mostly for angst's sake

You Won’t Lose Me (So Don’t Leave Me Behind)

Pairing: Soukoku

Rating: T

Summary: Dazai hadn’t cared about Chuuya. Not back then. But now? He cared so much that he felt his heart was going to burst.

The problem? He and Chuuya were on opposite sides. They could only keep hurting each other as long as they were enemies.

The solution? He would save Chuuya. He would convince Chuuya to be on the side that saves people.

Chapter: 10/?

Chapter Summary: In the aftermath of Chuuya’s act of treason, Dazai begins the process of erasing Chuuya’s past and setting him up for a life in the light. Meanwhile, Chuuya comes to terms with the fact that he can’t ever go back to the life that he knew and tries to better his relationships with the people who helped save his life.

Author’s Notes: This is the longest fucking chapter yet, 16.3k words, holy fuck this took a lot out of me to write.

That’s mostly because the first third of this chapter is all free writing. Lady and I skimmed through all of the house burning and merely mentioned that Dazai had talked to Ango about erasing Chuuya’s record but didn’t actually roleplay any of that so I decided to expand upon it and write it out myself (mostly for the sake of writing daz///ango angst bc im a slut for that).

I’m suspecting three more chapters but it might only be two, we’ll see. The next chapter is going to be extremely dialogue heavy and there will be more angst and then after that the angst is pretty much over and the last chapter(s) of the fic will be nothing but smooth sailing!!

Also I’d like to give you guys a heads-up that next week’s chapter might be late because it’s finals week for me and I have a lot of studying to do, and on top of that I really want to write a oneshot for Chuuya’s birthday which is next Saturday soooo I might not have time to write an update for this next week ;; But I will get it out to you guys ASAP.

Thanks for sticking with me guys!! Love you!!

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