mostly i wanted one of the top right one


some more pride cats!!! this set mostly focuses on genders, but i also continued the acronym from the first set. you can use them as icons or edit them into headers if you want; just please credit me somewhere visible!! ♥ ♥ ♥

from top to bottom, left to right:

  • pan
  • poly
  • non-binary
  • genderfluid
  • agender
  • neutrois
  • maverique
  • bigender
  • polygender

please do not edit your own versions without my permission! if you want one in another flag scheme just shoot me an ask ~♥

(set one can be found here)

Look at these vicious, violent hounds

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Prompt:  pls do more chris beck, i dont have a specific request its just that WE NEED MORE CHRIS BECK. I NEED MORE CHRIS BECK IN MY LIFE. hahhah i love you guys!

Word Count: 1600ish


Authors Note: We got the call for more Beck and that call has been answered. This is going to be a series that hopefully will be updated weekly. Let me know what you all think! Hermaion is Greek meaning “a lucky find.”

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Gruvia Love Love Fest (4. Striptease)

Note: There’s some touching and kissing in this, but nothing really smutty is shown, only implied. (Thus why I didn’t put a cut in.)

After their relationship became more physically intimate, Juvia began to find Gray’s stripping habit more bothersome than before. She was used to picking up the clothes he threw around and turning to him during a conversation only to discover he’d lost his clothes while she wasn’t looking. Those things weren’t the problem. The problem was when she was distant enough from him to notice when he started stripping.

Like now, for example. She’d been sitting at a table in the guild, working on a Gajeel doll for Levy, while Gray sat together with the rest of his team, talking (or maybe arguing). Looking up from her sewing, she saw one of Gray’s hands drift up to the buttons of his shirt, popping a couple of them open to reveal a tantalizing glimpse of his collarbones and chest.

Not that she hadn’t seen that part of him (and much more) before, of course, even before they’d begun dating. But now that she knew what his chest felt like under her fingertips as she ran her hands across it, what it was like to kiss her way along his collarbone and over his shoulder, she couldn’t seem to help thinking about what it’d be like to touch the skin he’d just exposed. Her eyes seemed glued to his form, and she found herself holding her breath in anticipation of him revealing more of his body to her eager eyes.

After a few moments, his fingers started undoing more buttons until his shirt hung completely open, baring a strip of his chest from neck to navel. She felt warmth gather in her cheeks as a familiar heat began to spread through her. Ah, to slip her hands under that open shirt and run them down his chest and up his back, feeling his muscles flexing underneath her finger, while kissing her way along his throat to where his pulse beat… Maybe he would put his fingers under her chin and tilt her face up so he could give her a passionate kiss…

But before she could drift too far into fantasies, Gray shrugged his shirt completely off, letting it drop to the floor as Juvia’s attention was pulled back to the real him. Her eyes roamed over the newly exposed skin, and the warmth that was pooling in her belly started to turn into an ache. Oh, how the way he was slowly revealing more and more of himself was driving her crazy! She knew she should look away, or get up and start gathering his clothes to have him redress himself, but all she could seem to do was sit there frozen in her seat, looking at him and wanting.

It was when Gray and Natsu stood up up to butt heads, and Gray’s pants finally slipped over his hips and down his legs, leaving him in just his boxers, that Juvia managed to break out of her trace. Hurrying across the guild hall, she grabbed Gray’s wrist and started pulling him away from the impending fight, ignoring his startled “Hey!” Dragging him to the resting room, she took a quick look around to make sure that no one was using it at the moment before getting them both inside quickly and shutting them both inside, making sure to lock the door behind her.

Looking down at her with a frown, he began to ask, “What-?” before being silenced by her wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him like her life depended on it. He was only stiff under her touch for a moment before starting to return the kiss, wrapping his arms around her waist and tilting his head to one side to get better access. Sighing, she parted her mouth under his, and he wasted no time in following her invitation, his tongue entering to tangle with hers.

When they pulled away for air, Gray pressed his forehead against her, smiling down at her bemusedly. “Well, hello to you, too.”

She looked away, feeling a bit embarrassed about her forwardness. “Juvia is sorry, but she couldn’t help herself. She saw Gray-sama stripping, and- and she couldn’t keep from wanting him!”

“Oh?” She looked up at the amused tone in his voice to find him looking at her with a proud smirk on his face. “You just can’t resist me, huh?”

Juvia nodded, feeling her cheeks heat up with a blush.

“And do you still want me?” he asked, his eyes glancing up and down her body before meeting hers, and she could see that they were starting to darken with desire. She nodded again, how could she stop wanting him when he was standing there mostly naked and looking at her like that?

“Well,” he said as his smirk widened, “if I just left you like this I’d be being a bad boyfriend, right?” She nodded for a third time. “And I definitely don’t want to be a bad boyfriend, so…” He shifted one of his arms under her butt and lifted her, making her squeak and wrap her legs around his waist, before carrying over to one of the beds and laying her down on it. Climbing onto the bed on top of her, he proceed to make sure he had a very satisfied girlfriend.

Afterwards, as Gray was idly running a hand through her hair as she rested her head on his naked chest, she mumbled, “Maybe Gray-sama should try to be more careful about not stripping in the guild…”

“Maybe,” he said as he smirked down at her again. “But it was kind of fun to see you this worked up…”

She sighed and smacked his chest lightly with the back of one hand as he chuckled at her. Yes, his stripping habit was a problem and it looked like Gray would be no help at all in solving it.


Part 1 of my Free! sexuality headcanons

At some point last week I got bored, and made matching images of my Free! sexuality headcanons, so I’m posting those now with a quick comment (hints at ships) to each of them below.

Just like Haru, Rei is asexual. However, he’s homoromantic. He is in a relationship with Nagisa, who is perfectly okay with Rei not wanting to have sex, or even too much physical contact sometimes. He’s okay with kissing, he deeply enjoys it even, but he doesn’t want to go any further, and physical contact easily makes him uncomfortable. He’s a lot like Haru when it comes to that: he likes being touched by Nagisa (who knows the boundaries and will stop immediately when he notices Rei getting uncomfortable), and he’s fine with his friends touching him, but for everyone else there’s the no touching rule. Nagisa makes sure everyone listens to that ohh boy

Nagisa does not care about Your Typical Gender Roles™. He’s pansexual; he likes who he likes, and he crushes on every single one of his friends at least a tiny bit. Rei is the exception, he loves Rei with all his heart, and makes sure to show him all the time (so much PDA whenever Rei is okay with it oh my god). It’s Nagisa’s first relationship, and he thinks it’s perfect.

I feel like Haru would be an asexual. Since I wanted to specify, I included the flag in the top right corner too. It’s the aromantic flag, or, one of them, as there isn’t an official one yet. I feel like Haru wouldn’t fall in love, or feel attracted to anyone, however I do see him in a queerplatonic relationship with Makoto. They’ll do a lot of cuddling, and while Haru isn’t the one who initiates it and makes it seem like he mostly does it for Mako’s sake, he does enjoy it as well (he’s not too fond of physical contact in general, but with Mako and also his other friends to a degree, especially Nagisa because he’s Nagisa, it’s okay).

Makoto I see as homosexual. There’s actually not much I gotta comment on for that, only that I see him in a qp relationship with Haru, as stated in the comment for Haru.
I imagine he might be out to his parents and his siblings, all of them are very supportive and accepting, and of course they love Haru and very much approve.

Part 2 (Samezukas) here, Part 3 (Kou, Kisumi, Seijurou) here


Phone Wallpapers: ft. Kamenashi Kazuya
    ↳ click image for bigger resolution!

** note: I made these for my Samsung Galaxy S3 but I can’t imagine them not working on any other phone type; you might just need to crop them to fit your phone if necessary!

So I’ve been asked a couple times how I do my journaling–so I thought I would finally offer you all a glimpse into my madness. 

My brain is a serious bag of cats, so beware. 

I don’t follow any real pattern for my journals. I don’t have separate journals for different things. One notebook is EVERYTHING. Right now I’m using one of the fatter, mid-sized moleskines. It’s perfect. 

Here’s some 10 things you find in it–this is of course not all inclusive because there’s a TON of stuff in the notebook. There’s everything from a list of important dates to notes from patient encounters to a list of things I’m buying for Christmas gifts. It’s a little bit of everything–but then I know I have everything with me. :) 

(Top to bottom and right to left) 

  1. Beginnings of writing pieces (that often and eventually make it onto this blog).
  2. Quotes from books/people/etc that I liked
  3. Recipes
  4. Grocery lists
  5. Things I want to keep (these are some cards from artists whose stuff I liked)
  6. General journaling about life 
  7. Lists of thoughts 
  8. Drawings (mostly bad ones) 
  9. Med school stuff (here are some notes from a conversation I had with my intern before starting on L&D about how the service works) 
  10. To-Do lists 

Keep a notebook, kids. One day it’ll be fun to look back and remember everything from what you were doing that week in your life, to what was inspiring you, to the movies you saw or the books you were reading. 

Plus it’s a great way to organize your life and not carry around eight different things to hold all your stuff. 

When the dean called me on the set of my job to invite me here today I was crying. I’d been crying because I had failed. I had this audition - and i don’t get many because of my schedule - I thought that I’d allowed myself to give into the room and be free. I’d made my own choices, I touched upon my own life, so I thought that I was being raw and honest and i was proud of my work. I got a call from my manager saying that while my audition was good, it was like a little sticky and aggressive and it wasn’t what they were looking for (now this is part of being an actor. making a choice they don’t like, being too over the top or too subtle. it comes with the territory) but what was a heartbreak for me was because after 5 years of mostly doing one thing, and really wanting and imagining that I would do so much more. I actually fear daily that i’ve lost my abilitiy to do anything else *yeah, it got real!* And so when they told me that I wasn’t what they wanted, I heard that I was right to have that fear. That I had lost my artistic soul and my only choice was to continue doing that one thing, which at that moment I really couldn’t bear to do anymore. I couldn’t see the point of the passion. So I sat on the Warner Brothers lot where I work and I totally wept, because I failed, because I still have so much to prove. So once I reached the end of my tears, still not knowing how I would resurrect myself from this feeling of failure - I dried my eyes and I went onto the show and I did the one thing I know how to do as an artist. I served the story. I let that feeling of failure fuel me to create, because I felt so low, so close to the earth, that all I could think of was the story and how nothing that I felt in that moment mattered in the face of it. And you know what? I felt more connected to my work than I had in months.
—  Troian Bellisario for USC School of Dramatic Arts Commencement Speech 2014 [x]

anonymous asked:

Does Tadashi have any kinks? During or after or before sexy time, heck even daytime ones. Cuddling? Watching? Does he like to snuggle on the couch on sundays? Or perhaps he's into some more extreme stuff B3 Have your pick! :D


“Well… you know, Anon-”

“Oh no.  I got this.  The thing is Anon, Tadashi is a cuddler.  Like, robotic octopus from one of Fred’s comics type of cuddler.  Which would be great, if he didn’t have the habit of falling asleep on top of me.

"And sure, I’ve caught him watching me a few times, but it’s mostly innocent stuff, when I’m working on a project and realize he’s just staring and has this stupid grin on his face.  

"But hey, you wanted kinks right?  He does have this one thing… you think he’d be gentle, you know?  And sure, yeah, most of the time he is, but Tadashi has this thing for pain.  Not a lot, and nothing crazy, but you think a guy that rips duct tape off of people just to prove a point is all hugs and butterflies?  I was surprised at first… I kinda like it now.”

"Yes, thank you, Hiro…”

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How do you decorate your police station?

Ah well, maybe “decorate” was too much but basically, you can choose which items end up in there. Look at mothscrossing‘s lost & found:

Take all of the items in the lost & found before you start.
Make sure all the places where items could vanish from are clear: Put the items you don’t want to appear in the police station away or somewhere where no one will move in over them (train station, in front of Re-Tail, onto the beach, around the houses, next to PWPs, top of the plaza) – or generally tidy up your town!
Then stategically place items you want to appear in the police station where they will inevitably “get lost” aka the bottom right corner on the plaza where tents appear. You want the tent on top of the items! (You could also place a villager home or resident home on them but it’s less complicated to use events.) I mostly placed them there one by one or, if I don’t care about the order they show up in, a bunch of them at once.
Since you can put pretty much anything in there and visitors can enter the police station in dream towns, I think it’s a nice touch to fill it up with town related items. That way, my Booker got a cake and an apple to keep him fed while Ammoth’s Copper seems to have picked these bones pretty thorougly already :>

If you worry about getting back some accidentally lost items later on, all you have to do is take everything home and the other items should show up on the next day (if they vanished after the ones in there already).

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hey do u know any good yogscast blogs? im having trouble finding any

oh! well, most of my suggestions would be sips and sjin like… hmm. general heads-up for sips and sjin content in these recs, although a lot may not be sips and sjin! (what can i say, i follow blogs that have similar interests to me!)

sorry if i mention you in this post and you don’t consider yourself a yogblog! i’m currently writing this at 1 am and i’m only checking minimally to see if i’m right and you are indeed a yogblog. if you want me to remove you from the list just send me an ask :)
sorry if i don’t mention you in this post, this is mostly just off the top of my head and is in no way a representation of if i value your blog or not. 

first and foremost, my friends page because they’re freaking rad. i’d tell you to just follow everyone on there, but i think the ones that are still interested in yogs/could be considered ‘yogblogs’ and are definitely ones i would recommend, yogs or not are: 

some more cool yogblogs:

  1. @thatonevaleriegirl
  2. @brindleberry
  3. @sjinnuendo
  4. @tigerphantom
  5. @sjinpossible
  6. @enderoid
  7. @historygamer
  8. @aerialreflections
  9. @bluexephos
  10. @fluxdumpster
  11. @gutsdumpster
  12. @elswere-0
  13. @ender-geek
  14. @yogscats
  15. @djh3imax
  16. @milly-dean
  17. @violet-fire-cat
  18. @lvlna 
  19. @asianchiq23
  20. @magical-mage-dude
  21. @endermen-police
  22. @lynxpurrs
  23. @xephinity
  24. @teagstime
  25. @sapphicaspiewitch
  26. @tastyyogart
  27. @swishysloth
  28. @frostedcornflake
  29. @pxrvis
  30. @nanopenjuin
  31. @nanomadia
  32. @captain-nerdface
  33. @tellycats
  34. @doctorbethanysartblog
  35. @binchute
  36. @yogscast5ever
  37. @bellehyn
  38. @void-bee
  39. @dungeonraided
  40. @spuddington
  41. @hatfails
  42. @hatlads
  43. @opalimee
  44. @asaltthesmith
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  47. @hott4trott
  48. @so-many-beees
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  58. @disturbingelephanteyes
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  65. @kaykay556 / @kaykay-arts
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  70. @bluespaceguy
  71. @letgoofmygreggo
  72. @bro–strider
  73. @pivilio
  74. @allthe-lights-inthe-sky

that’s pretty much it! there were more but they have since become inactive because all my knowledge of Cool Yogscast Blogs is from the tekkit era :’)