mostly daylight


Obviously i drew Jake. Jake is my babe, can y’all blame me with this awesome as fuck design tho???

I haven’t drawn in a while, idk if i really like the collours in this alot but it turned out just ok in the end thank lord. it was worse before i fixed some shit.
i tried atm, im not even sure if he’d have lots of crows in like the AU maybe he does not sure not up to me but hey i had to fill all that empty space up somehow //KCIKED.

This isn’t really all that finished, i def do see some more thingfs i could do but im way too lazy rn to try, scary/darker collours are kind of hard for me.  Good practice though.

Role swap au belongs to @sabojake who by the way, is a bloody genius.


Southern Pacific 4449, the last of its kind.

SP4449 is the last remaining GS-4 locomotive, and the only remaining GS locomotive in operable condition. She was built in Lima Locomotive Works by ALCO in 1941, and served in active passenger service, mostly the California Daylight route through central California, until 1956. In 1958 she was sold to the City of Portland (Oregon) in 1958 and was placed on static display in Oaks Amusement Park with two other locomotives until 1974, when 4449 was restored for the American Freedom Train exhibition, which toured the country for two years to celebrate the country’s bicentennial. After that, the locomotive has remained in sporadic excursion service before being transferred to the Oregon Rail Heritage Center, where she has remained in occasional use and in fantastic condition, including returning to her Southern Pacific Daylight livery.

Here she was steamed up for Portland Train Day 2017, and was very beautiful in the spring sun.

Lifestyle illustration homework: full page about a movie due to come out this year. I was assigned the new James Bond movie, Spectre, and supposed to do something about Cold War spies and mystery and subterfuge and all that fun stuff. I’m a weirdo and my favorite Bond movie is actually The Living Daylights… mostly because of Timothy Dalton being awfully miscast and therefore the most sympathetic iteration of Bond for me aha. 

I’m not sure yet if this is done! I might still make tweaks. 

[Process gif]