mostly my thumbs


Another spinner variation made with my personal preferences in mind.  I have pretty small hands and noticed that when doing test spins, I wound up mostly just using my thumb to worry the bearing cover.  The bearing pins on these are nice and high with an indent for fingertips, and the spinner itself is short and compact so even my tiny hands can spin it easily.   Fits nicely in a pocket and in the palm of your hand.

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anonymous asked:

this is probably a strange observation to make but I was just watching an asmr video of yours, and noticed that you have really long thumbs. either that or I have really small thumbs

It’s actually not just my thumbs, all of my fingers are really long! But it probably seems like it’s mostly my thumbs because of the angle that the videos are taken.

My hands are one of my favourite things about myself but even I can recognize how odd they are. I have very tiny hands with odd proportions and toddler-sized wrists. BUT they are functional and don’t give me any trouble and help me do lots of tasks like painting and typing and undoing difficult knots. thank you hands