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Imagine your boss, Dean Winchester, flirting with you every time he can.

“And last but far from least-” you let a small sigh, looking at the door in case someone was coming “Mr Fury asked to see you.”

“Fury? As in Nick Fury?” Dean raised and eyebrow, his interest peaking.

“Exactly. It either has to do with the damage you and Mr Stark caused on your small trip around town or-”

Dean chuckled, leaning back in his chair “Come on (Y/n), we were drunk!”

“That does not justify it. On the contrary, it was reckless to go take his suits while being drunk.” you said with a pointed look and his smile turned into a softer one.

“You know-” he leaned forward so that he was closer to you “I love it when you care so much about me.”

“Mr Winchester.” you scolded softly, not meeting his eyes but still unable to hide a small smile from your face.

“I thought that by now we had agreed on that, sweetheart. It’s Dean.” he said, sounding a little disappointed.

“You know that can’t happen, Mr Winchester.” you mumbled, starting to place all of his files in place. Anything to keep you occupied from looking him in the eyes “I’m your assistant.”

“Well then we can arrange that. I could always fire you.” he gave you a cheeky grin as with wide eyes your head snapped to him.

“What?” you stood there frozen for a second until he started laughing at your expression.

“Just kidding. There’s no way on Earth I would fire my most trusted worker.” he shook his head “Besides, this enterprises would crumble down without you here to be honest.”

“Glad you appreciate my job then, Mr Winchester.” you chuckled with a small sigh of relief, shaking your head at your boss.

He rolled his eyes for a moment “That’s just not going to go away easily, is it?” he huffed, almost disappointed and you bit the inside of your cheek; still not looking at him.

“Wish it could.” you mumbled and saw him from the corner of your eye get up and walk towards you.

“You know it can-” you almost jumped at how close he had gotten without you realizing it, his breath only fanning over your cheek and his hand on your back “It’s all up to you.”

“Mr Winchester please-” you glanced at the door nervously “Someone might walk in. I just- I don’t want them to think I am taking advantage of-”

“Of who? Me? Sweetheart by all means, do so.” he gave you a boyish grin and you couldn’t stop a chuckle at his words, shaking your head.

“No. Of the time I spend with you. I- I worked hard to get this position.”

“I know, I saw it for myself.” he frowned slightly “That’s why you got the promotion.”

“Yeah, well if they see us like this they’re not going to think exactly that Mr Winchester. I don’t want people to assume I am here because I am sleeping with my boss.” you placed a hand on his chest, regretting it but still pushing him away. You couldn’t even dare look him in the eyes, you couldn’t take the heartbroken look on his face.

“But they don’t have to see us, if that’s the problem.” he suggested after a long pause and you frowned.


“I mean if that’s what you’re most scared of- we don’t really have to tell everyone. Let them find out on our wedding day.” he added with a wink and you couldn’t help but giggle at him.

“Mr Winchester-” you started with a small whine but you knew you didn’t have an excuse good enough. Honestly you were mostly trying to convince yourself that you couldn’t be with him than him in the first place. Besides, it was your own feelings you had been battling with mostly these days than your boss’s advances and flirty remarks.

“Come on, just give me a chance. You’ll see I’m not that bad!” he threw his arms in the air and you bit your lip.

“Mr-” you stopped yourself “Dean, I know you’re not.” you confessed looking him in the eyes “And I know that if the circumstances were different- I wouldn’t have hesitated for a second. Especially after such a surprise.” you added with a chuckle and he grinned.

“You like them?” he remembered the flowers he had sent to your apartment. One of his many attempts in getting you “Took my brother’s advice in it.”

“The flowers were amazing, really.” you admitted “But I was mostly referring to the sweets, especially the pie.”

“Well, that one was my idea actually.” he confessed, full of pride and you giggled.

“Oh I bet!” you shook your head with a laugh.

“Say-” he spoke up, a hand again being placed on your back “How about I take you out… for pie and burgers and we can make a fresh start?”

“Dean” you sighed “You’re not going to give up, are you?”

“Hell to no.” he confessed.

“May I ask you- why are you so interested in me? Up until a few months ago I was just one of the secretaries until I became your personal assistant. But still- nothing more.” you dared look him in the eyes, only to see confusion written all over his face.

“I think we’ve made it clear that you got this position because you are the only one that actually puts effort into their work. Plus, you’re the only one that knows me so well and doesn’t dress up on purpose to show off and turn me on.” he shrugged, before pressing you close to him “That happens either way.” he added and you rolled your eyes at his cheekiness.

“I’m only wearing a white blouse and pencil shirt.” you mumbled.

“As I said- too fucking hot.” he growled almost in your ear and for the first time you let him kiss your cheek without you pushing him away.

“Dean” the way his name left your lips was definitely something you weren’t planning on.

Dean grinned widely “See? Already getting there-” he licked his lips “Do you really want to know why I am so interested in you?” he said in a low rough voice “Because you’re special. Because every morning you have walked in my office, hair a mess, no make up on and clothes a little a little wrinkled with a few buttons undone-” he paused for a moment, his eyes roaming your body “I can only think of how gorgeous you look, and how I’d love to see this sight every fucking morning. Especially after an intense night of-” he paused grinning up at you, only to see a hint of red on your cheeks.

“Gosh I would so love that.” he breathed out huskily, his breath tingling your lips as his face stood only a few inches away from yours.

“I’m- I’m not that-”

“I swear to god, if you complete that sentence I am just going to grab you and prove you wrong right here and now in any way you can imagine.” he said with a slight growl and you swallowed the lump in your throat, feeling yourself shiver when his hands started traveling. You couldn’t deny you liked it a little too much.

“Do you even know the things you do to me when you lean over my desk?” he whispered, resting his forehead on the side of your head; his lips brushing past your ear “With those tight, black skirts. I’ve had such a fucking hard time concentrating during meetings just because of you. You don’t even have to touch me, hell not even say something and I know I am a goner. I can’t think straight when you are in the same room. And gosh, you’re not even doing it on purpose. You’re so clueless.” he grinned “So adorably clueless.”

“Mr Winchester” you whispered, fisting his suit jacket in your hand.

“And the way you say that- I hated it so much at first, it felt like you put a wall between us. I still do but at the same time-it sounds so innocent, so unintentional that you can’t realize how cute and hot it sounds at the same time.” he chuckled and you bit your lip.

“And as if all of that is not enough you- you are such an amazing woman. You actually listen to me when I need it, you try to understand me and you- you love rock too. You listen to me ramble about my car when my own brother always tries to make me shut up when I do. You actually know so much about me, every side of me, that no other woman I’ve been with has ever known. And that’s only because you are the one interested.”

“I can’t help it you know.” you whispered, looking at him through your eyelashes.

“I know. Trust me baby, I know.” he breathed out, cupping your face and before you had the time to react he crashed his lips to yours.

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Hey Sai! Got any good Kacchako fics you'd recommend?

yeah, sure dude!! here’s a list of some of my fave kacchako fics!! 

hilariously enough, most of them aren’t even really that romantic, and focus more on bonding and the character’s growing and developing relationship and/or feelings. (by which i mean that there’s not a lot of kissing or intimate stuff like that). 

(which means they’re all sfw, lmao)

From Grey To Red by CaptainRisu - A really cute fic of Bakugou and Uraraka sharing an umbrella after the mid-term exam as well as sharing a few personal things with each other. A really really cute fic, featuring Bakugou and Uraraka bonding!! [one-shot]

Supernova by anerbananer - A really interesting introspective fic from Uraraka’s point of view; she wants to feel the rush of something she had during her and Bakugou’s fight and calls him out to have another. has a really cool fight scene between them which delves a little into both character’s motives and desires, with lots of adorable interactions afterwards. [multi-chap?]

Emotions Are Hard by geek179 - Bakugou finds Uraraka in the grocery store during an errand. He realizes that she doesn’t have much to eat, and, without thinking, invites her to his house for dinner. he kinda hates himself for it, but not really. Super adorable!! [one-shot]

The feeling that isn’t entirely unpleasant by mysterious intentions - Bakugou slowly starts falling for Uraraka despite his best attempts not to, and maybe he doesn’t actually mind as much as he says he does. mostly just cute little interactions between them through a period of weeks/months. features Bakugou helping Uraraka train to get stronger. [one-shot]

Conflict Resolution by Colorslander  - Bakugou forgets that he’s dating Uraraka and is baffled about why she’d want to anyway?? Uraraka takes it all in stride tho. really adorable, and features some cute interactions between Bakugou and Kirishima about Bakugou’s romantic woes [one-shot]

Palms Are Sweaty, Knees Weak, Arms Are Heavy by @lucyrne - Bakugou keeps sweating around Uraraka during a class project and doesn’t know why, nearly destroying their project in the process. short and sweet and really adorable. [one-shot]

Implode by @milktomiilky - Bakugou falls hard for Uraraka and he knows he’s in deep. short and sweet, mostly about Bakugou’s introspective thoughts on Uraraka and himself. [one-shot]

Terms of Civility by @milktomiilky​ - Izuku thinks about Bakugou and Uraraka’s relationship while talking to a few classmates and comes to some interesting conclusions. an interesting introspective about kacchako from Izuku’s perspective, and gives some insight on what the other characters might think of Bakugou and Uraraka’s relationship in canon, too. [one-shot]

written on your skin by @milktomiilky​ - Bakugou and Uraraka admire each other’s scars after a spar, and it’s surprisingly sweet. a really cute piece. [one-shot]

Stronger than You Think by azuras_lance - Uraraka begins to doubt herself after a fight gone bad, and Bakugou gives her encouragement her in his own way. really cute piece dealing with Uraraka’s self doubt and Bakugou being a supportive force for her. [one-shot]

death and strawberries by baekugous - Bakugou slowly falls for Uraraka and thinks that he’s getting sick or dying. probably. really cute piece about Bakugou coming to terms with his feelings for Uraraka, featuring a slow relationship build up near the end. [one-shot]

kindling by unknown - Bakugou lets Uraraka walk under his umbrella and back to his house during heavy rain so she can borrow a change of clothes. short and sweet and really cute. [one-shot]

of ferocity & flame by Me - Bakugou never fell for Uraraka’s smiles. a short introspective piece about Bakugou’s thoughts on Uraraka, and why he fell for her. [one-shot]

and here i stand forcefully on lines made of gray by Me - Bakugou doesn’t find Uraraka beautiful, because that implies an emotional investment he can’t allow. a short piece about Bakugou falling for Uraraka and denying it. [one-shot]

catch me if i fall by Me - Bakugou nearly falls to his death, and Uraraka catches him before he does. a short, cute piece about them both saving and supporting each other. [one-shot]

hope you enjoy these!!

More MMA trainer AU with Raditz and some of his pupils :’)

From left to right: Kat, Goten, Alisa, Evan and Bohai


Pacifist would be the hardest route in Underfell.  Frisk is trying so hard to befriend these horrible monsters ;;

2 be continue?

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Tell me about perryshmirtz. Pretend that I've never heard of it. Make me ship it from the bottom of my heart. Give me headcanons, be poetic, list numbers, rant as much as you want to. Explain how they work, how they love, what they do to each other. If you've been waiting for an opportunity to tell someone about anything concerning these characters, this. Is. It. Tell me about perryshmirtz.

They are. Everything.

Like. Heinz Doofenshmirtz is this evil scientist, except he’s actually an ocelot, except deep down he’s still a scared traumatised little boy who just wants to be loved oh god someone love him

Then Perry the Platypus aka Agent P shows up, every day, to fight him and Heinz can’t help but get attached because his nemesis is all he has

It doesn’t quite matter that Perry’s a platypus because Heinz has always been bad at people and a platypus isn’t quite a people and it’s not like Perry can yell at him the way everyone else does if he’s an animal that can’t talk

And Perry’s just there to thwart and leave except somewhere along the line he looks deeper and sees that scared traumatised little boy behind Heinz’s evil scientist facade

And he recognises someone who’s really not all that different from his own family, from the people who mean the world to him

So Perry, secretly, despite himself, falls in love

There’s feelings there, on both ends, but they never bring it up because this is what a nemesisship is like right? except it’s not

And then Heinz does the most evil thing he’s ever done in his life and cheats on Perry

He breaks Perry’s little platypus heart

That’s when they both realise they need each other, their lives are better off with each other in it

And then Heinz vows to be a good nemesis to Perry

“I promise to hurt you in the right way”

And he does, he realises there’s a right way to hurt Perry the Platypus (with cartoonish physical violence) and a wrong way to hurt Perry the Platypus (emotionally)

They still don’t acknowledge those feelings, not even to themselves, because this is still new territory and they’re still nemeses

But it’s a civil nemesisship, they can have tea together sometimes

So they find a new status quo, one where they’re comfortably nemeses

Sometimes Perry helps Heinz, sometimes Heinz helps Perry, it doesn’t make them any less enemies

And things are good

And then


But surely

Things start to change

It’s hard to notice at first, maybe Perry pays a little more attention to Heinz’s monologue, maybe Heinz figures out what Perry’s little gestures mean

But somehow, without either of them noticing, they become friends

A kind of friends, at least, the sort where they still fight on the regular but genuinely care about each other

The sort where Perry will save Heinz, no matter what, no questions asked, because that’s what he does

More importantly, they trust each other

It’s an earned trust, from Heinz making good on his promise, from Perry being there whenever Heinz needs someone there

And it’s all so obvious in hindsight but if you asked they’d say of course they hate each other they’re nemeses

But they can’t imagine a life without each other

So Perry, aloof stoic platypus that he is, comes out of his shell a little

He’s bad with emotions but it doesn’t matter when Heinz is always so glad to see him (even if he doesn’t act like it), and it’s so nice to be treated as an equal for once rather than a housepet or a subordinate

And Heinz, Heinz has all the times Perry’s encouraged him, he’s cobbled together some self-confidence, it doesn’t matter if he’s barely scratched the surface of his trauma because Perry will always be there and seems to enjoy his company and doesn’t mind the monologuing

Even another run-in with Peter the Panda, the Other Nemesis, can’t dent this unshakable faith they’ve found in each other

Eventually they reach the point where Heinz asks Perry for emotional support, not couched in any hints or schemes, just a plainly-stated request

“Hold my hand, Perry the Platypus, I’m scared”

It’s a testament to this thing they’ve built together that Perry does, without question, because he can see how much it means to him

And yet, everything changes, again, when they get stuck in the desert

(This is the major turning point of their relationship, where they show how far they’ve come and how far they still have to go and make it clear they’re in it for the long haul)

(This is Road To Danville)

It’s Heinz’s fault, really, like most things are

And normally Perry wouldn’t care, he knows Heinz and accepts him for who he is, but

Heinz pushed the blame onto Perry, because he’s terrified of what it would mean if he was the one at fault for this, for everything

And, inevitably, Perry gets hurt

Actually hurt, in the wrong way, the way Heinz promised not to do

So he’s reverting back to his old aloof self, pushing Heinz away

And that hurts too

So now they’re both angry and hurting and miserable, and then they split up and end up even more miserable

Being apart makes them miserable, knowing they hurt each other in the wrong way makes them miserable

Perry’s forced to confront the idea that he’s been taking Heinz for granted, that he needs to actually show how much he cares sometimes, that he was maybe a bit too quick to get upset at Heinz just like everyone in Heinz’s past he was trying so hard to be different from

Because complacency meant he lost sight of the fact that deep down all Heinz wants is someone to acknowledge him and care about him

And Heinz, Heinz has to come to terms with the fact that maybe things are his fault sometimes, he can’t always push the blame onto other people

And that hurts

But they come back for each other (and then Heinz does his normal thing and thinks only of himself for a bit but he feels guilty and then he goes back for Perry)

They come through for each other, Perry believing in Heinz and Heinz living up to that faith

And Heinz is forced into another realisation, he had so many realisations that day, and this one’s that he can actually succeed at things sometimes and that success can be because of him

Which is something he’s never heard in his 47 years of life, not really

(And that was Road To Danville, the wildest 11 minutes of the entire show)

After that, after everything, they still think of themselves as nemeses

Even though Perry keeps pictures of Heinz in his wallet

(Look at their smiles, look at them)

Even though Perry can and will go against everything his job stands for if it will make Heinz happy

Even though they are both each other’s Most Important Person at this point and know it

Hell, they even have a Moment at Niagara Falls, you can’t tell me that’s not romantic

Go ahead, tell me that’s not the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen

There’s more, still, more times they show each other how much they care, more times they believe in each other, more times they hold hands because what’s a little hand-holding between nemeses

(Okay that last one’s not quite hand-holding but it’s the “you are my rock” scene and that’s just as good)

But to summarise

Perry believes in Heinz, cares about him, understands him, when no one else would

Heinz treats Perry like an equal, like a best friend and confidante and someone to be admired, where no one else could

And they both, both treat each other as someone who matters, whose thoughts and opinions and feelings matter

Even though the world doesn’t see them that way, treats Heinz like a worthless incompetent evil scientist, treats Perry as an ordinary housepet or an emotionless secret agent

They know they’re more than that

They. Are. Everything.

Boyfriend Dean

I tried out a diff layout for this so I hope that’s okay! Idk how I feel about it but hopefully it’s good ~

Whenever he’s away working, he Skypes you as much as possible. He tries to be serious about it, to check up on you and ask if you’ve eaten well. He’ll tell you about his day, that he misses you; all that.

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Then somehow you both end up goofing off, pulling faces and making each other laugh.

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Although he’s not the type to flaunt the relationship constantly, that does not mean he’s ashamed of it. He’ll show you off but do so tastefully, like while accepting an award or while with friends.

“I would also like to thank the inspiration behind this song; my significant other. Preparing for this album was tough but with them as my muse, the hard work seemed like a breeze ~”

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Going out on random adventures at 3 am to get food or go to a local bar. These times are good for catching up, playing drinking games and socialising with random people. They compliment you often, “Wow, such a cute couple!” and he turns into a shy puppy.

“Hahaha, thank you!”

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Facetiming you while backstage, usually while he’s getting hair and makeup done. His team make occasional appearances, notifying you of the stupid things he’s said or done. And he’s suddenly regretting face timing you at all.

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While dancing at the club, he likes to keep you close, to feel your body pressed to his. Even if others stare at you, it doesn’t make him jealous. Because at the end of the day, all they can do is look while he gets to touch ;)

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Trying to take cute vids of him but he’s too awkward and just smiles shyly. “Why are you recording me? I look bad today. I should be recording you!”

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Can’t help the way his heart melts when he sees you interacting with children. He’s too young to be a father and too focused on his career. But someday, he’d love to raise kids with you. They’d be the most aesthetic kids on the planet. He’s already got cute outfits planned in his mind.

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The second he spots you in the crowd at a concert, he can’t help but forget about everyone else. His eyes only see you. He starts singing to you directly, serenading you. Once he realises the rest of the audience is still there, he’s embarrassed by his cheesiness but for that one moment, he can only think of you.

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Your family adores him. He’s mannerly, polite and charming. Although he tends to clam up when they’re around, afraid of saying the wrong thing, they try to get him to talk as much as possible. Your grandmother is always sending him off with home cooked meals and your little cousin bakes him muffins whenever she can. He’s well fed and well loved in your home.

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It may not seem like it but he’s got a dirty side to him. Beneath his soft, aesthetic exterior is a man who can’t help how his gaze lingers when you bend over. Or feel aroused by you exposing skin. 

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He’s a great kisser. Not a dominating, hold you against the wall type well not unless he’s horny. His kisses are soft and sweet. There’s no battling for dominance as there’s only love and emotion poured into each and every kiss.

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Thinks to himself often that he’s lucky to have you. Although he does state this sometimes and his songs about you show this, it’s usually his actions that speak the loudest. The way he looks at you, how he’ll remember everything you say, how he holds the door open for you .. This boy is completely enamoured and grateful that out of all the people in the world, you chose him.

The relationship is the kind that’s cute and chill. There’s no issues with jealousy or immature things like that. Distance can cause strain but you both work hard to keep in touch and communicate. Your friend group considers you the perfect couple. You share hoodies and snapbacks and take aesthetic couple pics for his insta. The comments on them are mostly sweet and supportive, with the world falling in love with your dynamic. You’re not the couple to make headlines for drama or outrageous scandals. You’re a down to earth couple with matching sneakers that binge watch Netflix and eat ice cream.

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Thought I’d make a quick iwaoi fic rec again bc I’ve been writing down some fics I’ve really enjoyed for the past weeks or so. So yeah, these are more a list of my recent favourites in no particular order.

several truths by sheelia

(one-shot / G)

Oikawa is very precious! Honestly the whole fic is, though.

Lip Gloss by bishounen_curious

(one-shot / G)

Genderfluid Oikawa! Testing out some nice new lip gloss with Iwa-chan :^)

Oikawa’s Seat by heartinatrophy

(one-shot / T)

This one was so funny though. Different first meeting fic! Poor Iwa-chan I guess? But it is really cute and fluffy. 

la lune by saintjoy

(one-shot / M)

I actually found this very sweet… Morning after and some nsfw talk. Iwa-chan fail at being heterosexual.

taxis by trashcannot

(one-shot / T)

Iwa-chan is a taxi driver and Oikawa is drunk. Cute and funny but some surprise sadness?? Very little tho bc Iwa-chan is there! 

if you wanna be by sungjoon

(one-shot / T)

For some reason I am super weak against College/University aus. Oikawa is a matchmaker and Iwa-chan needs some help. Also more Seijou members appears! And some Matsuhana :^)

Like Perennials by tothemoon

(one-shot / T)

This is the one I cried to..! ;-; It’s a time traveller au! With lots of pining! I’m not going to spoil anything but yeah. I cried like a baby at the ending hehe. If you’re looking for a long read I recommend this. It’s 35k words! 

The PDA jar by Poteto

(one-shot / T)

Still love fics like this so much(!). You can pretty much guess what it’s about from the title! Very fluffy and very funny!!! Also the rest of the Seijou team. Kindaichi is a pure innocent child ;u;

no room for pretend by sungjoon

(one-shot / T)

This isn’t one I have read recently, it’s a bit older! But I have been looking for this fic for so long ;-; Bless this writer tbh…! Iwa-chan has to pretend to be Oikawa’s boyfriend. Very very sweet and fluffy! And funny!

It’s 3am; I Must Be Lonely by vagrancing

(multi chapter / complete (but it’s the first part of an ongoing series I think?) / Not Rated (but definitely nsfw))

Iwa-chan is a tattoo artist and Oikawa, Kuroo and Bokuto stumbles in to his tattoo parlour. It is really funny, but super sweet and fluffy! It has what is probably the fluffiest sex scene I’ve ever read (and super sweet post-coital cuddling!)

Thank you to all the authors who share their wonderful work!!  And as always. I know there are much more fics out there that are super amazing too! This is just like my personal “recent iwaoi fanfics I really enjoyed” list.


Doodles from waiting at the bus stop, using only my sweet keychains as ref

NHL!Bitty, Part XVI - Breakdown

Long distance relationships have their fair share of difficulties. When a mid-season medication switch-up has Jack crashing hard with unexpected side effects, Bitty deals with being a world away.

Jack feels like he’s been drugged. 

He tells Marty as much and the man laughs it off with a cheeky wink to the glass in Jack’s hand. “I made your drink, I think I’d know if I’d put in a little something extra.”

He dumps out the rest of the cocktail and switches to water. The euphoric feeling doesn’t leave, though it’s now tinged with something else. Exhaustion maybe? His vision is fuzzy at the edges and his reaction time delayed. He’s not drunk, it’s something else.

It takes a while to realize what this is, ‘danger’ not quite humming at the back of his mind. Not yet.

His hip is killing him and when he gets home he takes another pill so he can at least walk without debilitating pain. He decides to sleep it off, which proves to be a mistake when he wakes up with a migraine. A small, hopefully, manageable thing at first that morphs into a blinding pain. Before he can think better of it, he takes another half pill but immediately knows there’s more at play when his stomach rebels at the two meager sips of water it takes to wash the thing down.

He can’t be sick. He has practice. He has a game in two days. 

Keep reading