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17-Day Pokeblog Challenge Day 15

Day 15: Thoughts on Team Skull?


I really like the concept they did with Team Skull, they look like intimidating gangsters but they’re just comic relief overall. This is pretty much similar to Team Rocket in the anime, comedic villains only there to make the show more entertaining. There is one problem in the Pokemon series as a whole and that’s memorable villains. Sure we have villains in the past generations that some fans might remember but most villains lack mostly humor, they were either dull or just too serious. Team Skull breaks this trend by being more comedic than being serious. Then there Team Skull’s boss, Guzma, the only reason why he decided to form Team Skull and help Aether Foundation is because he was love with Lusamine. I’m surprised nobody told him that she’s already married. Then again, it’s probably for the best if he never finds out…

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30 Days of Vulture Culture - Day 3: What is your collection mostly; bones, pelts, taxidermy, a mixture?

A mixture! Skulls, bones, and teeth for the most part and they are my favorites but I also like collecting feathers (only the legal ones!), fossils, and other bits n’ bobs. Pictured here is a small sampling of it all, haha!