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New Headcannons

Woooah new text post.

-So anyways I think it’d be very interesting if cats decorated themselves for events/ceremonies especially the leaders. In Wolves Of The Beyond the wolf chieftains weaved prey bones into their fur to create a special “song” when they walked, leaders will do this at Gatherings or ceremonies.

-Leaders will weave bones, plants, and flowers into their fur as well as creating a crown of flowers, etc.

-They could also use different berries to stain their fur and such.

-It was rumored Brokenstar stained his fur with deathberries and kit blood. 

-Battle paint is often used when going to war

 -Medicine cats and leaders will always keep some flowers and bones dressed at all times (though not all their outfit stays on 24/7).

-Deputies will typically have some sort of small accessory on them to dignify them.

-Riverclan cats nearly always use shells and fishbones, as well as willow, lilies, and pond irises. For added sparkle they also use fish scales.

-Thunderclan usually uses mouse, vole, and squirrel bones with brambles, thistles, daisies, and bracken. They often use sparrow, jay, or robin feathers too.

-Shadowclan overall decorates with the most bones which are usually snake, frog, rat, bat, or lizard. Bat wings, dried frog legs, raven or crow feathers, and lizard or snake scales are often incorporated. Out of all Clans they use flowers the least though leaders and highly honored warriors collect roses.

-In the Clans flowers are not seen as “feminine” Tigerstar’s crown actually included blood red roses and thorns.

-Shadowclan is infamous for coating their claws in deathberry juice or snake venom in battle.

-Windclan uses the most flowers out of the five. They love sweet scented flowers of all kinds, their garb is known to be softer in both texture and color. They often use sheep’s wool as added fluff. Very battle hungry warriors/leaders or tunnelers are honored with rabbit skulls and bones.

-Hawkheart was the only medicine cat known to Windclan to incorporate bones in his dress.

-Windclan tunnelers would wear crystals or pretty rocks during ceremonies. Their crowns nearly never contained flowers or grass but mostly bones, roots, and twigs.

-Skyclan’s crowns were very different and often included Twoleg things such as cloth or glass. They were made mostly of bird and squirrel bones and feathers.

-Leaders’ and medicine dens are heavily decorated with bones, feathers, fur, and flowers.

-In Thunderclan a deer and two badger skulls are hung on the walls. A badger pelt is also used for the leader’s nest. The badger skulls and pelt were dried and cleaned from two badgers killed in the badger attack.

-In Shadowclan many snake and bat skulls line the walls, in the center being a fox skull and pelt said to have been killed by Cedarstar.

-Windclan’s leader’s cave is centerd around a sheep skull (one had been found dead many moons ago) and rabbit skulls. The sheep’s skin is highly prized and was carried by warriors throughout the Great Journey. There are also innumerable heather flowers in the (underground) den.

-Riverclan decorates with clams and shells mostly. They prefer a more plant and moss orientated leader nest than other clans.

-Skyclan’s leader den has many bird skulls but in the center lies a pile of extraordinarily soft feathers.

-Many warriors dens also contain pelts and such to sleep on.

-It is often the medicine cat’s job to clean and dry pelts and bones. Bones improperly cleaned smell terrible and rot.

-During warrior ceremonies or when announcing mates all the clan will dress win their very best.

-Warriors are buried with their garb though often a mate or kit is allowed to keep a lock of fur and add it to their own dress.

-The warrior’s dress and ceremonial outfit is where the kittypet rumor of “they eat bones!” started.

Anyways sorry that was so long! Hope you guys enjoy :3 I was inspires by @aesthetic-warriors to think of more headcannons!


This post will be about a fascinating reach of creatures that I have encountered known as the Celestials. I had interactions with one over the course of years. They are a very benevolent race that seems to form symbiotic relationships with other races. They are an interesting mix between friendly and fierce.

Basics and Identity:

Celestials are known for living in a plane that I have come to refer to as the Celestial Plane, purely because the one that I gleaned information off of, did not seem to have any particular information on what others would call it. This particularly makes sense, knowing that the very nature of Celestials would seem to have them remaining unknown. The reason being that they are guardian-type spirits. They will attach themselves to mortal races and will act as guides to help them overcome adversity. You are chosen from birth when this happens, as they know the details of your life (insofar as what it would be like without them) and, for the spiritually unaware, appear often as merely a conscience and a muse.

Were I to personally identify them, they do not seem to be a part of any more well known spirit, although they are known for taking many forms. The one that I talked to could not particularly identify anything that she thought her species was like. It is worth mentioning that she was not my guardian, nor do I seem to have one. In my conversation, I noted that she claimed that they will always have a gender that is compatible with their charge and that charges preferences.

A typical day for them would often involve protecting their charges from any potentially bad dreams, doing their best to help their charge overcome various adversities (Such as, perhaps, if parents berate that charge, they might whisper something encouraging in their ear that helps them keep on). They would impart their charge with knowledge and advice that would prove beneficial. Celestials are pretty benevolent towards most all races. Even if they happen to be with a charge who tends to feel an unhealthy amount of hatred or disdain, they seem pretty adept at persevering.

Culture and Society:

Celestials only prefer to hang out with their own when they are off the job. Given the time and a relaxed circumstance, they might enjoy their own company, but the one I met seemed to hold a great deal of curiosity to get to know her own charge and other beings native to where we were. As she is the only one I knew directly, I imagine that they seem pretty fond of each other between charges. They do not seem to hold any long-lasting affection for their homeland or friends, as I will come to explain later.

We had many discussions of her home, which she showed me through a series of visions. Her kind fought for sport a great deal, it seemed to be the main entertainment of those of less scholarly pursuits (She told me that they mostly squirrel themselves away, developing new magical techniques and researching new technologies). The impression that I had of her culture was that their technology was fueled more by magic by anything else and that was first and foremost the thing they focused most on. Technology did not seem to hold a terribly great value, according to her.

One of the more fascinating quirks of her people was that they had no written language. They spoke and seemed capable of telepathy, so it seemed that they had developed, instead, crystals that conveyed emotion and thought. Another thing I was fascinated by was their societal structure. They would spend roughly a human lifetime training for their job, alongside whatever hobbies they picked up, at that point, they would receive their first charge who they would then attach themselves to, leaving their world entirely.

Those who had been on a certain number of missions or had somehow distinguished themselves would become elders. Elders were key in the selection process. There was an implication that there was something existed above their elders that was helping determine who got what assignments. I was unable to clearly identify what they might be, I got the sense that she herself was connected to one such being, but she seemed unaware of it and I ultimately had to drop the subject, having nothing to go on and nowhere I could get. There seems to be an unspoken taboo amongst them of causing greater harm for their charges than good. Unlike the Floralings, these beings were highly intelligent and self-aware, leading me to believe they were capable of considering it and she felt bad when her charge suffered due to a mistake on her part.

The offspring are one of the most fascinating parts about Celestials. They have no inherent appearance. It has no relation to the parentage or even their personality. It seems incredibly random. I tried to pin a pattern to it for a long while, but could ultimately find none.

Spirit Biology:

Celestials feed on various types of magical energy, according to the ones I’ve studied. Their lifespan is yet another thing that I found fascinating about them. By all accounts, I have heard, they are immortal, or at least capable of living lives that would seem to be such. They have bodies that are incredibly durable, even for those with no natural armor or defences. The injuries I have seen them recover from defied imagination. They still required a healer, but it seemed as if they could thrive for quite a while even with a body that that has received what most races may consider mortal injury.

I dare to speculate that their lifespan is an unnatural blessing, specifically given to them by their deity. My reason for believing such is as follows. A Celestial loses their immortality when they reproduce. The process of which was rather interesting. Time almost appears to stop for their charge in some cases, where others this happens in dreams. Should the Celestial and the charge feel romantic enough inclinations for one another, their souls will be taken to a site of significance to them (I haven’t really gotten much information, only that it involved a black space with white writing, which is unusual, because Celestials supposedly have no written language).

Every Celestial (the one I spoke to was pretty young and seemed quite informed, backing up her claim of this) knows of the ritual, the words and what to do. They will hold hands and the information on what to do will be poured into the charges head as they chant a prayer of some sort to their deity. During this process, the deity has some means of testing their love, as she explained it. Not much detail was given on that particular part, it was suggested they just know or the very act of the chant is a test.

I have no information of what failure is like, however, success would have them granted with an egg. The egg quickly hatches after an unspecified amount of time (implied to be quick). From it will hatch the young Celestial. The parents will often leave them with some bit of advice or maybe a tool of significance. The child will, before long (again, unspecified amount of time), depart for the Celestial Plane where it will be communally raised. Children are considered a blessing amongst their society and it is considered a privilege to take part in helping them grow into a functional member of their race. It should be noted that age is not really a factor in how quickly Celestials find love. Some take long enough that they become elders, others, like her, barely get into their first assignment before falling for their charge. After completing this ritual, they lose their immortality and will expire when their charge does.

Speculations and Conjecture and Misc.:

The information I initially got was that Celestials are incapable of reproduction in any form but the above mentioned one, but I got conflicting information later on. It is likely that the particular place she found herself in (The Forest) was responsible for it, but she was capable of reproducing. That said, I think that when she lost her immortality, she might have had this defect removed. It is similarly possible that another Warden took certain steps to ensure that she was capable of reproduction. It doesn’t seem too large a logical leap that some of them had studied such matters and found a way around it.

I observed a change in her general nature after her and her charge had a child. They were small things, but she was no longer as stressed about accidentally messing things up with her charge. This gives some credence to the notion that perhaps she lost what made her a Celestial. She was not exclusive to her charge, either, she was capable of loving others, but he always seemed to be at the fore of her concerns, to some degree.

It is worth noting that three generations of the Wardens in a row had a Celestial amongst their ranks. I have a hypothesis in which they have been a long standing part of that particular fight for generations. It makes sense in the context of the fact that they are a race of gentle-hearted warriors. The Celestial for the current generation of Wardens seems to have expired, by all accounts.

There were numerous theories that the Celestial race also has some way of replenishing its numbers, should one die before they are capable of reproducing. This was never something I was able to confirm, but the ones who brought up the suggestion that it happens seemed fairly knowledgeable about a wide variety of creatures.

I would have listed this above in Culture and Society, but it doesn’t necessarily fit that as I am not able to confirm this with a terribly great degree of certainty. Starting with what I can confirm (Which is to say, it came from a reliable source, the Celestial I knew), Celestials spend what seemed equivalent to a few years studying their charge. I am incapable of discerning what they might not understand or might be confused by with human society as they are trained to see it as natural, if their charge is a human or to interact with humans. This, at the very least, would seem to imply that they have greatly flexible minds that lack xenophobic tendencies.

submitted by @gavre-eon

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Is something different about mainland squirrels? Are they more aggressive?

newfoundland’s only squirrel species is the american red squirrel (newfoundland only has like 15 species of mammals? it’s wild) which are TEENY TINY compared to mainland squirrels. in Prince George we had mostly eastern grey squirrels which are… like… big

the only type of squirrel in newfoundland on the left, vs the average BC squirrel on the right

so no not necessary more aggressive but BIG AS FUCK

I really wish Sam and Dean were my brothers. I already have an older brother so I know they’d pick on me all the time and everything, but idk, I think it’d be awesome. Can you imagine?

And all three of you would team up to mess with poor Castiel

And annoy the heck out of Crowley

It would be so very, very fun.

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candy corn, haunted house, hocus pocus?

  • Candy Corn: What food disgusts you the most?

I really hate avocado… I’m a failure as a millennial. 

  • Haunted House: If you could be roommates with anyone of your choice, who would you pick?

I would pick my boyfriend! @robin-goodfellow! He is really fun to live with and very comforting! I was productive too which is something i really struggle with

  • Hocus Pocus: What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard?

My great grandmother used to cook road kill for her kids when they were young. Mostly squirrels… 

This rare sight proves you shouldn’t mess with Texas squirrels!

Rock squirrels eat mostly plant material, fruits and nuts, but don’t let their humble appearance fool you. They will also eat bird eggs, lizards and snakes. This photo is from Guadalupe Mountains National Park’s vault and was captured by Park Ranger W. Leggett. Ranger Leggett heard a racket outside the Frijole Ranch and then recorded the entire epic battle. The squirrel devoured most of the snake, bones and all, down to the last two inches. National Park Service photo.

unionthesalmon replied to your post: givenclarity replied to your post: Ok …

oh god feanorians are such drama queens they’ll try to get out of doing things by boring everyone with their passionate but lengthy speeches

oh my god definitely. they’d be SO high maintenance too, especially in their youth. they’re all prodigies of some sort, and growing up in a really intellectual household of a high-profile, privileged family…. ok NOW I want Au Pair AU with some well written OC hired to take care of the kids. It’d be INTENSE. Can you imagine them trying to push boundaries first. And nothing happens without discussion first. Nelyo trying to bargain his curfew hours; that’s two hours going back and forth and endlesssss arguments and before you realize it he’s lecturing you on avarin hierarchies and power structures in the early days of tirion and how this all relates to how he should be allowed to stay out all night (HEADACHES). Celegorm has the animal problem (worst disney princess), so you’re mostly busy cleaning squirrel droppings from the bedspread that Miriel embroidered back in the day. Caranthir needs LOADS of attention so he’s just running around naked, screeching and hitting you with blunt objects (“why are you hitting yourself”). You get used to it, eventually. Curufin just takes everything apart. Mercilessly. He DOES put them back together, but he’s not a pro yet, so sometimes he’ll just put them together.. sort of. Which leads to picking up objects you intent to use, and them falling apart in your hands, and other more dangerous malfunctions. Curufin just stares blankly, saying “I just wanted to see how it works” (perfectly rational excuse if youre a son of feanor), and continues dismantling the sofa. Which is great! Except as a result the house nearly burnt down seven times and you’re pretty sure he turned the stove into a refridgerator. Ambarussa are the creepy kids who follow you around for hours just staring at you and asking ‘why’ seventy times in a row.

All this happens to the perpetual background noise of Maglor practicing scales and tuning his instruments and. EXPERIMENTING WITH MUSIC. loudly. SO loudly.

Uncle Herman and the Smallpox quilts.

Names have been changed in this to protect the not actually innocent.

So I don’t talk about it much, because, frankly, enough shitty people have used “Oh I’m part Cherokee” as an excuse to be an absolute shit about Native Americans that saying ‘I’m part Cherokee" is basically like “I’m not racist, but” as a prelude to a sentence is usually means whatever comes next is going to something completely awful.

(And well, given we only gave the Freedmen Cherokee full tribal recognition in the -nineteen eighties- and the tribal leadership fought tooth and nail against that at the time, there may be a reason that this is so.) 

But to get this story, it’s important to know for context that I’m part Cherokee, mostly on the maternal side. And I had a great-great Aunt, who was full Cherokee. (And also actually named Cherokee.)  She was and a wonderful old lady who lived to be over 100. When she was around 103, she decided that she was going to make quilts for all the kids.

Now, her husband was a  younger man- around 95 when she was 101. And he had a mean sense of humor, which is why his favorite gift to give the nephews and nieces and grand nephews was…taxidermy. He also liked to tell scary stories.

Now, he knew that Aunt Cherokee was making quilts for the kids for Christmas, and that’s probably why, for Halloween, he decided to tell us kids about smallpox blankets. Now, the Fort Pitt incident’s been debunked- in that the blankets were probably not the cause of smallpox for the Delaware tribe- but correspondence from the time indicates that it wasn’t for lack of trying on the part of the commanders.

So my uncle Herman primed a bunch of 5-10 year old part-Native kids with a story about how you could get killed with a deadly disease from old blankets.

Two months later, his wife gives everyone quilts.

I understand one my cousins actually set his on fire.

Ours we, uh, just put into storage and never actually talked about again.

(On the same occasion, speaking of possibly disease-ridden gifts, Uncle Herman’s present to me was a stuffed and mounted ground squirrel.)

Mostly, I’m just sharing this because I recently realized uncle Herman was kind of an asshole.

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Mr. Linkara, Mr. Linkara, this viewer wants to know. What are your personal thoughts on Squirrel Girl? (and if possible the ragin Cajun his self, but mostly squirrel girl.)

Squirrel Girl is the best and everyone should be reading Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

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