mostly i just love this photoshoot

“London Fog” - One Shot

Curious about that Another Man photo where he was tearing up? Maybe this was why.

Rating: G (Fluffy and GROSS)

“Love, Love”, was the first thing you heard that morning, between small strokes on your cheek and kisses on your neck, his warm and completely bare body cradling you from behind now becoming more prominent as you woke up. It took you a beat to realize what was happening, before you could actually hear his voice. There was a slight tremor added to his normal morning grumble – but the thing you heard the most was enthusiasm, and even before you could physically see him, you could hear him smiling.

           Grinning, you snuggled yourself closer into him, feeling that he now had put some sort of underwear on his hips as you could feel the hair on his legs as you intertwined yours with his.

           “Hi”, you smiled and even though your sleepy eyes were closed, still, you kissed the bicep that was wrapped around the top of your head, his hand on his own ear as he smiled down at you, running a hand up your thigh, pressing another kiss to your cheek.

           “Time to get up, baby”, he cooed softly in your ear, his nose running along the edge of it, making you shiver and stretch, turning your head so you could fully see him and plant a kiss on his full lips, opening your eyes to find his tired ones pulled into a half-grin. He was looking at you, again – probably watching you sleep. But this morning was different – he was rushing somewhere and once you got your bearings straight, you realized that the sun wasn’t even blaring through the windows in his home in England. Either that or it was raining, but you didn’t hear anything.

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homemade tom hiddleston 2016 calendar

i am back and i kinda did this for me and a cousin (mostly for me though les be honest)

and then i thought, why not just share this with those who’d like to have it?

so here it is (i hope the link works and you can download the pdfs) and this is what’s in store for you

i like derpy!Tom so most of the pics are not necessarily posed or from a proper photoshoot. the pics are also old (like me), i know.

two pics used were edits by madison aka @cheers-mrhiddleston and one by sarah aka @fromhiddleswithlove. thank you fam i love you. if you see your edits being used, please let me know  

I’ve learnt so many lessons in the past few years. I’ve experienced great joy and great pain, and had to learn how to balance the two. I’ve learnt that love has absolutely no pattern, and no one will ever be perfect. Mostly, I’m just proud that this is the diary of my life. And I figure that if I rite songs and my life and my life is always changing, my music will be too.