mostly because i would just love to be around her on movie sets

Imagine Chris and the Avengers cast talking about you on Jimmy Kimmel.

You settled in your hotel room bed and turned on the television just in time to catch your husband, Chris Evans, and fellow cast members; Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner live on Jimmy Kimmel. You were meant to be at the interview with them but your commitment with your new movie sent you to London instead, and so there you were watching them answer the questions you were suppose to as well about the movie you all had acted in six months ago.

The interview started and the cast took their seats. You smiled at how handsome Chris looked in the outfit you had told him to take with him; everyone else looked great too. Seeing them made you miss their company and you wished you had been able to join them on the couch.

“It is so great to have you guys here tonight,” Jimmy addressed them with a wide grin. “The movie isn’t even out yet and everyone’s already excited to see part two.” The audience cheered their agreements. “Thank you all for coming out. I know all of you are very busy which is why we’re missing a few cast members tonight.”

The cast nodded in acknowledgement of your absence as well as a few others.

“Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, as well as your wife, Y/N,” Jimmy said to Chris and Chris nodded again, this time with a cute pout. “I heard she’s currently in London filming her next movie.”

“Yeah,” Chris chuckled. “She actually left for London like- a week after we wrapped up Infinity War. I headed home to relax and she went on to her next job, it definitely says a lot about our level of demand in the industry.” He joked and you chuckled softly. “No, I’m extremely proud of her. She’s up for an Oscar, did you guys know that?”

“How can we not? You talk about it all day every day,” Robert rolled his eyes as he pretended to be annoyed with Chris. “Even Y/N doesn’t talk about it as much as you do.” The room laughed. “No, seriously though- he talks about it all the time. Doesn’t he, guys?” He asked the cast for confirmation.

“All the time,” Scarlett and Jeremy nodded.

“Even Y/N tells him to shut up about it,” Mark chuckled.

“You’d think he was the one getting nominated,” Chris H added.

“He’s a proud husband,” Jimmy defended Chris.

“Yeah,” Chris laughed, “just leave me be.”

“He’s a lovesick puppy, that’s what he is.” Robert teased, glancing back at Chris. “Ever since the second he laid eyes on Y/N, he’s been head over heels for her.” The cast nodded and Chris blushed deeply, dropping his head. “You should have seen him the first time she walked on to the set, his eyes popped out of his skull and he became a huge blubbering mess.”

You giggled to yourself, remembering the day Robert was talking about. You’d been friends with Robert for quite a while now, having met on the set of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ in 2009. He was the one who took you around on your first day at the Marvel Studios and introduced you to everyone, including your husband. Chris was a huge mess the first time he met you, mainly because he was already a fan of your work and you were drop dead gorgeous in a black lace dress; he was a bit of a sucker when it came to lace.

“Yeah, okay,” Chris chuckled, “I’ll admit I was a bit of a mess when I met Y/N.”

“A bit?” Chris H scoffed then chuckled. “We were all embarrassed for you, dude. You’re lucky she’s ridiculously nice and ignored your rambling otherwise you wouldn’t be here with that ring on your finger. You lucked out with her, my man.”

“Oh trust me, I know.” Chris chuckled. “She reminds me everyday.”

He was joking- while you did remind him occasionally, mostly as a joke, sometimes when you were fighting- he didn’t need a reminder when it came to you. He knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you even before the first date.

The two of you clicked pretty much immediately and every day on set became like a scene out of a romantic comedy. It got to a point where Joss had to keep you two apart because you and Chris couldn’t be in the same room without flirting and/or ending up in a fit of giggles.

Your relationship with him progressed with MCU film franchise. You met and started dating on the set of ‘The Avengers’, by 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier’, you’d moved in with him, he’d proposed during 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron’, and by the time 'Captain America: Civil War’ came around you’d been happily married for almost a year. The end of 'Infinity War: Part 1’ called for your first pregnancy- which the two of you were planning on keeping a secret until the three month mark. And by the end of 'Infinity War: Part 2’, your little miracle would have been born and introduced to the world.

“I know we’re here to talk about the movie but can we just discuss your personal life for a moment?” Jimmy asked Chris. “You and Y/N have been married for a while now, do you think we’re going to see little Captain Americas and little Agent 25s running around anytime soon?”

You pressed your lips together when you saw Chris’ reaction. He looked like he was definitely dying to tell someone but the two of you made a promise and neither of your families knew yet so he kept his mouth shut and let Jeremy made the first comment.

“He’s enough of a child for the both of them,” Jeremy joked. “You should see them out and about, they paint the town red till the break of dawn. It’s no wonder they work together 'cause I don’t think anyone else can keep up with them.”

You laughed, suddenly glad you weren’t there to be teased.

“You two like to party?” Jimmy asked, chuckling.

“Why do you think they don’t have kids yet?” Mark chuckled.

“So they’re the ones you guys call to have fun, Chris and Y/N?”

“Definitely.” Robert nodded. “Those two are absolutely hectic.”

“Mm hm,” the entire cast nodded with all their thumbs pointed at Chris.

“Nooooo, we’re not going to do that!” Chris held his hands up in surrender. “We’re on TV, guys! Our parents are watching this. C'mon, if Y/N sees this she’s going to lose her mind. We promised her no embarrassing stories, so c'mon!”

“If she doesn’t want any embarrassing stories about her then she should settle down,” Robert said. “Hear that, kid?” He addressed you through the camera. “Become a mom and everything embarrassing you’ve ever done is wiped clean off the slate.”

You chuckled and picked up your phone, texting Chris the following words.

Just break the news, babe. We’ll call our families after the interview. I know we said we’d wait but it’s happening so we might as well tell people. I know you’ve been dying to tell them anyway so go ahead, you’ve got my full support. ❤️️

After sending the text, you turned your attention back onto the TV screen. Chris flinched and you knew it was from the buzzing in his pocket. He subtly pulled his attention away from Jimmy and the rest and took his phone out of his pocket to read the text. You saw his smile and you couldn’t help but smile back. He looked up at the screen and winked, knowing you were watching.

“Hey guys, um-” Chris cleared his throat and drew the attention onto himself. “I’ve got something to announce. Y/N and I have been keeping this a secret for a while now and um- she actually just decided it was time we break the news. She just texted me telling me to announce it right here on Jimmy Kimmel.”

“No my God,” Scarlett gasped and turned to Chris a knowing smile. “Is she-”

The rest of the cast turned to Chris with widened eyes and excited smiles, waiting for confirmation.

“Yup,” Chris nodded, smiling. “We’re expecting our first child.” He said and the whole room gasped.

“Wow!” Jimmy clapped. “That is- congratulations, you guys. Y/N,” he looked into the camera. “We wish you could be here with us. Congratulations, you two are going to make wonderful parents.” He said and you smiled.

“No way!” Robert’s jaw dropped, his excited grin visible as he turned from Chris to the camera. “I knew it,” he pointed to the camera and you chuckled. “I’m so proud of you, kid. I can’t wait to meet your little one.”

“Congratulations, man!” Jeremy slapped Chris on the back excitedly.

“Yeah, welcome to the dad clan. You’re one of us now,” Chris H shook his hand, grinning.

“I’m so happy for you guys,” Mark told him, smiling. “You’re both going to make amazing parents.”

“Thanks guys,” Chris grinned. “I’m very excited as well.” He turned his attention back onto the camera, speaking directly to you. “I couldn’t have asked for a better person to experience parenthood with and- I’m ready as long as I’ve got you by my side, sweetheart. I love you and I can’t wait to see you.”

You smiled, feeling your eyes water as you picked up your phone and texted him your response.

I love you and I can’t wait to see you too.

Preference 2: Little Things?


SIDE NOTE: Sorry I couldn’t do one for Slip Knot. I just couldn’t think of anything. He might be in the next one was. Also sorry that Katana and Joker only had 2 instead of 3 different things.

El Diablo:

  • Kissing

Lots of sweet little kisses on your nose, cheeks, neck, and shoulders. He’ll sneak up behind you and warp his arms around your waist. Other times you’ll be laying on the couch or in bed and he’ll be sneaky (so many kisses).

  • Dinner

He absolutely adores when you make him dinner. Especially if you try something more ethnic. Sometimes he’ll help you a little bit by lighting the grill or stove (even if there’s a nob to turn”.

  • Talking 

Normally when he gets upset and starts steaming/smoking you have to talk him down. Sometimes you’ll put your hands on his shoulders even if it burns a little. Other times he’ll be having a nightmare and he’ll catch fire. After a while you’ll smell smoke and wake him. Make him stand up quickly and pour water on the bed where there was fire. Then you’d hold him and lay him down on your side of the bed. Another time when you talk is when he just wants to have a nice calming conversation. Just because he feels like you always problems when you talk he wants you to have nice times when you talk.

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Harley Quinn:

  • Makeovers

Harley loves to put makeup on your face and do your hair. You’ll be laying or sitting somewhere, she’ll pick you up and carry you into your shared room. She’ll then sit you in the chair on your vanity. She’ll then braid or play with your hair till she likes it. Then, she’ll turn you toward her, she’ll give you a few quick kisses then gets started. She uses bright colors and pale foundation. When she ends she claps her hands and screams “date night!”

  • Small Adventures

You and Harley will just be sitting or hanging out. Out of the blue she’ll bring up going to a fair or carnival. You’ll immediately pick her up and toss her in the car. She’ll laugh, giggle, and tell little jokes the whole way there. Then when you get there its like having a kid in a candy store. Its absolutely amazing fun!

  • Games

She LOVES games. When you or Harley get stressed the other one of you will go get the other one favorites game and set it up. Then you’ll begin and start playing. Eventually, you’ll both be happy and playful again. Sometimes she’ll sit in your lap and keep playing. Lots of kisses and hugs are given. Lets just say there are no losers. (;

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  • Working Out

He loves when you come downstairs into the gym and workout with him. Sometimes you spar (mostly ends in ties and them some love). Other times you’ll lay underneath of him when he does push ups or sit on his back. More than enough times you’ve had battles on who could lift the heaviest weights. Sometimes you set up targets for him to shoot at (other times you’ll stand in the middle and he’ll try not to shoot you).

  • Hugs

Between the two of you there’s no way to count who’s given the most hugs. You’ll give them to him when he gets upset or when he starts getting frustrated. He hugs you when you get flustered or when you make little mistakes that make you upset. Hugging is just more convenient than kisses for the two of you. Only because it takes longer to accomplish and let go without a fight.

  • Nerf Wars

Since Floyd doesn’t like it very well when you pick up and start messing with a real gun you decided to start a new game tradition. You would take a Nerf Gun and shoot it at him when he’s least expecting it. Then you’ll run and hear a ‘oh its on’ behind you. Then you’ll really start a war. He normally wins but, sometimes you’ll persuade him to give up.

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Killer Croc:

  • TV

Honestly you guys watch more tv than anything. It not only keeps you occupied but, it makes him focus on something other than the needs of the wild crocodile side of him. You mostly watch more adult tv than anything.But, sometimes you’ll make him sit through a really dumb tv show.

  • Bar Jumping

When days get a little bit more chill and he’s not into as much ‘work’ you guys jump in the car and go to a bar. Then after a while you both get bored of that bar and move along. Overall you guys end up visiting over 15 bars a night! It always gets really exciting and more creative the more you drink.

  • Swimming 

You know that his crocodile side does have to take over more of his body than looks sometimes. So, when this happens you go to a lake so that he can swim and eat. You normally sit on the bank and either get a tan or look at the stars (depending on what time you go.) Most of the time you go at night so that he doesn’t get a big thirst for people. But, sometimes you’ll go during the day just to get some sun.

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Captain Boomerang:

  • Challenges

Boomerang isn’t much of an adult. So, the only way to really settle an argument is to complete a challenge. Normally the challenge is who can do this the longest or who can do this the fastest. Other times you’ll do them for fun.

  • Stuffed Animals

He loves his stuffed unicorns so anytime the two of you lay down to sleep or take a nap he gets 50% of his unicorn stuffed animals. Then you’ll go get some of yours and snuggle up together and be incredibly warms. Other times you’ll try and hit each other through out the day. 

  • Children’s Movies

You love to make him watch kids movies. He thinks there ridiculous and lazily made. So, when the two of you watch them he always asks stupid questions. After a while he gets drunk and sings along or yells at the characters like there real. Lets just say he is better than the movie.

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Enchantress/June Moone:

  • Reading

June loves reading and sometimes you do to. Sometimes you’ll lay together in silence and read. Other times you’ll just lay there and she’ll read to you. Normally you’ll fall asleep and she’ll keep reading but, realize your asleep and put her fingers through your hair. 

  • Walks

She loves walking with you. Even though she hates the worst part which is getting you off the couch unless your energetic. When the two of you walk she looks and examines almost everything. Eventually you get tired and she gives you a piggy back ride the rest of the way.

  • Pillow Fights

Every morning when you or her don’t wake up on alarm you take it as the best opportunity ever. The one that wakes up takes a pillow and straddles them and starts beating the other with the pillow. It ends with a big pillow fight and tons of kisses. Sometimes you get out of bed other times you give up.

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Rick Flag:

  • Rambling

If there’s one thing you and Rick love its rambling to each other about the little things in life. His are normally about work or the Squad.Yours are moreabout random things.Like cleaning or your job. He enjoys listening yo you and playing with your hair. You like to listen to him. Even if you giggle about the things the Squad does to Rick.

  • Cleaning

Trying to clean up a mess made by Rick Flag is almost impossible. Because there’s bullets and guns with different bombs and traps. Its crazy! Eventually he comes home and helps you. It normally ends in love making unless he accidentally sets something off. Then it leads to getting out the ‘RICK FLAG EMERGENCY KIT.’ He always gets angry when you pull it out and you always hear about how ‘he has his own emergency kit’.

  • Running

He’s a sprinting soldier. And when he wants to do something with you he usually brings up running. If you say no he throws you over his shoulder and takes off running. Eventually he says ‘your own your own’ and puts you down. Sometimes you sit and wait for him other times you run and beg him to pick you back up till he obliges.

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  • Painting

The both of you love painting together even if it gets everywhere. When you paint she takes it mostly all serious painting people or scenery. You however will paint anything you think of. Then you’ll throw paint and she throws back. It ends up with you both covered in paint and laughing. 

  • Yoga

Kat loves yoga. The both of you find lots of peace in it. The room will either be silent or booming with loud music. When you turn on the loud music yoga moves faster and it turns into more speed stretching then yoga.

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  • Driving

He loves to speed around the road and be the real king of Gotham. You love to encourage him because life with him is crazy and fast. Its something you never felt before. When you drive sometimes you hit things other times you trick people into thinking two of you were chasing them.  Then he normally shoots them just for fun.

  • Drinking

The two of you love laying on your king sized bed and having lots of different drinks. The two of you tell jokes, watch tv, or read mystery books. He loves talking about all the crazy things he’s done. Some of them are very interesting others are a little bit gruesome.

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MTV Scream Preference: Halloween Together


It’s Halloween today where I am, and I wanted to get more into the spirit by making up some quick headcanons for these characters. Hope you guys like it!

A/N: I know most of the couple costumes include boy/girl (most couple costumes that I looked up are like that. But that doesn’t mean that you dress up in a masculine/feminine way. If I said it’s Donald and Daisy Duck you could easily be Donald in a dress/skirt and vice versa. I feel like al of them would be comfortable with that and wouldn’t question it.

I just wanted to point that out because I know it would mess with me.

Emma Duval:

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  • After everything that happened she DID NOT want to do something scary.
  • So instead you decided to celebrate it with the cheesy side of things
  • You guys had a couple’s costume (Wendy and Peter Pan) and handed out the candy to the trick or treaters
  • You guys were the cheesy ones that the little kids loved because you found something nice to say about all of their costumes and were really sweet
  • “Awwww look Y/N it’s a superhero! Lakewood has to be safe now”
  • In between trick or treaters you guys would be cuddled on the couch watching cutesy Halloween movies
  • Nightmare before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, Casper, Halloweentown
  • All the works
  • You had the volume on high in order to prevent any sounds that might mess with her outside
  • You guys fell asleep halfway through your list of movies
  • Maggie came home from work and had found you two adorable
  • She was really happy that you helped Emma celebrate the holiday even after everything had happened

Brooke Maddox

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  • You think this girl doesn’t want to drag you to a costume party????
  • She invented costume parties.
  • And does it really count as dragging her S/O if it’s her party????
  • No. Not according to Brooke.
  • She threw a costume party the day before Halloween (kept the list pretty small) 
  • It’s actually pretty tame.
  • You guys both dress up as the Incredibles
  • You head over to her house again when it’s actually Halloween
  • She splurges on the Halloween candy for the kids (each one gets like two handfuls)
  • Brooke has to keep herself from squealing whenever she sees someone dressed as a princess
  • She isn’t able to stop herself when she sees an Ariel
  • “Y/N that was my favorite princess when I was younger!”
  • Legit tears up when she closes the door
  • You guys go trick or treating when you run out of candy
  • You don’t get a lot (because it’s really late), but you guys have tons of fun

Noah Foster

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  • Horror. Movie. Marathon.
  • Sppppoooookkkyy movies
  • You guys set out the candy, head over to where he works (grab snacks on the way) and binge on them
  • You are literally surrounded by blankets on that couch with candy and popcorn surrounding you
  • Oh… and did I mention… scary movies?
  • You better have seen these ones beforehand because Noah is gonna talk to you through all of them
  • “You know there’s actually a conspiracy theory on the internet that this….”
  • You hear that fifty times
  • You don’t care because his eyes light up so much when he talks about them
  • You guys mostly watch supernatural/paranormal ones (avoid serial killers) because… Lakewood….

Jake Fitzgerald ( I l o v e d writing this one)

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  • You guys dress up as a pair of devils
  • “Jake what’s your costume?”
  • “… A devil? We talked about it Y/N-”
  • “You can’t dress up as something you are everyday Jake,”
  • “…”
  • Cue overdramatic face with a hand on the heart
  • You guys do really really really innocent pranks as Halloween comes closer
  • Like you guys seriously think it through on whether or not it crosses ANY lines
  • You guys play it safe and do things like the shocking ring, whoopee cushion, putting random flavoring in their drinks so they drink their water and spit it out bc now it tastes like cherry????
  • You guys pranked Noah by making up a really really bad rap and naming it as a Morgue podcast draft on his computer
  • “Thiiiiisss is Fitzgerald.” “And L/N!” 
  • “And you better not forget to be sppooooookkkkyyy today…”
  • “Boo!”
  • (Best lines out of the entire thing you dorks)
  • But you changed the rest of the file’s names so he had to listen to them all in order to figure out which one was the draft he had to edit
  • (Realizes that wasn’t the only rap)
  • “Hey Foster you came for our comeback rap!”
  • “We know we’re just that good!”
  • You guys try to make those DIY Halloween snacks while listening to Halloween music
  • End up dancing to the music more than cooking.
  • You don’t finish any of the recipes

Audrey Jensen

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  • You guys are going trick or treating.
  • It’s said. And it’s done.
  • You guys are Jack and Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas
  • “Oooohhh Audrey can I have that Kit Kat?”
  • “What? No. Get your own Kit Kat”
  • “Auuuuddrreeeyyyy”
  • You have to trade in order to get the KIt Kat
  • Audrey definitely takes her video camera out every once in awhile in order to get clips of you while Trick or Treating because she thinks you are adorable
  • If anything scares you while you guys are out Audrey wraps her arm around your shoulder
  • Mumbles insults to those people
  • “Come near us again chainsaw guy I dare you…”
  • You both go to her house afterwards and dump out your candy on the floor after most of the candy in the blocks around you are done
  • You guys watch the cheesy Halloween specials on TV
  • Munching on candy the entire time
  • You two are gonna get cavities…

Zoe Vaughn (because she’s my babe and why aren’t there more gifs of her)

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  • Took a picture of just the two of you tooOkay but…. I feel like she’s an older sister….

  • So she WANTED to go hang out with you at your house watching a few movies before heading to a costume party

  • But her Mom got sick and couldn’t take her little sister and brother out trick or treating (They were the Tweedledee and Tweedledum)

  • So Zoe called you as she got in her Alice in Wonderland costume (she was not letting it go to waste) to cancel

  • You told her that you’d go with her. Got dressed in your costume (Mad Hatter) and the two of you went out trick or treating

  • Zoe actually had a lot of fun

  • You two would take her brother and sister up to the scary looking houses when they were too scared to go by themselves

  • You guys got candy

  • You both stared at each other shocked when it first happened…

  • … Neither of you thought you would get candy because you were older…

  • You went with them to every house after that because you were gonna get candy if they offered it

  • (Some houses gave you guys extra because you were a group costume)

  • When it started getting later you guys headed to her house

  • The little ones almost fell asleep as soon as they got home

  • Zoe made them take a picture that had all four of you because she thought it was adorable

  • You and Zoe sat in the living room eating your candy and watching the horror movies that were on while you cuddled
3 weeks is way too long

Summary: Dan and Phil are bestfriends and they can’t spend three weeks apart from each other so they decide to go up north together. When they get there, Phil’s grandma insinuates something, and Dan has something to confess.

Word count: 3.3k

Genre: fluff

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Y/N loves flying out to see Harry. She loves hearing the enthusiasm in his voice when she tells him her vacation’s been approved at work. She loves when Harry picks her up from airports, holding up the cutest handmade sign that reads ‘Y/N!!(:’. Especially because he draws happy faces, or hearts, or loads of x’s, and goes overboard with exclamation points sometimes. She loves hearing Harry go on and on about the town(or city) he’s in at the time. Loves it when he talks about the locations that are popular, as if he really is all familiar, when in reality he’s only just gotten there himself a day prior and hadn’t even heard of the place before then. It makes her think that maybe he lays awake at night, before her arrival, studying these places, just so he can tell her all about them. She loves going out to sight see with him, wonderful spots she’s never even dreamt of visiting. She really loves hanging out with the boys and the crew, and engaging with fans when they come up to Harry, or Liam, or Louis, or Niall. More than anything though, she loves spending time with Harry.

This time it’s different though, and if she’s being honest, she’s feeling a tad nervous. Well, that might be an understatement.

Harry’s quite excited though. It’s been a while since he’s seen his best friend. Sure, he’s constantly phoning her, or messaging her, but it’s not the same. So when he sees her with her luggage, the escalator moving too slow for his liking, he smiles wide in adoration. Definitely not the same.

But here he is, his hair short and slicked messily to the side. With a sign that reads ‘Y/N ♡ (:’, just like
she has missed. And as soon as she steps off the escalator, she drops her bags with a thud and Harry’s striding towards her, arms open.

“Missed you, kitten.” He smiles into her hair, inhaling the refreshing yet familiar scent of vanilla.

It’s quite easy for Harry to pick her up and spin her then, and she gives a small squeak, but laughs anyway.

“Been missing you since you left, you big movie star, you.”

And her voice is music to his ears, can never get enough. It’s why their conversations always go into the wee hours of the morning.

Harry sets her back down, gently, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “M'still the same ole lad that liked to work at a bakery.” Harry never really does change. Always been so humble. “Hey! Did y'know-”

“That you used to work at a bakery!” Y/N joins in, and they finish the sentence together. “I might’ve heard something about that, yes.”

They both chuckle before Harry takes her suitcase handle in his hand, “lemme help you with these, love.”

“How was the trip?” Harry questions, leading the way out.

Y/N hasn’t really known anything but quiet airports when it comes to visiting Harry. Always been best to arrive at night so the possibilities of getting swarmed are to a minimum.

“Slept a lot. Got a bit of work done-”

“You never really understood what a vacation was,” Harry chuckles. And it’s quite true. She can never really not do anything, and in that aspect, Harry and Y/N are much alike. But that’s why she likes vacationing with Harry, he’s able to distract her and really help her relax.

“That’s why m'here, darlin’.” She retorts, “anyway. It was sort of weird, too. Couple of people came up to me, no idea who they were, and asked about ya.”

Harry raises an eyebrow at this.

“Mhm-” she hums. By this time, he’s loading her belongings into the back of a rental, before opening the passenger door for her, “one guy even asked for a picture with me.”

Harry makes his way around the front of the car, jumping so into the driver’s seat.

“S'now y'think your all high an’ mighty?” He teases, giving her a smirk and putting the car in drive.

“Don’t worry, you’ll always be my number one,” Y/N giggles, patting his hand set on the arm rest.

Harry nods and laughs in amusement, “m'just glad you’re here, poppet. M'excited for you to meet everyone.”

“Me too,” she answers, unsure.

And if it were anyone else, she might’ve gotten away with that, but it’s Harry, and Harry knows her too well, so he takes her hand in his and gently squeezes it, smiling a reassuring smile “they’re gonna love ya’.”

And just like she predicted, Harry’s making sure to note places he’s either read about or has been to on their way to the hotel. The pub he and his cast mates went to on a day off, restaurant they celebrated a crew member’s birthday, park he likes to take a run through.

But Y/N still can’t help the uneasiness that creeps back up, because when she visited Harry on tours, she knew mostly everyone. Even when Harry wasn’t around because he was rehearsing, or in wardrobe, or performing, she still had Lou and Lux, sometimes Gemma and Meredith. But now, she’s not going to know anyone but Harry, and that’s a little scary when she thinks about it. Who is she going to talk to when Harry’s on set. She really doesn’t want to come off as a loner. And she’s naturally super shy, so she doesn’t want his cast ages to think she’s stuck up either.

“Here we are,” Harry’s voice cuts through her thoughts, “you’ll be sleeping in the room next to mine. S'got a door that connects 'em, so I’ll be a step away.”

Harry’s always been so considerate with her, to the point where it feels like she’s being babied. But she doesn’t mind, cos he tells her he’s just being cautious. Wouldn’t want anything to happen to her, and she knows, he’s always been real protective.

“S'that mean I can come over to yours?” Y/N doesn’t mean to sound like a child. Usually the first night in a foreign city she spends in Harry’s room. They’ll be watching movies or just talking until Y/N is more at ease, and eventually he’ll get her to sleep. She always tells him she’ll try her best not to bother him, but she can’t think of anything better than cuddling up to Harry. And Harry assures her he doesn’t mind. Not at all. He’s always said he sleeps much better when he’s got someone to cuddle.

“Door’s gonna be wide open-” he smiles, pushing his floor number button with his thumb once inside the lift, “-figuratively, o'course.”

Y/N smiles at him, her way of saying 'thank you’, before she yawns and rubs at her eyes.

When the lift comes to a halt, Harry helps a now very sleepy Y/N out, leading the way with the palm of his hand on her back. Times likes these he’s got to make sure his steps are shorter, wouldn’t want to hurry her up. He slides the keycard and opens her suite door, setting her belongings down next to the TV stand.

“Up you go,” he whispers now, noticing how droopy her eyes have gotten.

He pulls the covers back, letting her slip under before he’s taking off her sneakers and settling her into bed. The upside in having her arrive at night is that she always wears bed time clothes to ensure she’s comfortable.

“I’ll make sure to wake you for brekkie. G'nite, kitten.”

With a light kiss to her temple, Harry makes his way next door into his own room. A room that feels just a little empty now for some reason. And Harry stands here in the dark, a feeling of relief washing over him as he runs his fingers through his hair. He slips off his boots, then his shirt, and lastly his pants before deciding on a warm shower, excited that tomorrow, Harry will finally be able to introduce to everyone the girl he’s been going on about for a while now.


Harry wakes up to a slight stream of light coming in through the curtains, a hand instinctively feeling the spot next to him, in hopes that it wouldn’t be empty, but when he feels nothing but cool sheets, he can’t ignore the feeling of disappointment in the pit of his stomach.

One thing Harry always counted on is Y/N’s body next to him. Doesn’t matter whether she’s cuddled up to him, arm flung across his torso and face buried in his neck, or if she’s a ball of limbs sleeping inches away from him, hair laid messily against white sheets. He finds comfort in the way she breathes, her hands mindlessly reaching over to him to touch him, any part of him. That’s why she’s his favourite to cuddle. Let’s him move her around any which way he wants, and only nuzzles into him closer. When it’s hot, she settles for Harry’s arm around and under her neck, slung lazy on her shoulder, he head on his chest. When it’s cold, she lets him spoon her, his torso warm against her back, arms locked around her waist and their legs tangled. Sometimes he rubs her tummy, too. Knows she likes it when he rubs her tummy. It’s why he prefers it when it’s cold.

“Morning sunshine!” And just like that, a smile creeps over him as he looks over at Y/N make her way to the edge of his bed laying out his clothes on top, “completely knocked out last night. Woke up real early! I’ve picked out your outfit! Now let’s get going before you’re late!”

Y/N’s not sure what got into her. The sudden confidence seems to have her over excited now, giddy and in a hurry to get to Harry’s work.

“Woah! Whas’ gotten into yeh?”

Y/N knows the drill the second Harry sits up and reaches for the cover, so she turns around and stares at the wall so he can change.

She shrugs, “figured I should make the most of it. S'not everyday I get to hang out with famous people!”

“Ayeeee! S'not nice!” Harry would be offended if he had an ego, but it really only reminds him that Y/N doesn’t care that he’s Harry Styles.

“M'joking!” She turns around after hearing the sound of a zipper being pulled up.

Harry gives her a playful glare before sliding his shirt over his head and his arms, tugging at the bottom and stretching it down. He looks at her through the bathroom mirror, talking to her about the people he’s been spending time with as he washes his face and brushes his teeth.

Minutes later, they’re out for breakfast before heading to set.


Y/N’s having a grand time. She honestly doesn’t know why she was so worried. Everyone’s been so lovely to her. She was timid at first yeah, practically clinging to Harry when they arrived. But when he was taken to get into costume and she was left alone, a few of his cast mates approach her, making small talk before excusing themselves. She’s observing, watching everyone scrambling around to their positions when one of the crew ladies offers her a donut, and she doesn’t want to be rude and not take one, so she does, and boy is she glad she did. Because at that moment, a guy clad in a soldier costume, his face covered with what she’s assuming is mud, reaches for the last glazed just when she’s about to grab it.

He apologises and hands it over to her, claiming he likes the chocolate ones better anyway. He politely introduces himself, jokingly tipping his imaginary hat. Fionn is his name, and she remembers him from a few of the first leaked pictures of Harry on the set. He asks her name, and when she tells him, he hmm’s knowingly and says “so you’re the famous Y/N” before taking another bite of his donut.

Y/N’s not sure how long they’ve been talking for, all she knows is that face is starting to hurt from so much smiling. The sound of a train whistle brings her back, and she looks up to see Harry looking back at them, a look on his face that she can’t make out. She waves at him, a huge smile on her face because she’s finally here, looking at her very handsome best friend in action, and he doesn’t wave back, rather keeps his stare stern before tucking his body back into the locomotive, causing her smile to fade.

(Part Two)

The New Jedi Order Massacre

So, given some new information I’ve discovered, I didn’t really want to make a big video about the whole thing, I just wanted to write some thoughts I had about the “Massacre” and why I hope it’s not what it seems.  

This is what we ‘know’ about the New Jedi Order.   

- It existed.  I was one of those people who long believed it didn’t. (Due to PH statements saying to be careful calling it a ‘massacre’ or an ‘academy’ and that the forceback was NOT with Luke’s students)  I had hoped that, perhaps, the force had been dormant since Ben’s birth. (A new generation of Jedi could have been singular, and the destruction could have been the acolytes and the Church) But given recent rumors and the Visual dictionary, there were force sensitive students training with Luke. (I would have loved it though if Rey’s awakening was the first since Ben’s birth.   That the force was dormant for a long time (Rather than a few years))

- Kylo’s “Deadly Light Saber Skills” stopped the New Jedi Order from rising to power.   This is stated in the visual dictionary, we can beat around the bush, but to me, we can’t deny what this implies.   Kylo is responsible for the death of Luke’s students or that is what the Galaxy is lead to believe.  

Let’s talk about Claudia Gray’s Bloodline for a moment:

When it is discovered that Vader is the biological father of the Skywalker Twins this turns the Galaxy against Leia.  While she does have some loyalists, even her closest confidants for a short time begin to fear her, or think she’s a traitor/liar.  

Luke is mentioned very briefly by a concerned politician.  ( Luke is known to be force sensitive, he’s public about it. But it is stated that Leia has kept her abilities hidden, and it’s implied that Ben’s are hidden as well.)  This politician has their concerns about Luke and brings them to light in a very public fashion.  How are we to trust a force sensitive like Luke, who is born from the ultimate evil?  How can we let him run free in the Galaxy? This infuriates Leia and it’s dropped pretty quickly, she refuses for Luke (and her son) to be involved in her scandal.  Especially because Luke wanted to tell people earlier (specifically Ben).  Leia was the one who wanted nothing to do with that information.  

What this does though, is makes it known that there are people out there, most of the political world, uneasy of the Skywalkers.  The New Republic is already in shambles, and war is brewing again.   There are people desperate to prove that the Skywalkers cannot be trusted for the sake of political gain.  They need to prove that Vader has influenced them and they are not the beacon of light the Galaxy has thought. 

Kylo Ren is a political tool.  He stops being a person, and he’s now just a pawn in the war.   Or rather, a knight if you will.   This isn’t about Ben at all, it’s about destroying Luke and Leia (and Han).

(But destroying Han is one step closer to destroying Leia)

We have the Republic, the Centrists and the Populists.  Both parties have people who are adamantly against Leia.  Who want Leia out of power for good, for she can’t be trusted.   The Centrists ousted Leia in the first place for being Vader’s daughter, but that was just the beginning.  Luke and Leia had enough in the war efforts and good merits to make some believe that Vader’s influence hadn’t been passed down the familial line.  But we have the son.  The son who has remained out of the limelight because even his family knows, he is the perfect candidate.   

I have little doubt in my mind that we are going to learn that the New Republic was/is it’s own kind of horrible and corrupted.   It’s been outlined in Bloodline and that was a direct request from Rian Johnson himself, making me think that it may play a prominent role in the movies.  

So we have the coaxing of Ben from Snoke.  The subtle pull to the darkside is there.  The anger and fear are already inside of him.   We have an untrusting government who fears the fact that Son of Vader is training a new Force Sensitive army.   A superhuman Army.   We have politicians desperate to prove that Vader lives on in his familial line.  We also have potential Padawan students, who have just learned that their Jedi master is the direct descendant of the most terrifying man in recent history.  

So what does this mean for the New Jedi Order?  Not good things. 

1) Could Kylo Ren have been framed or set up?

Maybe.  It’s something I would love, and I do really believe that Kylo thinks he is doing the right thing for the Galaxy.  We have heard Rumors that Rey begins finding sympathy for Kylo, so that leads me to believe there is more to THIS story in particular.  Had the corrupted state of the New Republic ordered this “massacre”?  Had they framed it on the cherished Son to prove to the Galaxy that those Skywalker’s had the potential to be just as bad.  Had that betrayal (from the Republic and his own Family) pushed Ben over the edge? If Vader is who they were so afraid of,  Vader is who they would get.   A constant theme of Star Wars is that we create the villains we see, but we can also create heroes.   Had the Republic created the monster by wanting to prove that there was one? 

2) Could there have been a Padawan Uprising?

In a Galaxy where people are still so afraid of the return of the Empire, this also may be logical.   Had the students turned against the master out of fear?Had they turned to fear?  It’s possible to me that Ben turned against his fellow students because they had turned against him.  Not only had his apprentice turned to the darkside, but his other students had as well.  

3) Could the Jedi Knights be the Knights of Ren?

Now, I would love this, but it seems unlikely (especially given that the Knights have been around for much longer than Ben’s involvement).   But to me, Ren is no doubt short for Renaissance.  Perhaps Rebirthed Jedi Knights.  Maybe a few went alongside Ren, the one’s who sided with him if the other Padawans turned against him.   Interesting, but unlikely. 

Or we have a black and white, that’s the day Kylo turned, without much explanation.  It just happened. 

Either way, I have a huge feeling that the Government did everything in their power to make sure this happened.  This is coming from the Centrists (First Order) and the Populists.   The First Order needs their ‘Vader’ and the Populists need to make sure ‘Vader’ doesn’t return.   (Even if that means taking out the threat before it exists)

Why do I think there is more to this story?  

For one, that they didn’t discuss it much at all in the movie when it seems like a huge turning point for Ben’s character if it really was so Black and White.  Another reason is because Leia still see’s this light, and blames Snoke and not necessarily her Son for what happened.  But it is mostly because of his offer to teach Rey.  He doesn’t want to kill her.  He isn’t necessarily threatened by her existence, more awestruck, so I’m lead to believe that he isn’t desperate to eliminate force users in general.  There must have been a reason.

 Luke’s disappearance, to me, seems very sudden.   I’m not entirely convinced he had even spoken to Han or Leia since the incident.  He truly disappeared.  I think after the event, Luke sent away R2, then left himself without a word.   So how do Leia and Han know the details of this event?  Why is Leia not entirely convinced her son has completely turned?   There are a lot of questions to this story half told, and I hope they have taken the opportunity to explore it. 

Fearful Love

Jared Padalecki x Reader 

Word Count: 2,051

Warnings: none so far…unless you want me to warn you about angst :) 

Summary: You can read that here!! [xxx]

Tags: @abaddonwithyall, @bovaria, @balthazars-muse, @bookshido, @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki, @pada-ackles, @sincerelysaraahh​, @demondean-for-kingofhell

Let me know what you guys think of this one, positive or not! Also let me know if y’all want a part 2!!!

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ML Ask Box: Post Reveal Adrienette Fluff

Requested by: @because-katiedid

After the angst ridden piece from earlier I thought this fluffy request would be a nice change of pace! I hope this is what you were looking for.

I will finish all of these requests at some time or another so don’t worry– all your requests have been welcome and I am always happy to take on more :)

For those of you who read my fic He Knows Now– don’t worry I’m still writing, it’s going to be a long chapter to come and I know you’ve been waiting forever I’m so sorry about that.

To say Marinette had had a bad day was an understatement. Chloe had created not one, not two, but THREE AKUMAS in the span of the school day and Marinette was beyond tired. Not to mention how behind she had already been in those classes before having to miss them for her Ladybug duties. Marinette thought that maybe she could see Alya tonight but Alya was busy with Nino and it’s not as if Marinette could tell her why she was so stressed out. Then Marinette thought a quiet night in with her parents was what she needed only when she got to the bakery it was already closed which she found strange. Upstairs there was a note taped to the door. They had gone out of town for a romantic weekend getaway. Marinette groaned as she trudged up to her room thinking that maybe she would just turn in early tonight instead, it had more appeal than doing schoolwork after battling akuma’s all day long. Marinette collapsed on her bed before remembering that her clothes were still wet from the second akuma of the day who was able to hose her down with toilet water before she had become Ladybug. Marinette groaned pulling herself from bed and peeling her disgusting clothes off and throwing them in the corner.

Marinette opted to take a shower to clean herself up. The water was cold meaning the water heater must be broken again. Then Marinette cut her legs shaving. And got shampoo in her eyes. Apparently even taking a shower added to the ever growing list of things that had gone wrong today. Marinette threw on a pair of pajamas and curled up in bed shaking because a cold shower really hadn’t been what she needed. Marinette was about ready to close her eyes and pretend her day had never happened when there was a soft rapping at her trapdoor which could only belong to one person.

“C-come in,” Marinette shivered. The trap door opened and Chat Noir plopped down on her bed.

“Evening Princess how are you feeling?” Chat grinned over at her. Marinette smiled softly as she sat up to look at him.

“Cold, and stressed, and tired, and sore, just terrible actually.” Marinette frowned.

“Hmmm well I think I can fix that.” Chat gave her a sultry smile as he leaned closer impeding in on her personal space but marinette didn’t mind one bit. Chat placed a hand on Marinette’s cheek and slowly placed a soft kiss to her lips. Marinette smiled as his touch delighting in how warm he was. Chat let his transformation fall as he moved closer to her. Marinette quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her mostly because she was cold and he felt so warm but also because this was Adrien and she couldn’t possibly love this boy more. She kissed him hard pulling him down until he was practically on top of her. Adrien pulled away from her and she groaned in annoyance.

“Hey my lady as much as I’m enjoying this I did have something planned for the evening” Adrien smiled down at the dark haired beauty below him.

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anonymous asked:

scenario with tsukki, kuroo, iwai, yams and suga aNGST where they get into a really really heated fight with their s/o and she like storms out and then it starts to get later and later in the day and soon its really dark and v v late and no one can find her and the guys start like lowkey freaking out or just how they would handle the situation? :333 sorry f thats too many characters!

mmm yeah, 4 is my limit (although it’s a little ambiguous in the rules, so i’ll fix that) so i’m gonna drop someone. i currently have a lot of tsukishima requests, so i’ll break it up a little bit and drop him for this one. you can always send in another request for him later!

i accidentally made this college!au 


From: Kozume Kenma

To: Kuroo Tetsurou

Sent: 12:24 AM

Message: I’d never seen him before.


When Kenma had first texted him about you that night, Kuroo assumed you had found your way to Kenma’s dorm. He’d find you there, safe and sound, with a game controller in your hands. It would be a tense few moments, but you would stand up and thank Kenma for letting you stay with him so late into the night. Kuroo would walk you back to your place, the first minute or so of the trip also tense. Eventually, one of you would pipe up and quietly work it out under the light of a streetlamp. Then, you would walk home hand-in-hand and give him a kiss goodnight. That’s how it had always been.

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anonymous asked:

What if Neil can actually dance? Like, just bc he doesn't doesn't mean he cant wiggle dem hips. Do you have any headcanons on that?? (coughKandrielsmutisalwaysappreciatedcough) (coughpleasecough)

Y'all and your Kandriel smut yous guys are like insatiable heathens for it. Sorry that this is not smut maybe next time. But it is about Neil dancing.

I’ve seen many a headcanon about Neil being a phenomenal dancer. And I agree with them. But also, I present this to you:

  • So the Foxes may have lied.  
  • I mean, considering the kind of people they are it’s not too unexpected.
  • See, Neil was just having such a good time. And he looked so damn happy.
  • The foxes didn’t have the heart to tell him that he’s actually shit at dancing.
  • No, not just shit. He’s actually god awful. A regular no rhythm sally.
  • They didn’t really think Neil would take their words to heart though…

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Armide (Eggsy Unwin x Reader)

Fandom: Kingsman: The Secret Service
Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader
Word Count: 1,322
Summary: Reader is an agent working for a rival spy organization. Her mission is to kidnap Eggsy for interrogational purposes. Some flirting (and poisoning) ensues.
A/N: I don’t own anything and this wasn’t edited, so any errors are mine.
Warnings: Non-sexual dubcon.

March in Canada is mucky business.

It’s cold for one, which turns you off to the prospect of staying entirely, but a mission is a mission and you’re going to stick it out regardless. The comm buzzes to life in your ear and you listen in to hear if Catherine has any new information.

“Target is just up ahead, around the corner. He’s heading into the theatre now.”

You nod to your handler though you’re well-aware she can’t see you and tighten your scarf. The early spring breeze still has an edge of winter upon it and it cuts through your dress. Anne did good in making this outfit. The dress is outfitted with pockets (POCKETS!) that are deep enough to hide a sizeable knife, your heels are sharp enough to kill a man if needed, and there are several tubes of pepper spray disguised as lipstick.

God, you love your job.

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katchyalater  asked:

14, 50, or 58! Any pairing :)

i went with 50 (the idiot jar one) and tweaked it just a bit


See, the jar thing was an accident. Really, it was.

It starts off because he inadvisably becomes roommates with Clarke. Which was also an accident. It’s not his fault that their leases were up around the same time, and okay, maybe he could have looked into other places, but it’s easier to split rent and utilities with another person, plus she works just a few blocks away from his school so it just made sense, okay?

(At least, that’s what he word vomited to Octavia when she tried to pry.

“Just admit that you want to move in with your crush and save yourself the hassle,” she says with a dramatic roll of her eyes and Bellamy doesn’t pout, but comes startlingly close to it.)

So that’s how he moves in with Clarke Griffin.

And finds out that she’s an absolutely terrible roommate. Not to mention adult.

Which lead to the jar.

“I’m starting an idiot jar,” he tells her when she stumbles into the kitchen one morning, still squinting at everything suspiciously. He has to bite back a grin before he waves the empty milk carton in front of her face.

“What the fuck,” she says, reeling back a little.

“Every time you do something stupid- like leave your shoes in the middle of the hallway or forget to throw out an empty carton from the fridge- you have to put a dollar in the jar,” he continues, cutting the top off the carton, already having washed it out. Bellamy slaps it down on the kitchen table and slides it across to her. “Pay up.”

Clarke just blinks owlishly at him. “Okay, one, that isn’t a jar. And two, don’t you think ‘complete adult failure why does she even try’ would be more apt?”

“Maybe, but you do a lot of other idiotic things besides fail at being adult.”

“Gee thanks Bellamy. Really feeling the love.”

“Good to know. Now eat your eggs. You need to eat something other than poptarts in the morning.”

Shovelling a mouthful of eggs into her mouth, Clarke points her fork at him and says, “If you’re gonna start and idiot jar, I’m gonna start a grump jar.”

Bellamy scoffs, throwing a dish towel over his shoulder. “You can’t just steal my idea, Clarke.”

“Shut up it’s not stealing it’s- it’s a game. Whoever gets more money from the other by Christmas wins.”

“Wins what?” he finds himself asking, grudgingly intrigued.

“All the money from both jars,” she says, “Every time you complain, or act like an eighty year old grandpa, you put a dollar in my jar.”

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Each Guy's Dream Girl


-caring and sweet
-can be sassy and aggressive
-would cook for him
-has a strong sense of right and wrong
-“Ponyboy, get your head outta the clouds, will ya?!”
-“Darry, leave that boy alone. He doesn’t do anything but work hard in school, read, and watch movies! I want to know how YOU were when you were his age?!”
-independent but appreciates chivalry and his gentlemanly actions
-knows what she wants and has a plan to get it
-gets along well with the gang and helps set them straight
-he doesn’t care about physical appearance (but preferably short)


-generally positive person
-smarter than him
-natural beauty
-preferably tall
•cake on makeup
•wear uncomfortable clothes for others
•feel insecure about herself
-wants to get somewhere in life
-strong and independent but let’s him take care of her
-occasionally takes care of him and his younger brother
-has interesting ideas
-brave and adventurous
-“What’re you eating, Y/N? Looks good.”
-“I have no idea.”
-“How do you have no idea?”
-“They man in the market didn’t speak English, but his sign said $2 for one of these and his hand gestures indicates that it’s supposed to be eaten. It’s actually pretty good.”
-gets along well with everyone (mostly)
-extremely kind


-kind of nerdy
-willing to watch movies, read books, and go to the theatre and then discuss them after
-super smart
-would tolerate his clinginess
-“Please, let go of my hand, I gotta get to class, Ponyboy! I’ll see you after school, though.”
-“You have to kiss me first.”
-“Pony! I’m gonna be late!”
-“Not until you kiss me.”
-“Fine, but only because I love you.”
-doesn’t play games
-cute and slightly innocent but not naïve/she does understand the world well
-has interests
-small and petite
-wears her skirt at a decent length


-beautiful (inside and out, in any form)
-makes interesting conversations
-strong and can stand up for herself and others
-common sense and intelligence
-not too bossy but not a pushover either
-bright and positive
-patient with everyone (especially him)
-“Awe, shoot, Y/N. I’m real sorry about not going to the store. I forgot but—”
-“Johnny, Baby, don’t worry about it. It’s not that big of a deal. I love you.”
-caring and empathetic


-easy going
-has it together
-loyal/doesn’t play games or cheat or etc
-clever and creative
-is sort of the opposite of him—
•generally positive
•not dangerous (although not safe either…)
-curves, man (preferably tall)
-selfless and kind
-willing to fight for what she loves, what she’s passionate about, and for him/their relationship
-“I wish you’d quit smoking, Dal. You’re killing yourself.”
-“Ya think so? Guess I’ll just make it easier for you then.” *takes another drag from the cigarette*
-“Don’t try that ‘Pity-Me!’ game with me, Dallas Winston. I love you and I care about you, so cut the crap, already.”
-*murmurs* “Sorry.”
-doesn’t put up with crap/isn’t a pushover
-common sense
-thinks for herself/isn’t a follower
-doesn’t forget about drinking milk


-willing to listen to him teach her (mostly about cars)
-“And this, babe, you’re going to love!”
-“Um… I love you, Steve, but I really don’t understand what’s so different about this car and that other one over there.”
-“Are you kidding?! That other one was a piece of junk!”
-“Then why were we over there for 20 minutes?”
-tall and fit
-adventurous and always ready to have fun/go out
-has interests and is passionate about stuff
-can joke around but isn’t annoying about it
-loves learning new things
-is great with kids
-not a pushover


-laughs a lot
-great smile
-really funny and witty
-understands his jokes
-doesn’t scold him for drinking
-can play and hang out with his little sister
-also gets along well with his mother
-“Oh, Mrs. Mathews! I can help you with that!”
-“Well, aren’t you sweet! I wish my own children would help me more like you do, Y/N.”
-respectful and responsible but can be silly
-fearless but not stupid
-curvy and short
-willing to try new things with him

Though each guy has a preference, remember that they will always be willing to fall in love/date/etc a girl who is significantly different than their original ideas.

Originally posted by freak-that

anonymous asked:

have you ever written any secret relationship mckirk aus where the relationship isn't actually meant to be a secret but no one knows/everyone thinks they're just pining for each other and if not would you be able to because they're literally my weakness and you write the best things I swear

  • Getting together was never exactly planned. It’s over 5 years of close friendship and then a drunken night or two - or six, and by then Jim was already spending so much more additional time with Bones, they might as well be dating. Though Jim has very little experience with relationships, he finds it’s actually nice to have someone to wake up next to. To have just one person to fall back to. One person to kiss, and Leonard is such a great kisser too. Jim’s never been in love before, but he’s fairly sure that’s what he’s feeling nowadays. It’s weird and pleasant at the same time.
  • The best thing about them being together too is that nothing ever really feels different. They don’t behave differently in each other’s presence, or so Jim thinks anyway. But Uhura sits down next to Jim in the rec room, huddled on the couch to watch a 20th century movie. Uhura’s not giving him the satisfaction of actually watching it, because she’s sitting next to him with a small smile. “So, how about McCoy?” she asks, and Jim turns to look in her direction. “McCoy’s a pain in my ass,” Jim says, though with a small grin. “You two seem closer than usual,” Uhura points out. Jim briefly hesitates, because should he tell her? But then, he has no idea how Bones thinks about telling other people. So he just shrugs it off. “Not really,” Jim says, “I mean, no more than usual?” There’s mostly a lot more sex now, but he’s not about to tell her that. “Well,” Uhura says eventually, “Spock and I are hosting a movie night tomorrow. You should come.” “Sure,” Jim says, “sounds fun.”
  • “Where is Spock?” Jim asks when he gets there a day later. “Oh, he’s taking over Sulu’s shift,” Uhura explains. Jim shrugs that off, but he’s noticing candles, wine instead of beer, blankets on the couch, and there’s a bouquet of fresh roses on the table - though upon closer inspection, they’re really just a hologram. The whole setting seems oddly romantic. When Bones walks in, he sits down next to Jim. With a safe, friendly distance between the two of them, though, and Uhura is eyeing them curiously. “Oh, I gotta go,” Uhura says eventually, “Spock needs my help with something.” Jim frowns at that. “You wanna reschedule?” “Nah,” Uhura says, “you two enjoy the movie. I’ll be back later.” Jim watches her leave, and then turns to look at Bones instead. “What’s that all about?” “I dunno,” Bones says, “but it means more popcorn for us.”
  • Jim watches most of the movie slouched back in the couch, his head resting on Bones’ lap. Bones just runs his hand through Jim’s hair absentmindedly. They don’t really touch the wine at all because gross. But they do eat popcorn, and then a heated discussion about the dumb movie ending. Enough so that Jim sits up straight so he can talk to Bones properly. And then, when Bones is losing his argument, they mostly end up making out for a while. Bones presses him into the couch and Jim happily wraps his arms around Bones’ shoulder to keep him close. By the time Uhura returns, though, they’re just sitting next to each other again. Just quietly talking, though a little closer to each other than before. “So sorry I missed the movie - was it a good one?” she asks, and Bones shrugs. “t Was alright,” he says. The two of them leave together shortly after. 
  • It happens a few more times over the next few weeks. They agree to hang out with friends; and then Sulu suddenly has to leave and the two of them are left alone. Chekov’s called back to the Bridge and somehow refuses to let Jim join him. Uhura cancels a hangout before she even arrives so it’s just the two of them again. Always the two of them. And Jim doesn’t mind, he loves Bones’ company even if he disagrees with him a lot, but it is definitely strange how the others are constantly canceling their plans. 
  • “Spock, what is all this about?” Jim asks when he catches Spock in the turbolift. "To what are you referring?“ Spock asks, "if this is about the reorganized archives, I figured it was about time someone sorted out your logs.” “You sorted out my– no, that’s not what this is about,” Jim says, “I’m talking about all of you abandoning us on nights out.” Spock raises an eyebrow at him, and then he turns his gaze back toward the lift doors. “Uhura seems to think you and doctor McCoy should be closer,” Spock finally says, and now it’s Jim’s time to raise his eyebrows. “Closer?” “Yes,” Spock says, “you can’t exactly deny the lingering looks, smiles, and… touching,” Spock says. Jim snorts, a little confused because surely Bones and himself hadn’t been that obvious about it.
  • But then Bones steps into the lift, too, and rather than actually speaking his mind to Spock, Jim reaches out to grab on to Bones’ uniform. He pulls him in closer, pressing his lips against Bones’ for a kiss. Bones let’s out a noise of protest, but he’s not actually pulling away. Rather, Jim feels those steady hands settle on his  hips, and Bones is definitely kissing him back. “What was that for?” Bones asks when Jim pulls away, throwing Spock a small smirk. “Is that close enough?” He asks, and Spock clears his throat. “I- yes, I suppose so.”

anonymous asked:

could you write more daddy!harry with his kids?

This turned out way longer than I expected, but I guess that’s a good thing… Thanks for the request!

“Welcome Home Daddy”

You had picked Harry up from the airport after dropping off your daughter at school, so his arrival would be a complete surprise for her. At only 6 years old, she usually took it pretty hard when her father had to be away for long periods of time. You always made sure to fly out and visit Harry when he would be away extra long, but with your daughter starting kindergarten a few months ago, it had been harder than usual to plan a trip. He’d only been away for a couple weeks, but to a kid, that seemed like a lifetime.

He’d gotten home and showered before settling on the couch, just in time for you to give him a quick kiss as you ran out the door to pick up your daughter from school. He stayed home to get some rest, hoping to recharge before he was greeted by an extremely hyper child.

Your ride home from the school was mostly the same as always; your daughter rambled on about the drawing she made and how she was pretty sure a boy liked her because he always sat next to her during storytime. She pulled a piece of paper out of her folder and turned it so you could clearly see three stick figures that slightly resembled you, her, and Harry.

“I wanna give this to Daddy when he comes home!”

You nodded, trying to keep yourself from giggling like a kid when you imagined her running inside and seeing her father sitting there. As soon as you pulled into the driveway, she jumped out of the car and you struggled to keep up with her while she ran inside. She dropped her backpack on the floor and hung up her jacket, completely oblivious to Harry standing in the hallway. You stood and watched, catching Harry’s eye and trying not to laugh.

As soon as she turned around, her eyes travelled from Harry’s long legs up to his face before it truly sunk in.


She ran into his arms, and Harry was quick to squat down and scoop her body up in his arms. With her head buried in his neck, he held her tight against him and rubbed her back with his large warm hand. You swore there were tears in his eyes; he was always so happy to see her again.

“I love you, princess.” He whispered, smoothing some of her hair and kissing her head. She quickly began to squirm after muttering a quick “I love you too” before Harry gently set her feet back on the ground.

You took the opportunity to stand next to Harry, looping one arm around his back as you watched your daughter dig around in her backpack to find what you figured was the picture from earlier. She finally found it and brought it up to Harry, a wide smile on her face as she turned the paper to display the work she was so proud of.

Harry grabbed it, his eyes wide and a grin spreading over his face. It was only stick figures, but to Harry, it was worth more than any of the antique art he’d bought.

“This is incredible, love. You got my hair just right.” He smiled, admiring every detail of the picture.

She helped him pick out a special spot on the fridge and secured it with a heart shaped magnet she’d picked out on one of your many trips to Europe. Of course she ran to the tv afterwards and pulled her favorite movie out of the cabinet, going on about how she wanted to watch it with Harry and eat pizza just like they had a few days before he left.

Once the pizza was ordered, you watched Harry snuggle your daughter on his lap as he started the movie and let you place a blanket over both of them. The movie was well underway when the pizza arrived, and you couldn’t help admiring the appetite your daughter had obviously inherited from Harry. She could eat almost as much as him because when she was hungry, there was no stopping her. Harry was the same way.

After the pizza boxes had been cleared and your daughter’s belly was slightly bigger than it was an hour ago, you finally snuggled up next to Harry and leaned your head on his shoulder.

The next thing you knew, your eyes were fluttering open and the clock read past midnight. You glanced over at Harry and saw that he was fast asleep, with your daughter curled up on top of him. You smiled at the sight before you sat up and stretched to regain feeling in your arms, and lightly shook Harry’s shoulder until he groggily opened his eyes and muttered something incomprehensible.

“Baby, get up. She has school tomorrow and she isn’t going to get good sleep if she’s not in her bed.”

He yawned, slowly starting to sit up in an attempt not to wake the sleeping girl in his arms. He blinked his eyes to adjust to the dim lamp you’d turned on beside him, and when he finally felt fully awake, he stood up and began carrying her down the hallway and up the stairs.

She managed to make it all the way to bed without waking up- another thing she got from Harry. Both of them could sleep through anything, and it worked in your advantage pretty often.

You ran to the bathroom to quickly wash up, and came back into the bedroom to find Harry sitting on the bed and staring at the wall.

“What’s wrong?” You asked, slowly settling in next to him and placing a hand on his thigh. He shook his head, dismissing whatever was going on in his mind and trying to lay down. That only lasted a few seconds though, and he sighed as he brought himself to an upright position again.

“She’s growing up.” He whined, his eyebrows narrowing as he looked down at his legs.

“I know.”

You reached over and grabbed his hand, softly squeezing before you rested your intertwined fingers in your lap.

“But it’s inevitable, you know? She can’t stay one age forever, and she’s still young, love.” You assured him, rubbing your thumb over the back of his warm hand.

“S'different… I’m never even around to see her. She looks so much bigger than the last time I was here and it was only a few weeks ago.”

You took a deep breath and nodded. He was right; it had been just as hard on you as it had been on him, because even though you wouldn’t admit it, seeing your daughter miss her dad so much had been getting to you.

“Have you ever considered… taking a break? I would never want to push you, but if you’d rather be at home… It might be a good idea, my love.”

He nodded slowly, giving your hand a light squeeze.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about that, actually, and s'just… I don’t want to disappoint anyone, but my family is most important. I think having such a good day with you both today has shown me that… I don’t want to fall off the face of the earth, but maybe I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, yeah?”

You shrugged and scooted a bit closer to him, resting your head on his shoulder and kissing the exposed skin gently.

“I know you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to, but, I think she needs you right now. Harry, she loves you so much.”

You swore there were tears in his eyes as he nodded again, the idea of his daughter being such a daddy’s girl was always a cause for him being emotional.

“I love her too.”

“I know you do, Harry.”

It was silent for a few minutes; you were letting Harry try to sort his mind out even though you’d much rather go to bed and discuss it more in the morning.

“I don’t want to leave again…” He trailed off, looking down at you when he didn’t know what to say. You nodded in understanding and kissed his cheek.

“I need to be here. With her and with you. You’re my favorite girls, I can’t just leave you behind, can I?”

You smiled, squeezing his hand in reassurance that no matter what happened, you’d always support him. He caught your eye again and took another deep breath.

“M'staying. I won’t be that dad that’s never around. Because I care so much, I don’t want to miss anymore of her life.” He decided, grinning a little. You smiled and let go of his hand to quickly wrap your arms around him.

Before you had time to lay down, the door cracked open and your daughter walked through, complaining that she couldn’t sleep. Of course you knew the perfect remedy for that; all it usually took was letting her snuggle up with one of you and she was fast asleep.

She went straight to Harry, curling into his side while his strong arm wrapped around her.

“I don’t want you to leave anymore.” She whined, squeezing Harry and trying to get closer to him.

“M'not leaving anymore, princess. I’ll stay here with you and mommy for a while, okay?”

She looked up at him, and even with her tired eyes, her face still lit up like a Christmas tree.



She snuggled back into him, her little arms trying to wrap around Harry’s torso. He squeezed her close to him and ran his fingers through her hair.

“Welcome home, daddy.”


Brooklyn 99
Pairing: Jake Peralta x reader
Warnings: Makeout session.
Request: Would you do a joke peralta oneshot possibly please? Maybe like she’s Terry’s niece and works in the 99 with them all and is like the only one who rosa actually tells anything(so they’re really close) and y/n and jake always tease/flirt but start sceretly dating and maybe terry finds them making out somewhere and kinda freaks and rosa goes super over protective mode over her too please?…🙈 maybe Boyle being like a super shipper of it all and cheesy stuff please.
A/N: It’s always fun to write Jake imagines, he’s just a big lovable dork, gotta love him. I hope you like this one! ♥

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Eight Nights

Fluffstravaganza commission, for a prompt by @flamingfoxninja, who wanted a canonically Jewish Pines family Hanukkah fic! Thanks for your patience, I had a lot of fun with this and I like how it turned out. Hopefully it was worth the wait.


…Shehecheyanu, v'kiy'manu, v'higianu laz'man hazeh.

Mabel sang the last words of the blessing and held the bottom of the shamash over the first night’s candle to soften it. She then carefully pulled the sleeve of her sweater up before sticking the shamash back in place. She’d mentioned not wanting her recently-knitted sweater—a blue-and-white pattern decorated with candles and a dancing dreidel—to go up in flames, adding that she’d learned that lesson three Hanukkahs ago.

“Very nice, sweetie.” Stan smiled at her from his place on the couch.

“And now for the best part—presents!” Mabel grinned. “Mine are all upstairs, be right back!”

She hurried out the den and bolted for the stairs, nearly running into Soos on the way. Stan had noticed him hanging there while Mabel said the blessing, peeking his head in from the hall.

“Oop! Hi Soos!” Mabel chirped as she passed by, “…Aren’t you going to join us?”

“Is it okay if I do?” he asked. “I don’t wanna, y'know, intrude or anything.”

“Just get in here,” Stan called out in a gruff, annoyed voice. “We’ve already got a former Bunyanite and a guy who accidentally started his own religion sitting here. We can make room for a Catholic.”

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Movie Wolf

Summary: Derek is an acting wolf, taking on a new movie role with up-and-coming actor Stiles Stilinski. Things don’t go quite the way he expects.

Notes: Based off of this post. (@authorkurikuri, I hope you don’t mind me writing this!) On AO3.

“Come on, Derek,” Laura says with a smirk, jingling the harness at him.

“You always have to make it weird,” Derek says, rolling his eyes.

“Hey, I just don’t want you ruining my cred as an awesome wolf trainer,” she says, laughing.

“Yeah, which you have mainly thanks to me,” Derek says smugly.

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Some thoughts on Reylo: Flying this ship through a galaxy of fanboys

I never thought I’d be sitting down to write an essay about Star Wars or its fandom. Even as a longtime fan of the franchise since childhood, it didn’t strike me as something I’d feel the need to analyze in writing. Certain recent events in the online fan community, however, have been a little disappointing. I’m going to try to address some of them here.

(Source: trashwilldo)

I have seen fanfiction writers chased off of tumblr because they have received death threats and been told their children do not deserve to be raised by someone so lacking in morals. I’ve seen meta essay writers get comments telling them that their theories read like endorsements of rape when they are nothing of the sort. I’ve seen 1000+ page threads with close to a million views on prominent Star Wars forums shut down because their mods refuse to allow debate and discussion, based on the movie’s events and dialogue, to continue.

Apparently, recognizing the potential for Kylo Ren and Rey to feel anything but increasing levels of contempt for each other throughout the trilogy, is ridiculous. Despite the fact that this attitude goes against everything we know about effective storytelling, compelling character development, and the entire philosophy of Star Wars itself.

I’m going to say something that might be taboo now: Reylo is already canon. From a certain point of view.

There’s little point in going into the specifics of how, because others have done so already in such brilliant ways. If you are interested in learning more about the culturally embedded tropes, archetypes and symbols found in The Force Awakens, I invite you to read any of the metas below.

The Hero, the Villain and the Modern Fairytale

The Descent of the Heroine’s Journey in The Force Awakens

Death and the Maiden

Rebirth of the “Son”: the art of Kylo Ren’s redemption

The Normal and Altered Future

A Reylo Leitmotif

Mirroring, opposites and the personification of Yin Yang in the final fight between Kylo Ren and Rey

And it’s not just fans who have picked up on it. Stephanie Zacharek at Time Magazine observed,

“The sexual energy between them is strange and unsettling, like a theremin sonata only they can hear.”

Now, you may disagree with the arguments laid out in these essays, or believe that a movie critic got carried away with their interpretation. But this should be clear: if you are saying that there is no way any of these arguments hold weight, that a large portion of the audience collectively imagined them and they aren’t really there, you may be indirectly insulting the people who created this movie.

That’s because you must believe that all of these many, many allusions to a connection between Rey and Kylo Ren ended up in the final movie by accident. That Lawrence Kasdan and JJ Abrams wrote The Force Awakens without somehow realizing that they were referencing everything from Hades and Persephone to Phantom of the Opera, from Beauty and the Beast to Pride and Prejudice. That the makeup and hair team had no idea that making Kylo Ren look like he does would indicate that he is to be part of any type of remotely romantic plotline, and that his Byronic hero hair is simply a coincidence. That Kylo Ren looks at Rey like this, only because three-time Emmy-nominated Adam Driver doesn’t know how to convey disgust and anger.

(Source: Hardyness)

It could also be that the Reylo corner of Star Wars fandom is looking a little too deeply into the meanings behind scenes from a blockbuster family movie. That the real world’s history of philosophy, mythology and literature is nothing to do with Star Wars and doesn’t inform any of its themes. Except…

Star Wars is spiritual. It’s pretty widely understood that George Lucas created its universe and the concept of the Force by pulling in everything from yin yang to the dangers of attachment as preached by a variety of religions. It’s also a saga very much built on hope, the idea that anyone can turn back from a path to darkness and find their way home.

The beauty of Star Wars is that it truly is for everyone. If you’re after an action movie with lightsabers and explosions, you don’t have to look deeper. But that doesn’t mean these underlying ideas aren’t there, and that others won’t see them. They’re not imagining it - give the filmmakers a little credit.

There Is…Something

After watching The Force Awakens, a lot of us started talking about the unusual yet fascinating dynamic between Kylo Ren and Rey. While the new crew of characters are all-around impressive, the protagonist and antagonist have understandably been the source of most discussion and intrigue. More than a few members of the audience picked up on a strange…something between the pair.

(Source: trashwilldo)

I remember coming out of the cinema and saying, “What was up with the sexual tension between Rey and Kylo?” Many of the girls in my group of friends nodded avidly, relieved someone else had noticed the same. The guys largely reacted with a mixture of bafflement and faint disgust. Not to generalize too much, but that’s pretty much how it’s gone since. I don’t know of any woman who went into TFA with the intention of shipping. Hell, I didn’t even expect them to bring a romantic plot point into this new trilogy at all after how badly the Anakin and Padme story was received.

I Think I Can Handle Myself

A lot of the criticism directed at Reylo since has concerned the idea of Rey’s agency and independence being compromised. Firstly, I can see where these comments are coming from, as much as I disagree with them. Rey is the first female lead in a Star Wars film, and a heavy weight is on both Daisy Ridley and the respective directors’ shoulders to tell her story well. It’s completely understandable that many members of the audience would enjoy seeing Rey continue to develop as a character independent of any romantic storyline. All too often, women in sci-fi, fantasy and action films are over-sexualized and underdeveloped, existing to titillate and be a prize for the male stars to win.

(Source: trashwilldo)

Within Reylo, though, there’s not a mass consensus as to how it would actually play out in canon - we only have the first piece of the puzzle. This community isn’t a monolith, with everyone sure that there’ll be wedding bells and babies in their future. Who’s to say an unrequited love for Rey wouldn’t be enough to bring Kylo Ren away from Snoke’s clutches? What if his clear infatuation at the end of TFA continues, challenging him to be a better man and have something to live for beyond power and violence? It’s already canon that Kylo Ren feels compassion for Rey. That’s going to be crucial throughout this trilogy - it won’t go away. If anything, it will only get stronger. We’ve seen him at his darkest, lowest point, and he still feels compassion for this scavenger girl he barely knows. Rey is powerful, stronger than she knows.

What Girl(s)?

The Force Awakens is arguably the first Star Wars movie that has truly taken into consideration its female audience. Rey is a wonderful heroine - we all love her and look forward to seeing her grow in the next movie. She’s far from the only character that has been developed to appeal to women and girls in addition to the typical traditionally male audience, though.

(Source: trashwilldo)

Here is a fascinating look at how many might miss the subtleties in Driver’s portrayal of Kylo Ren. Why some people see a man who has fallen too far to ever have another chance of redemption, even in a universe where Darth Vader died at peace. And here’s a quick explanation as to why most of the people who do see it, that this man might be worthy of some sympathy and compassion – ours and Rey’s – are women.

We’re not being silly shippers when we appreciate the nuances in Driver’s portrayal of this character. This is the son of Han Solo and Leia, the legacy of both previous trilogies. Why wouldn’t we root for him to be redeemed? Again, there’s plenty of foreshadowing to suggest that he will be.

(Source: persimonne)

It can’t be ignored that a lot of the resistance to Reylo comes from longtime – mostly male – fans of the franchise. It’s fine to disagree that Reylo could become canon, but plenty in the ship have been openly mocked or harassed for seeing the link between these two characters, or for wanting Kylo Ren to turn back to the light. Some people are just desperate for him to be Vader 2.0, perhaps more so than Kylo Ren wants that himself. And because he wants it so badly, it’s just not going to happen. It doesn’t look like that’s where the story will take us.

Why would a trilogy in which the villain steadily gets more evil, have him kill his father - perhaps the most beloved character in Star Wars history - in its first act? There is no lower Kylo Ren can sink to shock the audience. He could murder thousands more and it wouldn’t hold the same level of dramatic impact. That’s not to say things won’t get real dark in episode VIII. We know they will. But it’s established that Kylo was weakened by killing Han, which flies in the face of everything Snoke’s taught him about the dark side. His awakening has begun.

50 Shades of Oh God, Please Stop Why

You may have seen this week’s article on Reylo in The Atlantic. Titled ’50 Shades of Rey’ – ugh – it is a quick introduction to the fanfiction pairing for people probably not yet familiar. Now, I get why the 50 Shades parallel might be beneficial for some readers’ comprehension. For the many people who don’t read fanfiction or engage in other types of fandom, 50 Shades of Grey might be the frame of reference they need. It’s widely known at this point that the book started out as a Twilight fanfiction. That said, it’s a troubling comparison to make. It equates Reylo, a hero/villain dynamic, with one that’s considered to be abusive. And Reylo fans have had more than their fair share of being called proponents of abuse for the ‘trash ship’ we set sail on back in December.

(Source: trashwilldo)

The thing is, 99.9% of those in this corner of Star Wars fandom who think Reylo has a chance of being canon, only do so on the condition of Ben Solo’s redemption. It is largely considered unthinkable – except in only the darkest of fanfictions – that Rey could fall in love with Kylo Ren as he is now. This is where that useful thing called character development comes into play again. We don’t see Rey curing this lost soul with her magical vagina. She might be his catalyst for change – “It is you” – but only he can save himself. The prodigal son needs to return of his own accord.

Ship and Let Ship

It’s important that we all acknowledge that shipping any fictional pairing is completely ok. You can ship whichever characters you like. It’s beyond old news that women’s sexual desires are policed pretty much constantly, that we’re shamed for finding ‘weird’ things sexy and that it must prove we’re damaged in some way. Well, you do you, and we’ll just take care of ourselves, how about that? We don’t need protection from what we ourselves enjoy and pursue.

(Source: Geminiwankenobi) What was that about yin yang?

You can ship anything without any worry of whether it will be canon or not. Are you familiar with Kylux? Stormpilot? The latter has been called canon ‘only in Oscar’s head’ by John Boyega, but it doesn’t stop the fics on AO3 from multiplying. Shipping is a really beautiful thing, truly. Let your imagination run wild, and check yourself if you’re judging others for being into a pairing that doesn’t do much for you. Nobody should have to explain their shipping preferences to anyone else, much less ward off a torrent of abuse for daring to enjoy themselves. Whether something ends up being canon or not, fandom is for everyone.

You already had me with that bucket of ice cream

Harry Styles - 1003 words (Requested by anon)
But I bet you if they only knew: “You already had me when you stood at my door with that bucket of ice cream..”

I don’t know whether to throw my phone at the wall, bury it or just throw it in the blender. Right now I’d do anything so my mum would stop calling me. We never actually got along and I sort of kind of could live with that, but sometimes she got those ‘let’s be a mom’ moments which drove me up the wall. Calling at least once an hour, mostly three to four times, asking me what I was doing, if I wanted to hang out – I guess she forgot I lived on an island now, and not in the same country as her, oops – Never once in her life had she tried to reach out to me, I’m sure she didn’t even know what I studied, let alone what my job was right now.

The phone tightened in my hand as I heard the same fucking tune again, the one that had been driving me crazy for the past forty-eight hours since I had started my week off. I grit my teeth as I swipe over the screen, not even looking at the caller ID because we already know who is calling right now. “Yes mother?”
“Haha hi love, I’m more of a daddy type to be honest.” Harry’s lovely voice chimes through my ear, a series of hearty laughter followed by it. I can feel the blush already creeping onto my cheeks as I bite my finger so I don’t scream out at my stupidity.

“Hi Harry. How are you?” I sigh out, an awkward grin etched onto my lips as I pace through the living room. Harry’s laughter subsides as he scrapes his throat, I can hear his footsteps echo through the phone as he paces around too. “Fine love, you not so much I presume.” He merely states, waiting for me to elaborate on what’s up. “I don’t want to bother you with my problems H. Why’d you call?”

“You don’t bother me. Your voice sounds strained. What happened?” Harry asks and I let myself fall onto the sofa, sighing out as I recall what my mum had said to me in the last three times that she called. “Well first of, my mum as called me at least four times in the last forty five minutes..” I trail off, rubbing my face with my free palm as I bite my lip from not screaming out. “Why?”
“She is into the good mother stuff again.” I immediately answer, Harry already knowing from the situation with my mum from when I was drunk a few weeks ago. Poor boy.

“And?” Harry states, clearly having heard my ‘first of’ I had started out with and I groan, laying down fully stretched, my free arm draped over my eyes. “I had a date yesterday, he didn’t show up. Way to strike my ego, really.” I was actually hurt by him not showing up, although I would never try to let it shine out as much as I did when I got home last night. Harry was usually the one who was interested in my love life and tried to look out for me like a good friend would. Sometimes it actually made me sad that he was so eager to help me get a relationship, but I shouldn’t be sad that he wanted to look out for me to this extent.

“He wasn’t good for you, I told you that.” Harry sighs into the phone, and I know it’s just a friendlier version of I told you so, but I can’t help but groan into the receiver.
“So I guess you’re not in the mood?” Harry seems disappointed and I want to roll my eyes that he still dares to ask me this question, but I keep my friendliness high and chime into the phone. “No, not really Harry. I’m quite sad and I’m just gonna be on the sofa watching a sappy movie like P.S. I love you.” I simply state, already pulling the DVD from the bottom of my stack as I try to flip it open with only one hand, groaning when I realise I don’t have ice cream. “Okay love, talk to you later?” Harry chimes into the receiver and I bid him goodbye, the phone thrown to the side right after I had put it on silent so I wouldn’t hear my mum call again.

I had a quick shower, the whole time while the water fell down onto my head, soothing my muscles, I kind of regretted not going to Harry. He was the perfect getaway when my mind was occupying itself with all the matters that life threw on me, and right now I could use a little bit of him. I left my hair damp, throwing on a pair of sweatpants that hung low on my hips, one of Harry’s shirts resting on my upper half. I enjoyed wearing his because there was more space, it hung off of my body like I actually had a size zero. Thank god for muscly men.

I decided on filling myself a glass with wine all the way to the brim, if I couldn’t have a fun night with Harry I might as well have a fun night on my own with my other friend, alcohol.  Just as my bum touched the soft fabric of my worn out sofa, the doorbell rang. I couldn’t have cursed harder, my voice booming through the flat. I swear if my mum lived in the same country I could swear it was her. I set my glass of wine down at my wooden coffee table, slumping towards the door.

I couldn’t be more surprised when I saw who was on the other side, holding a bucket of ice cream.
“Is there room for one more?” the stupid, brown curly British man asks before stepping inside, kissing my cheek briefly before passing me. “Come on, grab a spoon. P.S. I love you is waiting.”
I think I might actually love that man.

Lots of love,
L. xox