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An ARMY who prefers VIXX’s concepts (Part 1 - Cohesiveness)

If you haven’t seen the index and explanation for this series, check it out here.

A lot of these points are things I wouldn’t criticize if they were just another group that puts out a dark, vague music video and moves on. However, Bangtan has milked their storyline long enough for me to analyze it and expect better quality.

For all the emphasis that Bangtan put on a continuing storyline, the lyrics don’t clearly relate to the music videos or the concept.

A prime example is the massive disconnect between I NEED U as a song and I NEED U as a music video. The lyrics point to romantic love and heartbreak, while the video depicts a much less shallow, dark story about youth, friendship, and pain. The same can be said for RUN.

No matter how theorists try to weave the two together, the gap is large enough to be sloppy, and most connections are fan-made and speculative.

In VIXX’s conception trilogy alone, all of the title songs relate strongly to their respective MV and even supplement the storyline. The lyrics offer clarity and consistency.

Take Fantasy, for example. The lyrics relate strongly to not only the imagery in the MV, but also the expressions of VIXX and sometimes even the choreography. At 0:29, Leo sings, “Tired, I lost the place to go,” and his movements reflect that. It’s as though he’s looking around. He is visibly distraught, lost, and alone.

One of my favorite examples of their cohesiveness comes from Voodoo Doll (warning for blood, gore, knives, horror, and disturbing themes). The lyrics and the MV interact flawlessly, but that’s nothing compared to the choreography, the use of a prop, the outfits, the makeup.

In my opinion, every element of Voodoo Doll is intertwined. One thing offsets something else. There’s nothing that could make me think, even for a second, that anything in the concept is unintentional or coincidental or was thrown in just for the hell of it.

This consistent unsureness is something that drives me up the wall with Bangtan’s storyline. That said, I think that they have improved. While I was disappointed by some parts of Spring Day, namely the obvious parallels to their youth concept, I think it’s a step in the right direction. It shows their growth as storytellers.

The lyrics, MV, and choreo of Spring Day interact almost seamlessly, much better than any of the previous concepts in the storyline. Perhaps because it’s a slower song, there’s more of an emphasis on expressive and intuitive choreography, which was severely lacking in the last title songs. In Spring Day, the choreography supplements the story, and tells a tale of its own.

It could be because they are still trying to solidify their spots as popular, mainstream idols, but I think their insistence to have fast-paced and hard-hitting title songs and choreo has harmed their storytelling. It leaves little room to expand outside of their music videos, which wouldn’t be a terrible thing if their music videos didn’t leave so much up in the air.

In closing, I’d like to point out that in the past, even BTS didn’t seem to know what’s going on in their storyline. I’d argue that they still don’t quite know, and it shows. They don’t take their storyline with them on stage (besides Spring Day, where I can see an effort). Their artistry is clumsy. They have a lot to learn. 

They’re not concept idols, yet I think they’ve had so much emphasis put on their storyline due to popularity (and, with that, an appreciation and awareness of the emotional impact and connection it gives to fans) that they’ve had to learn. It became bigger than they thought it would be, and they had to work off of what they had.

Bangtan’s concepts, to me, are like a rough draft. There’s greatness within it every rough draft. It deserves to exist. I’m grateful that it was created. But there are plenty of typos and unnecessary scenes and it’s obvious that the writer doesn’t quite know where they’re going with it.

ASTRO + Baseball

before you go any further: stop and picture all the members in baseball pants. you’re welcome. (mostly for @moon-hyuks and @snibnoom)


  • that one rlly loud shortstop/outfielder
  • a lot of people think they’re gonna be able to hit it right over his head but jokes on them bc mj will leap into the air and snatch the ball out of the air
  • really good at catching ground balls, scooping them up and flinging them in a nasty little zinger to whoever needs them
  • has the most double play assists on the team
  • when he’s in the outfield he’s constantly cheering and yelling for his other teammates
  • he’s not the best batter but he can consistently get himself onto 1st base
  • a sneaky little shit that likes to steal bases when no one’s looking
  • always starts the chants from the dugout when they’re at bat


  • catcher
  • can u not see him crouched behind home base with his backwards hat and pads waiting to catch the pitches
  • also of course he’s the catcher the catcher’s the one that’s calling to the field players, telling them who’s going where and what base to throw the ball to
  • really good at reading batters and telling rocky what kind of ball to throw
  • gets along really well with all the umpires
  • his walkout song is boom boom pow
  • everyone underestimates him at bat bc look at this short blond dude alright y’all bring the fielders in
  • little do they know he’s gonna slam the ball way out to the fences
  • on the occasions that he hits home runs, he’s been known to dance onto home plate after doing his little trot around the bases


  • he really didn’t mean to end up on a team, he just liked throwing the baseball
  • except once bin saw him throwing with donghwi and was like “hey…pretty boy…come try out for our team”
  • so now he’s 1st baseman
  • he’s so stable and consistently is in the perfect place to catch the ball from all the bases
  • kind of bad at dealing with poor umpires, has gotten himself put on the bench by the coach because he’ll start arguing calls
  • not the best batter but he’s slowly getting better
  • very methodical in his approach to batting, will practice his swing more times than a lot of people find necessary before stepping in the box


  • a wicked 3rd baseman
  • everybody dreads their game against bin bc he’s tall and is known for leaping up and catching the ball before it can get to the outfield
  • he throws the ball wicked fast and before he’s back on the ground from catching it he’s already flinging the ball back towards 1st to get the out
  • shouts. so much. every time he makes a good play you can hear a really loud “woo-hoo!” come from somewhere around 3rd base
  • (he always blames it on sanha)
  • someone tries to steal 3rd or home? rip them
  • he and rocky are on a mind meld and as soon as someone tries to start stealing bin is there and rocky is turning around to fling the ball to him
  • is not afraid to chase a person down to tag them
  • he and rocky battle for the best batting average on the team on the regular
  • bin’s rule for running the bases is going to the one he can get to safely and then going one more (aka he makes the most dives and also gets tagged out the most)


  • star pitcher of the team
  • he and jinjin haven’t worked together forever (he and bin have) but they’re a really great together
  • has a wicked corkscrew (a spinny one) that consistently catches batters at a loss
  • not afraid of the ball, has been known to snatch it out of the air off the bat
  • absolutely hates when he throws balls, and holds himself personally accountable
  • before jinjin was his catcher he’d just get a 10 gallon bucket full of balls and pitch for hours on end when he thought he’d thrown too many balls instead of strikes
  • (after jinjin found out about it he started catching those and making sure rocky doesn’t wear himself out)
  • the team loves when his time at bat comes at the same time as the bases are loaded
  • so does he
  • bc instead of batting (which he’s gr8 at normally) he gets to bunt
  • his favorite thing is warming up like he’s going to try to smash the ball and watching the opposing team scramble after he switches and bunts it really short as he flies towards first base


  • outfielder, mostly behind 3rd (tho occasionally is seen in the center)
  • he’s so tall and is really good at catching fly balls
  • also will race to catch a fly foul ball (and regularly gets there for them)
  • his throw isn’t necessarily the most powerful but boy can he throw f a r
  • he throws long and has good aim and everyone loves having him in the outfield
  • (has been known to space out during practice and has gotten hit in the head by one of jinjin’s batting practices)
  • decent batter, can get himself to 1st pretty regularly
  • he and eunwoo tend to tie for most likely to strike out, they get psyched out by pitchers that aren’t consistent
  • when he does hit well tho he can usually get a double or triple run bc his legs are long and his is quick
VIXX  Love Languages

For the most part how you receive love is also how you show love. Until Ravi threw a wrench in the works, lol. I was surprised how his turned out, but it is what it is. ^^

It is very important to first read this quick post  on the 5 Love Languages. 

N – Primary: Words of Affirmation. Seriously Hakyeon would feel loved with any of the five expressions of love and does all of them himself. He’s so open to giving and receiving love that he understands its many forms. However I think a fulfilling relationship for him would need all five behaviors. And you may be surprised that the cuddle bug doesn’t have Physical Touch as his primary. N loves physicality and touching people but what he would need most is support. He does so much as the leader he needs someone to lean on. He needs to hear he’s loved and accepted. Secondary: Receiving Gifts. N’s not materialistic, but he does take good care of his personal items. To have someone be thinking of him and get him a little something while he was away would make his eyes well up with emotion.

Leo – Primary: Physical Touch. Both of these are pretty much a tie for him. Leo may be aloof at times but he is extremely physical with those he cares about. He is constantly touching one of the other members and frequently reaches out for them. If you were to return these frequent touches to him he would feel very loved and trusted. Secondary: Acts of Service. If you are firmly seated in Taekwoon’s heart he’d do anything for you. Nothing would be too much, the man would make it happen even if he had to make sacrifices.  Standing by him through hardships and doing whatever you could to help him would leave him bewildered and humbled. At first he’d insist you not do such things for him. But when you were adamant his respect for you would grow and he’d start to view the two of you as a team with similar priorities and a sturdy foundation. Perhaps one sturdy enough on which to build a family.

Ken – Primary: Words of Affirmation. Yes, Ken is very touchy-feely. But without verbal validation it’s not going to mean a damn thing to him. He’d want to be reassured frequently by your words that he is the cutest and most adorable boyfriend ever. It would be how he knows he’s keeping you happy and make him feel secure in his role. Secondary: Physical Touch. Once that is established comes the affection. Tons and tons of touches, hugs, cuddles and more. He would want to be attached to your side every minute he could. Seriously, you may need a crowbar to remove the man. It really would be a perpetuating cycle that would continue to fuel itself ever stronger. Verbal love brings physical love brings verbal love and on and on.

Ravi – Primary: Words of Affirmation. Wonsik is a tricky one. His primary expression and reception of love would be based on words. Ravi lives his life by words. Words written on a page, words rapped into a mic, words from his heart. Secondary: Acts of Service (giving)/Physical Touch (receiving). He’d also do a lot to show you how much he loves you. He wants to take care of you and shelter you so he’d do anything he could to make your life run smoother even if it inconvenienced him. Conversely, although he’d want to hear words of praise and love from you (It’d embarrass him so much, it’d be adorable) he wouldn’t feel reception of love very much if you helped him with things. He’d feel guilty and uncomfortable. So his second way to feel most loved by you would be touch. He may not reach out to you physically as much as some of the other guys but if you approach him he’d soak it up like a sponge and feel comforted and loved.

Hongbin – Primary: Words of Affirmation. This man needs to be told he matters to you and that you see good things in him. His personality is so overshadowed by his looks that he’d need to know you are with him for more than that alone. Hongbin takes other people’s opinions to heart, probably more than he should, and telling him all the great things you see in him would make him cringe but also very happy. Secondary: Quality Time. Really, Bean just wants to spend time with you. He wants to know all your little quirks and nuances. He’d talk to you for hours on end if he could and actually listen to everything you said. Nothing would make him happier than sharing the ebb and flow, the simple joys of everyday domestic life with someone.

Hyuk – Primary: Quality Time. Just as N would feel loved by any of the five behaviors Hyuk would mostly feel loved through one. Quality time would be the big thing for him. The other traits are nice but they don’t even come close to reaching him as much. One on one time with you would be essential and make him feel like he has a very important place in your life. You want to spend the majority of your free time with him? Hyuk now feels special and loved. It’s not that he’d be controlling of your actions or demand your time. But he’d see it as an indicator of how you feel for him that you want to give him your free time. Secondary: Words of Affirmation. This would be a distant second. Of course he wants to hear loving words from you but he already has a good idea of your feelings because you want to be with him all the time. ​

Home (Dean)

@twiggie123 asked: Hello ! May I request a dean scenario in which you go with him to LA (your hometown) for one of his concerts but you so distracted being with your family and what not that you end up missing his show and he gets really sad and angry. Happy ending please !

Originally posted by fyeahdean

    You took a deep breath of fresh air as you stepped out of the plane and onto the bridge to the gate, and then yawned. It had been a long flight and it was a big time difference. “You good?” Hyuk asked.

    “Yep!” you said. “You?”

    “I’m good,” he said cheerfully. “Welcome home.”

    You smiled. It had been close to a year since you’d been in Los Angeles and you couldn’t wait to see your family and friends. You finally cleared the bridge and stepped into the airport, the heels of your boots clicking on the smooth floor. You walked together in slightly tired silence through the terminal, stopping on your way out to get a couple of coffees and then you ordered an Uber to get the pair of you to your parents’ house, where you’d be staying. They’d met Hyuk before and were eager to see him again, and they’d offered to let the pair of you stay in your home as soon as you’d told them you were coming.

    The ride was short and you and Hyuk sat mostly in silence, sipping your coffee and trying to recharge a little.

    By the time you reached your parents’ house though, you were wide awake, eager to see them. The front door of their house opened almost as soon as the Uber pulled up and you jumped out, running up the sidewalk and into your mother’s outstretched arms. “How are you, sweetheart?” she asked excitedly, holding you tight to her.

    “Good!” you said, and though you would have been content to stay in her arms much longer, you finally pulled back to look her in the eyes. “How about you?”

    “Just fantastic,” she said. “Here, let me help you with your luggage.” She hurried down the sidewalk with you to the car, greeting Hyuk with a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek before she helped the pair of you unload your luggage.

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↳ Under the cut, you’ll find #78 roleplayable, small/medium gifs mostly textless of HYUK KWON aka DΞΔN or DEANFLUENZA because I made the discovery that no one had made resources for this boy and that’s a cryin’ shame. None of them are mine. I just compiled them so credit goes to the original makers. Please like/reblog if using.

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I face morphed VIXX and I mean...

I wasn’t expecting to feel personally attacked by my own laptop. Send help. Pls.

I also made a BTS one that’s on my blog ^^

(Also BTS morphs ver 2.)

All members together:

Hyung Line (N, Leo, and Ken)

Maknae Line (Ravi, Hongbin, and Hyuk)

Combined Jekyll cover:

Bonus: Tried to combine all of their shots out of the Error MV but it ended up looking mostly like Hyuk, Ravi, and N  ?_?

I’ll Fix Your Broken Heart - Jungkook X Reader - Part 1

Anonymous said:
Can I request a scenario where your boyfriend breaks out with you and your best friend, Jungkook, who has a crush on you confess his feelings?

A/N: so I answered this already, but I love this scenario so much
I hope you like it!
Part one is quite short, so bear with me

Genre: Mostly fluff / A smidgen of Angst

“I’m tired of this Y/n!” Your boyfriend yelled at you, accidentally knocking over a glass on the counter.
You couldn’t muster up any words, you just cradled your hands to your chest, tears springing into your eyes.
He walked around the house frustrated. Letting out sighs of stress almost every 10 seconds. He stood in front of the couch, back turned to you. You managed to calm your heart rate, slowly reaching out to place your hand on your shoulder, but you hesitated, pulling your hand back in response. Besides, it wasn’t your fault. You weren’t the one that was upset. It was your stupid dumbass boyfriend.
He took a couple breaths before facing you again
“Why?” You manage to squeeze out, despite your raspy, wavering voice, “Tell me. Why do you want to break up with me?!”

Your boyfriend of one year, Soo Hyuk. You knew this day would happen. You knew because Jungkook said it would. Jungkook was your best friend, he knew you better than anyone else, and he told you that this guy you were dating was up to no good. But, you fell so deeply in love with this man, that you ignored your best friend’s words. You didn’t talk to Jungkook as much after you started dating Soo Hyuk. Mostly because, if he was right about what he said about your boyfriend, you didn’t want him to say “I told you so”.
Things were going great for the first couple of months. But you know what they say, when the girl falls more in love, the man falls out. And this, was exactly what was happening between the two of you. It started about 9 months into the relationship. You noticed that he didn’t smile as much when he was with you. He started going on his phone during dates, smiling more at his electronical device than at you. It made you unhappy, wishing that you could talk to your best friend about it, because he would know exactly what to do. He always did.
You knew that the point where you acted more as strangers together than lovers, that it wasn’t meant to be. You started to lose hope for this relationship, knowing that Jungkook was right and that you should have listened to him. Ever since your boyfriend Soo Hyuk texted you that there was something he wanted to tell you, you already felt the same. You distanced yourself from him, trying to keep yourself more occupied with work, staying overtime, going early. Anything to make sure you didn’t distract yourself with reoccurring thoughts of what he might say to you.  
Of course, Soo Hyuk knew about your best friend Jungkook. BTS’ golden maknae, one of the most popular boy groups out there. Sometimes, you would get carried away, trying to bring up any conversation with him, because the silence was going to kill you. And you couldn’t help but bring up your best friend… More than once.
He had told you before, specifically not to bring him up, yet, you couldn’t help yourself since Jungkook was such a great friend, doing all of these things for you. You just had to tell someone. But, your boyfriend probably wasn’t the best person. You blamed the fact that you just missed your contact with Jungkook. Your boyfriend telling you that the last thing he needed was a love triangle. You assured him that you and Jungkook were only friends, but he didn’t trust you.

10:30 p.m
“I-I don’t know!”
“What the hell kind of answer is that?! I demand a good reason!”
“You want a good reason, huh? Fine! You don’t make me happy! Okay?” He yelled at you. You faltered backwards at his words, “w-what?”
“W-wait, I-I’m sorry… That didn’t come out right…”
“You know what? Fine. I’m sorry for being a year’s waste of time! I wish I never met you!” You yelled back with a force, grabbing your jacket and storming out of his apartment complex, “Y/n! Wait!”
The door cut off his words as you ran away, tears running down your cheeks. You sat in your car as you sniffled, grabbing continuous tissues from the box beside you and blowing your nose.
Grabbing your phone from your bag, you frantically search as you turn on the engine. You dial a number and leave your phone on the dashboard as you drive out of the parking lot, wiping your tears with your sleeve. Even though it’s almost midnight, you relied on the rings that echoed in the quiet car. You heard a click before someone answered, “Hello?” His voice was tired and shaky, probably from you waking him up at this hour.
“Jungkook…” you tried to make your voice sound as clear as possible, but it still wavered.
“Y/n? You haven’t called me in forever… What’s wrong? Why are you up so late? Are you okay? Your voice is wavering.. Are you crying?!”
You sniffled a bit, wiping tears with the sleeve of your jacket.
“Can I see you?”

~Admin Luna

Hot and Cold

Requested by anon - 

“could you do the drunk scenario with leo? like a full scenario”

So, I know my original reactions set of “drunk confession” for all the members was kind of different for Leo, but this idea popped into my head, so I went with it ^^ Anyway, hope you still like it~

Tap, tap, tap

The pen between your fingers twiddled rapidly, tapping the surface of the table below.  

“Hey, ____, what are you so nervous about? Don’t worry, we all worked so hard on the album design and it looks awesome!” Your team member and friend Hyejung placed her hand on your arm and offered you a reassuring smile.

You smile back, but you can’t shake the feeling away. Call it perfectionism, but no matter how well your projects turned out, you always felt it could always be just a little bit better for the client, especially when your client was a big name idol group, VIXX.

Before you could continue your thoughts, you heard a knock on the door, signaling the arrival of said idol group.

“Hello, everyone! You’ve worked hard!” A smiling N greets you as he leads the group into the meeting room.

“Ah, no, no, it’s our pleasure,” replies your team leader, shaking each of their hands.

You and Hyejung stand up to greet the boys as well when a certain member catches your gaze.

He dyed his hair, you think to yourself. You suddenly catch his eyes on yours and shyly look down.

You feel Hyejung’s elbow tap your arm and look up to see her giving you a smirk. Damn, she caught you blushing. You were never going to hear the end of it later.

“Let’s begin!” the team leader says as he motions to the seats in front of the members, “____, Hyejung, please.”

After your turn with the first half of the presentation, Hyejung stands to the center to finish with her part. While Hyejung is speaking, all eyes are directed at her, but you can’t help but feel one pair on you. You look out of the corner of your eyes and see Leo staring directly at you.

Once the meeting is over and the design is confirmed, everyone gets up and congratulations and thanks are given around. The members each come up to you and Hyejung to thank you for your hard work. After working with them for the duration of the project, you have grown attached to the boys and are a bit sad to see the end of it.

“Waaahh, ____-ie, I’ll miss seeing your pretty face,” Ken says as he takes your hands and pretends to cry.

“Haha, I’ll miss you, too, cutie vocal,” you reply.

“Stop encouraging him, noona,” says Hongbin, “he’s become too spoiled with the cutie term. Now he does it excessively and it’s a bit sickening.”

“Bin-ah, I’ll miss your sass,” you say.

“Hey, hey, why are we acting like we’re never going to see each other again?” N says, putting his arm around you and Hongbin, “____, you know your team is invited to our comeback showcase, right?”

“Yeah, and make sure you stay for the after party!” Ken says enthusiastically.

“Sure, I’m sure we’ll try to stop by,” you say.

“Great! I’m sure Taekwoon hyung will be happy,” Hyuk says.

You suddenly feel your cheeks grow hot at the mention of his name.

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so i saw that gif of hyuk

and that thing he wore reminded me of something and after some thought i found it