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Firstly, thank you so much for putting all of this time and effort into this amazing resource! I really admire and appreciate it as do many others :) I was wondering if you have any experience with redbubble? I am just starting out and I'm hoping to really utilise it, I thought it could be a good way to see if a particular product is popular before considering producing it myself. Obviously the return is comparatively much lower. Thoughts? Again thank you! ;w;

Kiriska: We’re glad this blog has been helpful to so many people. :)

I’ve been using RedBubble for a few years now and it’s probably my favourite of the various POD (print on demand) sites I’ve tried. One thing to keep in mind for any POD site though, is that you really have to promote it. While customers browsing the site might eventually find your work via the site’s search, it’s really important that you link to and talk about the products available on your POD sites often.

Some Redbubble specific notes:

  • RB tends to have sales pretty frequently, at least once every week and a half or two weeks, in my experience. This is FAR more often than similar sites like Society6, and each sale is a good opportunity to promote. It definitely gets a bit tiresome sometimes, and I don’t promote every single time RB has a sale (especially since RB doesn’t warn you; you just have to check and notice), but I think promoting your store at least once a monthish is good.

  • It’s important to note that 20% off on RB does mean 20% out of your margin too, but for any POD site, the trick is to push for volume. I get between 12-20 cents per sticker sold on RB, but I’ve sold hundreds of stickers, and those 12-20 cents add up, especially when you consider I don’t have to deal with printing or shipping those stickers or handling any potential customer service. 

  • RB’s uploading system allows you to easily reformat your work for a huge variety of products, which, along with frequent sales, is one of the big reasons I prefer it over Society6, which makes you format and upload a whole bunch of different specifically sized files for different products, and it’s a huge timesink. RB also adds new products more frequently.

  • Different RB products are different quality. You can choose which products your art is available on, so if it looks terrible as a clock, just don’t make it available as a clock. I don’t have a lot of experience ordering anything but stickers (which run a bit dark, so I usually upload a separate, slightly lighter file for stickers) and shirts (which are pretty decent quality, in my opinion), but I’ve had a few customers send me pictures of other products they’ve gotten through my RB store, like notebooks and totes, and they seem pretty good quality overall. There are a few product reviews in our #redbubble tag.

  • Redbubble does payout monthly. In the beginning, I didn’t always make even one sale a month, but even though it wasn’t a lot of money, it was money I didn’t have to do much for. After you upload and format your work, you’re done, and anything you make is passive income. After using RB for a few years, I make enough monthly to pay at least one utility bill, lol. Still not a ton, but hey, it’s not nothing!

  • Be careful using trademarks (series names, character names, etc) in titles, descriptions, or tags on Redbubble (or any other POD site, really). Often license-holders will DMCA products that have trademarked terms in those places, even if the art itself is merely “inspired by” the property and doesn’t depict any characters or anything. 

  • I wouldn’t necessarily use your sales on RB as a gauge for what you should produce on your own, or what might do well for you at conventions. They’re different markets. Though you should certainly promote your RB store among your regular audience, it’s possible that eventually, a good chunk of traffic and sales will come from people just searching around on RB. For me, at least, the things that do well for me on RB are not the things that do well for me at cons, especially since I do mostly avoid uploading fanart to RB.

Hope that helps!

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[Translation] 100% SKE48 vol.1 Kitagawa Ryoha x Azuma Rion

Man, things change real fast since 100%SKE vol.1!!

Never thought I would post this while Rion will graduate soon….well, who would have known at the time of this interview, Rion already had ‘graduation’ in her mind. Anyways, we all know how much she loves Hokkaido and we wish her all the best.

Also for Ryoha, who would have thought she will become Team S leader.
Kids grow.

I think SKE situation right now is great, way better than the time of this interview. It may be too late to post these interviews, but I will keep posting.
So…enjoy reading!!

Since SKE48’s 6th gen debut, 3 years already have passed.

Seniors have graduated one after another. “UhaRion” is being seen as group’s representative.

With confusion, both of them are struggling to grow in Nagoya. How are they nowadays?

Now, the sun is rising.

Nippon Budokan was shaken
We want to see that scene from 4 years ago, again.


Words from Sae-san

- At first, we thought that if Rion got driving license, we would arrange scenic road trip while interviewing and Ryoha sits on front passenger seat.

Uha: I would like to! How is it going?

Rion: Almost final test.

Uha: How do you feel?

Rion: Not bad. I want to get driving license quickly so that I could go on a scenic drive. Well, just like you mentioned, let’s go to Hokkaido!

Uha: A scenic trip in Hokkaido? Let’s go, let’s go!

- I didn’t even agree with you *laugh*

Rion: it must be fun. I will take you to Coach&Four (giant department store in Hokkaido)

- That’s the department store which Rion is the presenter, right? We would like to go but our budget is kind of…

Uha: (not listening) I want to go to Rion’s favorite Sushi restaurant!

Rion: Alright! Let’s go to Hokkaido next time!

- Though you guys already agreed but I haven’t said “um” yet *laugh* that aside, how’s your driving skill?

Rion: I’m good.

 - Really!? As I saw videos that Aichi Toyota uploaded, you often drove up on wayside.

Rion: That’s the past! Now, I can drive on highway easily.

Uha: You’re great!

- She’s not that great! *laugh*

Rion: Before getting on the car, I was nervous but now, I’m okay.

Uha: Take me, too!

Rion: Right, want to go to Nagashima (spaland)? (theme park that Team S when to shoot “Kanojo ga iru” MV)

Uha: Let’s go!!

- We should back to the topic *laugh* This interview will be published in BUBKA special issue. For regular issue, the cover is Miyazawa Sae.

Uha: I know! She’s cute! Superb!

- thank you *laugh* In few hours, you will be performing (Sae’s) graduation stage. How do you feel?

Uha: I still can’t believe it. Though I realized it’s the truth but once I think that we will never be on stage together anymore, will never take photos together anymore, it feels unbelievable.

Rion: That’s right. When Sae-san came to SKE48 2 years ago, it was also unbelievable. Yesterday, I was thinking about the present for Sae-san so I talked with Futamura Haruka-san. We finally decided to bake a cake. We made it all night long. We will surprise her after stage ends. It looks like this (show the picture in her phone)

- Oh! There’s “SAE” and “LOVE”! Rion did that much for Sae-san, how about Ryoha who admires her the most?

Uha: I made graduation photo album with Takeuchi Mai-san. We made it till 5 am! So now, I’m sleepy.

- Sorry that we interview you at the time like this.

Uha: Because it’s all handmade. We need to glue the photos. We will give it to her during stage or maybe, at the end of stage.

- For Sae-san, these things are full of LOVE. Today, you must be crying?

Uha: I’m not going to. I don’t think I will. I already passed that sad period. None!

- You’re into “Zen” aspect now? (t/n: Ryoha used the word 無 which is the core word in Zen)

Rion: Ryoha will get stronger for sure. Even though, you were so sad when Sae-san announced graduation.

Uha: It’s not like that. 2 weeks before graduation concert, my condition was really bad. I even cried in handshake event.

Rion: I don’t know about this at all.

Uha: It was the first time since I entered SKE48 that cried this much. Because I didn’t want to cry in front of other members, so when I couldn’t hold it, I went to staff’s room. I cried a lot that my eyes got swollen. But I used eye drops, so no one knows it. * laugh*

- Thanks to medical innovation *laugh* even so, in graduation concert, members lined up on the passage and Sae-san had a word with everyone, right? That day, I entered everyone’s blog but I didn’t see anyone posted about those words.

Rion: Of course, not.

Uha: It’s the words I want to keep it in my heart.

- If it’s that important, then let’s reveal it the first time here.

Uha&Rion: No way!

- give me some hints

Rion: I will tell you one sentence then “tell Papa and Mama, please take care of me”

- what does it mean by that?

Rion: It’s unimportant part so I can tell you fufufufu

Uha: I will not tell no matter what.

- You won’t…ah…despite this is special issue…(intentionally exaggerate)

Uha: Then, I will give you some hints. She said “take care of yourself” She always told me “Ryoha, you pretend to be strong too much, it would be good if you discuss with adults more” I think that’s what it means.

Rion: Ryoha is the type that wouldn’t say what’s in her mind out loud.

- I see. Then, it means you should reply on them more?

Rion: You want to know more?

- Yes! Yes!

Rion: Sae-san sent LINE message to me.

Uha: (looks jealous) you’re lying! When? When did she send? Why? Is that Sae-san?

Rion: On the day of concert, I sent her thank you message, so she replied back. Let me read it from LINE.

- *clap* we’re waiting!

Rion: “Rii-san, country mom cookies were delicious! It’s more delicious than buying from shop! Thank you. These 2 days concert, thanks for hard work. You are pretty and cute and also looks mysterious. I want to be like that, too. But sometimes, I think it’s regrettable. If only Rion realized these strengths, you would be stronger than you are now. I’m waiting to see it. Anyways, Mar.31 the last day, please take care of me.” That day, I baked cookies for her. She replied me like that.

Uha: (jealousy x2 )

- Ryoha is jealous. You can tell from her face *laugh*

Uha: It’s not like that. I just think that she’s great. Sae-san, she’s kind to everyone. That’s why I like her!

Rion: I read the message from my LINE. Then, shooting in Hokkaido, please take care of us.

- we didn’t agree on that…

The real me and the new me

- Sae-san said “regrettable” what do you think made her say that?

Rion: I know it. People mostly see me as introvert person, not motivated, also looks boring. A moment ago, I saw myself in monitor, I felt that “this is actually what everyone has told me!” I’m not a cheerful person. It’s even worse with my soft voice. But because of Sae-san, I became more cheerful. I got influenced by her cheerfulness.

- Thanks to Sae-san, right?

Rion: Yes. I’m quite a shy person, I don’t get close to people easily. But, I think I understand now that socializing is a job. Sae-san taught me that. That said, Ryoha is also like me.

Uha: Eh? ‘regrettable’? I never heard people saying that.

Rion: It must be. * laugh*

Uha: So weird. But I can get along with people now, there’s nothing like that.

- Get along now *laugh* Then, I would like to raise a topic here. When Ryoha is with Matsumoto Chikako, you seem to be a totally different person.  

 Rion: I think so, too.

Uha: Different person…yes *laugh* I love playing pranks when I’m with members. Before I entered SKE48, I also got scolded in class often. In fact, that’s how I am. However, after I entered SKE48, I think more seriously. I think I have to do things with caution, so I might seem to be quiet. The real me is when I’m with Chikako.

Rion: When these two are together, I couldn’t catch up with them.

Uha: We’re just fooling around *laugh* moreover, since Sae-san graduated, no one initiates fun atmosphere in changing room. From now on, leave it to me and Chikako!

Rion: Okay! Then, Chikako becoming Team S vice leader can also imply about this. Chikako and Sae-san have something in common.

Uha: They have a lot in common.

Rion: They are kind of weird.

- With Chikako-san, from my point of view, you two (Chikako and Rion) are not that close.

Uha: She calls Rion “Namara! Namara!” (Namara in Hokkaido means “very” or “great”)

Rion: Yeah. That’s how Chikako say hi to me *laugh*

- So, she’s like that. We would like to interview her, too. Anyways, since Sae-san graduated, does atmosphere in the team change?

Rion: (Sae-san) didn’t attend theater stage often, it may not change much.

Uha: But it’s not about team. It’s the group that’s not the same. There are things that only Sae-san can do. Sae-san always conveys member’s opinion to staff-san. If Sae-san says, members would agree. If you ask me who would take over this responsibility, it would be (Saito) Makiko-san.

- How’s Makiko-san, the new captain?

Rion: She has interpersonal skills. She’s good at getting along with people.

Uha: She made friend with AKB48-san, too.

Rion: I was in the same dorm with her for a while. She’s a senior who is easy to talk to, suitable to be captain.

Uha: Really suitable!

Rion: Sometimes, being responsible as captain can make you worried, right? But members like Makiko-san. We want to support her.

Uha: Ryoha, too!

Rising above crisis

- Let’s change the topic here. What kind of situation you think SKE48 is in right now?

Rion: We have just risen from the biggest crisis.

Uha: Ryoha also think like that!

Uha & Rion: Yeah! *Hi five*

- How’s that feeling coming from?

Rion: Recently, our program in LINE live had 8 hundred thousand views.

Uha: So happy!

Rion: That’s not total views, it’s net views. Moreover, BUBKA still hasn’t publish this issue yet. Thank you so much.

Uha: And ESCA!

 - department store in Nagoya subway station’s campaign that SKE48 was chosen as presenter since April, right?

Uha: It’s a grand campaign. We can proclaim that this is “SKE48 of Nagoya”

Rion: And then, we got more appearance on magazines. I was also chosen to be on cover.

Uha: That’s right. More appearance on magazines.

Rion: Around 1 year ago, photoshoots for magazine unexpectedly decreased. But now, I have no time to break.

 - Then, As Rion mentioned a moment ago “the biggest crisis”, when was it?

Rion: during “Koppu no naka no komorebi” in autumn last year.

Uha: That’s right.

Rion: In other words, it was after (Matsui) Rena-san graduated. And there was a time when I felt bad, it was “Bukiyou Taiyou” in summer last year.

 - It was after Nagoya Dome, right?

 Uha: I remember that I felt the gap between “Mirai to wa?” and “Bukiyou Taiyou”

Rion: But now, I feel that we are heading in a good way.

 - Why is that?

Rion: I also don’t know why but members are all trying their best, right? Staff-san are also trying their best somewhere that we can’t see.

Uha: Exactly. Everyone knows well that if it continues like this, it wouldn’t be good. Whenever SKE48 unified as one, we have great power. This point, we would never lose.

Determined and reluctant general election

- Last question is general election.

Rion: You would certainly ask this *laugh* Actually, I was reluctant to participate this year.

- Eh? Why?

Rion: Last year, my goal was “to get ranked” and I achieved it. (61st Rank) I think there must be people who were exhausted getting it for me. However, general election also has its advantages. I got a lot works since I ranked last year.

- Do you see new fans coming at handshake events?

Rion: Yes. That’s because I got more media exposure. I appeared on TV because of my piano skill. I was quite outstanding in “konya wa otomari” Fans came to tell me that “I watched that, too”

- How about Ryoha?

Uha: I was thinking about it till the last minute. I decided not to participate before that. If I weren’t get ranked or my rank drops, people may say “This is as far as Kitagawa Ryoha can go” I don’t want it to be that way.

Rion: Um. I was also worried about that.

- However, you chose to participate in the end. Even though you have various opinions about general election, but you can’t refuse the fact that for this world “AKB48 = general election”

Uha: I know.

- For example, when people unintentionally watch morning news, and reporter reports the news about AKB48 that has SKE48 in it. This is very important, right? Or for example, when they report about “SKE48 is the no.1 group” this kind of news can reach people easily.

Rion: I also think it’s important.

- Maybe, general election is the best opportunity to spread SKE48 reputation. Though singles and Music programs are important but SKE48 in general election is strong.

Rion: That’s true.

- Sorry for talking too much. You both aim at Undergirls, right?

Uha & Rion: Yes.

Uha: In the past, they only announced 40 ranks, right? So, if I couldn’t rank higher than that, I’m not satisfied.

Rion: Higher rank is my goal. But I still don’t have confidence to say Senbatsu. Undergirls is also high. Anyways, the higher I set my goal, the harder I try.

- General election 4 years ago, a lot of Undergirls came from SKE48. It made Nippon Budokan shaken. If you can do it again, it would be great.

Rion: I also want to see that scene. *laugh*

- Well, at this time last year, we also had an interview with both of you. Compared to that time, we think you two really have grown stronger.

Uha: Really?

- We really think like that. When we interview Sae-san, she said “I would like to tell members who think that you can’t take this anymore. I’ve gone over the slump 3 times already, I understand how you feel but I got through it.” If you could get through these obstacles, you would be stronger, right?

Uha: I already got through it! I tried again and again.

- Ryoha-san, when you were Kenkyusei, you got through the test to be Under in Team S.

Uha: That’s right. I went through the state that I have to carry. If it were school, I wouldn’t do it. I would say “I’m quit” but this is not school but it’s the world I chose to enter with my own will. If I escape, it will be over.

- You are stronger now. How about Rion-san?

Rion: I never went through something like that. But from now, there will be. The practice for AKB49 is starting.

Uha: Do your best *laugh* I went through it last year. Though I can’t say ‘do your best’ confidently but I really was doing my best that time.

- The main character Urakawa Minoru / Minori is a very important role.

Rion: I got this role in place of (Shibata) Aya-san. In fact, I already said once that “I can’t do it” but I think that try doing something great is also a great opportunity. The practice hasn’t started yet, but  I almost crumble. It’s like needles piercing through my heart.

Uha: I will support you! I will also go to see you practice.

- It will be okay, if you could get through it…

Rion: I would get the photoshoot in Hokkaido, right?

- I didn’t say that at all *laugh*

Galra Keith Cat Tendencies Head Canons

Collabed (But mostly written by) @withdrawnwitch

These were a series of posts that we had last night, but I thought it would be convenient to sum them up have them all in one place!

-Galra’s have toebeans like cats on their feet, since we can see that they have normal human like hands in the show. Therefore there is nothing telling me that they can’t have them on their feet

-NOW, since that’s established, imagine Keith having ticklish toebeans ;)

-Yes, yes they are very ticklish. And Lance will not leave him the fuck alone. He cannot get rest. Lance is there, he is waiting. Keith will no longer take his shoes off. Which wasn’t that much of a problem before-he SLEEPS with them,but now it’s getting ridiculous.(Hunk is his only protection.)

- However, also Imagine the toebeans make Keith really really quiet so he gets revenge on Lance by just sneaking up on him all the time and freaking him out.

-Those suckers are so useful. They serve as shock absorbents meaning:

Keith can fall a pretty good distance and land on his feet without feeling as much pain.
(Read this as sneak attacks from above. Lance, that idiot, never looks up. He doesn’t learn. Keith perches himself on top of things and just waits for Lance to enter the room. The others have gotten so used to him doing this that when they pass by and see Keith chilling on top of something they don’t even comment anymore) 

-Toe beans make cats walk on their tiptoes. Lance is so screwed. He will never hear Keith coming. Ever.


-Imagine him getting so embarrassed and when he doesn’t know he did it being really confused as to why his tongue is so dry after he sleeps? 

-Pidge totally takes pictures and is currently working on making a collage to show Keith later on, and Lance has lovingly offered to write the captions on each one. 

-Shiro thinks its secretly adorable but tries to stay out of it. Therefore, Hunk is the only one who has mercy on him and informs him when he does it. 

- Lance reenacting one of those videos where a cat owner pokes at the cats blep and the cat doesn’t even bother waking up, just bats at their hand and keeps on sleeping. (My cats do that sometimes, it’s so adorable!! ((Most of this is inspired by my cats XD)))

- Lance would start one of those YouTube channels where he uploads ‘cat’ videos all the time and every time it happens Keith get’s super pissed off because the instant he heard about it he subscribed and made sure he was sent notifications when it happened. Sometimes Keith hadn’t even woken up when his phone vibrates to tell him Lance is at it again.

- Keith would be super bendy like a cat. Just able to easily do hyperextended splits and pulling a 朝天蹬 (One foot on the ground, the other fully in the air so your legs are 180 while standing up.) like it’s nothing? Keith bending and twisting like a gymnast because maybe some Galra are hyperflexible.

-It reminds me of this post here. Apparently at one point the wiki had said that Keith was the most flexible (but with how the wiki has been edited the past few days who knows whats real or not on that page my God)

-I can totally see Lance challenging him at a flexibility contest and just getting increasing annoyed when he loses. The only one who can provide a real challenge is Allura.

-I’ve been lowkey praying for Keith to be one of those fighters that likes to fight with flare because he can, throwing in all sorts of flips and tricks. (Kinda like Robin from Batman if that helps).

-I just really want to see the other’s faces when Keith is like ‘I got this’ and back flips out of a shot before someone can shield him. I WANT IT.


@withdrawnwitch and I had so much fun last night talking about this. :D Glad I could get it all to one place!

I Hate You.  I Love  You Too (Gray x Reader)

P.S This was requested by an anon. I was feeling this scenario so here it is, enjoy!


Being a foreign model in Korea was pretty difficult. Not only you were completely different than the other models- which sometimes it worked for your own good, bu also sometimes you were denied jobs because of that- the public gave you alot of backlash. Especially after the first billboard who was an underwear campaign that was called ‘comfortable’ which was not only to be comfortable in the underwear but also in yourself, so you had barely any make up, a loose white shirt and the underwear as you laid on the couch, your body on it’s full glory. You got alot of comments about being fat or strange or whatever, but you also got a lot positive feedback, the billboard went amazing and you blew up in the modelling industry in a country you had no connections what so ever.

When you first moved there you were all about work. You had to build a name for yourself, yes you had your fun but your priority was work, you never thought about love and all that stuff. That changed after you met Seonghwa, you guys met cause of Jay, he was interested in featuring in his m/v so you had to meet him to the studio, of course he introduced you to the others and of course you found Seonghwa to be extremely attractive. You really loved to flirt so you didn’t have a problem at that, you were completely bold and up for a game which suprised Seonghwa, usually girls that he met act cute and mysterious so they can ‘seduce’ him or whatever, but you went completely the other way. You were flirting and making jokes, you were just being yourself and playing around.

No one was suprised when you got in a relationship with him. Your firends were happy you finally had someone and not runned around the town like crazy, his friends were excited he finally found a girl that can hold him down. He was also a sweetheart, he took care of you like a queen, treating you to dinner, cooking for you, giving you massages, instead of going out at night he was all cuddled up with you.

That was also how the fans picked up that he has a girl now. People have been noticing that when Kiseok or Jay prosted pictures or videos at the club, Seonghwa was nowhere to be found. Seonghwa loved to snap random photos so you were not suprised when he started snapping pictures one night as you cuddled and watched movies, that was until your notifications on your insta blew up. Then you saw the photo, a photo of your head on his chest and your legs tangled with his while you watched the movie. The caption said 'The reason i’ve been staying at home lately’. You and Seonghwa have been dating for a year and you had decided to keep it secret, you were caught completely by suprise when you saw the picture. You looked up at him and he just smiled and winked at you

“What? I can’t let you walk around saying you are single anymore, you have a photoshoot with a guy tomorrow, I can’t risk it”

You smiled at him and grabbed his chin giving him a sweet kiss on his soft lips. You put your head on his chest again and he runned his hands through your hair.

That was the start of long snapchat stories and a lot of instagram pics. It wasn’t the usual sweet snapchats, it was mostly you poking his face while he tried to focus on something or him taking videos of you dancing like a crazy person while you were getting ready or your personal favourite, when he uploaded videos of him playing with your hair, he would stop and you would either whine or put his hand back in your hair again. But you also had the normal stuff, beautiful selfies since you were a model and he was… Seonghwa,which means that he is a model too, trying out matching outfits, videos of you cheering for him at concerts, and him playing the hypeman when he visited you at photoshoots.

Today you had an interview for a show so you were excited, it wasn’t very often that you got to do those. You were getting your hair and make-up done when Seonghwa walked in

“Hey babe”

“Wait a minute I can’t move”

You instructed him, since the hair stylist and make up arstist were in the way. When they moved he approached you and pecked you on the lips.

“I need a favor”

You told him as you shook your hands so the nail polish could dry.He looked at you, waiting for you to say what you want

“Help me drink water”

“The water bottle is round you can touch it”

“I don’t want to risk it. Also I don’t want to burn my head”

He huffed but he reached for the water bottle and you bit the straw. When you had took care of your thirst he put it down and sat on the couch

“Don’t you ever say I don’t take care of you”

“Don’t go there Seonghwa you know I can easily beat you at this game”

Someone knocked on your door and you heared '5 minutes’

“I’m nervous”

You confessed as the girls that helped you get ready left the room. He got up and wrapped his arms around you from the back, bringing you some comfort.

“You’ll be fine. Just be honest and be yourself”

“I love you”

He pecked your lips again and then you kissed his cheek, tahnk god for matt lipstick. You got up and followed the stage manager to the stage. You waited for the MC to introduce you to the crowd and then you walked in with a smile. You waved at the crowd and greeted the MC before you took a seat

“So you are a pretty busy woman. You are all over the place with runways, you are in billboards, you featured at Jay park’s m/v, you have a clothing line coming up. How do you manage all that?”

“It’s not easy. I think I manage to stay alive because I am a complete workaholic and I also have a wonderfull support system”

Meaning not only your boyfriend, but also your friends, family and your manager. They were all there to help you stay sane and happy.

“That’s for sure. We all have seen the adorable pictures with you and your boyfriend. How do you keep a relationship but also be all around South Korea?”

“It’s hard, it’s not all roses and butterflies. But you know, he is very patient and sweet and he understands that I have to work, I understand that he has to work so I guess you could say we are eachothers rehab from work”

You saw in the back pictures of you and him popping out. That’s when you saw a picture of you with the water bottle situtation

“Now because we like an exclusive. This happened a few minutes ago, look at that. Adorable”

“I know, my highlights is popping”

You joked earning a few laughs. You didn’t know who exactly took this pictures but you were happy they did, it looked very beautiful

“People have been very positive on your relationship”

“They have. Whatever picture I post with him there are so many people commeting #truegoals, in all honesty I think we are one of the weirdest couple ever. There is literally a video of me slapping him and calling his name just to annoy him or him scaring me whenever he can, how is that goals?”

“Because you keep it real. You are both very successfull but also you don’t show just the good side, you give people the real relationship. Also when is he going to use you as a model for his m/v”

“I think it’s because i’ll still the spotlight you know? He doesn’t want a girl that’s too pretty cause he will look weird. Everyone will focus on me and he doesn’t want that”

You kept the jokes coming. The truth is he has told you to feature in his m/v but you had other stuff to do so you had to turn it down. You talked about other stuff for a while and then you stopped the recording, you thanked the MC and went to the dressing room. Seonghwa started clapping a cheering making you smile

“I told you it was going to be fine”

“Thank god”

You sat on his lap and kissed his lips. You felt a whole lot more relaxed after the interview since it got out of the way and you know you did fine

“By the way what the hell was the spotlight thing? You think I’m ugly, i’m fucking beautiful”

“Shut up I was kidding. Also don’t get your head in the clouds boy”

He started tickling you and since you were extremely ticklish you started laughing, you tried to dodge his hands and accidentally ended up slapping him, making him freez, his mouth forming a big 'O’ which made you laugh

“I’m sorry baby”

You said touching his face and laughing. He pretended to cry and you hugged him tighter

“I hate you”

“I love you too”

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Love at First View (Chanyeol one shot)

It all started with one video. Y/N had been making YouTube videos for years with her younger sister, Mia. They mostly did reactions to kpop music videos, dance covers, and videos from the GoPro in their car. They had a pretty decent following on YouTube and focused a lot of energy into it. Over the 2 years their channel was up the girls worked on learning Korean. It was hard work but they were able to do it.

Y/N and Mia loved making compilation videos. It was summer so the two sisters were going on a mini road trip. A 3-4 hour drive of them singing and dancing to music. Once it was complete, they were happy with it and uploaded it.

“Hey Y/N. I think I’m gonna get some sleep.” Mia said. “Okay! Goodnight.”

About 2 hours later, Y/N’s phone started blowing up. Within 5 minutes it was flooded with thousands of comments and shares. Confusion rushing through her. She opens one. Anonymous: “they aren’t even that cute. Why would Chanyeol oppa share this?”

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