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Biggest Ouma flaws, GO

Oh boy, this is a fun one. Let’s see…

Well, he’s a self-centered, arrogant, prideful little shit. He genuinely does believe that he’s smarter than and knows better than everyone else. He refuses to share the burden of stopping the killing game with anyone else because he’s cynical and paranoid, and to some degree, his paranoia is justified—but he’s also at the extreme end of paranoia and skepticism, meaning everyone’s refusal to work with him or trust him is something of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But it’s also because to some degree, he honestly believes he’s the center of the universe. He refuses to confide in anyone else, ask for help, or open up to others partly because he thinks they’re not worth it, and partly because he thinks The Incredible Ouma Kokichi is such an enigma and a mystery and a genius that those other people could never hope to understand him.

For all that he’s smart, he’s genuinely really immature at heart. That can be one of his strengths, because his childishness is so tied to his humanity, but it’s also the reason why he’s such a brat sometimes. Moreover, it’s why he’s absolutely unapologetic about being a brat. Ouma might not like human suffering or killing or anything that genuinely hurts people, but it’s true that he does get his kicks out of one-upping others and pranking the shit out of them—a bit too much, sometimes. That’s yet another trait he has in common with Beato, now that I think about it.

His immaturity also makes him stubborn. His childish refusal to admit when he’s wrong or when he’s crossed the line is exactly why he takes things much, much too far in Chapter 4, and why he goes so blank when Saihara calls him out on it. His reaction upon being proven wrong isn’t to admit to his mistakes, but rather to get angry, petty, and somewhat resentful.

And of course, he’s a liar. He’s a liar and a hypocrite, to some degree, because while he has no problems with lying to others, seeing himself as someone who truly understands the essence of lies, he gets really, really pissed off whenever anyone else tries to lie to him. Because he feels the rest of the group doesn’t understand him, or lies for that matter, he doesn’t like whenever any of the rest of them keep secrets or try to deceive others. Which is understandable, but also definitely hypocritical coming from a character who’s such a self-proclaimed liar and reminds everyone of it every five minutes.

Even when he told Himiko in the Chapter 3 post-trial that he “didn’t lie to himself about his own feelings,” that was fairly hypocritical of him, considering we know he definitely lied to himself about his feelings towards the killing game and towards Saihara in particular. Ouma is really, really good at spotting the same flaws in others that he sees in himself—he just doesn’t like anyone else reminding him that he still has those flaws, too.

To put it bluntly… he can be a huge jackass. And I love him. And he’s my son. He’s extremely flawed, and those flaws are constantly brought to light by the narrative, expanded on, and really help make his good points stand out all the more by the time we see more information about him in later chapters.

This was a fun ask, anon! Thank you for sending it!

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Name: Hanan

Nickname: Han ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ

Zodiac Sign: Aries (but my mother always tells me I'm a Pisces..(゜-゜) )

Height: 163cm uwu

Orientation: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Ethnicity: Middle Eastern..

Favorite Fruit: idk man  I love many fruits I can’t choose へ‿(ツ)‿ㄏ

Favorite Season: Winter!! ヽ(o♡o)/

Favorite Book: (≖ლ≖๑ )フ.. This is hard… i want to say “The Definitive Book of Body Language by Allan and Barbara” but i don’t remember anything in it oops I’ll go the safe(???) way and go “multiple manga books”

Favorite Flower: I love many flowers! but Jasminum sambac is special to me (〃ω〃)

Favorite Scent: Anything that smells good tbh, I really like refreshing smells like Lemon with Grass sorta feel? idk??

Favorite Color: Black (。’▽’。)♡

Favorite Animal: Polar Bear, Penguin, Owl.. (♡´艸`)

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa?: Cold Milk Chocolate ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Average Sleep Hours: Sleep is for the we a k  Around 3~5 hours ==;;

Cat or Dog person?: Both? ʅฺ(・ω・。)ʃฺ??

Favorite Fictional Character: (◉◞౪◟◉).. “Currently” Snoozy from Undertale

Number of blankets you sleep with: Zero (0). I sleep with a coverlet or a bed sheet  _(:3」∠)_ (it’s too hot for a blanket)

Dream Trip: Meeting my online friends ( /)u(\ )

Blog Created: End of December 2015, mostly started getting active at 2016

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✎I'm A New Studyblr!✎

Hello! I wasn’t happy with my original introduction, so I thought I’d give it another go.

☆My name is Ly

☆Pronouns are she/her

☆I live in the US

☆'golbyduts’ is ‘studyblog’ backwards (huehue so original)

☆I created this blog to inspire me to work harder and improve as a student (plus neat bullet journals are very aesthetically pleasing)

☆I’m currently on summer break! I’m going to be a sophomore in high school in the fall

☆This summer I am taking Spanish online, and my electives for next school year are Spanish 2, Acting and Creative Writing

☆I’m very passionate about the arts! I sing, play guitar and piano, and write original music. I also find interests in acting, visual arts, and I pride myself on my writing

☆I love fairytales and the fantasy genre as a whole! Vampires and fairies and mermaids are heckin’ cool

☆I’m obsessed with Studio Ghibli and Tim Burton movies

☆I will unashamedly divulge myself in hours of fanfiction about my favorite YouTubers and bands. I have no shame at all¯\_(ツ)_/¯

☆I have ADD, OCD, and anxiety, I’m not a straight A student, I procrastinate, and sometimes I fail! And that’s okay! I’m only human.

☆This blog will mostly consist of reblogs, though I WILL be posting original content as well

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, feel free to ask! It would make my day! :)

its come to my attention that ive been off for a while with no explaination? except for a few reblogs, but barely any tags

ive just been stressed about stuff (and btw thank you everyone who prayed for my mom, things went okay that day, but we still have a lot to deal with rn)
its mostly financial stuff, and i do feel like i am making it worse due to me passing out yesterday. (dont ask, it was my fault anyway, but like i said i basically just making things worse for my mom.)

i shattered the top half of my new phone to be exact. and my mom said she would pay to get the screen replaced. she acts like its nothing to worry about, but my god, we are having financial problems. i dont understand her sometimes. i dont want her to replace, as i can deal with it, but im afraid that she would do it anyway. my mom is great right? she makes me wonder

anyway, thats basically what is and has been happening in my life as the past few days. dont worry about it though, i am fine. im just worried about my mom.


I’m late in posting this, but last weekend I went to SunnyCon with @starryamber and my brother. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to see that much Free! stuff there this year, but I was pleasantly surprised that there was quite a bit, even if some of the prints were ones I’d already gotten last year. One stall had so many little Free! figures, but I couldn’t afford to get many of them, sadly.

On Sunday Holly and I were cosplaying as Nagisa and Haru. Quite a few people recognised us and asked for a photo, which was great since it was only my second time cosplaying. HOLLY IS AN EXPERT THOUGH, HER NAGISA IS AMAZING.

Anyway, from the top we have tiny apron Haru, a cute whale shark mug (technically not Free!, but come onnn), astronaut Sousuke, a lovely print of the Iwatobies from @peppermintpapers, a MakoHaru doujin and a SouMako doujin. There were so many nice doujins that it was hard to pick, but of course I had to nab the SouMako one as soon as I saw it.

Below that is an eBay win that turned up the day after Holly left and I was so sad she just missed it. There was another poster with the Style Five boys on inside the magazine, as well as a poster featuring one of my Inazuma otps, so double win. 

~Feel it…
Breathe it…
Believe it…
And you’ll be walking on air
Go try…
Go fly…
So high..
And you’ll be walking on air
Feel this…
Unless you kill this…
Go on…
And you’re forgiven… ~

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I think something that makes people with BPD more susceptible to being abused is that we’re constantly told that our emotions are “innapropriate” and that we’re overreacting so when someone actually does something to hurt us or is abusive we always second guess ourselves and think that we’re overreacting so we stay with people who are hurting us, or allow ourselves to be abused because we think if we talk about it we’ll be accused of overreacting. It’s very easy to manipulate people with BPD into think we’re being dramatic because we are constantly told that we are doing just that.

If you manage to win my affection, you’ve also got my undying loyalty forever, or until you do something to alienate me or ruin my trust in you. I will love you and be whatever you want me to be for you until you don’t want me around or until you cause me more grief than joy. I stick with my friends, I will do anything for my friends, and if you are close to me and want more than friendship I will give that to you.


Ok, so… I’m pretty sure that this morning I had 22 followers, though I could be mistaken.

Now I’m at 50.

That’s a lot of people who followed me from seeing my messy hair with a post it on my face. Thank you.

Now, I mostly reblog stuff on here, though I’ve been doing some of my own stuff recently. I also have two other blogs that I need to get back to: @wowspenz is my art account and @awnity is an ask blog/story thing about a utopian society. If you want to check them out, go ahead. If not, that’s fine!

Thank you to everyone who was already following me and everyone who has just arrive. Welcome to my blog.

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31, :3 :3 :3

  • 31. Pick one OC of yours and explain what their tumblr blog would be like (what they reblog, layout, anything really)

LD’s blog would look like this 

and it wouldn’t have a title or an avatar just thousands of reblogged memes and shit posts. 

Ramia would eventually get her own tumblr blog and discover sports anime. Her blog would be all flowery and have side sprites of her favorite pairings. The content would be mostly reblogged fanart and gifsets though she would also occasionally post rants about irl stuff. Her theme would be like this

Sorian wouldn’t have a tumblr account. 

Nero’s tumblr blog would be minimalist like this

and he’d be posting random photos of things (with filter!) from his phone and nothing else. 

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RANDEVU: Hunter X Hunter Monochrome Illustration Fanbook 2015

By Renpouinn

- A5, 24 pages

- full-bound

- $ 30 (including shipping cost around the world. Payment via Paypal/Western Union)

- 50 IDR for Indonesia, via JNE or at Cocoonfest

Email me to

Form for Indonesia PO: name, quantity, payment method, address/pick at Cocoonfest 2015

Form for overseas PO: name, quantity, payment method, address, active phone number



You can contact me via email, PM, or twitter (i’m mostly on twitter though) REBLOG IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED! Please help me spread the word \(^o^)/