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This animal tastes frightened.

Oh, please tell me the people who are making a big deal out of Yuuri’s mistakes in Rostelecom’s Free Skate are people who have never watched figure skating.

While it’s true you can’t deny the emotional stability that Viktor brings to Yuuri, there are a million other reasons why skaters can mess up a program, especially a free program, and it happens all the time. It doesn’t mean Yuuri depends excessively on Viktor.

It’s just… what usually happens. That’s how real life figure skating works, to be honest.

Yuuri has failed elements before even when he had Viktor by his side. People forget that Yuuri’s program is very complex, more than his programs in previous years. He’s still adjusting. There are several factors that can affect him. He is the kind of skater who worries a lot and suffers anxiety and that adds to possible exhaustion. He’s not overly dependent on Viktor, but coaches exist for a reason, and of course Yuuri is going to miss him, but that doesn’t mean Yuuri FAILED because Viktor wasn’t there.

Plus, the fact that he ended up fourth is because the field is ridiculously deep. There are way too many good skaters in Yuri on Ice. Yuuri didn’t skate a terrible program. His mistakes (save the popped jump) are mistakes that you can commonly see in pretty much every skater.

Sure, there’s touching for sex. Dean loves sexy touching. Cas sucking hickeys into his thighs, over his hips and the flushed pink skin of his chest. Pressing their mouths together, hot and slack and demanding, tasting the sweat in the crook of Dean’s neck and then pushing his fingers so deep inside him that Dean writhes on the sheet and curses from the back of his throat. 

But then with Cas there’s also this other sort of touching. The non-sexy kind that Dean’s not really had much experience with before. 

Cas draws swirls with his long fingers on the pale underside of Dean’s wrist, up to his elbow and back down again. Cas kisses Dean’s waist, presses his nose into the flesh there, the pudge around his midriff that Dean pretends he doesn’t have. Sometimes he just lays his head on Dean’s stomach, breath tickling the bare skin, and Dean doesn’t really know what to do with that except push his fingers through Cas’s hair and think this is it, he is it for me.

Sometimes Cas touches their bare feet together, wriggles his toes against the arch of Dean’s foot. He’ll pet Dean’s hair, palm smoothing across his scalp, fingers brushing it away from his forehead. He’s spent hours cataloging every line and wrinkle on Dean’s face, the bridge of his nose and bow of his lips, just looking and tracing and smiling, until Dean’s smiling back.

And some of the places he pays attention to are just dead fuckin’ weird; the ticklish spot on the back of Dean’s knee, the crease of his armpit, the bony bit of his ankle and the fine hair on his temple and the sensitive spot behind his ear.

Cas tells Dean all this shit, too. He shares his thoughts about cats and The Real Housewives of Atlanta and pasta and homegrown vegetables and thrift stores versus Walmart. He talks about how Dean is everything, about how Dean is vaster than the universe and brighter than the sun. Quiet words whispered right as he’s falling asleep but Dean doesn’t forget, could never.

Dean’s not a poet. But he tells Cas he loves him, gasps it out, really, the letters tumbling off his tongue like they’ve been waiting all this time. And Cas scoops them up and holds them close, Dean can see it in the deep blue of his eyes, and he presses their foreheads together, kisses Cas’s plush mouth, takes the air from his lungs and loves him loves him loves him because Dean is just a man but Cas is everything and Dean is so happy he can hardly breathe. 

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Emma have you seen the post with those two giant looking dudes with a sign that says "If you feel safe on campus we'll walk with you"? Because all I can think about is Stiles doing that, and ok ok he KNOWS he looks scrawny on first glance but excuse you he has a BLACKBELT (au obvs) and so he wears really tight shirts to show off what muscles he has, tries to look intimidating, he starts getting a few people to come to him, mostly girls, a couple of much smaller, maybe more feminine looking 1/?

lgbtq guys and so far Stiles has only had to actually fight someone once wich is pretty good for a three-month period (it happened in the first month and apparently word got around that Stiles knows his shit, he hasn’t been bothered since) and then one day out of the blue this guy who’s bigger than he is and hairy and totally looks like a werewolf shyly comes up to him and asks if Stiles would walk him home and Stiles is just ??? 

Because this guy could EASILY intimidate people about seven thousand times better than Stiles could but he can tell that the guy is sincere and Stiles doesn’t discriminate, ok? That’s kinda the entire base for this thing, so the guy, Derek, becomes one of his regulars, and Stiles starts noticing that Derek is mostly ok… until they get to this one particular part of the neighborhood, around this one specific house, when he suddenly gets tense and quiet and huddles closer to Stiles and for about a month Stiles is just left sorta wondering about it until one day when this blonde woman comes outside to “greet” Derek, and Stiles recognizes her as Kate Argent, one of the professors at the local college. 

And it takes exactly ONE time of seeing how they interact- Kate taunting and barely containing her laughter, Derek practically shaking with fear- for Stiles to GET it, thus sets on the journey of getting Kate fired and imprisoned for what she did to Derek and when it’s all over Derek decides to join Stiles in the mission to help people get home safely and volunteers to start walking people around campus too, and he and Stiles still walk home together, but now it’s as boyfriends.

Alright, nonnie, this started off adorable and awesome and I thought it was going to be grumpy Derek Hale getting mad Stiles is taking over his territory or shy!Derek not knowing how to talk to Stiles and asking him to walk him home, only to admit months later he never really needed him to.


You had to throw the Kate Argent card in there and I went from this

to this

real quick.

Kate Argent can rot in hell. In hell. And not the cool part of hell where you get to hang out with the devil in one of his many hot tubs but in the part of hell where you have to shovel coal for no other reason than YOU SUCK. 

I can’t deny, however, protective!Stiles is my jam especially when it comes to Derek and I’d love a fic of this.

You brought smiles, you brought tears. You’re all rounder, nonnie, an all rounder.



When in the course of American history it becomes necessary for the people to save our Nation from a Tyrant, to safeguard equality for all and their inalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness from bigotry and corruption, to ensure that our Government continues to derive its power from the consent of the governed rather than by autocracy, that whenever any President becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to make such demands upon their Congress: Immediate impeachment of the President for crimes committed, or removal from office by way of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution.

Donald J. Trump has conducted injuries and usurpations, pursuing the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world–

He has obstructed the Laws for Naturalization of Immigrants, and illegally banned refugees in need of safe haven. He has continued to violate the federal court orders which require the temporary cessation of this ban, thereby violating his executive oath. He has dismissed an Attorney General for fulfilling her oath to defend the Constitution, defying the autonomy of the Department of Justice. He has purged the State Department of its highest level officials without any regard for a responsible continuity of State Affairs. He has enlisted amateur ideologues - such as the white supremacist Stephen K. Bannon - to make national security decisions. He has vowed to enact policy and legislation which clearly tread on the separation of Church and State. He has refused to remove or address conflicts of interest regarding both his own business and that of his cabinet and family. He has moved to deregulate corporate interests, risking the health of the economy and has stated that he has chosen this action for the advancement of his own wealthy friends, showing no regard for the rest of this Nation. He has hastily signed multiple Executive Orders without the advisement of Congress, policy experts, his cabinet, or staff. He has signed an Executive Order which knowingly deprives the sick of desperately needed healthcare with no concern for their lives. He has signed an Executive Order permitting a pipeline that tramples on Native American Rights and endangers safe water supply. He has illegally threatened to cut off funding to Sanctuary Cities which have determined their values through self-governance. He has knowingly, repeatedly, and egregiously misled the public and directed his staff to do the same. He has strongly advocated for the silencing and suppression of a Free Press. He has repeatedly and consistently shown contempt for people based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, disability, and religion. He has shown disdain and disregard for the judiciary and the fundamental human Rights that are the foundation of Justice.

A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

We shall Resist until our Congress uses the mechanisms afforded to it by the Constitution to remove this Tyrant from Power. And for the support of this Declaration we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Honor.

Signed. The Resistance.


Altean!Lance & Galra!Keith Masterlist (Part 2)

Broken Bonds by yestofandoms (9/9 | 56,737 | Mature)

Keith is in desperate need of money to take care of his dying brother, Shiro, so he goes back to his old roots. Keith is hired by the Galra King, Zarkon, to kill Prince Lance as the final blow toward the Altean Kingdom, after the death of King Alfor. Keith infiltrates the Altean Castle by becoming a servant to Prince Lance.
Keith’s prerogative is to save his brother, but priorities can change when you fall for a Prince.

Down the Line by fevered_dreams (4/? | 19,846 | Explicit)

Shiro and Keith are a couple of mostly ordinary space explorers accidentally turned heroes, and Lance wants nothing more than to travel across the universe with them.

And if they happen to get embroiled with helping to put an end to a hostile, intergalactic Galran rebellion… Well, what’s an adventure without adversity?

A Moment in the Snow by Gigapoodle (1/1 | 3,378 | Not Rated)

When the Castle of Lions lands on a planet with freshly fallen snow, Lance jumps on the opportunity to drag Keith out with him and relish every moment in the weird, white powder that falls from the atmosphere.

Keith complains, but he sees just how happy Lance is playing in the stuff, and he knows he doesn’t really mean it.

Fall of an Empire by No_Name_Kane (5/? | 9,650 | Teen And Up)

Prince Lance has a lot going on right now; becoming future king, combat training- and the apparent overthrowing of his kingdom by the Galra- Altea’s worse enemy.

Prince Keith was tasked with one thing: Capture the Prince, bring him back to Galra. Yet, things still manage to go wrong.

Spoils of War by bluphacelia (2/? | 7,166 | Teen And Up)

There was an pulsing red glow somewhere, aggressively filtering through his closed eyelids. Lance groaned. It was too early for this, probably. There was a dull ache at the back of his head and he felt sore all over. What had he done last night? Was there a party? How much had he had to drink? Something felt off. He wasn’t sleeping in his bed. The surface was too hard. Too cold. Had he fallen asleep outside again? His mind felt muddled and slow as he slipped in and out of a doze.

Lance turned, trying to get more comfortable, but a rattle broke the quasi-calm and jerked him fully awake.

He wasn’t home. He wasn’t even close to home.


To Reap What You Snow by TheArtArmature (4/? | 8,770 | Teen And Up)

The Alteans and Galra used to be allies, until the rise of Zarkon and his conquest for Universal domination. When a descendant of refugee Alteans, and the genius pilot of the Galra’s Military Academy end up becoming Paladins of Voltron, it will take more than just team exercises to get this team to work together. Will they be able to form Voltron and save the universe, or will their pasts keep them from moving into the future?


Hey so i put up a little sentence on my bio about taking donations, and its not super urgent but we don’t have any money and i’ve really needed mobility aids for a while - a cane at minimum, but i’d also like to get a wheelchair. i get exhausted easily because of joint, back, and other issues, and my schizophrenia can make movement hard especially when my psychosis intensifies and i start going catatonic.

Getting around is pretty hard on the both of us because of our disabilities, and neither of us can drive so it would also be really reassuring to have some money in case we’re out, cant readily get home, and really need some food or a ride.

there are lots of people struggling worse than us, its not life or death but i can’t work at all and neither can rose for the time being, so if you at all like my art or just wanna help out a disabled fuck i would really appreciate any donations or commissions or pledges (my paypal is Ily all and thank you so much!


Kylux fic recs and words that remind me of them somehow

hypnagogiaThe Guilty Bystander by @theeascetic

ethereal : open by @bygoneboy

paradigm : Mors Tua, Vita Mea by @courgette96

fugue Someday, Somewhere - Anywhere, Unfailingly by ValiantBarnes (Cimila)

charismaCornflakes and Other Lists by @starkilleraflame

illocution : Your Lips Drop Sweetness by @rex-luscus

visceral : Entropy by @nonbinarygreywarden

quake : where the hedgerows slowly wind by @starsshinedarkly77

serrated : Waste Isolation by @yeats-infection

acclivity : nameless by @dadcastellanos

syllogism : Works by @sithofren

glimmer : Burn Out by evilblubber

peripeteia : Lineage by @kat2107

yonder : it don’t come in a shot glass by @cracktheglasses 


Me and @qookyquiche made some BNHA OC’s~!! Seikikeijo Haakuma belongs to Quiche and Yurenoki Yuki belongs to me. ( ^ u ^ ) See captions + read more if you’re interested in learning more about them~

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But have you considered....

Reinhardt and Ana going on a date to a local fair/carnival. And both having a good ol’ time, acting like teenagers on the rides, enjoying the food (especially if its in a location with exotic foods and beverages)……


Ya’ll?!? Ana being badass with any game revolving around shooting or precision. Like hitting every hard to reach ballons with the darts or the game with the water gun where you have to be the first to get your target to the top.

Or Reinhardt practically knocking the bell off the high striker or any other strongman game.

And both of these elders putting younger folks to shame and some of the game vendors wondering how they did it. And lets not forget the jealousy some younger couples (mostly the girls) or kids get with this old couple walking away with these big stuffed animals and other awesome prizes. Which they give to the other because thats what you do when you play carnival games. But they also laugh at the faces their getting.


Pharah, Mercy and/or Jesse having to come help transport all of Reinhardts and Ana’s winnings.