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She saw him again. She saw him with his friends, smiling and laughing and talking. Being normal. She didn’t know why she had thought anything would be different. It wouldn’t. She was the only one who realized what the falling sensation was at the pit of her stomach. Like a case of nervous butterflies that never went away. She had tried to talk. Had tried to seem like everything she did wasn’t based on his reaction to her or her reaction to him. She had tried, and she had failed. Had failed so miserably that when she had walked up and taken one look at his face, his beautiful face,she had frozen. Frozen in the way that nothing could help it. She couldn’t understand why. She had nothing to be scared of, no, she had everything to be scared of. Scared of his smiles, scared of his words, scared of the way he acted around her. Scared of everything. She had everything to lose. And she knew she shouldn’t care. It was all or nothing, it had been that way forever, but she did. She did care. She cared enough that, when the time came, she froze. She had tried but she had froze. And there was nothing she could do about it. No apologies or second chances, no stuttering or flustered faces. Nothing. And there was nothing she could do about the feeling in her chest. The love that grew with every look he gave her, every single second of eye contact. No, there was nothing she could do about that either.
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I understand defending Hilary clinton from the misogyny she receives but there’s an extent where in doing so lots of people (feminists mostly) straight up obfuscate her shit. I just read a quote from an articles defending her that actually called her ‘authentic.’ Literally no politician is authentic. Everything is carefully planned and deliberately done for votes/power. How do people’s critical thinking skills just vanish from
beneath them when faced with a nuanced situation like 'CHALLENGE: this corrupt woman is facing misogyny, try to denounce the misogyny while not excusing her actions and full on supporting her ignorantly’


“Bran,” a voice was whispering softly. “Bran, come back. Come back now, Bran. Bran…”

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     “So – do Downworlder’s hold funerals? I mean, of course they do, I guess I just mean…what happens now? With all the dead? The Clave will probably issue some kind of formal statement, acknowledging that everyone was there to take on Valentine but now that everyone knows what the sword can do and the fact that it’s still missing… it’s really just kind of a mess. Clary said she deactivated it, somehow. Maybe with one of those new runes she can draw? I don’t know. I’m rambling,” he confessed. "Sorry. I mostly just wanted to ask how you’re doing. Since almost dying and everything.” Alec finished, cheeks flushing from the deluge of words that had poured unbidden from his lips. He rubbed the back of his neck, and offered Magnus a wry smile. 

      They’d headed back to his loft once Alec had finished helping at the Institute, where Izzy was still helping to prepare for the ceremonies that would follow. Part of him felt guilty for being there with Magus, for taking joy in the fact that he’d said the words ‘I love you’ and heard them back, while all the death and destruction was laid out for all to see, and yet there was no where else he wanted to be, even if his awkward pacing in front of the window may have made it seem otherwise. “You must be relieved that Raphael made it out alive. I’m sorry if you knew the others. Jace didn’t know what he was doing. Valentine tricked him.” He still felt the compulsory need to defend his parabatai, even to Magnus. // @stormland

so i finally got Princeless 3 and 4

Darrin still hasn’t gotten me 2 because he clearly doesn’t value me as a customer

but the part

where she is looking at all the “woman warrior” armor

was clearly the most perfect thing

“We call this one "The Sonja”

“…wouldn’t that give you a wedgie”

“long answer, that’s the least painful thing it does”


“Why is just the chest armored? what if someone tries to stab me in the stomach?”

“that’s what the bracelets are for, they deflect weapons”

“what if someone stabs me while I’m trying to stab them?”

“You don’t get a sword, it comes with a rope.”


I also liked that the bracelets and lasso ended up actually working for her when she briefly had to go out in Di’s costume? So it wasn’t really a diss on Wonder Woman, it was like “this stuff can work, but it’s not right for Adrienne, and let’s acknowledge how ridic male- gazey this costume is”

I really liked it, it was fun, accurate commentary and how much do I love the partnership between Adrienne and the dwarf girl? SO MUCH. They are both great.



Hello! My name is Lily and I’m currently in a tight financial situation and so I’ve decided to open up wig commissions!

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Scandal is about Olivia Pope. So I’m not going to go into a debate about what character should or shouldn’t be on the show. Everyone is going to have their opinions. Anyway, with Jake’s life hanging in balance I’ve been reflecting on his time on the show and how his character being on the show is for Olivia Pope. You know the main character? So he’s there because he’s apart of her story. I would like for him to be a permanent part. I rarely write text post because I have so many thoughts in my head I can’t write them down coherently. So bare with me. I’ll put this under a read more because it’s a long post. It’s mostly just gifs and quotes to back up what I’m trying to say.

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