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This animal tastes frightened.

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: my otp is from a children's show and never became officially canon
Happy Bisexual Visibility Day! 💗💜💙

To celebrate, here’s a list of my favourite bisexual characters:

  • Magnus Bane
  • The Morrigan
  • Mark & Helen Blackthorn
  • Nina Zenik
  • Diana Prince
  • Yara Greyjoy
  • Adam Parrish
  • Dorian Gray
  • Helion
  • Lisbeth Salander
  • Jesper Fahey
  • Clarke Griffin
  • Aedion Ashryver
  • Oberyn Martell
  • Eva Mohn
  • Maven Calore 
  • Ellaria Sand
  • Sara Lance
Thoughts on OITNB Season 5

The Good:

  • This season was a lot of fun. I never felt bored, and the pacing was just right. They made roughly four days (I think?) last 13 episodes, but I don’t feel as though anything was dragged out.
  • Red on speed was fucking hilarious. So many great lines out of her this season. “In Russia, we don’t have proverbs. We have vodka and misery.”
  • Young Red back story!
  • Soso’s memorial to Poussey.
  • The subtle social commentary/anti-gun message in the premiere, where every time someone asked/talked about the gunfire a different American mass shooting was referenced. Needless to say, there was a lot.
  • Taystee taking the fucking microphone from Judy King. 
  • Taystee repeating Poussey’s name over and over. Punching Caputo in the face for not doing so. A+
  • Taystee as a whole was pretty amazing this season, even if she eventually screwed everything up.
  • Linda becoming Boo’s girlfriend for five minutes but then ultimately getting completely fucked over.
  • Piper and Alex sticking mostly to mundane couple issues. Nothing hugely earth-shattering between the two of them. I was sick of the constant forced drama.
  • I feel like Piper made actual progress with her mother, and the fact that particular conversation lead to her impromptu proposal was awesome.
  • Nicky was clean, hilarious, and hot as hell. Couldn’t get enough of her this season, and loved seeing the real depths of her feelings for Lorna. The brief role reversal with her and Red was a fun trip as well.
  • Red and Blanca friendship was an unexpected treat.
  • I could not love Gloria Mendoza more if I tried.
  • Alison was fleshed out, and I’m really starting to love her as a character.
  • Piper being a Slytherin, headcanon confirmed. 
  • Caputo being a badass in his negotiations with Fig. 
  • Chang peacing out. 
  • Ending the season with The Cinematic Orchestra’s “To Build a Home” – a better song choice doesn’t exist. I have always associated that song with this show. Bravo. The last five minutes gave me chills.
  • Cindy singing Suzanne to sleep, then later Cindy hugging Suzanne, apologizing, crying. I loved it.

The Bad:

  • I feel like the overall message with Suzanne was scattered and poorly handled, and while Uzo did an amazing job with what she was given, I feel like the writing wasn’t necessarily realistic in that it hasn’t been tackled what exactly Suzanne’s mental illness is, purely so the writers can twist her symptoms to fit the plot.
  • Unlike most people I’m not mad about the Piscatella back-story, but it felt incomplete to me. I feel like there is not enough explanation there. What happened to Wes? It seemed like given some of what Piscatella said that there must have been some kind of betrayal there. Given that he’s dead, we’ll probably never find out, but I just felt like there were pieces missing to his story.
  • I feel like Daya fell flat this season. Her characterization was all over the place until she gave herself up and quietly disappeared. 
  • Vinnie and Lorna are, as always, the cringiest. I guess that’s sort of the point, though.
  • I’m not sure what they were trying to do with the Nazis/Sankey? I don’t know if they were trying to endear us to them, but it felt…weird. Like their racism was purely situational and just seemed to disappear when it was convenient. I feel uncomfortable that they were played in a way that I wanted to like them, then felt horrified because Jesus, they’re FUCKING NAZIS
  • Black Lattes Matter would never be a meme
  • Sophia disappearing halfway through the season. Seriously? Her helping in medical was awesome. I would’ve loved to have seen more of that.

The Ugly:

  • Coates x Pennsatucky makes my fucking skin crawl. How can this be a thing? Why is this a thing? WHY IS SHE PAIRED WITH HER RAPIST AND WHY IS IT PORTRAYED AS CUTE?
  • The general rapeyness of how most of the male hostages were treated, mainly Stratman, Josh, and Luschyek. It dehumanized a lot of the girls for me and made me really uncomfortable.
  • Adding onto that: Angie and Leanne have become way too much. “I’ve raped guys before, and I could tell that was genuine.” What the fuck? Why did this need to be in there? I don’t understand how we are ever supposed to have any sympathy for these two ever again. Which is a shame with Leanne, because she has one of the more interesting back stories on the show.
  • Watching the guy who raped Wes Driscoll get burned alive was something I could’ve done without seeing. Hearing his screams would’ve been enough to get the point across.
  • Humps was creepy when he was alive, creepy when he was dying, and creepy upon death. Not sad to see him go. 
  • Piscatella torturing Red in front of her girls…Alex’s arm getting snapped…that whole episode was amazingly handled, but it was still really difficult to watch.
  • Caputo getting trapped in the POO for so long was really gross and disturbing. The man was literally locked in a piss/shit/puke filled porta-potty for days in what I’m pretty sure is summer or early autumn. 
  • Seriously, all of those guards are going to be permanently traumatized. What they were put through is sick.

TL;DR: This has been one of my favorite seasons yet, fun and brilliant, even if there’s an unfortunate amount of it I desperately wish I could un-see, and I feel some of it should have been handled differently. 



Kodama • 5F00-000F-7BCA

worked on Kodama in my ACNL livestream yesterday and updated the dream town! not too much has changed, but it was so fun making improvements with you all! can’t wait to stream again and actually play with some of you. ôヮô

anonymous asked:

I know this isn't really a question but I haven't read hs in a while so could you make a TL;DR of it???

It’s this webcomic where these kids play a game and their like “holy shit whats going on???” and then the world is destroyed and then some alien dudes that also played the game are like we have to work together to survive because you guys suck and made a really strong bad guy. So then they work together and like rewrite history and spend three years traveling to the new earth that they caused to exist by rewriting history. But then on that Earth there were more kids that then played the same game but the planet wasn’t destroy it was just taken over by two clowns, Guy Fieri and an alien empress and they ended up killing all the people but the planet was still okay except is was flooded. So then everyone meets up in outerspace and are like “we all got to fight these bad guys that are super strong”. Oh yeah, also there’s ghost of all the people that played the game and died and they find some bullshit thing that basically makes one of the kids a fucking consequence-free tardis. And the ghost are like gonna fight the big bad skeleton guy as like this huge army and stuff while the kids and aliens are gonna fight a bunch of other strong bad guys. And then they do! The kids win, but the ghost all die but they get the big bad anyway. After that everyone that still alive goes to the previously flooded Earth but in the future when it’s not flooded and lives happily ever after…


Seungsol Sunday??? On Sunday??

wow. what a concept.

Don’t worry I ain’t forgot about the fic rec I’m getting that prepared. But for today, I just wanted to make an appreciation posts for one of my favorite things in pairings; The Glorious Height difference! 

Honestly, Verkwan are iconic for the growing height differences. Mainly, that they used to be the same height, bros that grow together stay together basically. But ever since Seungkwan stopped growing, Vernon is growing like weed aint he? I mean look: 


((when Boo was taller and could reach…..look at how smol they both were I’m so….))


((They both grew but Vernon is obviously getting bigger lmao)) 

These are just few month differences! And Vernon’s still growing everyday! (I wonder if he’ll reach 6ft) 


Proof theyre made for each other

and Poor Kwanie he’s still a small bean. 

That don’t mean he can’t be a hyung still!

Seungsol of the week!

((look how pretty our lovely Boo is omg))