mostly junk food

Roommates with Peter Maximoff (HCs)

- “It’s like a sleepover every night!”

- You read a bunch of comic books together

- Binge watching Netflix 24/7

- “What do you mean it’s time to sleep?!”

- “We’ll save space if we share a bed ;)”

- “Peter no!”

- Smol speedy boi

- Fluffy sweaters

- Tickle fights

- Soft snores


- He takes to long in the bathroom

- “Hey (Y/N) we should get a cat.”

- “I don’t think Charles would allow it.”

- “Pfft. He’s a loser anyway.”

- Cuddles

- “What? No, we weren’t cuddling!”

- Cabinet full of junk food. Mostly Twinkies.

- You both order like, 20 pizzas.


- Fairy lights and band posters everywhere

- “(Y/N)!!!”


- A record player in the corner of the room.

- “I got you something.”

- “Did you steal it?”

- “Maybe.”

- Fighting over who does chores

- He skips class when you’re sick.

- “You guys should just date already!”

Mephisto Pheles [Profile]

Name: Mephisto Pheles ( メフィスト・フェレス ) / Samael (サマエル) / Johann Faust V (ヨハン·ファウスト五世)

Birthday: August, 28

Age: 1.000+

Height: 1.90 cm (6′5")

Blood Type: ?

Occupation: Exorcist, Principal of True Cross Academy and Demon King

Relative(s): Satan (father); Astaroth (brother); Amaimon (brother); Lucifer (brother); Rin Okumura (half-brother); Yukio Okumura (half-brother)


🍩 His average hours of sleep is 1 hour.

🍩 He is pretty good at party games, claw crane games and chess.

🍩 His pastimes and talents are: watching movies, reading manga, watching anime, playing video games, listening to music, toys, and subcultures.

🍩 All manga genres are his favorites.

🍩 His favorite food is junk food (mostly candy).

🍩 His favorite type of women are those who are temptresses, “devilish”, or elegant/beautiful. In the Weekend Hero novel, he mentions also fancying “pretty girls with a sad past”, as well as charismatic women.

In my human AU, zim doesn’t eat a lot but when he does its mostly snacks and junk food so Gir will sometimes make him something to eat except it’s not very good and a lot of the times some strands of Girs hair gets in the food when he makes it so it’s hard to pick out and Zim HAS to eat it bc Gir stares at him the whole time he’s eating and he’ll cry if Zim refuses to eat it

as finals week approaches, zuko is the one who settles down with a zen playlist and a cup of tea and meticulously writes tiny notes in cramped handwriting on 3x5 notecards. he studies mostly in the mornings and afternoons and in quiet corners between classes. sometimes he likes to retreat to the library.

sokka, meanwhile, stocks up on junk food (mostly pizza rolls and oreos) and makes multiple daily trips to the campus coffee shop. he studies best at night and he has a giant cork board covered in color coded notes that he continuously adds to. he takes breaks from reading to watch youtube videos and sometimes about whatever he’s been studying, but usually they’re more along the lines of geico commercial compilations.

((finals are either here or on their way for pretty much everyone still in school atm. don’t know about you guys but i’m slowly dying. what do you do to help yourself concentrate???))


This is for like if you have an actual final destination btw like obviously depending on the length of the trip you’ll have some stops but like this is for ones that like you’re gonna actually stop somewhere eventually




•MONEY (gas, food, ect.)

•SNACKS/FOOD- you may think, “oh I’ll mostly want junk food” but coming from experience, even if you usually hate healthy food, oatmeal with fruit and nuts at 6:30am is gonna taste like the best thing you’ve ever eaten in your life.
So pack healthy snacks as well.
Suggestions for snacks are:
– fruit - Bananas oranges and apples are good as you can usually throw the peels and stuff out the window as long as the backseat has their windows up, blueberries and strawberries ect are good in containers, but try and keep them in a cooler or something
– chips - let’s face it. Chips are awesome. You can try dip too but it can get messy if you aren’t careful. If you’re using a rental car I’d say don’t risk it.
– some sort of actual meal - oatmeal, salads, sandwiches. All good ideas. For trips that are longer than a day I suggest stopping at fast food places as well (oddly enough McDonald’s has some pretty decent breakfast stuff, even if you’re vegetarian like me [bagels, oatmeal, yogurt])
– drinks - water. LOTS of water. Buy a few 1L bottles from Walmart. Tea is good to have for mornings, if you can make it before you go or to buy from somewhere. Juice and pop I wouldn’t recommend, they don’t keep you hydrated and there isn’t enough caffeine in them to really wake you up in any significant way. Coffee is always good for mornings and nights, stock up (but be safe obviously)

•MUSIC - add lots to spotify, go on an iTunes binge, bring every cd you own, and DONT FORGET THE FUCKING CORD!!!

• TISSUES - you may not see the need, but trust me. People sneeze randomly, people spill things and need napkins, ect. Even just one of those tiny .50c packs.

• HAIR TIES - if you have long hair, you’ll want a hair tie eventually. Trust me.

• ENTERTAINMENT - some of those car board games, mash, madlibs, ect.

• CAMERA - your inner hipster is gonna come out and you’ll wanna take a picture of the mountains or the trees or something, so make sure you at least have a phone camera ready cause those picture perfect moments only last about 10 seconds


•TAKE BREAKS - either at hotels, gas stations, little stores, or even just on the side of the road for a bit, get out of the car and walk around a little (yes even if it’s cold just do it for like 5 minutes and go hide in the car again)

• DRINK LOTS OF WATER - make sure you have lots of water and whenever you can refill your water bottles cause road trips and travelling can take a lot out of a person

• SLEEP - if it’s 4am and you just got on the road (and you’re NOT driving) and you’re trying to fight sleep JUST GO TO SLEEP. Fuck it could be 7pm but if you’re tired, you’re tired. HAVE A NAP.

• EAT - even if it’s a short trip and you’re the only one driving try and make sure you eat, either when you stop or if it’s safe enough while driving


And final word of advice: DONT LOOK AT YOUR PHONE OR BE READING OR WHATEVER ON TWISTY ROADS. Even if you don’t normally feel sick, you will if you try and read on a twisty windy road.

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Junkrat and S/O going on a date at the beach.

(Did someone say  b e a c h  e p i s o d e)

-Jamie didn’t prepare for this beforehand, just decided that “it’s a good beach day”

- They arrive so much later than expected because he wanted to get lots of good snacks (mostly junk food)

-He lays the towel in the shade. No umbrella, just a single towel and your snacks- He likes feeling warm, dry sand on his toes, but he loves the sand thats squishy and damp the most.


- No I’m serious he could crab hunt for hours. He likes finding a bunch of little crabs and gently putting them in your hands and taking pictures and seeing how many are hiding under big rocks. This boy loves small crabs.

- Wears stupid swim trunks

- SUN FRECKLES (mostly on his shoulders, upper arms and face)

- Doesn’t want to swim (and honestly he kind of can’t with his prosthetics), but will sit on the dock with you or sit on the shore with his head turned away from the water and let waves splash onto his back; he says it feels nice. He also thinks it’s funny

- wet sand fights

- you will be picking sand out of his hair for weeks

- Likes to sculpt and draw with you in the sand

- Sometimes the beach makes him sappy, usually at sunset. He gets all gushy for a few minutes and then kisses you a lot

- Probably nails you in the face with wet sand 0.2 seconds later, completely ruining the mood

- Goes home with you feeling satisfied but very tired

- Will allow (beg) you to help clean him up, there’s so much sand everywhere and it would take forever to get it all out alone

- Will wash your hair for you as thanks

The Life of Negan &a Lucille (Here's Negan) - CHAPTER 16

Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds

Negan walked through the hospital corridor with his hands in his pockets. Just leaving Lucille alone for a few minutes was enough to make his stomach turn in knots, but she’d had specific instructions for him and he followed them. Part of her requests was a promise he’d made her, and a smile formed on his face as his hand toyed with the small, plastic bottle of Jack Daniels in the pocket of his shorts.

Lucille smiled as he rounded into the room with a mischievous grin. “There is no look I enjoy more than the one that’s one your face right now.”

He laughed and looked over his shoulder before progressing into the room. “I feel like I’m in high school… sneaking in booze, waiting for your parents to leave.” He handed her the small nip of alcohol. “As I promised.”

“Thank you honey.” She smiled as he leaned down and kissed several times in a row.

“So… may I ask why you had me park in the back?” Negan smirked, “Was it because it’s a longer walk and you think I’m putting on a little fuckin’ weight or something?”

Lucille laughed lightly. “First off, I like it when you have a couple extra pounds. Secondly, it’s all a part of my plan.”

“Your plan?”

“My plan.” She smiled wide.

Negan folded his arms over his chest and stared at her with a grin. “I’m intrigued.”

“I figured you would be.”

He continued to smile. “You look like you’re feeling better today.”

Lucille nodded. “I am. I was waiting for a day like this to carry this out.”

Negan chuckled. “You wouldn’t be trying to seduce me, now would you?”

She laughed and placed a hand on his forearm. He slipped his hand down, interlocking his fingers with hers. “I can’t count the number of times I’ve thought about attempting that.” She sighed with a little flutter of laughter. “You might break me.”

“Well, I wouldn’t want to do that.” Negan sat down on the side of her bed and kissed her forehead. “So, what’s the plan then?”

“Are you up for a little bit of trouble?” she said softly.

Negan’s smile widened and he looked over his shoulder and then back at her. “I’m always up for a little fuckin’ trouble, honey. What do you have in mind?”

Lucille squeezed her fingers against his. “You’re going to sneak me out of this hospital.”

He laughed. “Is that right?”

“That’s right,” she went on, “If you followed my directions… which I know is hard for you to do because you just love to be in control…” Lucille winked making him chuckle, “You should be parked right by a door by the back stairs over here.”

“I think I got it right.” Negan smiled a little wider.

“Once we make it out of this hall you should be clear to carry me down. It’s starting to dark outside so no one should be able to see us really.” Lucille smiled, “And from here to the stairwell is only about ten yards.”

“10 yards to the goal line… touchdown.”

She laughed. “Exactly. I knew you’d like it if I gave you the distance in yards.”

“Nobody fuckin’ gets me like you do.” Negan leaned in and kissed her. “Are we going now?”

Lucille unscrewed the top of the Jack Daniels nip and drank half of it before passing the tiny bottle to her husband. “Yes.”

“I love it when you’re the trouble maker.” He downed the rest of the liquid and scooped her up out of the bed. “What’s the plan when we get out of here?”

“This is step one,” she informed him, “I’ll tell you step two once we make a left out of the parking lot.”

Negan laughed again and hurried them both toward the door, looking out both ways. “I feel like James Bond or some shit,” he whispered, making Lucille laugh quietly against him. “Taking you away from the bad guy.” He hurried out of the room, closing the door behind him with his foot and then slunk through the doorway that led down the stairs. His hurried footsteps and Lucille’s giggles echoed off the walls and he cursed with a laugh of his own as he struggled to open the door with her in his arms.

“Fucking truck,” he huffed, laughing again as he finally opened the door and got her inside. Negan rounded the car to the driver’s side and then turned on the headlights, backed the truck out of the space and made his way out of the parking lot, taking a hard left as Lucille had instructed. “What a rush.” He reached for her hand, and took in the all blue hospital clothes. “You make all blue look good baby.”

She chuckled and leaned her head against his shoulder. “Hop on the highway going north for one exit,” she told him.

“Get off 55?”

Lucille nodded. “Yeah.”

Negan did as she asked, taking his time on the drive with his wife. He didn’t want to rush whatever it was that she had planned. For the rest of the ride he listened to her instructions, taking lefts and rights through the town until she finally pointed up ahead for the final direction. “There’s a small road up here with no street sign,” she explained.

He slowed the car down and glanced up ahead toward the right where she pointed. “Got it honey. Sure this truck’s gunna fuckin’ fit?” the road was narrow and hadn’t been paved in years. The lingering asphalt was cracked and dirt had taken over a good half of the road. In some spots there were weeds growing through the cracks.

“I hope so,” Lucille said with a chuckle, “I almost forgot how big it was.”

Negan whipped his head in her direction and Lucille laughed at her purposely suggestive choice of words. “I’m so glad you’re feelin’ good today honey.” He winked at her.

“Me too.” She grinned. “I love laughing with you.” A content sigh left her mouth and she pointed, “We’re not far.”

“You taking me out here to kill me?” he joked, “Because I’d be just fuckin’ fine with that.”

Lucille smiled. “If I was going to kill you, I think it would have been in one of our fights a lot earlier than this.”

“We didn’t fight much,” he agreed with a smile, “But when we did…” Negan raised his eyebrows. “You threw your hair iron thing at me once.”

Lucille laughed and scrunched her nose. “I know…”

“While it was still hot,” he added with a laugh.

She laughed again and laid her head back down against him. “Well… there’s going to be no fighting tonight.” She pointed toward a small clearing. “Park here. Can you help me down through a short path in the woods?”

“Can I… of course I fucking can.” Negan killed the engine and turned off the lights. Things were barely visible around them as the sun had almost turned in for the night. He lifted Lucille out of the car and then carried her down the path that began just a few feet away from where he parked.

Lucille kept her arms around his shoulders. “It’s just past this little bridge.”

He walked over a small wooden bridge, eyeing the saltwater stream beneath it and then felt the ground begin to turn to sand. When the trees thinned out he could hear the roll of waves on a shore and smiled when a small beach came into view. Negan looked down. “What is this place?”

“I used to come here with my friends when I was a kid,” Lucille confessed. “It’s been years and years since I’ve been here.” She smiled up at him. “It’s really private. I never used to see anyone when we came here.” She pointed toward a blanket with some food and a case of beer on ice. “I was going to do wine… but both of us would rather have a nice, cold beer I think.”

Negan laughed and then shook his head. “How did you do this?”

“I have good friends,” she told him, and then leaned up to kiss him once.

“I wish I fucking thought of something like this,” Negan said, still shaking his head in disbelief.

“Well… I know no one will come out here and I had to do this on a day that I felt just a little bit better than the rest.”

Negan stared down at her in his arms and kissed her again, leaving his lips against her for an extra couple of seconds. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She smiled, “And like I said… I kind of like you with a couple extra pounds… so it’s mostly junk food.”

“Perfect.” He carried her toward the blanket and set her down before cracking open a beer for both of them. “Can you have this being on your meds?”

Lucille looked over at him with a closed-mouth grin. “Negan… I’m dying. What the hell do I care?”

Negan swallowed hard, hating when Lucille or anyone else acknowledged that. He couldn’t quite manage a smile until she raised her glass and touched it against his. “To us.”

He toasted with her, nodding as he did. “To the best fucking years of my life.”

“And mine.” Lucille took a long sip from the bottle and then took a deep breath before accepting another kiss from her husband.

“You should’ve told me about this place.” Negan slipped an arm around her shoulders and stared out.

“Honestly… it didn’t cross my mind until I was looking through old photos… and then I thought about this.” Lucille grinned. “This could have been our little getaway, huh?”

“That’s exactly what it is right now.” He rubbed her back and took a sip of his beer, taking in the final glow from the sun along the horizon that had already slunk down below the water line. Negan glanced down at the small collection of food. “Chocolate covered cherries.” He reached down and grabbed one and then held it up to her mouth. Lucille took it from him, catching his finger with her tongue on purpose and making him laugh.

They alternated between all different types of junk food, washing each bite down with the ice cold beer and then Lucille finally looked at him. “Ready for the crazy part?”

Negan glanced over at her. “What’s that?” Lucille smiled, slowly stripping off her clothing and couldn’t help but giggle when he raised his eyebrows with a smirk. “I thought I was in danger of breaking you,” he said with a laugh.

“It’s called skinny dipping,” she told him, “Ever hear of it?”

He laughed and shook his head. “No… never,” he joked.

“Take your clothes off.” Lucille gave a light tug on his shirt. “Even if we don’t have sex it doesn’t mean we can’t be together physically. I miss touching you.” She took in a deep breath and looked him in the eye. “Who knows if we’ll get to do something like this again.” She reached for two towels and then slowly began walking through the sand.

Negan felt a strange sadness, but managed a smile and stripped down before following her down to the water. “Don’t judge me if the water’s cold… if you know what I fuckin’ mean.”

Lucille laughed as she entered the water first and looked over her shoulder as Negan followed just behind her, sighing and shivering as he got deeper into the water. “The salt water is supposed to help heal,” she told him, moving her arms and legs as the water crept up just above her chest. She shivered once and then turned toward him.

Negan scooped her body up as he approached, holding her across his body and Lucille touched his face. “You’re so good to me,” she whispered.

He smiled and kissed her, surprised when she kissed him back a little more urgently. Negan closed his eyes and kissed her harder, taking short breaths in between the gentle lapses of his tongue against hers.

“God, do I miss that,” Lucille whispered against him before accepting his lips against hers again.

Negan traced down her legs with his fingertips and then allowed her back on her feet in the chest-height water. He positioned himself behind her, massaging her back and shoulders gently before running his hands down her arms, carefully paying attention to her aching muscles.

“Picture yourself in a boat a river… with tangerine trees and marmalade skies…” Negan smiled to himself when she laughed and he wrapped his arms around her as she leaned her back against his bare chest. He continued with the lyrics to her favorite Beatles song, singing them quietly into her ear. “Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly… a girl with kaleidoscope eyes.” Negan kissed the area just below her ear, skipping the next few lines to get to the chorus, “Lucy in the sky with diamonds…”

Lucille joined him in singing the chorus and melted against him with her eyes closed as he bit down lightly as he trailed his lips down her neck until he got to her shoulders. “This might be the best night of my life,” she whispered to him.

Negan moved his lips from her shoulder to her earlobe and latched his teeth there before whispering. “I love you.”

She placed her hands over his and the two of them stood there together beneath the glow of the moon. In that moment there was no pain. There was no illness. There was no sadness. There was only Negan and Lucille.

Netflix and chill? Nah, Netflix and food.

Request: Food fights and a Netflix date with peter pan and reader 
Warnings: ExTREME FLUFF!!
Genre: fluffy fluff fluff 
Note: Loosely continued from “Reunited” 

Originally posted by kkro1242

You grinned in success, you had planned a date night for you and Peter. Good Old Netflix and Chill, luckily for him he didn’t know what that meant. If he did he would definitely make something happen. Anyway, you had planned out the entire night - You were going to show him the Disney version of Peter pan, then show him some family adventures, maybe work from horror from there if neither of you passed out by then. You wanted this night to be innocent. An excuse to spend time with him and be close to him any way you can. 

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Chapter 1


My boy had just bailed me out a few hours ago and I was honestly ready to get home. I been in this hell hole for 6 months. I was supposed to have 2 years, but I got left off early cause of good behavior.

Every day and every night I been wondering what baby girl been doing. I sent her hundreds of letters,  called plenty of times and she never wrote back or answered to any. Ain’t put money on my books, none of that shit. I mean yea, she used to be on my ass about this dope shit but damn you that mad to ignore me for 6 months?

Part of me was thinking that she moved on and been fucking another nigga, but I just knew she wouldn’t do that to me. After all the shit I did for her? Nah, she couldn’t.

I loved her too much to let her go. I hated that she had that affect on me.

“Yo, take me to my girl’s place.” I mumbled to Odell because I knew she’d be there.

Reaching under the mat for the spare key, I unlocked the door with no problem. Shutting the door behind me, it indeed smelled like her in here. She smells fruity and shit all the time.

Smiling as I made my way upstairs, it was quiet as a mouse so I knew she had to be sleeping. Opening the door to her room, I watched her peacefully she slept.

Walking over to her, I started planting kisses on her neck. “J-jaylen?” She said as she woke up looking beautiful as always. I couldn’t even be mad at her no more.

“Yea, baby I’m home.” I smiled as I sat down next to her.

She sighed as put her head in her hands. “Jaylen I’m really sorry..” she apologized as I chuckled and waved her off.

“It’s fine, as long as you here now I’m good.” I explained as she shook her head. She rose the blanket up a little and I noticed something different about her.

That’s when all hell broke loose…

She was the ONLY girl I’ve ever been in a relationship with. She was my first everything. She fucked me over so many times and my ass was too blind to see that. Everyone kept telling me not to fuck with her, because she was no good but I just had to have her. I think that’s what made me want her even more.

And I hate the fact that I still got mad love for her. She could stab my ass and I’d still love her. Shits crazy.

I really had a big ass heart and I hated that. I always made sure everyone was straight and I cared about people too fucking much. May not show it, but I do.

Adding the last few finishing touches to the wall I was painting, I took a drag out of my blunt. Normally, I would just stay in and paint all day but I deserved to be spoiled even though I just went shopping yesterday.

I’ve been painting all my life, but I didn’t get serious about it until my teenage years. It was just something I’d do on the side. I sold dope for a while, and to be honest it wasn’t for me. After a nigga was behind bars for 6 months, I wasn’t trying to go back to that shit, so I had to change my life around ASAP.

It’s not even just that, the shit was just too much. Nigga couldn’t even go to bed without thinking somebody was gone wet my ass up. Shit, sleep wasn’t in my vocabulary.

After what felt like forever, I finally got a few of a my paintings to be in different museums and I started getting calls left and right. I can’t even lie, it does bring good money but I do it because I love it. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

Since I was starving, took it upon myself to start making some delightful breakfast. Me being the king I am, I deserve that shit.

When I went into the kitchen, I looked into the refrigerator only to face nothing. “Damn, who the fuck been eating all my shit?” I sucked my teeth. Greedy fucks.

“Oh me.” I chuckled to myself as I realized I was the only person that lived here. I gotta go to the grocery store ASAP.

Throwing on a polo jumpsuit and some slides, I snatched my keys off of the counter, and made my way to the car. The drive wasn’t long cause the store was literally around the corner.

As I made my way into the store, I wasted no time putting shit in the basket. I wasn’t trying to be in here that long.

Landing on the cereal aisle first, I was about to go for some Fruity Pebbles until some bitch decided to grab it.

“Yoooo,” I said, scratching the back of my head. She looked at me with this fake ass confused look. Bitches be begging to get smacked.

“I know you just didn’t play me like that. This gotta be a joke.” I chuckled as she smirked but quickly hid it when I noticed.

“What ar-”

“Fuck you, you saw me about to grab that box. I don’t know why you all of a sudden trying to be fancy today. Every time I see you on this aisle you get fucking Dyno-Bites.” I spat as I stormed off with the cart. I see this bitch on the same aisle every time I come here. She did that shit on purpose.

“Done fucked up my morning..” I mumbled to myself as I checked my watch.

I had a long way to go.


“Fuck,” I cursed to myself as some of the groceries I had fell out the bags. That’s what I get for trying to carry all this shit at once. I didn’t wanna make multiple trips carrying all these damn bags.

“Hey, did you s-” I heard a feminine voice say causing me to suck my teeth. Females were always popping up on me left and right and that shit was annoying sometimes.

“Man you see me over here about to lose my fucking life trying to carry these groceries, wait damn.” I spat as I struggled to open the door. When I finally got it open, I sighed out of relief.

“Look, it ain’t my fault that you couldn’t carry these baby ass groceries. Maybe you should consider going to a gym. I just came over here to ask if my phone was still in your car.” She spat. I don’t know where these balls that she just grew and from. Any other time, I would’ve cursed her ass out for talking to me like I’m a bitch, but I ignored her ass. I need to put these groceries up, fuck her.

Carrying everything into the house, it took me about 20 minutes to put all this shit up. I should be good for about 3 weeks. I literally sit in this bitch and eat all day. There’s mostly junk food, cause I don’t do no cooking over here.

Going into the living room, I noticed the girl was sitting on my couch. “Yo,” I said as she looked up. It was Odell’s sister.

“Yo,” she mimicked me causing me to suck my teeth. This hoe..

“Im trying to figure out why you still here..”

“Dude, I been asked you if you seen my phone.” She rolled her eyes. I hate when females do that.

“Maybe if you were more responsible you’d have your stupid ass phone.” I shot at her as she waved me off. She was clearly irresponsible as hell.

Driving far out without putting gas in her car, and leaving her phone in a stranger’s vehicle. I should’ve sold her shit.

“Can you just give it to me?” She rolled her eyes as I did the same. Odell better keep her away from me, I do not like her. “Fine..” I heard her mumble as she walked into the kitchen and snatched my keys off of the island.

Grabbing her arm, “Da fuck you going with my keys girl?” She looked at me like I was crazy.

“The car.” She said before pushing me away from her. She pushed me like she was the strongest nigga in the world.

Forgetting that she had my keys, I cursed to myself and followed her outside. When she reached my car, she unlocked the passenger side and bent over to look for her phone. I got a glimpse of her ass, and noticed she wasn’t wearing no panties underneath her dress. I gotta say.. dat booty was extraterrestrial.

“There’s your punk ass keys, Jerrod.” She said as she tossed them into the seat and left the door open for me. How petty. She could’ve just nicely handed them to me.

“Fuck is Jerrod?” I asked once I realized she just called me another nigga’s name. I don’t know who Jerrod is but it ain’t me.

“Ain’t that your name?” She asked as I stared at her for a few seconds contemplating on if I should curse her out or not.

“Get out my face.” I waved her off as I went over to my car to grab my keys.

Once she was out of my sight, I thanked God and proceeded to go back into my place.

Plopping down on the couch, I hugged loudly. I been running errands all day, I need a bad ass massage. I bought groceries, dropped off a few paintings, picked up some new painting equipment, then I had to buy a new phone cause I cracked mines for the 48th time. A nigga was exhausted, but I just couldn’t bring myself to fall asleep yet.

Grabbing my phone out of my pocket, I shot Odell a text because I was bored.

Me: wya hoe

Dell: taking Jayla out for ice cream

Me: stop playing wit me

Dell: 😂leaving a meeting, why?

Me: niggas is bored

Dell: I’ll come entertain u 😏

Me: bitch 😂👉🏽🚮

Dell:  😂but nah jus come to my crib

Me: say no more I’ll be there in 5

Sliding my phone back in my pocket, I went in the kitchen to look for some fruit snacks. I could literally eat a whole box of these bitches all at once. I fucking love fruit snacks more than anything.

Once I grabbed a few out of the box, I put them back in the cabinet before grabbing my keys. I leave my shit unlocked all the time because I stay losing my keys.

Since O lived next door, I just stepped over and twisted the doorknob. I tried to open it but it was locked causing me to suck my teeth. I told this nigga I’d be here in 5. Knocking on the door, the door swung open a few seconds later.

“My bad, I got caught up in something.”

“Whatever, what we eating?” I asked as I kicked off my Gucci slides. A nigga seriously ain’t had nothing but a smoothie all day. Not even gonna lie, that smoothie did hit the spot.

“My sister cooking some shit, I don’t know.” He shrugged as I sucked my teeth and waved him off. She look like she can’t cook.

“Nigga I’ll pass. She might try to poison me.”

“Fine by me.” He chuckled as he turned on the game. I wasn’t a Cowboys nor Vikings fan so I didn’t really care for this game.

Hearing footsteps coming down the stairs, I turned around to see who it was. Odell was too into the game to notice.

My eyes met with Robyn’s as she tried to sneak out in her thot-ish attire.

Smirking, I tried to think of ways I could get O’s attention. “Wow, going out in that tiny dress in this type of weather?” I asked loudly as Odell’s head quickly snapped in Robyn’s direction. She looked good as hell though no lie.  She had on a red dress, that hugged her shape perfectly. She was thick as fuck. Fuck her though.

“Rob I’m bout to beat yo ass.”  He said as he turned the game off. You know he was mad as shit if he turned the game off. He wouldn’t even turn it off if Beyoncé was standing in front of it.

“What I tell you about that shit?” He barked at her and seconds later they started arguing causing me to snicker.

He was in the kitchen fussing at her for about 5 minutes. I could tell he was real over protective over her, cause he was the same with my little sister.

“Thanks a lot, snitch.” She rolled her eyes at me as I smirked. She went in the kitchen to start cooking while O came back and started playing on his phone. “Whatchu’ playing?”

“Pool, why? You tryna getcho’ ass whooped?” He said as I smirked. I don’t even know why he always made bets with me, because I won every time. I ain’t exaggerating neither, I literally won every single time.

“Hell yea, 1k right now.”

“Wasting money..” I heard Rob mutter from the kitchen. I told y'all she talks too much. This was an A and B conversation.

“Mind yo business and cook our food.” I barked as I heard her suck her teeth. I don’t know where the fuck she came from, but she seriously needs to go back. Me and O been rocking for years and I ain’t heard shit bout no Robyn.

Trying to get my mind off of her, I went to my snap chat and started putting filters on Odell. I always catch him slipping. “Ima fuck you up bitch, I know you recording me.” He said as I put my phone down laughing.

Since that nigga wasn’t entertaining me like he said he would be, I put Friday in. You could never go wrong with this movie. Straight classic.

Thinking about what I could get myself into tonight, I sent a text to one of my best clients. Her name in my phone was isis cause her shit was just the bomb.

Me: wyd tonight

Isis💣: ima be with my daughter

Sucking my teeth, I left her on R and looked up at the TV since the movie was starting. I guess I’ll just stay here in this shit hole with these two nut ass niggas.


“Food’s ready!” I heard Robyn yell out. Took her forever to make this shitty as food. Her food better be magical.

“Bout time Batman.” I rolled my eyes as I got up to wash my hands.

“Now you know that’s not my name.” She rolled her eyes as me causing me to laugh.

After washing our hands, we all sat at the table and said our grace. Since I was mad hungry, I immediately dug in and moaned in my head because I didn’t want her to hear. Her food was actually banging.

Taking a bite of the chicken she made, I regretted it. “Damn, shit’s hella spicy.” I coughed as I tried to clear my throat but that made it even worse. I had a love and hate relationship with spicy food. Somebody’s gonna have a war on the toilet tonight.

“Ooops, added a little extra spice to yours.”  She said as she started laughing a little. Nodding to myself, I started to plot on how I could get her ass back. Hoe could’ve gave me a fucking heart problem.

“Yea.. blame it on the spice. I was wondering why this shit was so nasty.” I said before I fake accidentally dropped it all over the floor. Her mouth formed into the shape of an O. Yea that’s right.

“Clean it up coke whore.” I winked at her as I got up from the table and went back in the living room. Her face was priceless.

“I ain’t picking this up, so..”

“I ain’t either. This your house.” I shrugged as I kicked my feet up on the table and put my hands behind my head.

“All I know is, one of you niggas better pick this shit up by the time I get out the shower.” Odell said as he had licked his fingers. He finished his food in like 3 minutes and she made a feast. Fried chicken, fried corn, mac and cheese casserole, biscuits, and greens. The shit was actually good, which is why I’m mad she did that fuck shit to my chicken. I barely get to have a home cooked meal ever since moms passed. I swear her food tasted just like my moms but I wasn’t gonna tell her stupid ass that.

“Chop chop Jaylen, pick it up.” She clapped her hands, snapping me out of my thoughts. I was only about to pick it up cause of Odell and I ain’t no childish nigga.

About 10 minutes of cleaning everything up, I huffed loudly. That was the longest 10 minutes of my life.

“Want some sweet tea? It’s nice and coooooold.” She asked smiling as she held a cup out. Side eyeing her, “What yo scheming ass do to it?” I asked walking over to her.

“Nothing I swear, I just feel bad since you started choking so I made you something to drink..” she shrugged as I snatched the cup out of her hand. She knew what she was doing when she added all that spice to my shit. Trying to kill a nigga.

Taking a sip out of the tea, she was eyeing me the whole time. “Is it good?” She asked smiling. Nodding my head, I took the cup and went back into the living room because I still didn’t want to be around her.  If I die tonight, it’s probably because she put something in this tea.

Going to Odell’s room, I looked in his drawer to see if he still had those blunts that I hid. I needed to get high ASAP, his sister was stressing me out.

Sighing once I didn’t find anything, I looked around and noticed a brownie on the nightstand. I knew it wasn’t no regular brownie either. Smirking, I got a piece of it and ate it. This should be interesting.

Plopping down on the couch, I closed my eyes and relaxed while I finished watching the movie. After what felt like forever, I heard Odell get out the shower.

Looking around at my surroundings, I felt as if I was being lifted off of the ground.

“Yo,” I chuckled loudly because I knew the brownie had kicked in.

“Nigga what’s wrong wit you?” Odell asked as he walked in and sat on the bean bag that was in the corner. My mind was all over the place.

“Yo…” I said, trying to get his attention.

“Who closes the bus door after the bus driver gets off?” I asked as he started stroking his beard. “Damn bruh, I don’t know.” He chuckled.

“Scoot over.” Robyn said as she moved my feet to the side a little bit. She could’ve sat on the floor like the peasant she is.

“Can you hand me the remote?”

“I literally can’t move.” I laughed, telling the truth. It felt like someone was holding my body down. Everything was moving so slow.

Reaching over me, her ass was on my thighs and it felt like sticks were poking me. “Damn G, is yo ass made of sticks?” I said lowly.

“Shut up.” She rolled her eyes.

“Damn, will y'all shut up? Trying to watch the rest of the movie.” Odell complained as I laughed. Any other time we would’ve started arguing but I’m chilling right now.

While the movie was almost over, Odell had went to go hit up his boo so now I was stuck with his annoying ass sister.

Looking over at her, she was laid back snoring like a fucking man. You would’ve thought she was somebody’s uncle the way she was snoring. I’d hate to sleep next to her.

Just as I was bout to get up, she ended up falling over on me. Not caring that she was laying on me, I still got up to go get something to drink because my mouth was dry as shit.

Going in the kitchen to pour me a cup of water, I ended up spilling it all on the floor. “Damn clumsy ass.” I mumbled to myself. This is why they invented water bottles, because of clumsy niggas like me.

Hearing Robyn’s footsteps, I swear I was that Mr Krabs meme pic. I forgot to warn her about the water so in no time she slipped and fell. “Ow! Did you do this on purpose?!” She yelled as she touched her lip and realized it was bleeding. I tried to speak, but nothing was coming out of my mouth.

Before anything else could happen, she threw a ball at me before groaning and storming up the stairs. Fuck, I had to kiss her ass before she told Odell.

Sighing because I didn’t want to do this, I got up and made my way up the stairs. I could hear sniffling come from one room, so I’m guessing that room was hers.

Opening the door, I noticed the light was off except the one in the bathroom with the door creaked open. Making my way towards the bathroom, I walked in to see her cleaning her lip.

Either I’m tripping or she had a twin.

“Y'all good?” I asked as they looked away from the mirror to me. Jodie rolled her eyes and went back to what she was doing.

“Who is y'all?” She asked looking at me like I was crazy.

Looking at her confusingly I rubbed my eyes before shaking my head. I was tripping.

“Look, I know we may not like each other, but you my nigga’s sister so I couldn’t just leave you up here crying. Besides, I don’t wanna hear his mouth.” I said as she chuckled causing a smile to slowly creep on my face. I quickly wiped it away. I ain’t with this friendly shit.

“Thanks..” she mumbled, as she finally turned around to look at me. “Did you really do that, though? I won’t waste no time beating your a-” she said before I cut her off.

“Nah, I was trying to get some water but I wasted it on the floor.”

“Why’re you being nice right now?” She asked as I started to tell her why but I stopped.

“I’m high..” I shrugged as she chuckled. I never really talk to girls for this long so she’s lucky. I’m only doing this cause she busted her fat ass lip.

Just as I was about to go for the door, she stopped me. “Can you stay until O gets back?” She asked as I scrunched up my face. Why would I spend my night with her on this lovely Saturday? I could be at my crib in the jacuzzi tub, getting my dick wet while another broad feeding me grapes. Well pineapples because ion really fuck wit grapes.

“He probably ain’t coming back til the morning.. plus I got shit to do.” I said as I tried to leave again but she stopped me. Damn, I should’ve left right after O left.

“Please, I really hate being here by myself. I just wanted to talk, I’m bored.” She said as she started battering her eyelashes. It only worked because she was kinda pretty.

Rolling my eyes, I sat down at the edge of her bed. It was silent for a few minutes, before she started talking.

“What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you?” She asked. Looking back at her, she gave me one of those smiles that white people give you when you look at them causing me to laugh.

Without thinking twice, I shrugged before answering. “Falling in love…” The room grew quiet. That wasn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened to me, but I didn’t wanna talk about the real answer.

“Wanna talk about it?”

“I just think I loved my ex waaaaay more than she loved me. Hell, I still love her ass.” I explained as I felt her hand rest on my shoulder. I got this little feeling when she did that. Maybe it’s just the weed. Yea, Ima go with that.

“We’ve all been there..” She assured me as I nodded. Her voice was mad soothing. I don’t know why, but her annoying ass really reminded me of my mom.

“What about you though?” I said, looking back at her. She was putting her hair up in my bun. “Losing my parents..” she started off. Shit tell me about it..

“When I lost them, it’s like I lost myself.. they died right in front of me and I swear it haunts me all the time because I could’ve stopped it. That’s why I’m scared to stay by myself at times..” she said, looking down at her fingers.

“Sorry for you lost..”

“Thanks.” She said as she looked up at me and gave me a small smile before looking back down. “I lost my mom too.”  I spoke up as she looked up at me again. I was trying so terribly hard to avoid this topic.

“Every one loved her. She was so beautiful and sweet. You never seen her without a smile on her face. She made every body feel welcomed. The whole hood loved my moms. She really looked out for everybody..” I explained while smiling. I really had the best mom anyone could ask for. She would welcome anyone in her home. Anytime she cooked, she made sure the whole neighborhood was eating. She played with the kids in the neighborhood, everything.

“I remember coming home everyday and the house always smelled all fruity. She always smelled like that.” I smiled, chuckling. I would give anything just to have my mom back. I miss her like crazy.

“How’d she pass?” She asked as I closed my eyes.

“Car accident..”

Looking over at her, both of our eyes met. She was leaning in to kiss me and the inner me was saying to kiss her but the other part was saying don’t. No Bryson Tiller.

Crashing my lips into hers, the kiss started to get intense until I thought about her. Instantly pulling away, I grabbed my shit and got up. My high went away instantly. What the fuck am I doing?

“Jaylen I’m s-”

“This what I get for being nice..” I sighed before leaving out of her room. I don’t even know why I came up here, I don’t like her.

I could hear her calling my name, but I really wasn’t trying to fuck with her.

Shutting the door behind myself, I walked next door to my apartment. Thanking God that it wasn’t locked, I walked in with no problem.

Feeling a little short of breath, I sucked my teeth. Can’t even walk around for 10 seconds without my asthma fucking up. I don’t even know where my inhaler is, I stay losing those.

Once I got out of the shower, I put on all my daily hygiene materials before hitting the sheets. Grabbing my phone off of the charger, I noticed different text messages from people but one of them caught my eye. It was my ex’s number.

2135643654: Jaylen I really need you right now…

Me: nah G, I ain’t what u need.  what u need is Jesus 🏽

2135643654: seriously

Me: what is it dickhead

Closing my eyes as I waited for her to text back, I started dosing off a lil bit. Before I could actually fall asleep, there was knocking on my door.

Sucking my teeth, I got out of bed and grabbed a pair of boxers and slid into them before going to see who was at the door. When I swung the door open, I was ready to curse here out before I seen how red and puffy her eyes were.

Before I could say anything, she fell right into my arms and started crying. A nigga started feeling bad instantly. The bitch in me was coming out. “Yo, wassup?” I asked in her ear as I locked the door and picked her up.

She shook her head no, and I furrowed my eyebrows. Sitting her down on my bed, I started to strip her out of her clothes. “Go to bed.” I said to her as I tossed her clothes on the floor.

Climbing under the covers with her, I started to get comfortable but she started pulling on the band of my boxers.

“I don’t thin-” I started to say but she cut me off by kissing me.


I know we just got outta practice and shit, but it was hella musty around here. Niggas be musty like they don’t sell deodorant.

Throwing my duffle bag over my shoulders, I sniffed under my arms and scrunched up my face. Damn it was me.

“Yea nigga, that’s yo musty ass.” Jaylen said as he pushed me away from him. There wasn’t a day where this nigga ain’t talk shit. Praying for the day he wakes up and won’t be able to say anything.

He was my guy though. We been at this since middle school days. My moms used to fuck wit his pops so we was around each other a lot. I couldn’t stand him at first, but we ended up getting along. One thing I can say about him is that if you his people’s, he gone make sure you straight.

“Fuck up, I was in practice for 2 hours, what you expect?”

“I expect you to take a bad ass shower when you get in da crib, that’s what I expect.” He said as I chuckled while shaking my head. He came to practice with me and sat on the bleachers talking shit the whole time. What would I do without my nigga Jaylen?

“I am foo.” I said as we both stepped on the elevator.

“I feel like shit bruh.” He said as he leaned his head against the wall. That’s what he gets.

“How?” I sighed, throwing my head back because this elevator always took all day. I really didn’t feel like hearing some dumb shit come outta this nigga’s mouth.

“My asthma.” He said as I sucked my teeth and waved him off. He smoked like every day, and then wanna act surprised when he can’t breathe.

“Quit smoking dude.” I said as the elevator finally opened. When I got off, there was a girl sitting in front of the door. Jaylen looked at me while I shrugged my shoulders.

“Robyn?” I asked, once I seen I noticed it was her sitting in front of the door. She looked cold as hell.

“H-huh?” She stuttered as I helped her up.

“Why you out here?”

“I lost my key, and I didn’t wanna call you because you were in pra-”

“What I tell you bout that? I don’t care what I’m doing, if you need me you need to call me. If you can’t reach me, then you need to call Winter. We talked about this.”   I said, looking down at her. She always did this. She never wanted to call when she needed me. She always tries to do shit herself.

“Ok..” she said, looking down at the ground. I hated when she did that.

“I’m not playing, you understand?” I asked, picking her chin up. Once she nodded, I unlocked the door and stepped aside so she could go in first. She went straight to her room. I knew something was bothering her.

“Where she come from? Like how you know her?” Jaylen asked as he shut the door.

“We went to the same after school program and shit, then we ended up being neighbors. So yea, we hung out a lot then we started getting tight. I was cool wit her parents, she was cool wit mines. So yea, a few years later her parents ended up dying right in front of her and they were the only people she had. She was supposed to be at my crib so we could talk, but she never showed up. And that was the last time I heard from her until a few months ago. I had seen her at one of my games, and she told me she started modeling and shit so she was staying out here for good. I didn’t wanna lose her again, so I asked her to move in with me and here we is now.”

“Damn, almost made a nigga cry.” He fake sniffled.

“You ain’t hear me calling you?” I heard Winter’s voice from behind me. How the hell did she get in here?

“Huh?” I asked, asked she sucked her teeth. I did that on purpose to piss her off. She hated when I huh’d her. She always said if you can huh you can hear.

“Huh? Nigga you heard me, get up.” She said she put her hand on her hip. Winter swore she had me in check. I sure did get my ass up though.

“You just gone let her punk you like that?” Jaylen asked followed with laughter. He found this shit amusing every time Winter bossed me around. She’s lucky I love her mean ass.

“Fuck up.” I mugged him as she grabbed my hand and led me to my room.

“Damn Winter got you whipped.” I heard him laugh before Winter shut the door. He got me fucked up. Nobody got me whipped.

Sitting down on the bed, I stripped out of my shirt and gave Winter all my attention. She was just staring at me.

“You gone talk to me or keep staring?” I asked as she started smiling then her smile fell.

“Why the fuck do you smell like that?” She scrunched up her face as she rose up my arms.

“I was going hard in practice.” I laughed as she shook her head and went in the bathroom to turn on the shower. Damn did I smell that bad?

“Yuck, come on let’s go get you in the shower.” She said as she pulled me up and led me to the bathroom. Stripping out of my clothes, I stopped when I noticed she wasn’t doing the same.

“You not getting in?” I asked her as I grabbed a towel and stepped in.

“No, I’ll take one by myself. I’m on my period.”

“Cool.” I said as I closed the shower curtains.

“Uh uh, who said I couldn’t stare at you?” She asked as she pulled the curtains back then sat back down.

“You gone make me get water all over the floor.” I said as she shrugged.

Shrugging along with her freaky ass, I proceeded to bathe myself while she just watched. I swear Winter was weird as hell. She watched me do everything.

“Damn daddy, das all me.” She smirked as she stared at my body. I wish she wasn’t on her damn period. What a perfect way to start off the New Year.

“All yours baby.” I said before blowing a kiss to her. Her cute ass pretended that she caught it.

“Yo Winter, you haven’t took a shower since last year.” I said as she furrowed her eyebrows out of confusion before sucking her teeth.

“Bye. I’m outta here for that corny ass joke.” She laughed as she walked out of the bathroom. I knew she was gonna do that.


“I’m not even mad at your cute self no more. It was all a front so you could dick me down but you ended up leaving anyways.” She said as she jumped on my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck.

We haven’t really been having sex lately cause she’s been busy with work and my coach been on my ass about practice. We finally got to chill last night, but I ended leaving and that’s why she got mad.

She was mad at me for having that party when I left her house. I’m sorry but I wanted to turn up. I literally sit in the house and cuddle with Winter almost everyday so I don’t understand why she got mad. I hardly go out and party. It’s New Years, I didn’t wanna sit in the house.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved spending time with her. She was my fucking baby. It’s just that, I wanted to get fucked up and she doesn’t drink nor smoke. I even invited her to come with me so we could vibe together, but she hated being around big crowds of people. She was shy as hell. I wish she would grow outta that.

“I got you later on. All you had to do was ask.” I smirked as I laid back so she could actually sit on top of me.

“Shut up, I should’ve left your ass in 2016 cause you really had me messed up last night.” She said causing me to chuckle.

“You coming to the game Sunday?” I asked resting my hands behind my head. I know she’s been busy as hell lately with work so I won’t be mad if she said no. I think she got off early that day that’s why I asked.

“Yea, I took off.” She smiled as mines faded. I knew her job was important as hell to her so I didn’t want her taking off for me.

“Baby you ain’t have to do that.”

“It’s fine babe.” She said before giving me a small kiss. Now I know I had to bring my A game since my baby was watching me play. I couldn’t lose in front of her, that was embarrassing.

“Still want me to fuck you? I’m lowkey hungry.” I asked her. I ain’t ate all day and I was starving. Well, I ate like an hour ago but I was still hungry.

“No, I’m on my period remember.” She admitted as I sucked my teeth. I had forgot she said that. No wonder she had this attitude. I had on all white and here she was sitting on my lap.

“Winter I swear to God if there’s one drop of blood on my pants.” I told her as I picked her up and placed her on the floor. Checking to see if there was blood on my pants, I smiled when I came up with nothing.

After she slept in my practice jersey one night and got blood on it, I made sure I bought her the biggest pads there are. We ain’t having no more mishaps over here.

“Boy ain’t nothing gonna get on you since you bought me these bulky ass pads. I’m about to go make something to eat.” She said as she put on some socks and made her way to the kitchen.

Following after her, I ended up just sitting on the couch. Jaylen’s bored ass was still here. I thought he been left. We was up in my room for bout an hour and a half so I don’t know what he been doing.

“Babe, you got pickles?” I heard Winter ask from the kitchen. Before I could reply to her, Jaylen beat me to it.

“No because I ate them. You ask for pickles every where you go.” He said as she sucked her teeth. They had a love and hate relationship. One minute they was taking up for each other then the next, they were arguing.

It was true though, she did ask for pickles literally every where we went. We could go to a funeral, and she’d ask for pickles.

“But was I talking to you Jaylen?” She asked as she came into the living room and stood in front of him. Nobody took her serious when she was mad, because she’s small as hell.

“Doesn’t matter cause I was talking to you Snow.” He always called her Snow to make her mad.

“Odell, you’re not gonna say anything?” She held her mouth open in shock. They wasn’t even giving me a chance to speak.

“Nah he not cause that’s my man.” Jaylen said as he kicked his feet up on the table. If Robyn was in here, she’d be fussing at his ass hard as hell for that.

“Gay bitch.” I chuckled as he waved me off. Looking up at Winter, she was mugging Jaylen the whole time.

“Baby, I’ll go buy you some more pickles now come here.” I told her, trying to prevent them from arguing. I knew she was bound to yell at him.

“I’m starving.” She sighed as she came and sat down next to me.

“Y'all just too cute.” Jaylen said as he started recording us but Winter got up so fast.

“Damn, you got hoes or something?” I laughed as she waved me off. “No, I can’t be on nobody’s snap looking dusty. My braids old as hell.” She said as Robyn came down from her room.

“Hey girl!” Winter squealed. She’s been in her room all day so I knew something was up with her. Knowing her, she wasn’t gonna tell me.

“Hey, I’m about to go to the gas station for snacks. Wanna tag along?”

“Yea might as well go find me a new man at the gas station since Jaylen took O from me.”

“Stop playing wit me.” I told her.

“Bye, I love you.” She said as she and Jodie left before I could even say it back.

“Nigga you in love.” Jaylen said as he put his phone down. I been dating Winter since my LSU days and I had the biggest crush on her forever before that. I didn’t even think she’d like me, but here we are now. She’s mean as hell, but I know she cares about me. She’s been there for me when I was at my lowest points. Hell yea I was in love.

“Yea nigga.” I laughed as he joined with me. “I’m happy for you bro, you growing up.” He stated as I nodded. I was really maturing. Having hoes use to excite me, but now I could care less about that shit.

“I feel like shit bruh.”

“Cause you ain’t shit..” I joked but he didn’t laugh so I knew he was serious. If this nigga says something about smoking Ima slap him.

“Nah foreal, bro.”

“Why?” I asked, giving him my full attention.

“I fucked ole girl.” I don’t think I heard him correctly if he said he fucked ole girl. Ole girl was one specific girl that only we had a name for.

“YOU WHAT?!” I yelled, standing up. I knew Jay’s history with her. She was cool but that nigga was way into the relationship more than she was. I kept telling him to leave her alone cause she just wanted to play him but he never listens. Him fucking her just proves that she got him wrapped around her finger. I don’t see how he still loved her after what she was doing while he was locked up.

“I smashed her bruh..” he groaned as he ran his hands over his face.

“What happened?” I sighed.

“She came over crying so I fucked her to sleep.” He stated plain and simple as I chuckled and shook my head in disappointment.

“Bruh, you gotta stop falling for her shit. That girl be using you.” I told him for the 10000000th time. I guess he just gone have to find out the hard way.

“I wasn’t even gone let her in at first but she started crying and you know I’m a bitch when she start crying.” He explained causing me to roll my eyes.

“Fuck that, let that hoe cry.”

“You right, you right.” He said as he sat up.

“You my brother, I can’t let you be out here looking dumb. You too cute for that.” I joked as he looked over at me and busted out laughing.

“Fam,” He paused to cough, flicking me off. The door opened, and Robyn and Winter were back.

“I’m back! And Jaylen you better not ask for my pickles!” Winter smiled as she started smacking on the pickle she was eating.

“Damn did y'all fly? Quick ass trip y'all took.” Jaylen asked.

“Nah I’m a beast when it comes to driving.” Winter stuck her tongue out as I sucked my teeth.

“Girl please, you gone have bout 5 tickets in the mail Odell cause she ran hella red lights.” Robyn said as my smile fell.

“What? Who told you to drive my car?” I asked as Winter tried to look the other way. That’s probably why she left in a rush cause she grabbed my keys. I never let her drive my car cause she’s literally the worst driver ever. Jaylen drives better than her and he barely knows how.

“I love you.” She said hugging me, trying to change the subject. I’ll talk to her about that shit later.

“I love your hard headed ass too.” I kissed her forehead, pulling her closer to me.

“Must be nice.” Robyn sang in the same tone as Lyfe Jennings causing all of us to laugh. “Nah foreal.” Jaylen mumbled as Rob looked over at him. When he looked at her, she looked away. What the hell?

“I-I’m bout to go, I just remembered that I gotta finish these designs.” Jaylen stuttered as he got up and went straight for the door.

“What was that?” I asked Robyn as she shrugged, putting a hand full of fruit snacks in her mouth.

“Awww, he got nervous when Robyn looked at him.” Winter smiled as she waved her off.

“Rob, you wanna go to the movies wit me and Winter?” I asked as I stood up because I knew Robyn hated staying here alone. Plus, we all been dying to see Almost Christmas. Hopefully that bitch was still in theaters.

“Yea, let me get my coat.” She said as she ran up to her room. I knew we were about to have fun. Especially since we were going to IHOP afterwards. Jaylen missing out.


It was about 7am, and here I was wide awake cleaning. I loved cleaning up. It made me… calm. Plus, living with Odell you have no choice but to clean. He can be messy sometimes but most of the time, he’s a neat freak. It always had to spotless around here. I didn’t mind though.

He was the best brother anyone could ask for. He wasn’t my blood brother, but I still considered him as family. We were tight as hell back then and we still are now.

“Why it’s always cold over here? Damn, I’m bout to go home.” I heard Jaylen’s voice. He was always over here, like 24/7.

I hated that they were so close, because that meant that I had to see him all the time. I felt like the biggest dumb ass for kissing him that night. I’m normally not even that comfortable with people I barely know, so I don’t know why I did that.

Pushing the thought of him to the back of my head, I slid into a pair of shorts because I was about to go take the trash out. “Oh shit,” I smirked to myself in the mirror as I struggled to pull my shorts over my butt.

“Girl, let me find out you trying to get thick.” I mumbled to myself sticking my tongue out as I turned around to look at my butt. Had to be all the soul food I been eating lately.

Finally getting them to come over my butt, I turned the light off in the bathroom and made my way into the living room. I was met with some loud music blasting throughout the living room.

“Girl, nobody care about that ugly ass promise ring Odell got you years ago.” I heard Jaylen say to Winter while I laughed to myself.

She always flashed her ring and acted as if they were married but I found it really cute. If someone gave me a promise ring, I’d do the same thing tbh.

“Shut your lonely ass up. You need a fucking girl friend, miserable ass.” Winter barked at him as he waved her off. He completely ignored her and turned his music back up.

“Damn, that’s that bump.” I heard Jaylen say. I hate the fact that he just left me yesterday.

“Nigga I just got some food from this bad ass joint up the street, I had to save you some!” I heard him yell out as he started walking towards Odell. He looked at me, but then looked away when he noticed I was looking at him.

He’s been acting as if I didn’t exist ever since I kissed him that one night. I don’t even know why I did that. To be honest, he was just looking so good at the moment and I thought it was the right thing to do since we were vibing.
There was something telling me to kick him out when he came in my room in the first place. I’m tired of niggas tbh. They’re so stressful.

“You a real one.” I heard Odell laugh as they both walked out of the living room and went into the kitchen.

“Shit’s bomb.” I heard Odell say with with a mouth full of food. He ate at least 100 times a day. If he didn’t work out everyday, he’d be as big as a house.

“Rob, you want some of this?!” He yelled out as I looked back to see him and Jaylen looking at me. I noticed that he shaved his struggle beard.

“No.” I yawned.

Sighing out of relief, I got up to stretch. My throat was pretty dry, I could use some orange juice or something.

Walking over to the kitchen, I sucked my teeth once I seen the grease from their fingers dropping onto the floor. I literally just cleaned up when I woke up this morning. Shaking my head, I opened the refrigerator and seen all types of other drinks but my orange juice. Weird, because I just put some in here this morning.

Looking over towards these two pigs, I scrunched up my face once I seen Jaylen drinking out of my orange juice like he payed for it. “I know you not drinking out of my juice.” I said as I walked over to him.

“Lol.” He said as he stopped drinking it. “I ain’t know it was yours girl, chill wit da attitude.” He said smiling.

Something was seriously wrong with this dude.

“You’re buying me another one.” I told him as I rolled my eyes and left to go to my room. I haven’t cleaned it up yet. I cleaned everything else up, but I was saving my room for last.

“Hey um, yo brother told me to ask if you wanted to go workout with us.” He said breathlessly. I watched as the sweat dropped down his chest and abs. His lips were just moving and moving but I didn’t hear a thing. I was too caught up in how good he looked. Why did he have to be such a dick? This man was so beautiful.

“Yea, I’ll be out in a sec.” I assured him as I got up to grab my workout gear. I’ve been meaning to workout for the longest.

“Bet.” He said before shutting the door. Changing into my clothes, I grabbed my beats before leaving my room.


“Come on, you ain’t going hard enough.” Jaylen said clapping, causing me to roll my eyes. I was over here on my death bed. We’ve been here for 3 hours and he’s been yelling at me the whole time. I was surprised that he was even talking to me.

“Take five, you should be ashamed of yourself.” He shook his head at me as I flicked him off.

“Might as well go get yourself a pork chop basket from JoJo’s while you at it.” He said sarcastically. I wanted to slap him so bad right now. He’s been talking shit this whole time.

“I’m feeling great.” Odell smiled as he took off his shirt full of sweat. They both were training me and working out and neither of them were tired.

Giving up my dream of wanting abs, I reached in my purse and grabbed my Reeses. I’ve been saving this for a week and right now I deserved it.

“You real lazy.” He chuckled as he started to drink some his water. It felt so good outside right now. It wasn’t too cold nor hot.

“I ain’t lazy, I’m just not no body builder like you and O.”  I said as he side eyed me before laughing.

“Robyn, you staying wit Jaylen or coming wit me?” Odell asked as he pulled up in front of Jaylen and I.

“You can go without me..” I told him as he nodded before pulling off. I should’ve gave him my phone, because I have no where to put it.

“Come hoop wit me, you look like you hoop.” He tapped me as I shook my head no. I did used to hoop in high school, but I stopped when I broke my leg.

“This ain’t love and basketball.” I said as he sucked his teeth. “You lucky I even asked you to play.” He muffed me as he ran to the court.

Watching him move back and forth on the court made me wonder if he had on some type of boxers underneath his shorts. I’m just gone assume that he didn’t, cause his lil Vienna sausage was swinging every where.

“Stop looking at my dick, girl.” I heard him say as he made a shot.

“I wasn’t looking at that little-”

“Little where?” He asked as he reached in his shorts before pulling it out. Gasping, I turned away before dying of laughter. I’ve never met someone so bold in my life.

“I’m bored, I’m bout to start picking people up now.” He said as he clicked into the Uber app like he didn’t just pull his dick out.

“Wow, is this what you do for a living?” I asked, confusingly. He had a nice ass car, so I knew this wasn’t what he did.

“No, I’m an artist.” He mumbled, making a million questions pop up in my head. He seemed like his life was interesting.

“What kind?”

“None of your business Ms. Nosey. What do you do for a living? Host parties?”

“Design clothes.” I smiled as he looked over at me like I was lying. I didn’t have to prove anything to him so I didn’t really care if he thought I was lying or not. He better go pick up a Vogue magazine, and look at what these celebs were wearing and check for my name.

“You got some big ass lips.”

“Looks who’s talking.” I laughed. People stayed telling me that my lips were big like I didn’t know that already. It runs in my family.

“Where you from?“.” He asked.

“Just sit back and be quiet I ain’t here to play 21 questions.” I mimicked him from the first day he gave me a ride. He was rude as hell. I’m still waiting on my damn apology.

“My bad, you was being mad annoying that night and I was frustrated.” He apologized. Well I guess that was his way of apologizing.

“Is that how you normally act?” I asked, not understanding why he’s so popular if he acted like a dick all the time.


“Why?” This guy was so interesting.

“I don’t like talking to people that much. That’s why I left when you kissed me, because you caught me off guard. I wasn’t ready for that.”

“I’m so sorry for that Jaylen, seriously. You don’t ever have to worry about that again.” I apologized as he waved me off.

“It’s cool, you good.”

“So we’re cool now?” I asked, holding my fist out for him to pump.

“I don’t know bout all that yet.” He stated as I slowly put my hand back down. Damn, second L that I done took with this dude. I’m just gonna let him do all the talking cause he’s confusing as hell. I see that he’s one of those guys that’s scared of commitment.

“Now you made it awkward.” I spoke up as he looked over at me and laughed.

“You party a lot? You look like you like to turn up. I never seen you not smiling or talking.”

“Not really.. and cause I’m a happy person.” I cheesed.

“Must be nice, I don’t know shit about that.” He chuckled bitterly.

“You’re not happy?” I asked, not really surprised. I could tell he wasn’t by the way he was acting when I first met him. Nobody should be that rude to a person.

“Not really. How can I be happy when I don’t have a mother and constantly keep getting played by a girl that I really love? My life sucks.” He huffed.

“Look, you may not be able to fix that but you’re freaking blessed. Look on the bright side of things. That’s something to be happy about. Whatever you’re going through, talk to God about it. Better days are coming.”

“You think that’ll help?” He asked as stopped at a red light.

“I know it will. I was at a really low point in my life when my parents died. I hated the world. I wasn’t happy at all, but I started talking to God everyday and started to realize that every thing happens for a reason and he doesn’t put us through anything that we can’t handle. Tell you what, how about you come to O’s place tonight and I’ll help you.” I explained, giving him an assuring smile. I loved helping people.

“Um… definitely.” He said as a smile spread across his face.

I guess this was a start.

Age and Pet Regressor Food

🍯 don’t interact if you’re d/d/l/g, c/g/l(re), p/or/n, 18+ only, map, pet/pl/ay, terf, l/itt/les/pace, or allow these 🍯

I know there are a lot of food lists for l/itt/les, but there aren’t many for safe age regressors and pet regressors, so I decided to make one! I also noticed the ones already made were mostly junk food, so I tried to include lots of healthy stuff! The pet regressor ones are at the bottom. Also @bibliothecarynemophilist helped write this!

🐻 breakfast 🐻
🍯 eggs with toast to dip
🍯 dino oatmeal
🍯 waffles
🍯 pancakes
🍯 lucky charms
🍯 cheerios
🍯 froot loops
🍯 fruit bowl
🍯 smoothie
🍯 yogurt with honey or fruit

🐻 lunch/dinner 🐻
🍯 mac & cheese
🍯 chicken noodle soup
🍯 butternut squash
🍯 dino chicken nuggets
🍯 pb&j (use cookie cutters to make shapes)
🍯 grilled cheese sandwich & tomato soup
🍯 fish shaped fish sticks
🍯 alphabet soup
🍯 pigs in a blanket
🍯 spaghettios
🍯 noodle cups
🍯 smiley fries
🍯 ravioli
🍯 mini pizza

🐻 snacks 🐻
🍯 goldfish ⭐
🍯 ants on a log (celery, peanut butter, & raisins)
🍯 apple slices & peanut butter
🍯 popcorn
🍯 applesauce
🍯 veggie sticks & ranch dressing
🍯 veggie sticks & hummus​​
🍯 pretzels
🍯 trail mix
🍯 sliced fruit
🍯 assorted nuts
🍯 apple chips
🍯 chips & cheese dip
🍯 skewers

🐻 dessert 🐻
🍯 cosmic brownies
🍯 rice crispies
🍯 oreos
🍯 chocolate chip cookies
🍯 teddy grahms
🍯 s'mores
🍯 mini marshmallows
🍯 mini cupcakes
🍯 gummies
🍯 jellybeans
🍯 licorice or twizzlers

🐻 drinks 🐻
🍯 chocolate milk
🍯 hot cocoa
🍯 orange juice
🍯 grape juice
🍯 banana milk
🍯 apple juice
🍯 warm milk

🐻 kitty regressors 🐻
🍯 canned tuna
🍯 shredded chicken
🍯 chicken salad
🍯 ground turkey
🍯 tofu

🐻 puppy regressors 🐻
🍯 jerky
🍯 meatloaf
🍯 sloppy joe
🍯 hamburgers
🍯 beef stew
🍯 pretzels
🍯 graham cracker dog treats

🐻 fox regressors 🐻
🍯 jerky
🍯 chopped ham
🍯 shredded chicken
🍯 crickets (you can order online)
🍯 gummy/chocolate bugs
🍯 blueberries
🍯 dried fruit

🐻 bunny regressors 🐻
🍯 baby carrots
🍯 celery
🍯 trail mix
🍯 sliced fruit
🍯 salad
🍯 baby corn
🍯 pretzel bites

I’ll add more if I think of it!

theazureesper  asked:

What's Superman's diet like? Waid made him a vegetarian in Birthright, which I liked. Plus, it was in the pitch for Superman NOW. And, since you know I'm pro- "Jewish Superman", what do you think that version's stance would be in regard to keeping Kosher? Do you have an idea of what his favorite dish would be? And, would any of these dietary traits be passed onto his offspring, clones, or spirit energy recipients?

While I’m not a vegetarian myself, I definitely think of Superman as such - even given how beef bourguignon with ketchup has become a minor mythology element - since with his super-senses he probably can’t disassociate from the fact of what he’s eating. He isn’t vegan though, if only since that’d forbid his Ma’s apple pie, but I’d see him keeping kosher if written as Jewish. I actually really like the idea from Lois & Clark that on his own he mostly eats junk food and lots of it, because hey, he’s Superman, he doesn’t have to worry about his health! For the rest of the family I’m not sure how much that would be the case: I’m pretty sure their physical perceptions would be at least somewhat different from his, so they might not have the same aversion, plus Kara had almost two decades of building up a taste for whatever went into Kryptonian food. Across the board though, while it might not exactly be the best-tasting or filling, any member of the Superman Family’s favorite meal is if and when they have the occasion to do this:

Irken skin contains chloroplasts, which is why it is green. Irkens are actually completely capable of surviving off of sunlight. This is why Irken foods are mostly snacks and other junk food, they eat for pleasure not nutrition. Also, this is the reason why Irken foods tend to be sugary, because they live off of the sugar made by photosynthesis, and so sugars are easier to digest than proteins or fats.

Submitted by Anonymous

- Izumi ) Izumi as a smart and practical person would buy Kouhai a charm bracelet and a small round pocket mirror! // He would also give her a self-made present! 

- Yuu )   Snacks and lots of snacks, mostly junk food. He would want Kouhai to grow big and strong in order to protect everyone. // A very big hair bow! So he can have more reason to gush at her cuteness

- Ren )  Ren would be very shy when giving her the set to her favorite movie series. He would pretend he didn’t think much about it, but in fact he had thought about what he would give her months in advance!

- Touya ) A set of markers, colored pencils and a sketch book. Touya would tell Kouhai that he wants to teach her art and that hopefully someday she can make a beautiful piece beside him. Of course, he wants to share a bit of his own world with her. // He might also throw in an abstract painting or water color painting of kouhai!

- Hajime ) Hajime would not only give her a great gift but also an outstanding party. He would buy her a new dress with his hard earned money and tell her to wear it when they next meet out of school! 

-  Reiji ) You know how Hajime planned the party? Reiji was the one who constructed the huge fake cake that confetti shoots out of! As a oke, Rieji gifts kouhai a fire extinguisher so that the next time something goes aflame, she will be there to save the day!

- Shun ) A matching 3DS that kouhai can battle him with. This means that kouhai will spend a lot more time with Shun, and tying to beat him in Super Smash Bros. // Neko 3DS case

- Souma ) He would give kouhai hand made coupons that makes Souma cook dinner for kouhai three times. // He’d also be the one to bake the cake for her birthday!

- Wakatoshi )  Bright blue earrings, maybe not real diamonds but are ethereal nonetheless. He wants kouhai to wear them every day!

-  Makoto ) A one on one session of basketball after school, including a trip to the spa afterwards! // He’d treat kouhai to icecream 

-  Tokiya ) A special dance alone in the gymnasium to whatever song of her choice. A charm necklace as well. 

- Baa ) His gift to kouhai would be a picnic in the park. // A rose with a special note on it or with a small pic of his mascot-less face.

-  Soujiro ) A new blouse and a pair of heels! 

-  Souh ) A day in which kouhai can boss him around as much as she wants. Her own personal servant. 

-  Touru ) A date in the council room for the two themselves, a cup of coffee and a movie projected onto the white wall. // Alone on the school balcony for a quiet “date” away from stress!

-  Hideki ) He would take kouhai to a pet shop and show her all the cute animals. Afterwards he helps her research some of the new breeds. // a small pocket sized item that will encourage kouhai during hard times

- Suzuki )  VIP concert tickets to his own show. 

- Yamato ) A book of songs he’s written for her. 

-  Kyouya ) A somewhat carefree date to the carnival, and he promises to go on as many rides as she wants! // Something to take care of kouhai, such as arm warmers or eye mask so she can sleep well. Also, since he cares for her academically as well, maybe a self-written study guide :)

-  Takeru ) A visit to his parents house where he and kouhai go over their childhood memories. // Scrapbook of all their memories plus pictures that will include what has changed. A hand written letter.

-  Haruka ) He’s done a bit of research and chose to give kouhai makeup and only a few of the best brand. // First aid kit + some refreshing desserts and sorts to help her maintain her health!

- Jean ) Roses. Lots of roses. Some sweet poems and a portrait that Touya helped him make. 

-  Ai ) Movie date! // An expensive glass made heart

- Hinata ) Tickets to the star observatory. A tea date afterwards~ // A charm to ward off any “bad” or harm.

- Sousuke ) A new coat // Something that was carved out of wood! A heart maybe, or an arrow or even a small figure of kouhai

- Kei ) Cute hairpins

- Takahiro ) A purse from her favorie brand. // Discounts and coupons for places he works for

-  Katsuo ) A new swimsuit so they can swim together.

- Ryuu ) A subtle date to a theater show he wants to take you to. He’s not as forward about the date but hints to it anyway, making sure he asks if you have plans. // A birthdaycard. His standoffish personality makes him a bit awkward around others because he doesn’t have much experiencing in socializing! He will probably go all out from searching “how to present” or go with the simple.. “birthday cards.. are for bdays.”

- Kurou ) A pair of pink sandals perfect for summer. // A comedic commentary of all Kouhai’s favorite movies or animations

Contributors: Jjun // Dae

My Love For Him

Originally posted by tabwi

REQUESTED BY ANON; hey☺️, can you write a jimin scenario about him dating you and while he’s home alone in your shared apartment, he finds your secret book where you wrote the progression of your feelings for him and he find it really cute and so he writes something sweet inside the last page. thanks love💖

Jimin x You

GENRE: Fluff

i screeched after re-reading this. omfg. it’s so cuteeeeeeee. >3< i hope you’ll like it anon!! enjoy!! :D btw, didn’t really know what to title it so yeah. :)

Jimin stomped into the bedroom with heavy steps. You had won a game of rock paper scissors against him, and now it was his time to clean your room you two shared. He entered in, seeing what felt like a junkyard to him. Clothes were scattered everywhere, plastic wraps of junk food on the floor that were never picked up and thrown away, papers that were crumbled up into a ball - a mess that Jimin didn’t want to clean up. Especially since you had left the house to go do a little grocery shopping to cook dinner for the night.

He let out a long groan before starting. He eyed around the room, picking the messiest spot - which he guessed had to be under the bed. He kneeled down, his eyes dropping into disappointment at the mess that laid in front of him. There was junk everywhere. He sighed, thinking to blame all this junk on you, but he knew better not to or else he would be sleeping outside on the couch for the rest of his life with you.

He began picking and throwing out a few things. The little things first which was wrappers of all sorts; junk food mostly from all those late nights cravings you two had when you were bored. A smile creeped onto his face thinking back to those fun times. He moved on throwing out old unimportant sheets of paper that had your name on them during your high school years. He felt like puking thinking to himself why you kept them when you both already graduated high school.

After throwing them into the big trash bag by his side, his eyebrows scrunched together when he picked up which seemed to be an old-dusty-cute-little purple notebook in his hands. He blew away the dust, blinking a few times to get the dust off his eyes. Taking a deeper look into the notebook, he opened it realizing your handwriting all over the pages.

“Is this your diary?” He said to himself, creating a small smile onto his face.

He skimmed through the pages until he came upon one with the corner of the page folded. He noticed a small little red heart on the folded corner and his smile widen, becoming more curious at what this page could be about. When he read his name as the first sentence, his eyes grew realizing you were writing about him. But why?

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@auburninoctober: Don’t panic, love! There are a few things you can do. If you’re able, either grab some clean storage totes–the bug plastic ones–and stick them in your tub or shower and fill them with water from the tap while it’s still running. Also, stores like Walmart often restock laaate at night, so if you guys can make it there then, grab what you can. The dollar stores usually have some non-perishables. It’s going to be junk food mostly, but it’s something. Even if you do evacuate, having that stuff on hand is never a bad idea.
Other than that, unless you’re already past 36 weeks, you should be ok to travel. Check with your OB and/or hospital. If you’re 36 weeks or later, your hospital might insist you come in; that’s what ours did.
Be safe, do what you can, and try to maintain your calm if you can. I totally understand. We’re in SFL, and it’s not looking promising. But as long as you’re safe and unhurt when the storm passes, things will work out.