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Smile More

Title: Smile More

Word count: 1,133

Summary: In which Percy finds Annabeth utterly and amazingly cute, it didnt help that she wore a skirt today. Drabble.

Note: wtf I can never come up with a decent summary for one-shots. Originally posted to my which you could find here . 

Percy didn’t know how he started taking a certain liking in Annabeth Chase. They were different. Entirely, worlds apart kind of different. He didn’t like her at first, being partnered for an assignment is never the correct way to make a friend, but even after she received her grade Percy still found her ringing on his doorbell every thursday, asking to study. 

It might’ve warmed his beat up heart just a little to know that someone out there cared enough to at least (persistently) try to be his friend.  

They didn’t talk much. Mostly just sarcastic remarks that made them both happy whether they’d admit it or not. Not to forget the taunting smirks from Percy, also. He liked to tease her, but she always bit back. 

They weren’t very close either, just close enough for both of them to call the other a dipshit without really minding. 

He knew one of the reasons she chose his place over the library was because his household was quiet, and even though Percy was a whole messy mess himself, it gave Annabeth somewhat of a reassurance that there were nobody else in the room she had to look happy for besides Sally. Which, over the three weeks they’ve been working together, had became like the mother she never had. 

Annabeth came from a rich family. She wore sweaters and jeans to school mostly, not skirts or dressed like you’d expect from a girl like her. She was polite to it seemed everyone but Percy, and maybe that was why he liked her. 

Percy learned that Annabeth liked owls. He learned that she was even more intelligent than she appeared, and that her mom left when she was only five, that she was heartbroken but by time, still didn’t forgive much less give a shit. If she’s didn’t show her face for 12 years its a clear sign she isn’t gonna show it very soon, she said. A family member is someone who takes care of you and has been there for you, biologically speaking, she’s just someone who gave birth to me. she’s not part of my family. 

He was entranced, because Percy had never met anyone as deep and meaningful as Annabeth. Someone so straight forward and well spoken, who knew bullshit when she saw it. Throw her good looks into the picture and she was practically a goddess. He didn’t know how in hell he didn’t notice her until this year. 

Annabeth learned that Percy liked the color blue. Anything blue (or black) you could easily bribe him with. She learned he liked piercings. A lot. As is the metal on his face didn’t give away the memo. She learned that despite their social differences, they had quite the things in common. Both of them appreciated good alternative music, for starters. Both of them knew someone who left them, secondly. 

She liked him, because he was different. He didn’t really care what people thought of him, he said that was lame. As long as I like myself, thats all that really matters. Percy swam against the tide, and Annabeth liked that. 

Percy tapped his fingers on the table to some song he recognized Annabeth playing at his apartment last week. It was Biology, their only class together, and Percy was so bored that the only thing that seemed to interest him was the fact that Annabeth wore a skirt today instead of her usual denim jeans. And she didn’t look bad. Like, at all.

She had her grey hoodie pulled down low, so the only part of a skirt that could be seen was two inches of  black fabric. Leaving her long, tan legs visible to Percy’s wandering eyes. But he couldn’t stare at her directly, that’d be way too obvious, especially since Annabeth was observant. Even with her sitting two rows ahead of him (he sat in the back back) to the right, so he settled with glancing every so often from the corner of his eye, trying to imprint her perfect figure into his brain so he wouldn’t have to keep looking at her. But damn, Annabeth was so fucking attractive. 

They both didn’t have any friends in that class, only the two of them, so it wasn’t very hard to get Annabeth alone when the period ended. 

Percy pushed through the crowd of students to get to her. A couple of them shot him dirty looks, but their fault for taking their sweet time.

Her hair was down as usual, with bobby pins holding her long bangs to the side. Percy remembered her telling him that it was so she can actually see without having to push the mess from her eyes every few minutes. He thought it was adorable. 

“Wearing a skirt today I see." 

Annabeth glared at him with her piercing grey eyes, that created such a good color contrast with her blonde hair and naturally pink lips. Percy was momentarily distracted. 

"Everything else is in the laundry. I didn’t want to come to school smelling like garbage, unlike someone I know."  She gave him a  pointed look.

"Gods, Wise Girl. You’re acting like I said you looked bad.” Annabeth rolled her eyes, but the faint blush that crept up onto her cheeks was not to be unseen. Percy smirked. 

“Shut up." 

He smiled, white teeth beaming as she punched his shoulder. He couldn’t feel very much, it was obviously a playful act, but he couldn’t not smile at a frustrated/ annoyed/ emberessed Annabeth. He couldn’t. 

” Hey, you should smile more.“ Annabeth said slowly as if she were making an observation she was unsure of. Then she added on, "It makes you look better.”

Now it was Percy’s turn to blush. The heat warmed his cheeks in a way that infuriated him, he had no control over blushing. He hoped he wasn’t sweating by now. So, having a head full of kelp, he said something only Percy Jackson would say, “You should shut the fuck up more." 

 It was still rotation time, and Percy guessed they probably had two or three minutes before the bell rang and signaled class. But the two of them were still walking at a good pace, and so he decided not to say anything about it. Plus, the wide grin that Annabeth had plastered on her face after he said what he said was definitely worth being late for.

a/n: for anon Bellarke + Not trying to make a scene but you took the last pool floaty and I want it

it’s getting hot (so let the games begin)

It’s the hottest summer in the history of the world.

Okay, so it’s not actually the hottest summer in the history of the world but it sure as hell feels like it. When he was a kid, he was used to it. You don’t grow up in Arizona and expect a warm and comfortable summer. No, you expect your toes to burn on the asphalt if you step on your flip flops wrong and you know the coolest places to frequent in your town. Malls, movie theaters, arcades. Basically anywhere you can find food, girls & air conditioning. And if you’re one of the lucky ones, you own a pool. 

His mom happens to be one of the lucky ones which is basically the only reason he agreed to leave the cool breezes of San Diego for the blistering heat of home.

It’s a sweltering hundred and four degrees and almost noon when he wakes up that day, his curly black hair sticking to his skin, and he groans before he even opens his eyes. The blackout curtains he has on his bedroom window must have been pushed aside by his sister’s idiot cat because there is a beam of sunlight hitting the skin of his thigh, left bare by the thin sheet he pushed off of himself over the course of the night.

“Stupid fucking cat,” he mumbles as he squints against the offending light, reaching over to tug the curtains shut as tight as they will go. When it’s finally blissfully dark in his room again he locates his cell phone and sees a message from his best friend Miller.

We’re all coming to your house today to swim. Better have drinks and floaties bitch.

He keys in a quick response (Fuck you dude, bring your own drinks) and pushes himself reluctantly out of bed. The last thing he wants is a house full of people but knowing Miller, there will be at least twenty at his place before the end of the day. Thankfully his mom is on vacation with her new boyfriend for the week so as long as no one trashes the place he should be fine.

“Bell? Are you awake?” There’s a knock on his door and he can hear his younger sister’s voice, which always manages to sound annoyed even though he just woke up and couldn’t possibly have pissed her off yet.


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anonymous asked:

i have a lot of black sisters feelings too - i keep thinking up headcanons about their teenage years. and like what they would be like if they lived in modern times, like regular people, non-magical... what kind of clothes they'd wear, what jobs they'd have, their fave music, would bellatrix still become a murderer, would andromeda still run away (like i could see it happening if their family is classist/racist & ted is a poc & poor)... do you have any ideas about this au? (it's an au i guess)

OH MY GOD?? oh my GOD thank you for this message i have had it sitting in my inbox for days just waiting for me to have the time/energy to reply because WHAT A GOOD. what a good. okay so first of all @jercmevaleska has some of the best modern au black family headcanons full stop so please do check out her blog if you dig that kind of thing. my black sisters though okay god i’m sorry this is SO LONG with narcissa especially i get so carried away

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Castiel Color Challenge | osirisjones

Prompt: Papaya

It starts with a smoothie stand at a farmer’s market in upstate New York.

It was Sam’s idea to go, and though Dean had complained about going to some frou-frou organic hippy market, Castiel had perked up at the prospect. He didn’t know what a farmer’s market was, but he did know that he was tired and bruised from their hunt—a large vamp nest in the Catskills—and he wasn’t quite ready for the 24-hour two-day drive back to the Bunker. Something had deflated in Dean when Castiel said, quietly, that he’d like to go, and Dean had wordlessly shrugged into his coat and snapped, “Well? Aren’t you coming?” when Sam dawdled, eyes wide in surprise that Dean had surrendered so easily.

That was almost an hour ago, and Dean’s opinion of farmer’s market has done a complete and utter 180.

“Dude!” Dean exclaims. He’s holding too many bags to pull on Cas’ sleeve, so he flaps his elbow out and catches Cas’ bare biceps. “They’ve got funnel cake.”

“Oh my God,” Cas hears Sam complain distantly. Castiel ignores him for now and instead asks, “What’s funnel cake?”

Sam says, “Oh my God,” again, and Dean sputters a little bit and then says, “A piece of fried heaven, that’s what it is,” and then he transfers all his bags to his left hand and pulls Cas along with him to a stand that smells mouth-wateringly of fried dough and powdered sugar.

“What kind of farmer’s market sells funnel cake?” Sam mutters behind them.

“Oh, shut up,” Dean says. “You’ve got all your organic kale and broccoli and rabbit nonsense over there.” He makes a vague gesture, letting go of Castiel’s wrist to do so. Cas runs his own fingers over the inside of his wrist, shivering a little.

Dean buys them a funnel cake to share, and only complains a little bit when Sam sneaks a piece, too. Chewing, Cas decides that while the texture and taste is pleasant, he doesn’t like how the dough sits so heavily in his stomach afterward. Sam seems to take this as a victory. Dean pouts a little, but mostly seems concerned. He’s telling Cas that if he feels sick they can go sit down in the shade for a while when Sam makes a surprised noise and stops in his tracks, leaving Cas to bump into his back.

“Whoa. Hey.” Sam points. “Smoothies.”

Dean makes a face. “Smoothies are just milkshakes that suck,” he says.

“I don’t know what a smoothie is, either,” Cas says. Sam throws his hands in the air and looks at Dean like, Can you believe this?

Dean heaves a sigh. “Fine,” he says. “Let’s go get the two hippies their shitty pretend-milkshakes.”

There’s a young woman standing at a table in front of a makeshift washing station, where a gangly teenager is rinsing out a used blender. There’s a large chalkboard propped up against the front of the table where it reads SMOOTHIES: STRAWBERRY-BANANA. KIWI-PEACH. RASPBERRY-BLUEBERRY-BANANA. HONEYDEW-KIWI. MANGO-STRAWBERRY. And, OUR SPECIAL: PAPAYA-BANANA.

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Re: The Rolling Stone Mess

Okay so this is an addendum to Andie @paper-storm‘s great post (please go read that first!!), but I’m going to sort of explain a little more about a) how interviewers can and do manipulate interviewees, and b) why 5sos might not call RS out on their bullshit even if they want to, and c) why this entire thing seems poorly planned on purpose.

So as a journalism student, I’m going to start off by saying it’s incredibly easy to frame an interview in order to get the answers you want or to push an agenda. It’s all in how you phrase a question. So for example if I want 5sos to talk about how their fans are batshit insane, I can ask “Do you think your fans are a little too fanatical sometimes?” and they’ll probably say something like “Sometimes they can get a little wild, but they’re just great, we love their dedication.” and that can be turned into “5sos agrees that their fans are kind of crazy.” In my classes, they teach us to ask broad questions that lack an assumption, so that we DON’T fish for a certain answers, because that’s the proper way of doing things and finding out information, but mass media tends to go for scandal over quality a lot of the time. So a more open way of framing that question would be “How do you feel about your fans’ dedication?” because it allows them to tell us how THEY feel about their fanbase. Unfortunately, a lot of time, broader questions don’t happen.

Questions that imply a certain answer, are called leading questions, and unless you’re like looking for confirmation about Watergate or something, they’re generally best to avoid, but it’s the kind of thing that could result in the “Hemmings says they took full advantage of the situation.” when really the interviewer asked “Does your fame make it easier to get girls?” and he said something like “I guess so.” and the interviewer turned it into that sentence.

Like Andie said, editorializing is when you insert your own opinion into your piece. Unless you are writing an opinion piece, you’re supposed to avoid that. Using words like “devilish” to describe things, is an example of editorializing, because it associates a negative/cocky persona with whatever face Luke happened to be having. He could have been smiling, he could’ve been nervous discussing his sex life, we’re never going to know.  I’ve been deducted marks for putting the line “For now, France is still defiant.” in a piece about vigils for the Paris attacks, exactly because it’s editorializing. Do I think France is still defiant in the face of such terror? Yeah. Is that relevant to anything I covered? No. It’s my opinion, and my interpretation of a situation. And that’s something the RS interviewer did over, and over. Injecting your own assumptions on a situation and presenting them like fact is unethical and tbqh really poor journalism. 

Honestly, the amount of editorializing and paraphrasing and sheer descriptions makes me questions how much time the interviewer actually had to ask questions, and how much was just him following them around for a day and jotting down notes and interpreting actions at will. Stuff like Michael stomping down halls or Calum avoiding him in the kitchen is all speculation on the part of the interviewer. I don’t know if anyone remembers Zayn Malik’s exit interview with the Sun after he left 1D, and how it was like 2 pages long but full of paraphrasing, but when the audio came out, they had maybe 2 minutes of audio, and rehashed the same three sentences into paragraphs and paragraphs of bullshit. There’s a lot of things media organizations can do that are sketchy and wrong but completely legal.

Rolling Stone doesn’t even have that great of a rep anymore. They did a story about a rape case last year and it turned out to be totally wrong, and only really served to give ammo to people that deny rape culture exists. An investigation into the story revealed “journalistic failure in the UVA story and institutional problems with reporting at Rolling Stone” (bolding emphasis mine, the quote is from Wikipedia). They’ve also been majorly criticized because they have a horrendous amount of generational bias towards acts from the ‘60s and ‘70s, and their rep continues to decline because their content keeps getting poorer. It’s not a stretch to question whether they pushed a journalistically inaccurate story for the sake of controversy. 5SOS is a hot topic, and hot topics make money.

The reality is journalism, especially print journalism, is struggling. It’s still a business at the end of the day but there’s no money in it anymore. Print used to make money mostly through ad revenue, but people have adblock online, and not many people buy print anymore. Print institutions are going out of business, no one knows how to revitalize them so a lot of media organizations are doing anything and everything to bring in a little extra money with very little resources, scandals and controversy generate revenue, so media covers them more. Rolling Stone can’t risk alienating its current subscribers and demographic, mainly older men, but they need content that will encourage people other than them to buy their magazine. What they did, for them, makes perfect sense. (This next bit is entirely speculation on my part but I think it makes sense.) They have a sexy, deep cover, that’s going to attract fans, get them excited, encourage them to buy the magazine, but the story itself confirms a lot of preconceived notions that the older, male demographic that reads RS regularly has about 5SOS: that they’re immature dickheads who don’t give a shit about music, only about sleeping with girls. RS doesn’t care, people who’ve bought it for the cover can be upset after reading the story, but RS has their money, and their subscribers stay happy with their elitist content. RS gets the best of both worlds. 

Now a lot of people are saying 5SOS should take RS to court, and the legal issues might be why they’re staying silent. I doubt this will go to court. Like I said above, leading questions are perfectly legal so RS technically can’t be held for libel. If 5SOS accuses them of lying, THEY could be taken to court for libel, especially if RS has audios of them agreeing to whatever leading questions were posed, and entering a legal battle with the behemoth of RS without 100% insurance that they’re dead wrong is career suicide. That’s why they really can only shade post about the situation. It’s too expensive and too risky to do it, and warping quotes is too common-place in journalism to bother. 

As for the direct quotes, they’re probably true, but again, the context is important. Were they in the wake of a leading question? Were they sarcastic? Were they 100% dead serious? WE DON’T KNOW. I know a lot of people are questioning why 5sos/their management didn’t put a stop to this but the thing is interviewers are under no obligation to tell interviewees what questions are going to be, what they’re going to include in an interview, send them a finished copy before it goes to print, or pull an interviewer if interviewees don’t like it. The prospect of a RS cover was probably big enough for them to agree to anything, because a RS cover is a big deal in the music industry. 

The fact that the interviewer was present when 5SOS was hungover, and just out of bed is poor managing to me. You’re telling me they couldn’t have them clear-headed when talking to a RS interviewer? Not unless RS requested that post-AMA timeslot with the assumption that they’d be woozy and post-party. Literally anything said in the presence of an interviewer is understood to be on-record and eligible for publication, even jokes to each other or offhand comments. Having one there that early means a lot of things were probably said, that 5SOS didn’t ask to be off-record (you have to ask for something to be off-record BEFORE its said, not after for interviewer’s to be bound to it), and also means that if something caught them off guard, they’d be less ready to bend it into something positive. 

It’s immensely rare for an interviewee to either end an interview/walk out, and less rare but still uncommon for them to answer a question (especially in the music industry - this isn’t high politics), that’s why it’s always news when it does happen. That’s why if RS framed questions to be scandalous and gross, they probably ended up just nodding along and agreeing, or saying something that was worded badly, and not being able to rephrase it. You can’t stop an interview in hindsight and ask to rephrase something that came out badly, it sucks but that’s how it is. Think of how many times you’ve said something, realized it sounded horrible, and then restated it to clarify what you meant. You can’t do that in interviews.

Ultimately, there are a lot of competing interests here. Rolling Stone’s, 5SOS’s, Modest!’s, anyone who generates money out of this has a stake, and they’re all competing stakes. My advice to you would be to take everything critically, and trust your gut. This one interview is the farthest thing from damning, imo.