbles of joy around Logan.
And, somehow… he didn’t really want to.

So, for the longest time… Nothing changed.

The voice came from behind him, just as he’d set a pan of fresh muffins on the counter, and more importantly, right after Logan had left the room.

“You’re in love with him, aren’t you?”
Patton whirled around at hurricane speeds, making himself slightly dizzy and nearly burning himself by accident.

“W-W-Wh-What??? No, of course I’m not!” Patton exclaimed, cheek twitching as he mentally reprimanded himself for lying.
Patton plucked off the pink oven mitts, if only as something to do with his hands.

“Really?” Anxiety, or as he would be called in a years time, ‘Virgil’, asked. The raise of his eyebrow fluid, yet testing.

“O-Of course I’m not in l-l-l-love with L-L-Logan, that would be, I- I don’t even, why, I would, I can’t even imagine-” the sweet baked smell of muffins did not provide any kind of comfort, in fact, somehow, the scent felt strangling. And the normally hug-like warmth, spilling fourth from the oven, felt overwhelming to his fraying nerves.

“M’kay,” Anxiety gave a shrug, knowing when to back down, but also, when not to.
“‘Cause, hypothetically, if you were, you’d be in big trouble,” he moved to the counter where the muffins were set, taking out a paper plate and a pair of metal tongs.

“I-I mean we’re so different anyways so-… wait, what?” Patton turned.
“Why would that be bad?” Patton asked, to distracted to even warn Anxiety against eating the still-far-to-hot muffins. Anxiety turned his head to watch the other, a calculating expression on his porcelain mask.
“Hypothetically of course,” Patton was quick to amend.
Anxiety nodded.

“Well, hypothetically,” Anxiety obliged, “if anyone were in love with Logan, it would be bad news.” Patton was about to ask ‘why’, again, but Anxiety only raised a hand.
Patton’s words died in his throat.
“Because,” Anxiety clicked, “He’s logic.” At a raised eyebrow, Anxiety continued.
“He doesn’t do, emotions, or love, or any of that. ‘Thinks it’s all stupid and illogical.” Anxiety waved his hands in the air as he tried to explain, but eventually, the silent conduction of his thoughts flowed to a halt, and his hands dropped to his sides.
“So, whoever that imagined person is? They’d just get hurt, and Logic would get confused, and it would be awkward.” Anxiety turned back to the muffins, using a pair of tongs to lift two of the still steaming muffins onto his plate.
Behind him, Patton’s figure was hunched, a shadow of his usually beaming self.
Anxiety turned and cursed his empathy, before placing an uncertain, unsteady hand on the other’s shoulder.
Patton looked up at the contact, earthy brown eyes watery and shifting with emotion.

“Look, I’m not saying feelings are bad, it’s just…” Anxiety sighed, “I… I don’t want you to get hurt.” Patton nodded, thanking the darker side for his advice and retreating into his room to curl into his covers.
Patton cried that night, not because the words particularly hurt in any way, but because the reasoning was sound, and it all seemed far too… true.
And that stung more than any name they could call him.
So, Patton didn’t get up again until the next morning, didn’t eat any of the muffins he’d baked that night.

So, taking Anxiety’s words with a grain of salt, Patton continued to smile and laugh around the logical trait. Making jokes, asking him what he was reading… mostly just engaging him in conversations, if only to hear the calming drone of his voice.
And, after a month of sideways looks from Anxiety, and the occasional raised brow from Prince, it seemed he was due another time for another, uncomfortable conversation about his life choices.

“So… you and Logan… huh?” For the embodiment of Thomas’s romantic and dramatic emotions, he sure did have an interesting way of broaching such a subject.
Nonetheless, Patton went rigid and faltered, then stuttered out a violently stupid response.

“I-I, uh, don’t know what you’re talking about! W-What about me and L-L-Logan?” His voice was unsteady, eyes franticly searching for a way out.
Roman was pretty sure, with all the stress the fatherly trait was putting on his pencil, it would snap.

“Oh come now, it’s pretty obvious you’ve got the hots for Mr. Cool, hm?” Roman laughed with a full bodied, head-thrown-back laughter that somehow made the awkwardness seep away.
But, Roman did not admit that it had taken him seeing Patton, with his own two eyes, doodling love-hearts around him and Logan’s name just a moment ago, to truly connect all the dots.

“So… when are you gonna become Mr. And Mr. Nerd? You know, pop the question?” Roman nudged him, not terribly gently, with his elbow. Patton, giving a well meaning titter, ran a hand through his hair.

“Honestly? I don’t think I should, I mean…” Patton sighed, “I have no idea if he even likes me that way, or if he even feels romantic feelings at all… Really, I just don’t want to make him uncomfortable, o-or-”

“Wait wait wait wait wait…” Roman interrupted, hands shaping an invisible snowman in the air.

“You two love-doves aren’t even dating?” Roman asked, head cocked dramatically to the side.

“U-U-Ummm, no?” Patton’s eyes darted left, shrinking away from the dramatic trait.
Roman grabbed the other by his shoulders, staring deep into slightly frightened cinnamon eyes.

“Alright, listen close doll, ’cause we’re about to get you a man.”

(Sorry about bad quality, I’m tired AF)

Reddie High School Headcanons
  • The first year of high school was primarily spent staring at each other
  • they were both well aware that they both had feelings for each other and mostly took their time out of fear of others reactions and not wanting to mess up their friendship
  • They officially started dating sophomore year when at homecoming (they went as a group) and the slow dance song came on, Eddie suddenly grabbed Ritchie’s hands for the dance and said, “Will you just be my boyfriend already”
  • It was one of the first times Eddie saw Richie blush
  • They were a very open couple at school, which caused a lot more bullying, but they were happy and that was what mattered to them
  • Richie took a drink from the school water fountain and Eddie yelled, “Gross! and you’re going to kiss me with that mouth!” Richie almost made an explicit comment about what else he would do with that mouth but Stan smacked Richie with a book before he had the chance
  • They ended up in detention once for too much PDA in the hallways and the detention involved much more PDA so the teachers just learned to ignore it
  • Once at lunch they were walking back to their table and Eddie made a sexual innuendo and Richie dropped his tray, turned to Eddie, and yelled “WhAt THE FUCK”
  • Richie was the one to ask Eddie to prom Junior year and it was EXTRAVAGANT
  • Richie bought sparklers (which got taken away) and a box of chocolate covered strawberries singing a parody of a song with an a cappella backup in a microphone in the lunchroom and Eddie’s reaction was “what the fuck Richie i wanted to ask you.” before throwing himself into Richie and kissing him in front of the school
  • One time the Bowers gang was beating up Richie and calling him gay slurs and Eddie threw a trash can at them and yelled “ID TELL YOU TO SUCK MY DICK BUT THATS RICHIES JOB”
  • despite all the comments they are both virgin and pure btw
  • They won the cutest couple in the school senior year after Stan, Bill, and Bev FOUGHT the school board to let them qualify

Request more headcanons please!

Never Gonna Happen

Enzo Amore/OC (smut): Despite his constant playful flirtations, you and Enzo have never been anything more than friends. After a drunken night at the club, and a questionable morning after, you learn how he really feels about you.

(This is my first fic on here, I’m so nervous but I hope you all really enjoy it! It ended up waaaay longer than I anticipated.)

Special thanks to @imaginingwwesuperstars for being super supportive and an all-around sweetheart, ily. <3

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Party (Ethan)


It was Cameron’s 19th birthday and the beach house was booming with chaos as everyone rushed around setting up party decorations and various appetizers and desserts. You had been up since 6 A.M. ensuring everything was going according to your plan and that your clumsy boyfriend, Ethan, wasn’t going to ruin the surprise like he usually did.

“You know your position right?” You turned to Ethan as you stood in the kitchen, co-ordinating where everyone would be when Cameron walked in. Grayson had taken her out shopping for the day and she had no idea you had a surprise planned for her. She thought it was just going to be an ordinary vacation not realizing you had invited all of her closest friends to join you — even the cute guy she had been crushing on for the past year. Cameron was your best friend. You’d do anything for her and honestly you had her to thank for introducing you to your goofy, dorky boyfriend. It was weird at first, dating your best friends brother, but you had become a member of the family and Cameron was happy to see her little brother with someone she already adored. You were a match made in heaven, she couldn’t deny that.

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Bonus OT3 Drabble: Slinky


This. This is entirely the fault of @blackkatmagic and @nellynee, and this ask-post over on blackkat’s blog. Because I just cannot resist the challenge of ‘why break up one ship for another when you can have both as a healthy triad?’ So I wrote it, even though I never actually got far enough to meet two-thirds of this ship in canon, and most of the characterisation is based on blackkat’s fics (although probably not half so good as hers).

Because really, who could resist this; “Spunky young power couple seduces village creepy shut in. Everyone is confused.

OT3 for this prompt: Minato/Orochimaru/Kushina from Naruto.

“If I have to sit and listen to you gabbing on about weird obscure jutsu, then I’m going to do it over ramen, you know!” Teuchi smiled at the sound of his best customer approaching the restaurant, presumably with her boyfriend in tow. Sure enough, when Kushina pushed the curtain aside, she was preceded into the restaurant by a sheepish looking Minato. Kushina followed, pulling another man in after them by the wrist.

The redheaded jounin manhandled Konoha’s own snake sannin into the seat next to Minato, then plonked herself down in the seat on Orochimaru’s other side. “You didn’t have to sit and listen.” The man snapped at Kushina, clearly very annoyed with her. “We are quite capable of holding a conversation without you.”

Kushina scoffed at him, flapping a hand. “Please. Minato wouldn’t know what to do with you if I left the two of you alone for more than five minutes, you know.” Orochimaru failed to come up with a retort, looking baffled and irritated in equal measure.

Minato, on the other hand, turned very red and started spluttering. “That’s not- You can’t just- What are you- Kushina!” The last word came out as a whine, and Minato dropped his head against the counter.

“Don’t be such a ditz, pretty boy.” Kushina chided, and then turned to Teuchi before Minato could respond. “The usual, please, Teuchi-san! Plus whatever this awkward turtle wants.” She nudged Orochimaru with her elbow to indicate who she meant. It was a good thing she had, because ‘awkward turtle’ was not a descriptor Teuchi would ever have applied to him on his own. He started cooking up Kushina and Minato’s usual, even as he raised an eyebrow at Orochimaru.

Orochimaru ignored him in favour of glaring at Kushina. “He’ll have the shoyu tamago ramen with extra eggs.” Minato put in, recovering from embarrassment as fast as he ever did. It was a good thing he could do that, Teuchi thought, since he was dating someone like Kushina, who got a kick out of embarrassing people.

Orochimaru switched his glare to Minato. “I don’t recall asking you to order for me.”

“Did I get it wrong?” Minato asked, caught somewhere between innocent and smug. Obviously he hadn’t, because Orochimaru looked twice as likely to murder him, but conspicuously didn’t say a word. Minato beamed like the sunrise. “So, you were explaining the connection between space-time seals and blood jutsu?” He prompted brightly. Orochimaru sighed heavily, but answered with a long explanation that went entirely over Teuchi’s head. It clearly didn’t go over Minato’s head, because he was staring in rapt attention as Orochimaru talked, in a way that made Teuchi feel oddly like he was intruding on something private.

He served up their ramen, and was not surprised when Minato and Orochimaru mostly ignored theirs in favour of their discussion. He was surprised when it took Kushina several seconds to lift her cheek off her fist and stop staring at them long enough to start scarfing down her usual three bowls of ramen. She caught his look the first time she came up for air, and shrugged unrepentantly. “What? They’re total dorks, you know, but they’re my dorks now.

Orochimaru choked on his first bite of ramen. “Excuse me?” He demanded.

“Well, you are, aren’t you?” Kushina asked, smirking. “We’re a package deal, slinky; buy one get one free. If you want to get some this evening, instead of just staring at Minato like he’s a prime steak and you’re starving, you’re going to have to learn to dance with both of us, you know.” She paused, her smirk slowly unfurling into a predatory grin with far too many teeth. “Last chance to run screaming.”

The stunned look on Orochimaru’s face turned, once again, to murderous annoyance. “I think I should be saying that to you.” He hissed, leaning forward into her personal space to loom over her. Teuchi was a bit worried, although on whose behalf he wasn’t quite sure.

Kushina laughed, and shocked just about everybody when she closed the distance between them and kissed him. Minato whimpered quietly, staring at them with his mouth hanging open, while Teuchi was just trying to figure out when the world had gone insane. Kushina drew back looking infinitely smug. “Bring it on.”

We’re Not Invincible

Ow, Peter thought, struggling to make his way up the sheer face of the building, all the while ignore the bleeding cut on his side. The last time I snuck in like this was the night Ned found out. He was trying to distract himself in any way he could, so that he wouldn’t fall of the building, or something. He didn’t actually know if that would be possible.

“Karen, would it be possible for me to fall off the building?” he asked, though he was afraid of the answer.

“In your current state, you are not likely to fall off the building,” she replied in that crisp robot voice she had.

Peter couldn’t suppress the eye roll. ‘Not likely’ was not the answer he had been hoping for. “Thanks, Karen,” he said dryly.

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Escape:  the residency years

Jamie sat with the book open on the round table, colourful post-it notes sticking out at every angle.  He took a huge bite of his sandwich, and talked around the mouthful to his sister, Jenny.

“So that’s normal, then?  The back pain?”

Jenny wiped her mouth before answering.  “The baby is growing.  Her centre of gravity is shifting.  She’s also under stress, what with her hours and such, but yes, back pain is perfectly normal.”  She smiled at her brother as he delved back into her copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting.  Such a numpty. “Ye worry too much, brother.”

He grunted, and flipped the page.

“And the spotting?  ‘Tis still normal?”

Jenny stilled.  Spotting?  At five and half months?  She took a sip of her water trying to moisten her suddenly dry throat, and kept her voice as neutral as possible.  “Well, how often is it?”

“No’ verra often at all,” Jamie said, “It’s only I noticed it when I did the laundry at the weekend, ken.”

Jenny breathed again.  “Aye, well for some women it’s the way their pregnancies go.  As long as Claire tells her doctor.  She’s on her feet too damn much at the hospital.”   

Jamie made a Scottish noise deep in his throat.  

Jenny went silent.  Her sister-in-law was deep into her residency, and doing well.  Still, she hadn’t been to Lallybroch for a Sunday supper in three weeks. Jenny missed her company, but more than that she just wanted to give Claire a day of rest.  Jamie had come alone, and seemed fine with it so Jenny was trying hard not to judge.  His noise reminded her to keep her opinions to herself.  He would be nothing but supportive, which was how these lunches began.  Seeking advice, he’d taken to bringing lunch to his sister’s office, and asking her question after question.  At first Jenny found it annoying, so she dug up her old dog-eared copy of her pregnancy ‘bible’ with its notes in the margins, and handed it to him.  When he came back the next week with take away fish and chips, and the post-it note pages she decided to embrace what would become a ritual.  

Jamie closed the book, and began to clean up their mess.  He threw away their trash, grabbed the book, and kissed his sister on the top of her head.  “Thank ye, Janet.  Love you.”  He headed back to his office.

Jenny called after his retreating form, “Love you, too.”  And keep an eye on that wife of yours, brother. 

Claire’s bump grew, slowly at first.  A barely discernible curve to her belly. Around the fourth month Jamie was amazed at her suddenly changing silhouette.  And now, towards the end of her fifth month, he loved to rest his hands on the side of her belly and feel the wean squirm and shift in her womb. It’s how he ended every day, and if he was honest, it was the best part of his day.  

Most days Claire got home from the hospital tired.  Jamie would send her to the shower while he finished getting dinner ready, but tonight she came in full of energy.   

Jamie met her at the door to help her off with her coat.  Claire kissed her husband hello, and launched right into her news.  “I wanted to tell you about an opportunity I was given today,” Claire said, dropping her backpack by the door, and shrugging out of her coat. 

“Oh?  What is it, Sassenach?” he said, turning towards the closet. 

“I’ve been offered a chance to study in France for a couple of weeks.  It’s at Hôpital des Anges, in Paris.  I can do a two week rotation with two of the most renowned doctors there, Dr. Foray, and Dr. Raymond.  They are amazing.  Dr. Foray is Head of Diagnostic Medicine, and Dr. Raymond has an holistic approach to medicine that I find fascinating.”

Jamie smiled.  “Weel, it’s flattering, to be sure.  What did they say when ye turned them down?”

Claire watched Jamie hang up her coat.  “I didn’t,” she said, carefully.  “I didn’t turn them down, Jamie.”

Jamie turned slowly to look at his wife.  He took two deep breaths.  

Then two more.  

She couldn’t be serious.  There were dark circles under her eyes.  The stress and strain of her residency was written all over her face. 

Hands jammed in his pockets, Jamie cleared his throat, and said as calmly as possible, “Claire.  Ye’re almost six months along.  I appreciate how wonderful this chance is, but I think it’s prudent to think of yerself and the bairn first.  And while I ken ye are working here, and the hours are tough, ye still come home to me.  I can help take care of ye.  They’ll be no such thing in Paris.”

“You won’t come?”  Once it was out of her mouth, Claire realized how silly that sounded.  But it was too late to take it back.

“Have I no’ a job of my own?  I’m CEO of a company, Claire.  It doesna run itself.”  He would not point out how selfish she sounded.  He would stay calm if it killed him, dammit.

Claire shifted from foot to foot.  She decided to step back from this conversation for now.  “Dinner smells wonderful.  Do I have time for a shower?”

“Aye,” Jamie said.  He turned for the kitchen, wishing to put distance between them for a bit.

Dinner was mostly a silent affair.  They kept the conversation easy, light, and neutral.  Jamie’s usual appetite was markedly different, while Claire just pushed her food around her plate.  She managed a few bites, but only when Jamie broke through her reverie saying, “Claire.  Please eat.  For the bairn.”
After cleaning up the kitchen, Claire announced she was heading to bed. 

Jamie watched her climb the stairs, fatigue in her steps, and disappointment in the curve of her shoulders.  Emotions warred inside his head.

Claire’s emotions were equally at war.  She brushed her teeth, her mind in turmoil.  She wanted to go to France, dammit!  Two weeks was not a long time. Being a resident was so competitive, and she could use this opportunity to give herself a leg up.  She left the bathroom night light on for Jamie, and climbed under the duvet.  Turning off her lamp, she rolled over on to her side, and stared out their bedroom window.  As tired as she was, sleep alluded her.  Her thoughts twisted, turned and swirled around her head like the child inside her womb.  She laid a hand on her belly hoping to calm the baby.  Instead, the difficulty of the situation kicked her heart as surely as the baby kicked her side. She felt at a loss.  How could Jamie possibly understand?  Fraser Distillery was his legacy.  It was his, served up on a platter.  Even if he hadn’t wanted to join the family business, he still had all that love to support him; a safety net, so to speak.  She, on the other hand, had to create her own opportunities.  She had no name, no family, no history.  She was plain Claire Beauchamp, and nothing more.  

Claire rolled to her back, and looked over at the framed photos on his dresser. In the semi-darkness she could still make them out.  Jamie with his father, and Jenny.  A younger version of herself with Uncle Lamb.  While he’d grown up with Lallybroch, she’d had a tent in some far-away country.  They were both destined for greater things, but it was the achieving of these things that was different.  Hers was an uphill climb, alone, with only her inner drive to support her.  His came with a father who taught him the ropes, and family to help him succeed.  Claire knew she could never say this to Jamie, though.  It would hurt him.  He worked hard, never used his family name for his own gain, and she respected him for that.  He was an honourable man, and would be offended by her thinking.  He never asked for his privileged life, and didn’t rely on it.  But that didn’t negate the fact that it was still there. 

She heard the dishwasher start.  Heard Jamie check the door as he locked up. She heard him climb the stairs.  She expected to see him enter the bedroom, but instead her ears caught the familiar sound of the window opening.  He was heading out to the fire escape.  It’s where he went when he was feeling too much.  Whether troubled, grateful, overwhelmed, or overjoyed, Jamie sought solace on that iron platform. 

“Babies are supposed to bring people together, not separate them,” she whispered to the empty pillow beside her.  

He stayed out there a long time.  Just when she thought she should go to him, Claire heard the window close again. 

She stayed quiet as he stepped into the bathroom to brush his teeth. He turned off the light, plunging the room into darkness.  She listened as he shucked his clothes and slid under the cover.   His body brought a chill to the sheets.  

This was their time.  This was the part of the day when Jamie would place his large hand, warm and dry on her belly, and softly stroke her skin.  He would grin at the baby’s movements, and say silly things to their child.  Sometimes he’d speak in Gaelic, and refuse to translate for her.  He would lock eyes with her, and whole conversations would pass silently between them.

He didn’t touch her.

She rolled towards him, willing to make the first move.  “Jamie,” she whispered. She slid her hand along the bed until she found his hand, clenched and cold, and placed it on her bump.  

She heard his breath hitch.  She swallowed, hard.  “I understand what you’re saying, Jamie.  I do.  But I really want to go.  It’s not the same as what I do here.  I’ll be shadowing them, watching and learning, that’s all.  Just during the day.  It might actually be more restful.  It’s such an important opportunity.”

He was tempted to pull his hand back, but a little nudge from his child made him pause.  He closed his eyes, and tried to control the tension he was feeling. It took them five years to conceive this child.  One missed opportunity already on a long ago Valentine’s Day.  

The only thing he’d ever wanted more than this child was Claire.  

He took a minute to gather his turbulent thoughts, his hand absentmindedly rubbing circles on her bump.  “I understand, too, Claire.  I do.  But I’ll no’ pretend I’m not worrit.  I promised ye honesty, so here it is.  Ye get caught up. Ye ken ye do.  Ye do things sometimes without thinking them through.  I’m afraid ye’ll forget yerself, and overdo.”

“Jamie, don’t worry –“ she started to say.

“No, Claire.  Must I bear everyone’s weakness?  Can I no’ have my own?  I do not want ye to go to Paris.”  He voiced his innermost fear, the fear that came to him on the fire escape.  “Bad things tend to happen when we’re apart.”

“Horrocks,” she whispered.

“Aye,” he breathed back.

Claire stayed silent.  Her mind twisted and turned remembering the past. Impulsively, she spoke, “Could you meet me?  Take a Friday off?  Come for a long weekend?”  

A Dhia, she was stubborn.  He didn’t want to argue anymore, so he placated her. “I’ll give it some thought.”

It was a start, she thought.   She scooted closer to her husband.  “I love you, Jamie.”  She laid a hand on his jaw, kissing him softly.

“I love you, too, mo neighean donn,” he said, gruffly, returning her kiss.  “Now, ye sleep a bit.  Yer worn out.”  He tucked her head against his neck, and stared out the window as darkness surrounded Edinburgh.  He shifted the duvet higher around her shoulders, cocooning them both, just as the bairn was safely nestled inside his wife.  He would stay like this for the next three months, if he could, protecting them with his body.

Two weeks.  Not a long time.  

Yet, there was one thing Jamie Fraser knew, and knew well.  Trouble didn’t have a timeline.  Sorrow could come on a sunny day.  One moment you could show up to work, laughing with your best mate, the next scarred for life with no father, your friend an amputee.  

Two weeks.  A lifetime.      

Claim (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Hey guys! So I’ve been on a Bucky itch for a few days and thanks to @emilyevanston​ doing a nifty little Cards Against Humanity writing challenge, I got to quell that itch. Thanks for that! Anywho, I hope you all enjoy it because I had fun writing it!

Summary: When Bucky Barnes sees a child (a la Clint Barton) lick a popsicle, the long journey of claiming objects with his saliva begins. Soon, you find that it might not be such a bad thing. (PROMPT: Licking your things to claim them as your own.)

Warnings: None (unless you count slobber). (Let me know if you need anything else tagged. I want you to be comfortable when you read my work.)

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Your Dearest

Author: Billowsandbreeze

Rating: T for flirting

Pairing: Jaal Ama Darav x Sierra Ryder

Summary: Sierra receives an email from Jaal and feelings are laid bare.

Author’s Notes: I wanted to try to capture that gut-clenching, excited, nervous moment right when a flirting relationship is about to take that next step. Jaal’s emails were so good at inducing that feeling. So, hopefully I did it justice.

(Spoilers for Jaal’s emails. I included the full text of one in this.)

“Good morning, Pathfinder.”

Groaning, Sierra throws an arm across her face as the cabin lights brighten too soon against the back of her lids.

She grumbles beneath her breath and rolls into her pillow. “You don’t have to do that as soon as you feel me wake up, SAM. Give me at least five minutes to get my bearings.”

“Noted, Pathfinder.” There’s a momentary pause. “You have unread email at your terminal.”

Taking in a deep breath, Sierra blinks rapidly, trying to erase the fatigue and sleep from her eyes. SAM clearly isn’t going to let her stay in bed any longer, and he’s right to do so. The display on her nightstand tells her they’re almost to Kadara. So, with another groan, she sits up.

“Okay,” she says in a rushing exhale and gets to her feet. She runs a hand through her hair and makes her way to the terminal. Email first, then coffee, and then Kadara Port.

The messages are routine—Tann reminding her of their position on the outlaws, a colonist on Eos asking for help, Lexi sending her diagrams of yoga poses to help with her stress—but one toward the bottom catches her eye.

A communication from your friend Jaal

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anonymous asked:

I think you should write something about asking him to stop (about being shy during sex) bc all the blurbs are all perfect and the girl is shy but keep going,but what if she asked to stop? I've never read something like this AND we know that it's something that can happen

Harry’s booming voice filled the house as soon as the front door opened.  Hearing him walk through the front door singing was always music to my ears.  I loved it when he was in a good mood.  He stood in the doorway of the kitchen with his arms out like he was front stage on Broadway belting out the closing number.

I didn’t know what he was singing.  Something he’d recorded at the studio today was a good bet but I didn’t like to ask.  I knew he liked to keep his recording close to the vest.  

Whatever it was, it sure made him happy.

He finished the note out, his eyes opening to meet mine as his arms dropped to his sides.  He smiled the widest, brightest, happiest smile I’d ever seen as he walked towards the island.  He leaned down against it, looking up at me,

“Hello, Beautiful Girl.”

I smiled,

“Hello.  I take it the studio went well today.”

He raised his eyebrows,

“Well?  Yes, the studio went very very well.”  He said as he rounded the island and walked towards me, “I’m glad you’re here.”

I shrugged,

“Came over after class…thought you might be here but you weren’t so I hung around for a bit to see if you’d show up.”

I felt his fingers creep up onto my hips,

“Finished it.”  He said finally, his voice dripping with accomplishment.

I pushed my hands against his chest,

“All of it?  Or just one song?”

“All of it.  It’s done.”

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Orange Bliss

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst and Fluff 

Summary: It all started in your dream. He would appear out of nowhere, watching and bothering you. He isn’t your regular spirit. 

Warnings: Cursing. 

A/N: First time actually writing and posting. I can already predict the errors I’ve made and it’s not pleasing. Please try to read this awful work I’ve made, thanks.

Originally posted by imonaworldtour

You looked to your right, finding nothing there. Maybe you were losing it, that’s what your friends keep telling you either way. Shaking your head in denial, you went into your apartment, immediately taking off your shoes and dumped your keys at the kitchen counter.

“Ah fucking hell…” You mumbled as you saw the mess you’ve made last night on your desk. It was full of work papers and half-finished cups of coffee. Sighing, you managed to organize the papers and put the mugs away, looking at your window for a split second, seeing cars drive by. It wasn’t a luxurious neighborhood anyway.

After five seconds of you turning away from the sink, you heard glass crashing, making you face the sink again and finding your favorite mug destroyed, shards of glass sparkled the kitchen floor. “Shit.” You cursed, noticing your now bleeding foot. You attempted to take out the shard of glass, wincing and cursing in pain. After a few minutes of pep-talk, you finally pulled it out, tossing it into the trash can.

With one foot injured, you limped to where the broom and dustpan was located, gripping the handle tightly as you cleaned the floor. In the corner of your eye, you swore you saw someone staring at you but when you looked at their direction, they were gone. Strange. You poured all the shards into the trash can, saying farewell to your favorite mug. It was bound to happen anyway with your clumsiness.

After that, you decided to just remain in your room to avoid any other disasters to happen. You lied down on the bed, staring at the ceiling, millions of thoughts bursted in your mind. The only sounds that you were able to hear was the last drops of rain hitting the ground and your own breathing. Your grandmother once told you that if you listened very closely, you could listen to spirits talking to you. Impossible.

The stories your grandmother told you were mostly about her past and spirits. She claimed she talked to one of them, saying he followed her around, watching her every move. Since you were just a child, you obviously believed her, asking various questions and such. You weren’t sure about spirits now.


You sat up, watching as the door slowly opened, exposing the hallway and the the doorknob that turned only a few seconds ago. Perplexed by the scene playing in front of you, you got up and examined the door and peeked your head out into the hallway for a few seconds before closing the door once again.

Walking back to your comfortable bed, you watched the door closely, curious if it’ll happen again. Suddenly, you catch a whiff of something you never smelled before in your room. It smelled like oranges. Sure, you shouldn’t overreact over a smell but you never recalled smelling something like cologne in your room, especially that smell.

You decided you might as well sleep, it was the best solution you could think of. Closing your eyes, you concentrated on your breathing and pushed stressful thoughts away. The only thing your grandmother told you that you still believed in was that if you think of something specific seconds before slumber, you’ll most likely dream of it. It was best to think of something you enjoyed.

You were right.

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