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Biggest Ouma flaws, GO

Oh boy, this is a fun one. Let’s see…

Well, he’s a self-centered, arrogant, prideful little shit. He genuinely does believe that he’s smarter than and knows better than everyone else. He refuses to share the burden of stopping the killing game with anyone else because he’s cynical and paranoid, and to some degree, his paranoia is justified—but he’s also at the extreme end of paranoia and skepticism, meaning everyone’s refusal to work with him or trust him is something of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But it’s also because to some degree, he honestly believes he’s the center of the universe. He refuses to confide in anyone else, ask for help, or open up to others partly because he thinks they’re not worth it, and partly because he thinks The Incredible Ouma Kokichi is such an enigma and a mystery and a genius that those other people could never hope to understand him.

For all that he’s smart, he’s genuinely really immature at heart. That can be one of his strengths, because his childishness is so tied to his humanity, but it’s also the reason why he’s such a brat sometimes. Moreover, it’s why he’s absolutely unapologetic about being a brat. Ouma might not like human suffering or killing or anything that genuinely hurts people, but it’s true that he does get his kicks out of one-upping others and pranking the shit out of them—a bit too much, sometimes. That’s yet another trait he has in common with Beato, now that I think about it.

His immaturity also makes him stubborn. His childish refusal to admit when he’s wrong or when he’s crossed the line is exactly why he takes things much, much too far in Chapter 4, and why he goes so blank when Saihara calls him out on it. His reaction upon being proven wrong isn’t to admit to his mistakes, but rather to get angry, petty, and somewhat resentful.

And of course, he’s a liar. He’s a liar and a hypocrite, to some degree, because while he has no problems with lying to others, seeing himself as someone who truly understands the essence of lies, he gets really, really pissed off whenever anyone else tries to lie to him. Because he feels the rest of the group doesn’t understand him, or lies for that matter, he doesn’t like whenever any of the rest of them keep secrets or try to deceive others. Which is understandable, but also definitely hypocritical coming from a character who’s such a self-proclaimed liar and reminds everyone of it every five minutes.

Even when he told Himiko in the Chapter 3 post-trial that he “didn’t lie to himself about his own feelings,” that was fairly hypocritical of him, considering we know he definitely lied to himself about his feelings towards the killing game and towards Saihara in particular. Ouma is really, really good at spotting the same flaws in others that he sees in himself—he just doesn’t like anyone else reminding him that he still has those flaws, too.

To put it bluntly… he can be a huge jackass. And I love him. And he’s my son. He’s extremely flawed, and those flaws are constantly brought to light by the narrative, expanded on, and really help make his good points stand out all the more by the time we see more information about him in later chapters.

This was a fun ask, anon! Thank you for sending it!

     but how much do you really know?

              Fanart for once. Firebrand of TribeTwelve, because hhhh.
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✎I'm A New Studyblr!✎

Hello! I wasn’t happy with my original introduction, so I thought I’d give it another go.

☆My name is Ly

☆Pronouns are she/her

☆I live in the US

☆'golbyduts’ is ‘studyblog’ backwards (huehue so original)

☆I created this blog to inspire me to work harder and improve as a student (plus neat bullet journals are very aesthetically pleasing)

☆I’m currently on summer break! I’m going to be a sophomore in high school in the fall

☆This summer I am taking Spanish online, and my electives for next school year are Spanish 2, Acting and Creative Writing

☆I’m very passionate about the arts! I sing, play guitar and piano, and write original music. I also find interests in acting, visual arts, and I pride myself on my writing

☆I love fairytales and the fantasy genre as a whole! Vampires and fairies and mermaids are heckin’ cool

☆I’m obsessed with Studio Ghibli and Tim Burton movies

☆I will unashamedly divulge myself in hours of fanfiction about my favorite YouTubers and bands. I have no shame at all¯\_(ツ)_/¯

☆I have ADD, OCD, and anxiety, I’m not a straight A student, I procrastinate, and sometimes I fail! And that’s okay! I’m only human.

☆This blog will mostly consist of reblogs, though I WILL be posting original content as well

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, feel free to ask! It would make my day! :)

I have a lovely friend who I am trying to convince to get on Tumblr.  She is so wonderful, I feel like she would have thousands of followers in like a snap.  In the meantime, however, I’ve been sending her links to Tumblr posts she might find interesting, and yesterday…

Her:  I wanted to find that Tumblr link you sent me about the guy taking care of the crow and then the crow coming back with friends, so I searched my gmail for your name and murder

Her: and we talk about murder a lot


I’ve made a 2nd blog, an Art-Only Page to showcase full-colored artworks! (mostly reblogged from this page though) There will be no other text posts/asks on this page or anything that needs navigation. For peeps who are interested to see art with colors only, if you’re so inclined you can check it out!

I think something that makes people with BPD more susceptible to being abused is that we’re constantly told that our emotions are “innapropriate” and that we’re overreacting so when someone actually does something to hurt us or is abusive we always second guess ourselves and think that we’re overreacting so we stay with people who are hurting us, or allow ourselves to be abused because we think if we talk about it we’ll be accused of overreacting. It’s very easy to manipulate people with BPD into think we’re being dramatic because we are constantly told that we are doing just that.

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Nickname(s): T. J., Notts

Gender: Male

Sign: Gemini

Height: 5′ 9″

Time: 7:50 EST

Birthday: June 1st, 1998.

Favourite bands: Several, but to name a few, I’m a fan of Guns ‘N Roses, Iron Maiden, Pendulum, etc.

Favourite solo artists: Several, once again; Myuuji, Firage/@kermakastikeritari, Jakim, Ceekayed, Quasian, Cooth, etc. Everyone after Myuuji I discovered on the Mod Archive, with Firage posting much of his music on Bandcamp.

Song stuck in my head: Hi-Spec Robo Go from Sonic Mania

Last movie i watched: The Incredibles.

Last show i watched: Teen Titans (2001)

When did i create this blog: Late 2014, in October.

What do I post: I mostly reblog things I like, though I do post funny things on occasion. I might post pictures of some things I’ve collected over the years, though.

What did i last google: Teen Titans 2001

Do I get asks: Rarely.

Why did i choose this url: It was intended to be an oxymoronic name.

Average hours of sleep: 7-8

Lucky number: 8; knock it over and it’s a lemniscate.

Instruments: None; I did play the grade-school recorder, but… yeah.

What i am wearing: khaki pants, matching long socks, red long-sleeve t-shirt, Anker earbuds, Flip-Belt to carry my insulin pump and step counter.

Dream job: Still figuring that out, but I would prefer something simple with decent benefits.

Favourite food: Salads, or generally any dish that includes multiple different foods at once.

Last book i read: Bram Stoker’s Dracula

3 favorite fandoms: TF2, Nintendo, Transformers.

I’ll tag:

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RANDEVU: Hunter X Hunter Monochrome Illustration Fanbook 2015

By Renpouinn

- A5, 24 pages

- full-bound

- $ 30 (including shipping cost around the world. Payment via Paypal/Western Union)

- 50 IDR for Indonesia, via JNE or at Cocoonfest

Email me to

Form for Indonesia PO: name, quantity, payment method, address/pick at Cocoonfest 2015

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You can contact me via email, PM, or twitter (i’m mostly on twitter though) REBLOG IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED! Please help me spread the word \(^o^)/

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31, :3 :3 :3

  • 31. Pick one OC of yours and explain what their tumblr blog would be like (what they reblog, layout, anything really)

LD’s blog would look like this 

and it wouldn’t have a title or an avatar just thousands of reblogged memes and shit posts. 

Ramia would eventually get her own tumblr blog and discover sports anime. Her blog would be all flowery and have side sprites of her favorite pairings. The content would be mostly reblogged fanart and gifsets though she would also occasionally post rants about irl stuff. Her theme would be like this

Sorian wouldn’t have a tumblr account. 

Nero’s tumblr blog would be minimalist like this

and he’d be posting random photos of things (with filter!) from his phone and nothing else.