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Obviously i drew Jake. Jake is my babe, can y’all blame me with this awesome as fuck design tho???

I haven’t drawn in a while, idk if i really like the collours in this alot but it turned out just ok in the end thank lord. it was worse before i fixed some shit.
i tried atm, im not even sure if he’d have lots of crows in like the AU maybe he does not sure not up to me but hey i had to fill all that empty space up somehow //KCIKED.

This isn’t really all that finished, i def do see some more thingfs i could do but im way too lazy rn to try, scary/darker collours are kind of hard for me.  Good practice though.

Role swap au belongs to @sabojake who by the way, is a bloody genius.

aceoofhearts  asked:

Why do chickens sometimes not lay eggs? Like, is there an egg-laying season? Or do they just go through periods where they're like "nah I don't feel like laying eggs right now"?

Egg laying is mostly influenced by daylight hours. When winter comes and the days get shorter a hens body naturally stops/reduces egg laying. It also depends on breed, I know a few breeds that seem to lay only in spring like their wild ancestors. When they’re molting they also stop laying because molting requires a lot of nutrients to successfully regrow feathers. 

I was tagged by @mysunfreckle to post the first lines of my published fics and wips, up to 20, mostly because she’s a sneak who wants me to reveal my secrets to the world.

The only thing I’ve ever posted is the exR trapped in an elevator snippet for Freckle’s anon (x) of which the first line is:

After several hours the fire department finally freed them from their temporary metal prison. 

I do have some other things written, mostly in the background of Freckle’s universes, mostly written to amuse her:

In the series Fauntleroy vs. The World (which happens in the background of Freckle’s enormous modern Les Mis story):

Fauntleroy thought a lot of things were overrated

~ The world according to Fauntleroy

“I hate you, I hate all of you, I want you all to die and if you don’t shut up right this second I’m going to violently murder each and every one of you”.

  ~ Friends according to Fauntleroy

If there was a worse thing for a person to be than a Sunday driver, Fauntleroy had not come across it yet. 

~ Traffic according to Fauntleroy

And then there are two stories where I got a headstart and Freckle hasn’t actually started writing it yet. It’s called “Lincherie”, in which Fantine and the Patron-Minette boys run a very “unusual” shop:

There was a lady hesitating in front of the shop, badly failing at not pulling attention to herself.     

~ Lady Jane Liberated

There were no special appointments planned for today, so Cosette had the run of the backroom while Fantine was away dealing with acquisitions. 

~ Suck it Hardy

In turn I tag anyone who wants to do this, show us what you’ve got everyone!

Lifestyle illustration homework: full page about a movie due to come out this year. I was assigned the new James Bond movie, Spectre, and supposed to do something about Cold War spies and mystery and subterfuge and all that fun stuff. I’m a weirdo and my favorite Bond movie is actually The Living Daylights… mostly because of Timothy Dalton being awfully miscast and therefore the most sympathetic iteration of Bond for me aha. 

I’m not sure yet if this is done! I might still make tweaks. 

[Process gif]