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Prompt: Three times Michael has lied to either Gavin or Ryan for the wrong reasons, and one time he did it for the right ones. (GTA mavinwood)

For Olivia - thank you so much for all your support <3 <3


Michael’s in too deep before he even knows it.

It starts in a club the night after their first successful heist as a full crew, a motley assortment of bounty hunters, hit men and vagabonds that Ramsey pulled together from fucking Craigslist, beggars with big dreams who all have just a touch of eccentricity to them. Enough to make things work.

It’s the most fun he’s had in years. He’s known these men seventy-two hours but they feel as close as family already.

Well, maybe not quite like family, because the three of them have wandered away from the rest of the group to sit together at a booth close to the dance floor, and if they were family he wouldn’t be noticing how nice Ryan’s lips look as he lifts his glass to drink, or how the colourful lights flicker across Gavin’s skin so prettily, how good they look sitting side by side - Gavin latched himself to Ryan early on, like a little golden bird perched on the back of a huge dark-haired wolf - now their shoulders brush, they’re sat so close, and Gavin’s fingers trail across Ryan’s wrist to get his attention. Michael can’t stop thinking about how well he’d fit between the two of them.

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What if Ryuken raised the Kurosaki kids?

As requested by anon. :) And anon. ;)

1. In this reality, both Isshin and Masaki die.

The reasons could be many but I’m gonna go with - Isshin is present when the Grand Fisher attacks and tries to save Masaki and Ichigo. But thanks to Isshin not having powers and Yhwach choosing that moment to steal Masaki’s, both of Ichigo’s parents would die. Right there. In front of him.

Baby Ichigo: …

Baby Ichigo: …

Baby Ichigo: [screaming]

2. Ryuken would end up getting custody of the three Kurosaki kids.

Which would require some…explaining, given that the Kurosaki kids would have no idea that Ryuken knew their mom.

Ryuken: Masaki was originally engaged to me, and therefore I am your new father now.

Ichigo: Okay.

Ryuken: Kids are so easy.

3. The Kurosaki kids would know about the Quincy.

Being raised in the Ishida household would mean that all of the Kurosaki kids would be aware of the Quincy stuff. They would not only know Ryuken, but also Soken (who I think was still around post-Katagiri’s death? The timeline is confusing), who liked to talk about the Quincy. They’d also find out about Masaki being a Quincy, I think, since it seems like that might come up. All they wouldn’t know is that their dead dad was a shinigami.

Ichigo: I wonder why this bedspread that my father gave me is black with this weird skull symbol.

Ichigo: He must have been a goth.

4. Ichigo would be trained as a Quincy.

Ishida was trained as a Quincy by his grandfather Soken. Ichigo, never one to turn down training, would be trained as well. Only, as we have seen, Ichigo’s Quincy powers manifest as a sword, not a bow. I choose to believe that would still be the case in this reality. Mostly because of how much it would annoy baby Ishida.

Ishida: A proper Quincy weapon is a bow, Ichigo, a bow!

Ichigo: But I like swords.

Ishida: What kind of Quincy are you??

5. Yuzu and Ishida would do housework together.

In canon, Yuzu took over the housework after Masaki died. Yuzu’s mom still dies in this reality, so I think Yuzu would try to take over the housework in the Ishida household too. Only she’d have Ishida’s help, because Ishida seems like someone who would do housework.

Ishida: You are old enough now, Yuzu.

Ishida: I am going to teach you how to fix a stuffed animal in three seconds or less - with style!

Yuzu: Wow!

6. Maybe Karin get some training too.

But to be honest, I’m not too sure. By the time she was old enough, Soken would probably be dead, and also Karin has the whole “Ghosts don’t exist even though I can see them” thing going on. But at least she’d have the opportunity, since all the Quincy stuff would be out in the open.

Ishida: Just imagine….the ghosts who annoy you? You can shoot them in the face.

Karin: Hmmmm….you make a compelling case…

Ichigo: S-stop trying to turn my sister into a Quincy!!

7. Ishida and Ichigo would bicker a lot.

Being raised as brothers wouldn’t help Ichigo and Ishida’s bickering problem. If anything, they’d bicker more.

Ishida: Y-you knew I was saving the last cookie for myself, Ichigo!


Ichigo: It’s always straight to the duel with you, huh?

8. Ichigo would not be shocked by Rukia’s identity as a shinigami.

Seeing as he knew about shinigami from the beginning.

Ichigo: A shinigami, huh?

Rukia: You know about shinigami?

Ichigo: Of course I do! I’m a Quincy!

Rukia: Quincy?

Ichigo: What, we’re still around!

9. Ichigo would have two swords from the beginning.

Well, not from the beginning-beginning. Ichigo would have his Quincy powers, so he wouldn’t need Rukia to give him shinigami powers as well. But after Ichigo’s powers are taken away by Byakuya and Ichigo goes to Urahara for training, his true power would materialize: two swords. And one of them (shockingly!) a shinigami sword.

Tessai: …

Jinta: …

Ururu: …

Urahara: …

Ichigo: Cool! I have an extra sword.

Ichigo: So is that normal?

Everybody: NO

10. When Ryuken demanded that Ishida and Ichigo choose between Quincy and shinigami, Ichigo would choose shinigami.

In the interest of not making this list super long, I will skip over the fact that all of Ichigo’s battles would be fought with two swords, but I beg you to imagine it because it sounds cool. Instead, let’s move onto that ultimatum that Ryuken gives Ishida - Quincy powers in exchange for having nothing to do with Soul Society. Ichigo wouldn’t be in the same boat (he hadn’t lost his powers. Yet), but I think Ryuken would give Ichigo much the same ultimatum. And Ichigo would go with the shinigami.

Ishida: W-why? What’s wrong with you? How could you choose SHINIGAMI over QUINCY??

Ichigo: I dunno. I feel like I really bonded with all those shinigami guys in Soul Society.

Ichigo: And I just - 

Ichigo: I really love swords, man.


11. Ichigo would eventually find out his whole family history from Ryuken.

Eventually Ichigo would find out that his father was a shinigami, when he got the family history from Ryuken. This would shock Ichigo, who somehow wouldn’t have put it together yet.

Ichigo: Wow….that explains… much…

Ryuken: I do not even wish to hear what you thought was going on.

12. The current plot would be extra angsty. 

Because it wouldn’t just be friends on different sides of a war. It would be BROTHERS.


Ishida: I-I’m not the one on the wrong side here!

Pernida: Legos? Really?

Ishida: S-shut up!

"Día de los Muertos" Explained for foreigners

Okay, I’ll try to make this simple for everybody to understand

External image

This lovely woman over there is known as “La Catrina” drawn by Jose Guadalupe Posada in 1910, but back then her name was “Calavera Garbancera”, the last name being a term used to mock indigenous citizens who refused to acknowledge their roots and pretended to be European…but they were poor as well.  

However it was Diego Rivera who named her “La Catrina” in one of his paintings “Sueño de una tarde dominical en la Alameda Central”, where she appeared along her creator and dressed as a rich person.

But what does she have to do with the “Día de los Muertos”?

It’s easy, she has become an iconic representation of it…along with the works of Jose Guadalupe Posada who, mind you, invented the “Calaveras”: poems that vary in length but are always about people cheating death (or La Parca), winning or loosing their lives.

External image

And this is another job of this fine man. Most of his images were critics to the society of that time but have become iconic representations of this celebration as well.

But weren’t you going to explain this “Día de los Muertos?”

Oh! Of course! Okay so here’s the thing:
This “Día de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead), is a celebration that begins in November 1st, “Día de los fieles difuntos”, a day to celebrate the kids who passed away and finishes the following day, “El Día de los Muertos”, the big day.

It is believed that, during those days, the ghosts of those who left this world return to spend some time with those who are left behind among the living.

Altar de Muertos

External image

This isn’t something that is put all the year to decorate the house (it’s meant to be put only for two days)…this is a special thing that does something wonderful: remember those who died and were special to us. This is the reason that there is a photograph of the honoured person atop of it.

There is a special type of flower used for this: cempasuchitl, which is believed to guide the spirits of people to their respective altars.

And, if you can notice it, there are plenty of colours over it, decorations made with papel mache, candles, toys (those are mostly for the kids), and decorations on the ground that act like the flower that I mentioned above.

Now, there’s a candy unique to this day that is only made during the holidays: Calaverita de azucar (sugar skull), the sweetest thing you’ll ever eat, I guarantee it, since it’s basically sugar in all of it’s glory. But it’s not just a pile of sugar, no, it’s sugar in the form of a skull, decorated to look like this:

External image

The thing of their foreheads is a space where one writes the name of those who left this world…or you could write your own as well.

The “Altar the Muertos” also has food on it, besides the sugar skulls, like “Pan de Muerto” (Dead bread) and no, it’s not rotten bread, it’s actually bread with a good layer of sugar above it, shaped to look like this:

External image

And it’s only made during the holidays too.

So there’s food on this “Altar de Muertos”?

You can bet there is! but it’s not for you!….well, not at all, but it’s for the one who died (that person that is being honoured),hence the reason that there’s food on it. Food that the one who died liked while still alive… you see: the ghost comes to your house and, if there’s food that he/she used to eat, he/she’ll feel like at home. So, long story short: the ghost eats the soul of his/her favourite food, then leaves during November 2nd.

After that you and your family can eat the food left at the altar but it won’t taste like it usually does.

This Altar can be put in either your house of at the graveyard, covering the tombstone of the one it’s destined to. Either way it still is a beautiful sight.

Did I mention that you can put it on a graveyard? Well, now you know.

Where does it come from?

This wonderful celebration comes from the prehispanic era, where it was accompanied by Mictecacíhuatl, the Lady of Death, all in honour of the kids and adults who died (and it has retained those aspects to the date).

However, during the Conquest of Mexico, the religious people mixed it with their European traditions and so it was born.

  Can I celebrate it even if I’m not mexican?

Of course you can! Just keep in mind that it’s not like Halloween and it has a deep meaning beneath the colours:

  • To honour those who left us behind in the road of life
  • Remember them and have them closer to us
  • And mock death…in a respectful manner

It’s not only a party thrown out just because of yes, OH HELL NO! It’s a meaningful celebration to link the past with the future and cherish life even after death.


lylakoi  asked:

Always glad to see Abarai on my dash, thanks. By the way, do you like Renji's tats? Or if you were the tattoo master, what would you offer him?

OH GOD I LOVE RENJI’S TATTOOS! They’re individual pieces, yet form a full body piece together. You don’t see such tattoos often, not in fictional or real world. Usually original tribal tattoos, like for example Yan Thaï (Thai), Tā Moko (Maori) or Irezumi (Japanese) have such tattoo forms, where individual pieces form a full body picture. Plus come on, he rocks also a facial tattoo, how rare is that?! (if we don’t count Tā Moko’s beautiful chin/cheek tattoos)

If Renji was an empty canvas without any tattoos, I’d have plenty of ideas what to put on him:

Kawa-styled Irezumi. Kawa irezumi tattoo leaves skin exposed in front of the torso, on the forearms and on the legs under the knee. This way the person can roll up their sleeves, pant’s legs and open up buttoned shirt without exposing the tattoo. Though it seems that in Seireitei having tattoos exposed is no problem.

Sak Yant. Sak Yant is a religious Thai tattoo, where you seal a deal with a spirit by taking the tattoo. For Renji it could work as a deeper seal with Zabimaru for example. Overall it would be an interesting concept for a spirit creature to have a tattoo, which binds you to a certain spirit and it’s powers!

Russian prison/criminal tattoos. These are the only old school tattoos I personally like. They’re political, religious, and often provocative. Skulls, texts, girls, sex, saints, crosses, for some reason lots of felines ect. For Renji the tattoos could be mostly skulls, babes, strong animals, devotions to his fighter/warrior path, marks of achievements, personal statements ect. These would bring up his rugged side more.

Dotwork. Renji would simply rock dotwork flowers or geometrical dotworks. They look especially nice on men.

If I had to choose only one, I’d give him dotwork sleeves, mixing there some religious symbols like flower mandalas.  I’d give him flowers, because Squad 6′s symbol is flower, and flowers are symbol of masculinity, power and manhood in Asia (at least in Japan and Korea, possibly also in other countries I’m not familiar with).

Then we could see how we could continue the tattoos on the other parts of his body. Sleeves are easy to stretch on the chest and upper back.

I mean look at that flower mandala sleeve..!

I’ll be honest: I just want Aether to be the true villains (be they well-intentioned, but in a twisted way or outright evil, tho I think the latter is less likely.) because I like Team Skull too much and want to team up with them once the whole reveal happens and they go way too far for even Guzma’s tastes.

Because imo, the whole destruction in human form just seems to be trying way too hard:

And I can’t really take Plumeria or the grunts too seriously because they’re mostly delinquents and I don’t think they’re out for any world-destroying shit:

I’m just not buying them going from a guy who wanted to commit genocide to a gang whose plots seem to consist of graffiti and petty theft.

(The only one I take somewhat seriously is–probably oddly-enough–Gladion, due to his highly-likely ties to Aether, given how much he looks like Lusamine and his use of Type:Null, and the chance he may be UB-02 Absorption, given the similarities and possibly as the reasoning for his pose, apprehensive expression, and his constant shaking during battles–it just seems like he’s trying to hold something back to me. It’s even debatable if he’s truly a member of Team Skull, since how it’s been pointed out he lacks their emblems–and also the above resemblance to Lusamine and UB-02, he could be the tie between the two organizations.)

(Can’t wait to see if any of our theories are proven when the games are released.)

ok anon inspired me to think about Coffee Shop Fire Emblem Awakening AU while i was going home

so like there are two coffee shops in one neighbourhood, therefore theyre Rivals. of course those coffee shops are Plegia and Ylisse

they are rivals for ages now, which was awful before Emmeryn inherited Ylisse after her father had passed away. he would focus solely on destroying Plegia and wouldnt think at all about costs and what clients want, so of course he left a bunch of debts and stuff (it was basically a miracle they didnt go bankrupt before Emmeryn inherited it)

so now Ylisse is barely making ends meet, Emmeryn as a boss is trying her best to improve the situation and pay off all debts and loans without losing the shop (which was in the family for a couple of generations now so it would be v sad to let it go; also she lives with Chrom and Lissa in a flat above the coffee shop so it would be heartbreaking to pass by everyday if it wasnt theirs anymore) while Plegia wants revenge after what Emmeryn’s father was doing to them and they want to bring Ylisse down.

Plegia is very stable and makes good money. Gangrel is technically the owner of the coffee shop, but hes also an extremely lazy busy businessman and Validar handles managing the place most of the time. Validar is very sneaky and somehow manages to improve stuff for low price and find all the good deals etc etc so $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Aversa is part of the staff, but shes Validar’s right hand and handles rest of the staff and reports to him all problems. she also handles pr (you know those sassy official twitter accounts of shops and stuff? thats her)

Robins are twins (and i was thinking whether they would have different names but then i was like “parents thought there would be only one kid and didnt pick other name and then shrugged and rolled with one for both” i honestly believe Validar would do that)  and are a part of the staff; they are well liked by Literally Everyone and some clients come just to talk with them. they make the best drinks and are ultra good at making clients buy more than they wanted.

Tharja and Henry are both part of the staff too. Henry mostly does side jobs like moving stuff around, restocking, and cleaning. most likely to make comments like “oh hey this stain looks like a skull” or spend a long time discussing with robins how much coffee do you need to kill somebody.

Tharja joined the staff after meeting Robins and she always tries to have a shift with one of them or even both if its possible. although not very good with costumers, she makes killer coffee. is surprisingly creative coming up with new recipes, too.

as for Ylisse, only Chrom, Lissa and Frederick are the regular staff. they have some (very) part-timers consisting of their friends helping out for almost free while they can spare a moment.

Frederick has been sticking around Chrom and Lissa since they were tiny, so of course he thought it was his duty to help out at the coffee shop as well. his drinks and food are always Perfect (and he trains the rest of the staff really harshly. boy do they remember exactly how many times to grind the beans for perfect texture now). hes liked the most by old ladies who always try to flirt with him lol

the rest of Shepherds are either people who befriended Chrom and Lissa at school or clients that evolved into friends and now hang out at the shop since its not very busy. Ricken wants to be a barista (and help out Chrom) real bad and gets upset when hes told hes too young. actively advertises Ylisse wherever he is able to.

Maribelle is Lissa’s best friend and of course helps out often, mostly making sure everything is clean and put in the most efficient place. she also often bullies convinces people to come to the shop.

Phila is Emmeryn’s friend and she helps out with managing the shop and finding money and all that Business Stuff. she was/is (idk about everyones ages im too lazy to think about that lol) Sumia and Cordelia’s (uni?) senpai and the two were curious what kind of place she is helping, and thats how they ended up at Ylisse. Sumia liked it and Cordelia fell hard for Chrom, so they became regulars.

Gaius was supposed to be the Problem Client and spread bad rumours about Ylisse on Plegia’s behalf, but after tasting delicious sweets served at the shop he decided to hang around.

Libra was a regular client, but after finding out that Plegia wants to bring Ylisse down and telling Chrom in time he became closer with everyone and visits the coffee shop more often.

Similar case was with Miriel, although she mostly became curious whether the coffee shop can even stay alive despite the bad luck and all obstacles and decided to make a research out of it.

Vaike is Chrom’s school friend and of course he had to see where his Rival works. ended up becoming a part-timer. oh how tables have tabled,

Sully, Kellam, and Stahl are also Chrom’s friends, although they came to the coffee shop more out of curiousity than willing to help. they found it a very nice place to hang out (and Stahl got very fond of stuff they serve) and would spend their free time there when there were no other clients around, so eventually they started helping out.

rest of characters are there somewhere too but im too lazy to think about them, sorry,,,

anyways one day Chrom is sent to Plegia as a spy to find out what the heck they do to be so good and there he meets Robins and of course ends up befriending them. Robins of course quickly realize why hes there and that he works at Ylisse, but dont really mind and just start hanging out at Ylisse when theyre not busy at Plegia. other Plegian staff also starts hanging out there and basically eventually Gangrel and Validar have to give up and make a peace with Ylisse because their staff is now friends and would fight for each other if needed.(it all started just because i imagined flustered Chrom and Stupid Sexy Baristas Robins smiling at him oh dear)
17-Day Pokeblog Challenge Day 15

Day 15: Thoughts on Team Skull?


I really like the concept they did with Team Skull, they look like intimidating gangsters but they’re just comic relief overall. This is pretty much similar to Team Rocket in the anime, comedic villains only there to make the show more entertaining. There is one problem in the Pokemon series as a whole and that’s memorable villains. Sure we have villains in the past generations that some fans might remember but most villains lack mostly humor, they were either dull or just too serious. Team Skull breaks this trend by being more comedic than being serious. Then there Team Skull’s boss, Guzma, the only reason why he decided to form Team Skull and help Aether Foundation is because he was love with Lusamine. I’m surprised nobody told him that she’s already married. Then again, it’s probably for the best if he never finds out…

Originally posted by elligos

I really, really didn’t intend to buy much of anything on my trip to the coast yesterday. However, walking into a little rock and shell shop, I saw a small display of skulls–mostly fairly common things like deer and elk. But then there was this.

This is a red kangaroo skull. Not only are they unbelievably hard to get in the U.S., but this particular one has a story. Turns out the guy that I bought the skull from used to be a professional buyer and seller of zoo animals. He got this male red kangaroo from the San Diego zoo (I’m guessing they had a surplus?) and kept him on his own property until the critter died of natural causes. 

It’s not in perfect shape; it was left in peroxide too long and is a little flaky, and the left zygomatic bone is missing along with the front teeth and a chunk of the underside. But I am really, really excited to have this skull in my collection, even with the imperfections.