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isn’t it fucked up how when you give money to homeless people, a lot of the time people get mad at you? like when i’ve given money to people on the street a lot of times people who have been with me have gotten on my ass about it, saying shit like “uhhh don’t you know they’re just going to spend it on drugs? so you’re actually just enabling them, and hurting them"

has anyone else experienced this? like the whole spiel about how you’re actually a ~bad person~ for giving money to homeless people? it’s so ridiculously transparently absurd, but apparently this is pretty widespread because i’ve heard it from a lot of people, mostly libertarian leaning people, ofc, but even a lot of supposedly “progressive” people have said that shit to me

@arythusa please forgive me for tarnishing your character’s reputation in such a manner but… it had to be done.

Hi my name is Edward Hyde and I have fluffy golden blonde hair that reaches my shoulders and tourmaline light green eyes like neon sign above a whore house and a lot of people tell me I look like David Hasselhoff (AN: if u don’t know who they are get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Fredric March but I wish I was because they’re a major fucking hottie. I have somewhat tan but mostly white skin. I’m also a the spirit of london at night, and I bug the shit out of henry jekyll in engand where I work at the society for arcane science (I’m 34). I’m a edgelord (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love hot topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a a emerald green vest with golden buttons over a white dress shirt and black dress pants, a ratted cape and a tophat with a green band around it and black dress shoes. I was wearing black eyeliner (but a small amount). I was walking outside streets of london at night. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of upperclass people stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.
“Hey Edward Hyde!” shouted a voice. I looked up. It was… Queen Lucy!

Apparently some fuck wants to out me so I’m outing myself. I’m a shit lord who makes fun of everyone. Fat people, gay people, police, lesbians, cis white males, atheists catholics, disabled people. you name I’ve made fun of them at some point. Now that you know I’m a shitlord, here’s the convo that led to this post under a read more for length. Yes I was angry mostly bc this dolt doesn’t know sarcasm and humor is how  certain people cope with bullshit.

Now that you know I’m a piece of shit, you can unfollow me knowing I’ve right learned my lesson and will never do this again. *insert more sarcasm here*

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Reasons The Greek Gods Are Cool

Zeus: (BOOM BOOM LIGHTNING) *crashes into your room on a motorcycle* i rule olympus and ur mum thinks im hot (BOOM LIGHTNING BOOM) * puts on sunglasses and leaves through the hole in the wall*


Hades: I am the danger. I am the one who knoCKS.

Ares: See above. ^^^^

Hepheastus: why do I know these people.

Hera: Getting real sick and tired of your shit (this applies to everyone. mostly zeus.)


Athena: 100% 2smart4u, do not provoke

Dionysus: do it for the vine bro 

Hestia: i baked cookies, who wants some?i said tAKE MY COOKIES BITCHES THEYRE GOOD


Artemis: YOLO *turns a fuckboy into a jackelope or something*

Apollo: YOLO *idk sees the future or something and highfives artemis*

Hermes: Shoe game hella strong. 

Persephone: really into flowers and springtime and stuff but also the queen of the underworld

Hecate: MAGIC *dances away with a gang of skeletons or something idk*

Iris: RAINBOWS. that is all.

Pan: goat simulator

my life is a dark pit of despair.

ps this is just a little humorous thing. I actually have a great deal of respect for the Hellenic gods and goddesses, but I don’t think they would mind a little bit of fun :b 

tag meme

1. always repost the rules.
2. answer the random 11 questions posted for you.
3. create 11 new ones and tag  as many people as you fucking want
4. let the person who tagged you know that you answered – @headofporridge THANK YOU FOR TAGGING ME SWEET XANXAN

1. Favourite secret self-care technique?
Dying my hair! Mostly it’s just root touch ups but it makes me feel energised and good.

2. Know any really good/bad puns?
Once I ate two pieces of string and they came out tied together. I shit you not.

3. Where’s your favourite place to go out to eat?
AHHH I don’t really have a favourite place but I really really love spicy foods. If it doesn’t make me cry, it’s not hot enough

4. What’s a question you wish I’d ask?
Hmm, probably about my favourite constellation or star- just so I could gush  about them.

5. Can you tell me a pivotal moment in your life?
I can think of four. One was meeting my best friend and platonic soulmate, the second was when I realised I don’t have to be a girl or a boy. The third is when I met the ars-coterie. The fourth and most recent was when I realised that I can appreciate the idea of relationships, without actually wanting to be in one.

6. What’s something that makes you feel big?
Helping bugs  when they’re stuck

7. What’s something that makes you feel small?
Looking at space

8. Tactile or DON’T TOUCH ME?
Aha it depends! I’m fine with contact when I’m the one initiating it, but if someone touches me without warning I tend to feel kinda nervous and agitated.

9. If you could only recommend one book/game/band/anime/whatever to me, what would it be?

10. What is the most beautiful thing/place/person in the world?
For me, kindness is a really beautiful thing, tied in really close with friendship because all my friends are the most beautiful people <3

11. What does your laugh sound like?
AHHHH kinda pitchy. If I find something funny I’ll laugh but when something gets me into hysterics I proper start screeching and wheezing and snorting and just generally trying to successfully breathe!

Thank you for tagging me dearest Xanxan <3
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@tombadgerlock and @shewolf-that-tries-to-art

And these are your questions!
1. Are you a socks in bed or no socks person?
2. What’s your favourite fact?
3. Do you have a reoccuring dream?
4. Do you like eye contact or avoid it?
5. What’s your favourite thing to do to pass time?
6. If you had the chance to go back and change one thing about the universe, what would it be?
7. If you discovered an uninhabited island/country/landmass, what would you name it?
8. What is the aspect of your spirituality/religion (or lack theroff) that holds the dearest meaning to you?
9. What’s your favourite flower and why?
10. If you were able to visit another planet and not die- which one would it be?
11. Would you rather be forever immortal, or have time stop forever?

I got tagged by @lisa-in-the-sky to make a list of the things in 2016 that didn’t suck so here’s this.

1. I got into school and have been doing really well in all my classes. I was made to conquer academia.

2. I reconnected with my father this year and now we have regular correspondence so I know he’s safe.

3. I went out a ton last year. Like a LOT and mostly on someone else’s dime so that was great.

4. In that same tone I saw a lot of movies last year and Moonlight literally changed my life and made me feel better about my gender identity and it was interesting seeing a woman on screen who so closely matched who my mother is.

5. I met a ton of cool people because I joined this shit ass fandom n decided to make this blog so I could gush about how amazing Sam Wilson is.

@baconsurgeon @permashift @ninja-plz all put up with me n I adore them!

6. I finished both spring and fall semester with more than a 3.4 GPA so I’m really killing the game right now!

7. I started writing again! I wrote part of a short story that I’m so so proud of and will likely put up here eventually.

8. I made a really fucking awesome friend at school who graduated and is about to be famous af n im planning on riding their coat tails, @transboihell

9. I got some fucking counseling, finally! I’m in a much better place mental health wise. Still a little shit tho.

10. And I actually had a mostly positive holiday season.

11. Went to the zoo with my ex and it was a lot of fun. Also went to Cambridge, MA which was cool. Went to the beach and stunted on these hoes! Shaved my head how I’d been crazing and it’s growing back in really healthily.

12. Finally got my ps4 n let video games consume my every waking hour. Only cried like eight time last year, ate a whole bag of oranges, n listened to a lot of great music!

And um… despite how shitty last year ended and how worried I am for the next few years, like shit is really wild out here, I’m confident in myself to make opportunities for myself and achieve even more and I’m so ready to see all my friend succeed too!

yo i was tagged by the hella cool @precipitaetion for this one like days ago (y’all should go send her some love because she’s a+++)

RULES :  tag 9 people you would like to know better.

  • 1. how old are you? i’m only nineteen but my mind is older (actually so is my body–i’m really twenty-one going on twenty-two in just over a month–holy shit)
  • 2. current job? i work for my college’s english department!
  • 3. dream job? when i met with the registrar to confirm that i’ll be graduating on time (provided i pass everything in this final semester) and they asked me this question, i immediately said social work with queer kids. is this true? maybe. who knows, i’m mostly just down for survival at this point
  • 4. what are you talented at? being a piece of garbage people tell me i’m good at writing and drawing and singing but eh. i’m improving i’ll give myself that much
  • 5. what is a big goal you are working towards/have already achieved? if i ever get off my ass i’d like to actually work on boy burning and y’know, finish it. i also want to continue writing hella queer poetry of the spoken word variety and perform it
  • 6. what’s your aesthetic? my general aesthetic is emo and queer <3
  • 7. do you collect anything? rocks and binders and notebooks
  • 9. what’s a pet peeve of yours? when people are like “yeah let’s leave/meet up at x time” and then are consistently late. even when they say they’re gonna leave early. also when people talk at normal or loud volumes in the same room when you’re trying to sleep 
  • 10. good advice to give? do whatcha want as long as it’s safe and consensual. also don’t put a twenty page paper off until last minute. or any paper (me @ myself) 
  • 11. recommend three songs or more: i’m too lazy to link things right now so i’ll add those later so here ya go wow imagine that two are fall out boy

i tag (only if you wanna do it, of course): @dinocomp @motleyprince @chrysanthemum-princess @historicgay @president-homewrecker @autisticheathermcnamara @xyuriox @mysourwolfalpha @i-am-loco

Well.. Think what you want. But at least, I am 2m, got a big penis and can change a girls mind in a week. If I would train too, I would be a superstar in some scenes. And don’t forget, I am a psycho! Maybe all I talk, like I feeling love and be a good guy isn’t true? Maybe I am an ice cold loverboy? You really think that some people gives a fuck about it? ..Show me one single guy with a mind like mine. At least, with my connections which builded all this shit in my city? This legendary shit, happened back in 1970, remember? I talk about the guys who are around 50-60 years old now and just wait for me to come back.. We’ve the same blood, you know, and if I start a rampage, they’ll follow without thinking. But I am just an international known, mostly broke artist who are harmless and I am just paint and write shit…
Hi my name is FitzChivalry Farseer and I have long ebony black hair and I’m a bastard (that’s how I got my name) with one white streak that reaches my mid-back and icy black eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Chivalry Farseer (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Burrich but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a bastard but my teeth are straight and white. I have mid-brown skin. I’m also an assassin, and I go to training with Chade in a secret room in the castle (I’m fourteen). I’m a bastard (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly scruffy shit. I love Mistress Hasty and I get all my clothes from her. For example today I was wearing a buckkeep-blue shirt and brown leather trousers, a buckkeep-blue jacket and brown winter boots. I was wearing no lipstick, no foundation, no eyeliner and no eye shadow. I was walking outside Buckkeep. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. Regal stared at me. I put up my middle finger at him.
—  So I noticed no one had done this yet and we were talking about bad fanfic on the skype chat so…

another day, another slow addition to my childhood recordkeeping thread.

even knowing consciously that it’s unpacking abuse and neglect shit from my mom, who was the ‘good parent,’ it’s still hard going. I don’t know how I would ever manage to talk about this shit with a therapist, because it’s the sort of thing that tends to be too hard to literally make the mouth noises about.

I’m way more comfortable talking about my experiences by shouting into a somewhat listening void (on tumblr or on Kintsugi, mostly the latter these days). I am not comfortable with the focus being on me. Talking about mental health shit in a one-on-one setting over text is hard and I can only do it with a few select people (Mochi, Birdy, Dax). I’m the sort of person who ducks and hides my problems.

And I know part of it is because of the paranoia of my upbringing as the child of drug addicts living off of illegal pot profits. Even now I have to deal with that paranoia. I want so badly to be free and away from it. Even the period as a teenager where I had a shrink, I couldn’t tell them that my parents were still actively using and where our money comes from. And that fear of exposure extends to pretty much all aspects of my life.

One day at a time, man, one day.

So, yesterday, I finally got back onto HRT. After almost four years off of hormones, I’m back on, and I couldn’t be fucking happier. With all the political shit going on, I think I’m lucky and I hope that other trans youth can get the help they need and deserve before this administration fucks them all to hell.

While not many people follow me, I kinda wanna post updates, mostly for myself and anyone who may stumble on my blog. This is gonna be a rocky journey, because I’ve never known a trans person who had to stop HRT and then goes back on. I don’t know what this is going to do for me, how different it’ll be from the first time.

But I’m excited. I’m happy. I can finally start to love me again.

anonymous asked:

how do you feel about people(aka me) who enjoy some sjm books (mostly acotar and acomaf, can't stand tog),but fully realize that they're kind of shit. I know full well that she writes books that lack diversity of any kind and the relationships are mostly shit. But the acotar books are kind of my guilty pleasure. I always kind of feel bad because I like them? I'm not even sure why I like them so much since I kind of hate tog with a passion

I don’t think that’s wrong. Like, I personally don’t enjoy her books anymore because the fae make me uncomfortable but… Idk as long as you don’t say the books are 100% flawless and the haters are the real racists and that stuff… I don’t hate people who enjoy her books, the problem is people who defend everything she does, you know?

Okay so recently I’ve been stuck in a situation where I have no choice but to see and interact with these people everyday who dislike me for no reason and treat me like shit. A huge part of what’s getting me through this is music, especially music that has an empowering theme, relates to my mindset about this situation, or generally makes me feel good. This is mostly for my own reference lol but if you want to check these songs out if you don’t already know them, or suggest for me to add other ones go ahead! And now, presenting @bennieandthejosh’s “Fuck ‘Em” playlist.

Anything // Hedley

Bad Blood // Bastille

Bad Blood // Taylor Swift

Basket Case // Green Day

Dark Blue // Jack’s Mannequin

Decided to Break It // Marianas Trench

Don’t // Ed Sheeran

Emperor’s New Clothes // Panic! At The Disco

Famous Last Words // My Chemical Romance

Good Life // OneRepublic

The Greatest // Sia

I Don’t Care // Fall Out Boy

It’s Time // Imagine Dragons

Lethargy // Bastille

Low // Marianas Trench

Mean // Taylor Swift

The Middle // Jimmy Eat World

Never Too Late // Hedley

Power // Bastille

Rat A Tat // Fall Out Boy ft. Courtney Love

Send Them Off! // Bastille

Shake It Off // Taylor Swift

Shots // Imagine Dragons

Skyscraper // Demi Lovato

Snakes // Bastille

Sun Is Shining // Axwell /\ Ingrosso

This Is Gospel // Panic! At The Disco

This Means War // Marianas Trench

Victorious // Panic! At The Disco

Weight of Living, Part I // Bastille

Weight of Living, Part II // Bastille

Who Do You Love // Marianas Trench

You Need Me, I Don’t Need You // Ed Sheeran

Young Volcanoes // Fall Out Boy

of course lighter-skinned non-white people often have it better…i would know because I’m a light-skinned East Asian and I don’t get subjected to the shit my darker skinned friends do about skin whitening creams. i don’t pass as white- as I stated, I usually get mistaken to be mixed.

but i’m so uncomfortable where people just state blanket dismissals of whether people who could more plausibly pass as white have issues. as an East Asian, seriously Europeans mostly seem like “white people” to me but my Swiss friend, was for example, picking out people who were Eastern European, who were Southern European with ease. Like this was not obvious to me but it was obvious to them. Every turn of the accent, or just the intuitive knowledge that came from growing up in a continent that very much sees ethnicity within light skin. Same goes for light-skinned people from the Middle-East or North Africa- they also could distinguish them. Ditto for light-skinned European Jews who might look “white” to us non-Europeans…they know the surnames, where the synagogues are and many of them can just tell even by appearance at times even though I was like “???? How do you know? I don’t see it.”

But the reverse applies- like them, I did “know” and could usually guess whether a fellow East Asian was Korean, Japanese or a fellow Chinese even though now they had a harder time. It’s really so relative and honestly I wish people would remember that. How you see others isn’t as relevant as how the majority in whatever place sees them.

((compared to the US I’d say Europe has an even more restrictive idea of whiteness, if it can really be called that due to the extremely ethnic dimension of lining up with the majority European ethnic group in that country. and this is really an issue considering lots of ppl of North African and Middle-Eastern descent are European citizens and residents. That’s why honestly dismissing it …imo is just wrong))


 Phoebe’s Follow Forever 2014!

It has been an INSANE year for me and even though that means I may not have been on tumblr as much, you guys have still managed to get me through those stressful times when I felt like pulling my hair out strand by strand. I want to let you know that seeing you all on my dashboard, whether it be in selfie form, !!! tags on the bottom of Gone Girl posts or updates on you finding that mineral, you never fail to brighten my mostly stressful days. So thank you. Ily all. 

*URLS that are bolded are people who I would kick the shit out of an infinite amount of men for.

*URLS in italic are people who I don’t really speak to (;__;) but who I love anyway and have stalked their blogs number of times. 


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Merry Christmas! 

Dear people who send me “dick pics”,

Um, Hi. How are you? Actually, scratch that- I don’t really care. Why did you send me a picture of your penis? Did you think it would make me feel happy/sexually aroused to know that the sight of my ass made you whip it out? It’s funny because that’s literally the opposite of how it makes me feel. Crazy, right? Mostly it makes me feel unsafe. It reminds me that there are troubled, disgusting people in this world who think my body is on display for their sexual desire. Maybe you didn’t know, but it’s scary to be open and confident w/ your body. Especially in a wide open public forum like the internet. And whether you meant to or not, you simultaneously scared the shit out of me and almost made me lose my lunch. Right now you’re probably thinking “Damn, can’t this angsty bitch take a joke?” The answer is: No. I can’t take a joke. Especially when the joke is a visually agressive image of your dickhole.

Stop sending me penis pictures. I don’t like it. I’m not into it. You know who you are.

#Feminist #effyourbeautystandards #honoryourcurves

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I feel kind of sad today, empty, I just want to get life on the road. I want to feel better again and take care.To become what I'm supposed to be and get shit done, which I am slowly but surely, mostly sick of this city and not having anything to do, there is barley any nature really. I just want good friends in my life, people who love and care as deeply as I do, ya know. I'm not focusing on what I don't have. I'm very appreciative of the little people I do have in my life and what I've accomplished and how far I've came without completely going insane. I love everything I have. I'm just sick of unstability and the on and off mindset and on and off unnecessary relationships in my life. It sucks, I just want good like minded people in my life. I want to see the beauty of the world. I don't want to feel stuck in Windsor, I need to see the world, I need to see new, I need change constantly, I crave it and love it and breathe it. I don't like feeling like this is "the usual", I can't stand routine and casualty; Someone who wants to share with me and constantly have something new to always talk about, when talk isn't cheap, it's real, someone I have a mutual infinite love-connection with, someone who wants to gain sacred knowledge and feel every inch of mother nature touch their soul. I want to feel health, radiate from the inside out, feel that deep passionate love I get from nature with someone else, people, I don't want to feel hate towards people anymore.

– a person longing for freedom

1000th post celebration

Heyyy everybody, so this is my 1000th post since I joined it the crazy world of Tumblr. It has been quite a ride of meeting people, reblogging things… serious business.

I want to celebrate this with all of you… followers, fangirls, small and big blogs, meaningful and crazy, calm and shy… oh you know what, you can forget that.

I just itch for making another long gif post… judge me, block me, hate me, you are never gonna change who I am. Enjoy the party, people.

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I know I forgot to tag a ton of people so feel free to tag everyone you´d like to join this dumb little thing :)

I´ll just wait here then… that´s what I´ll do.

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when i saw this (July 12), it sounded exactly like the shit that happened with the fake post about getting Maguire fired and the faked SQ accounts sending harassment. events in the meantime have only made this clearer. and so, let me explain some things:

the shit that is happening to SwanQueen is not about ship war. 

it has never been about ship war, any more than G*merG*te was about ethics in game journalism. it is about taking a group of marginalized people who have gotten too uppity and putting them back in their subordinate place. 

now, CS and OQ fandoms do have a couple legitimate sociopaths (we know who they are), but mostly they are well-meaning people who just like a thing (however problematic my education may lead me to find that thing, in ways that are not unrelated to putting queers and women in their place). those people are like the gamers who really believed that GG was about ethics in game journalism. they have a sense that the thing they like is under attack, because they don’t understand that criticism is not attack. they often feel that they themselves are under attack for liking the thing being criticized, because by and large they do not experience systemic oppression and so they don’t have a reference point for what that feels like.

but those rank-and-file shippers (gamers) are being used as cover by, and manipulated into supporting, people who are making it their mission to harass queer and queer-shipping people (women) out of the fandom (out of gaming). and every time a regular old non-harassing shipper dismisses these acts of terrorism/cybercrimes/hate crimes as “drama” or “ship war” they minimize the severity of the problem, condone the behavior, and give it cover. (and i know that it the recent incident was CS-related, but OQ-associated folks have also routinely said “stop the ship war” etc.)

calling these attacks “drama” or “ship war” is aiding and abetting digital hate crimes.

these shippers don’t have to stop liking CS/OQ. they don’t have to like SQ. but they need to decide whether this terrorism in their name is acceptable to them. if it is, sure, keep minimizing it. but if it’s not, as i’ve seen many people saying it’s not? call it what it is: acts of terrorism, cybercrimes, hate crimes. do not continue to promote the “ship war” or “drama” interpretation, or you are part of the problem.