mostly because i had no idea what i was doing

She totally tried to kiss him Spiderman style and failed

I think almost every time I’ve written a situation where I planned for a character to get killed off, when I thought like “well what if I didn’t do that” the prospect of them just dying seemed like the lazy way out, or something I was just writing because “that’s how stories like this go”.

Like, years ago when I thought I was going to be on an extended hiatus I was planning to do a MGDMT graphic novel that had nothing to do with video games and just focused on the original super soldier characters. Mostly the idea was the same theme, Macho Action Dude Reacting to Movie Tropes Like A Reasonably Normal Guy, so it was gonna have all the motions of those same old conventions, but play out differently. At one point the idea was “the girlfriend character dies and he has to deal with it like an emotionally believable person and not a larger than life action guy”. But when I thought about it, that didn’t sit well with me, because even if it was trying to comment on a trope, it was still “female character gets killed for no reason other than the male lead to have a character arc about it” and that rubbed me the wrong way. So I thought, okay, what if she still gets kinda messed up, so they build her some cool robot parts and she’s like Shit Yeah! This is the best! And she thinks it’s so rad having robot parts it kinda throws off the course her life was going down because suddenly the idea of being Robocop seems a lot more exciting than nesting with her high school sweetheart. And he doesn’t have to go have emotions about a dead girlfriend, he has to learn to come to terms with someone he was very close to having a life experience he can’t exactly empathize with that put her on a road to becoming the person she’s decided she wants to be, but not the person he ever planned on her becoming. So his arc is sort of dealing with the grief of a lost hypothetical person, and learning to respect her autonomy to make decisions that he might consider “a bad idea” but improve her quality of life as she wants to live it. Which, in the end, felt like a lot more of an interesting story than “the girl dies so the main character can have emotions about it. But I only got to that point by recognizing the original idea was stale and racking my brain to do something different.

I guess what I’m saying is, when I see professional TV writers get excited about what a twist it is that they kill a beloved character in something to shake up the snowglobe so to speak, I can’t help but think that they fell into that rut of thinking “this is the convention I have been trained to attach to this story”, and didn’t even stop to think there may have been a more interesting and unique route they could have gone. Intrigue comes from giving the audience something they don’t expect to see. It’s easy to think that killing a character for shock value suits that task, but that’s become such a normal device to throw out there that it doesn’t surprise anyone anymore. It’s always worth at least considering what would happen to the story if you didn’t just go down the first path that came into your mind, because the first will almost certainly be the most well-trodden with the least surprises along the way.

So I high key thought Rey and Kylo were already a couple when I saw The Last Jedi trailer

I saw it as an ad on YouTube and decided “oh I guess Star Wars is back again, I’ll see what this is about.” Watched the whole thing and I was like “oh ok I guess these two characters are a couple?” Huh I wonder how that happened.

I didn’t watch Force Awakens and honestly was never interested In Star Wars at all. But then my curiosity got the best of me.

So I watch The Force Awakens on DVD and was mostly confused throughout the movie because I had know idea what was going on.

( Camera zooms in on milenim falcon )

( Snoke says Kylo Ren’s Dad is Han Solo )


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Then I see the scene where Kylo picks up Rey and I’m like “huh” Why did he do that ? I play Metal Gear and It reminded me of when Snake carries Quiet.

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Like she’s an enemy wtf are you doing moment.

Then the interrogation scene and the first thing that struck me was that Kylo waited for her to wake up instead of just waking her himself. Then he says the “your my guest” line and I’m just like

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And from then on it just gets all weird

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Like honey what are you doing ?

The map your suppose to be looking for the map…

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Then the forest fight.

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Then I’m like “Ohhhhhhh there going to end up together in the next movie.”

Then I go on Tumblr and it’s just

-Is Rey a Skywalker?

-Is Rey a Kenobi?

-Yin Yang

-Balance to the force

-Destinies intertwined

-Both sides of Anikin

-Similer themes

-Kylo destroyed Luke’s temple on accident

-Dark Rey? Yes? No?

-Upside down rain

-Heart eyes motherfucker

-Pride and Prejudice

-Beauty and the beast

-The Snow Queen

-The prince that must be saved

-Kylo and Rey’s Spotify’s


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It was so easy for me at first yall.

Many people ask me how did I come up with XTale.
Underverse was the first story I created on this fandom. I just wanted to make a crossover.
Since people started getting interested in Cross and  Cross!Chara, so I started to think about a backstory for them. It wasn’t easy, but it helped me to improve a lot Underverse’s plot. Even when I made the first pages of the comic, I haven’t any idea about what to do later, or what I was going to do with Underverse. The Overwrite concept was so flat and poor.  I had a huge lack of confidence because I always considered myself as a bad storyteller. but stay thinking and drawing and watching people’s comments, theories, everything about my stuff, my brain started to work.

More than those things,  one video was the big key to develop the Overwrite concept and the rest of my AU plot. (Mostly from the 1:34 to 2:12)
I showed this video on many of my streams, but I always forget to post it here, so here you gooo ^^


I looked over at the empty bed, rubbing my hands together as I contemplated her last words. 

Dean, you don’t love me. You love the idea of me, and that’s why I have to go.”

Those words cut me like a knife, mostly because she couldn’t have been more wrong. Y/N always had a way of thinking she knew what was best. For everyone. 

She’d make an executive decision when she thought she needed to. She always thought she was doing the right thing. Nine times out of ten, she was right. This time, she was wrong. 

I guess we have that in common. Sam has told me on more than one occasion the same damn things I’m thinking about Y/N. 

We are so much alike it scares me. 

Maybe that’s why she thought I didn’t love her. Maybe she saw all of her flaws in me and that scared her. Maybe she didn’t love me, but the idea of me. 

That idea scared the hell out of me because I needed her. Especially after everything we had been through together. 

I picked up my phone and dialed her number. Straight to voicemail. 

“Listen, Y/N. I know you think you’re right. You usually are,” I sighed, running my hand over my face before continuing. “But this time, you’re wrong. I love you. I need you. Now more than ever. I’m going to find you. I’m not letting you run away this time.” 

I hung up the phone, grabbed my bag and headed for the Impala. I wasn’t letting her get away this time. 


You looked at the phone as it mocked you. One voicemail. You knew exactly whose voice would sound through the phone the minute you listened to the voicemail, but it didn’t stop you for hitting play. 

“Listen, Y/N. I know you think you’re right. You usually are,” he sighed, and paused before continuing. “But this time, you’re wrong. I love you. I need you. Now more than ever. I’m going to find you. I’m not letting you run away this time.” 

You threw the phone across the car. 

“Dammit!” you screamed, gripping the wheel tight, tears streaming down your face. Dean couldn’t really love you. You weren’t someone who deserved anyone’s love. Especially Dean’s. 

He’d left that message two days ago. 

You sat in the empty parking lot of a disgusting motel, your eyes squeezed shut as you thought. 

A knock on your window made you nearly jump out of the seat. 

You turned and there were the green eyes you were running from. The green eyes you were trying desperately to save. After the two of you had come back from Purgatory, you’d felt so lost. 

Running had seemed like the right choice. You needed Dean too much after everything in Purgatory. You couldn’t depend on any one person as much as you did Dean. That usually only ended one way, and that was losing that person.

But you stared into Dean’s eyes, and for a brief second forgot why you had run in the first place. 

“Son of a bitch,” you mumbled, running your fingers through your short Y/H/C hair as Dean opened your door. You weren’t sure what was going to come of this confrontation, but you couldn’t keep running. 

Dean would always find you. Especially if he loved you like he said. 

“What the hell, Y/N?” Dean growled.

He grabbed your arm and pulled you roughly against him, his lips crashing to yours, and you let him. You couldn’t promise you wouldn’t run again when you came to your senses, but for now, you let Dean’s arms comfort you. 

For now, you let yourself stupidly believe that maybe, just maybe, you were safe. 

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(Bucky Barnes x Reader): The Mechanic

Summary: The reader is a genius who makes weapons and other tech for the team. When Bucky joins the team she offers to help him with some problems he’s having with his arm and they both start crushing on each other.

A/N: Apologies for any spelling or grammar errors

There’s no getting around it, you’re a genius. It’s not like your flaunt the fact, or even try to bring the slightest attention to it, but it’s hard to avoid people taking notice of it. Which is how you ended up at your current job, working as a weapons and tech specialist for the Avengers.

The Avengers.

Yeah, when your professors had told you that there was a wealthy donor to the who was interested in your work and wanted to meet with you, you hadn’t realized that the Tony Stark was going to have dinner with you. After a lot of stumbling over your words and nervously fangirling about his own work you finally started talking about your own work and Stark very quickly decided that he didn’t just wanted to fund your work, he wanted to hire you to work for him.

Once you were finished with your degree you were hired full-time at Stark Enterprises, and once the Avengers was formed, he asked you to move into a role helping with tech and weapons for the team.

Most of your work was heavily removed from the team, you were a civilian after all, but you did have an incredibly close work relationship with Stark.

After Bucky was brought onto the team you started pestering Tony non-stop to let you run tests on his arm. You had several theories on what exactly how it worked, but you wanted to know, and the curiosity was killing you.

One morning, while you were in your lab (yeah, Tony gave you your own lab and you may have hyperventilated when you saw it) Tony and Bucky walked in.

“Hey (Y/N), I need you to run some tests and figure out how to fix Bucky’s arm, it’s glitching out.” Tony told you.

“What do you mean?” You ask as you look up from your work to see Bucky’s metal arm is locked in a raised position, “Oh…I’m guessing that it’s stuck, you’re not just holding it out like that for fun?”

“Yeah, this is not my idea of fun,” Bucky replies.

“Take a seat,” You say as you gesture to a chair near you as you grab some tools.

As you get to work you keep stealing glances at Bucky, mostly to make sure nothing you were doing was hurting him (you had no idea if there were any nerve endings under the metal) but also because you just kind of likes looking at him.

What you didn’t know, was every time that you looked back down at his arm he would look over at your face, watching you as you worked on his arm.

After a while you finally spoke, “You know, I’ve been trying to get Tony to bring you down here for ages so that I could look at your arm.” You tell him.

“Well, if I had known there was a pretty girl who wanted to rip apart my arm I would had gladly obliged.” Bucky replies with a smirk.

“Easy, I could make this arm a living hell if you don’t want your mouth,” You shoot back with a quirked eyebrow.

He laughs slightly, “What? Am I not allowed to flirt with my mechanic?” He asks.

“Not if you don’t have anything to back it up with,” You reply, daring him to keep going as you get back to work.

“Fine, are you busy tonight?” He asks.

“I guess, why?” You reply as you focus on closing up the arm.

“Why? Because I’m going to take you out on a date.” He replies as if it’s obvious.

“Oh,” You reply, not really expecting that, “Well… I’m done at 7, I can meet you outside then.”

“Great, see you then,” He replies as he stands up, flexing his arm, to make sure it works, “And thanks for the fix.”

“No problem,” You reply as you watch him walk out of the room before slumping down in your chair, how did that just happen?

Jealous // Toni Topaz

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Request:Can I request a gxg Toni Topaz imagine where she gets jealous of Reader relationship with sweet pea because they use to be a thing

Warnings: Jealous!Toni

You were close to Sweet Pea since Toni and you broke up, he was there to help you getting over the breakup which was really hard, mostly the first few days. He comforted you, tried to make you smile and even happy again. But in the end it worked, and for that, you would always be thankful, Sweet Pea became your best friend, the closest person you had since your breakup with Toni.

But what you didn’t know was that Toni, who still loved you too, was jealous of your relationship with Sweet Pea, seeing so close from someone else than her, seeing you laughing and being happy with someone else than her was making her so jealous, it had been months since your breakup now, but Toni didn’t want to be with someone else, she wanted to be with you again, she hoped that one day maybe she will have a second chance with you. But as long as Sweet Pea would be there, she knew it would make it even harder, she tried to come to you and talk to you but every damn time, you were with your friend, making her even more jealous day after day.

Break Up Novella


I truly am blown away by the amount of interest the first part of this novella. I’m hoping you guys are enjoying, I’d love to hear what you think so please let me know, here we have the second part, and I hope you enjoy! x 


NOVEMBER 4, 2015

Harry had never felt so broken, at least he didn’t think he ever has.

The last time he remembered being so broken was when his parents split when he was younger, but he couldn’t control that, that had nothing to do with him.

But this.

This had everything to do with him.

He was the reason your relationship was done with.

This love that the two of you worked so tirelessly for, he ruined.

He ruined it with words he didn’t mean. Words that were jumbled out due to the heat of the moment, stress and a heavy load of tiredness. 

He wished, so strongly, that maybe if he hoped enough, he’d open his eyes and see that nothing had happen. That you’d be right beside him in bed, cuddled close, soft snores escaping your lips.

But who was he kidding, that was the dream, but he had to face reality.

He had messed up.

He messed up so bad to the point where he made you feel unloved and not cared for.

He messed up by doing one simple thing, staying quiet.

He didn’t go after you when you shoved past him that night. He didn’t say the words ‘I love you’ when you were doubting it. He didn’t fight for you, like he should have.

Then he had a second chance, the morning after, when you came back. But the expression written on your face told him, that you were a matter of fact, done with him. You could barely look him in the eye, and that’s what made him want to go sick. 

A person that, back a few months and years ago, you’d constantly adore, and love on, was now just a memory, that you seemed to want nothing to do with, and he didn’t blame you. 

He was selfish. He thought more of himself, and not of you, and that’s not what a relationship was. A relationship, is two people working together, to build something, together. Doing things together. Figuring things out together, and while he was lying in bed, wallowing in his thoughts, he realized that he left you doing it all alone, a long time ago.

He sighed, switching his position in his bed, and looking at his bed side table. The sun had just came up, the birds chirping and tweeting as he laid there, staring at the one thing he hadn’t been able to tear his eyes off of. 

A photo.

His favorite photo.

It was of you.

He had taken it on your third date, he insisted that he take you out to the carnival that night. You were both on the Ferris Wheel. Him being afraid of heights, he did everything but look down, but you? You were enamored by the whole thing. 

The people below you, the smoke coming from the small booths where food was being fried and served. The twinkling lights of the other carnival rides and everything else.

So he decided to snapshot that moment, with a smile.

It was a photo of you looking over the edge of the Ferris Wheel cart the two of you were in, hair aligned nicely down your back, as you just admired what was below you.

It was his favorite picture, one, because you were in it, and two, because it showed how happy you were, and that’s all he ever wanted.

His day could be an absolute load of crap, but coming home, to see you smiling? Well that’d flip his whole day around, and he would no longer be down.

His phone had rung for what seemed to be the millionth time, except this time, it wasn’t his mother, it wasn’t his sister, it was Niall.

He debated on answering the phone, but then realizing he’d have to admit as to what actually happen, he decided to let it ring and go to voicemail.

Finally, after what seemed to be like hours, there was finally silence.

No birds chirping, no phones ringing, just him and silence.

You sighed, eyes still glued to the picture on his bedside table, tears beginning to blur his vision, as the feeling of emptiness filled his chest again and he was reminded on how much he actually missed you.

* *

The pounding on the door had woken him from his slumber.

He looked at the clock, seeing it was a quarter to four, and he decided not to move. He figured it was just someone delivering something and if he didn’t get up and answer the door, they’d leave.

But the knocking persisted, and Harry let out a loud groan, shifting out his bed, wincing at how sore his muscles actually were from staying in bed for the last week, and barely moving, only to go to the toilet, and maybe put a little food in his body. 

Approaching the door, he swung it open to reveal Niall.

“Well there you are, mate! Thought you were dead or something” he laughed. “Although it does smell like something died in here…” he cringed, looking past Harry’s shoulder to see the house in somewhat of order, then looking back to Harry.

He looked like a mess.

His hair disheveled, eyes heavy, clothes hung crookedly on his body, all wrinkled. 

Bags prominent under his eyes, tear stains on his cheeks, cheeks ashen, he just didn’t look like himself. 

“Mate, what happen to you?” he questioned, eyeing him up and down.

“Nothing” Harry muttered. “Why are you here?” he asked him.

“Well you weren’t answerin’ me phone calls, and your sister and Anne said the same, so I figured I’d pop by and see what’s goin’ on” he replied. “Everything good?”

“Everything’s dandy” Harry replied sarcastically, walking away from the door and towards the living room sitting on the couch, hearing the front door close and footsteps near the living room. 

“Where’s the missus?”

Harry’s heart faltered, body going numb.

He licked his lips, staying quiet for a moment, before sighing. 

“She’s gone” he told Niall, with a sigh, and closing his eyes, before knuckling at them to make sure he didn’t cry.

“What do you mean she’s gone? Like out to the store?” he questioned further, not really understanding what Harry meant. 

“No, Niall!” he shouted suddenly. “She’s gone! She’s out my life! She left! She’s gone!” he replied loudly, lips quivering as this was the first time he said it aloud and Niall froze.

Fuck” he heard Harry mutter, as he sniffled and wiped his eyes, looking down at his feet, not wanting one of his good friends to see him like this.

“God, mate. What happen?” he whispered, sitting beside him and looking at him, trying to figure out what to say, but really, he didn’t know what to say. 

He didn’t think he’d ever have to console Harry through a situation like this, because he thought you were going to be forever. Harry always talked about how happy you made him, how whenever he walked by a jewelry store, he’d pop in sometimes just to look at some of the engagement rings to see if anything sparked interest. He always mentioned how he knew you had a box stashed away under your bed of wedding and home decor magazines that you had tabbed off, on what your dream dress looked like, and the color scheme you’d want, and how you’d want your house to look like, with the big claw foot bathtub, and how he’d give it to all of you in the future, and quite possibly the near future.

So with Harry telling him that you two were done with, was something he never expected to hear.

“I fucked up, okay?” Harry told him brokenly. “We got into an argument, I was tired, and it got heated really fast, and I said things that I shouldn’t have said, and god” he whimpered, heart breaking, bringing him back to that night. “I basically made it out to seem like I don’t love her, and that’s the last thing I’d ever want her to think, because it’s not true” he sniffed.

“God, mate! Why would you be so stupid” Niall uttered. “The girl loves the hell out of you” he uttered, shaking his head.

“You don’t think I know that?” Harry questioned, voice slightly rising but then apologizing, because he knew Niall was right, and there was no reason to be rude towards him. 

“Have you talked to her?” Niall asked him. He shook his head. “I’ve tried calling her, but every time I do, it goes straight to voicemail, and I don’t have the heart to say anything…I don’t even know what I’d say” he answered sadly. “She’s ignoring my texts, I just – I don’t know what to do at this point…it makes it seem like she really wants nothing to do with me and wants to move on.”

Niall sighed, not wanting to say what he had to say next.

“So then maybe…it’s time to move on” he softly suggested, and Harry looked up at him with wide eyes. Eyes that read hurt, and astonishment from his comment. 

“I can’t just move on from her, Niall!” he groaned. “I’ve been with her for almost two years! I can’t just throw something out like that!”

“And I’m not saying you have too!” he replied quickly. “At least not now, but give it time, and maybe you’ll see that maybe it was for the best, and if you two are meant to be, you’ll find your way back to each other.” he finished.

Harry sighed, knuckling at his eye.

“I had a ring in mind for her…” Harry told Niall quietly. “Didn’t tell anyone, because I didn’t want anyone to say anything by accident, but there was a ring I saw at the jewelers a couple months ago, and I’ve had my eye on it ever since” 

“Harry…” Niall whispered, heart sinking, and chest going numb.

His best friend was going through the unimaginable right now, and there was nothing he could do about it. 

* *

You had been getting constant text messages and phone calls from multiple people, but mostly Harry, but you couldn’t bear the idea of answering his phone call and facing him. After all, after what he said to you, or more so didn’t say, made you think that there was nothing to fight for.

Grazing your finger over all the text messages he’s been sending you, you pressed your texts between you and him and were flooded with a load of messages. 

Please, answer your phone. We have to talk.

Come on love, I’m sorry. I miss you, please.

I can’t sleep without you here, please come back home.

I miss you so much, I need you to know how sorry I am, I didn’t mean a word of it.

Alright, don’t answer, but know, that I love you, and I’m not going to stop fighting for you.

You squeezed your eyes shut, locking your phone and letting a tear slip down your cheek. 

Did you answer? 

Did you not?

Your thoughts were disturbed when there was a ringing sounding through your laptop, and it was a video call from your best friend, Lucy.

You smiled softly, wiping at your cheeks to wipe away the stray tears before pressing the accept button. Seconds later, her face appeared along with the sounds of her husband, singing in the pool. You giggled quietly, waving to her as she vaguely told him to ‘shut up!’

Well hello, hello” you chuckled, and she rolled her eyes. “Hey, my love! Apologizes for that horrendous singing you just had to endure, we went to the karaoke bar the other night, and ever since then, Ethan seems to think that he could actually sing” he chuckled. 

“Oh, he’s not that bad! Let the man enjoy!” you told her, hearing a loud holler of a “thanks, love! I agree!’ behind Lucy. 

“So, what’s been up with you? Enjoying the Maldives?” you asked her. “Oh yes, it’s so beautiful. We’ve been out in the ocean practically every day, the food is amazing” he sighed contently. “But I feel like I should be asking you that question…I’ve seen a lot of stuff online…” she cautiously brought up, and you bit your lip, snuggling deeper into your hoodie. 

“Uh, yeah” you whispered. 

“What happen?” she warily questioned, and you sighed. “We got into a big fight, and one thing led to the other, and we kind of broke up” you explained. “He basically made it aware that he didn’t love me anymore, so I found no reason to stay anymore” you gulped, nodding your head sadly, wiping at your tired and now wet eyes. “But it’s alright” you continued. “I’ll find someway to be okay, hopefully” you whispered. 

“Oh, babe” she frowned. “I don’t know what to say…I didn’t think there’d ever be an end to the two of you.” you nodded as a tear slipped down your cheek. “Neither did I” you replied, as your voice cracked and you sniffled. 

“Alright, I don’t want to be a banter to your vacation, so you enjoy with Ethan! Send him my love” you smiled softly. She nodded, blowing you a kiss as you waved goodbye and pressed the end button on the video call. 

* *

NOVEMBER 25, 2015

He was sat at the bar, on his fifth beer. 

He had hoped that that nagging in his chest would stop once he was in on his third beer, but everything but that went fuzzy.

His brain was fuzzy, eyes hooded, music thumping around him, everything changing as he kept the beers coming, but the one thing that stayed the same, was that feeling in his chest. The heavy, unwanting feeling that he felt was pulling him down, a feeling he hadn’t felt in a while, a feeling he wanted to just simply go away, even if it were just for the night. 

“Alone tonight too?” a voice spoke beside him as he raised his head from where it was hung observing the speckles on the counter top of the bar. 

“Mhm” he hummed, looking at the woman to put a face to the point. He cleared his throat when he looked at her, seeming as if he was trying to, look better, for this woman? 

She was beautiful. Soft features, long legs, hair slightly curled, draping past her legs, soft smile and pearly white teeth. Clothes tight around her middle, but it seemed to suit her for the night. 

“You?” he asked her, and she nodded. “Blind date ended up not showing…so…” she chuckled, pondering a bit. “Mind if I sit with you? You seem like you could use some company” she told him, and he nodded. “Yes please” he waved his hand up to the bartender. “One beer for this pretty lady” he smirked lopsidedly, over at the woman of which he didn’t know the name of, but five almost six beers deep, he didn’t seem to really care.

* *

“Mm, hold on” he mumbled against her lips, lifting us bum up a bit taking the keys out his pocket. “Sorry” he sheepishly smiled. “Keys were pokin’ in me bum” he laughed drunkenly. “Now where were we?” he winked, pulling her down back to him, pulling up the dividing screen between the driver and the both of them in the back seat so they could get some privacy. 

Pulling her even closer, she grind her hips against his as he moaned into her mouth. “’Ma make you feel sooo good tonight” he slurred into her ear, grasping at her bum and rolling them in his hands. She moaned, throwing her head back for a second, lips being placed on his neck, sucking the peppered skin, being sure there’d be a mark in the morning. 

The driver pulled in front of Harry’s house, and the two of you, as quickly as drunkenly possible, booked it out the car and up the stairs of his home. 

As he placed her onto his bed, attending to her as he felt she deserved, he couldn’t help but feel that this was a bit wrong. Surely, it wasn’t. He wasn’t with you anymore, so he wasn’t cheating. But he still felt like he was betraying you. You had been separated for a little over a month, but still it felt wrong, but the alcohol in his body, and the tightness in his pants told him otherwise. 

“’re you okay?” he asked her. “Not hur’in you?” he slurred and she shook her head with a small smile, bringing him down, and pressing her lips to his, unbuckling his pants, tossing off his shirt, and making sure that the both of them were naked. She smiled, looking down at him in all his glory, biting her lip before licking her lip and bringing him close to her, and pressing a sloppy kiss to her lips. 

Harry was nervous to say the least, he hadn’t been with anyone other than you for over three years. He didn’t know how to attend to anyone but you. He was use to what you liked, where you liked to be touched and where you liked to be kissed, so being with another woman at this current moment, he was flustered in what he was suppose to do and how to go about it. 

“Just fuck me already” he woman under him panted, sucking at his neck and he nodded, bringing his forehead to hers he brought his hips down to hers, sinking into her and he groaned, closing his eyes and burying his face into his shoulder, he panted, knowing he wouldn’t last long, but she was too lost into what was happening to even care.

He couldn’t stop thinking of you. He had you flashing before his very eyes with every thrust he brought into the woman. Biting gently into her shoulder, she let out moans left and right saying she was close, and the rest was a blur, because he fell asleep right after, with this mystery woman by his side.

He was awoken to a bit a clatter going around the room as the woman slipped the panties up her legs and swooped her shirt over her head. 

“Hey, ‘morning” he hummed with a soft smile. “You don’t have to go” he rushed, sitting up and rubbing his eyes, the whole room spinning. “I can make us breakfast and-” she shook her head with a soft smile, pulling the skirt up her legs. 

“No, I think it’s best I go” she told him. “But-” she paused him with a quick kiss to his lips. “Trust me, I think it’s best I go, but for what it’s worth, I can tell you love her a lot” she smiled softly. She turned to him one last time before excusing herself out the door and that’s when he knew, he must have said your name throughout some point of the night. 

He sighed as she exited the room, and he grabbed his phone, eyes squinting at the screen brightness, due to his hangover, and the first thing he saw, he wished he hadn’t. 

It was photos of him and that woman, plastered all over the internet and twitter, a purple hickey visible on his neck in two places, knowing it was from when they got a bit touchy in the bar, and couldn’t keep their hands off each other, and he did the first thing that came to mind, knowing he probably shouldn’t have, but he couldn’t help himself. He had texted you.

Hey, maybe don’t go on twitter today.

So idk if anyone else has mentioned this but I noticed something when we first saw Lotor:

He has irises… All the other galra we’ve seen have had solid coloured eyes. 

(Zarkon’s the only one who has purple eyes, probably because of all the quintessence ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ They’re still a solid colour)

Etc. You get the idea. They (mostly) all have solid yellow eyes. So why tf does Lotor have irises? At first I thought they were just trying to make Lotor look more like his original version, but why? All the other galra had irises in the original as well, but not in vld. So why give just Lotor irises???

Then we found out about the four female galra: (Sorry for the shit quality, it’s the only pic I could find)

So, what do we know about them? They’re all only half galra. And they all seem to have irises. My theory is that Lotor is probably only half galra too, which explains his irises and why he’s more open to having half galra soldiers.

I’m not sure if any of this matters much, but I’m also willing to bet that Haggar is Lotor’s mother. They have similar face shapes, and it would explain his ear shape and hair colour.

Tl;dr: Lotor’s only half galra and Haggar’s probably his mother.

anonymous asked:

What are your head-canons of Zuko and Katara's parenting styles? To me I always think of Zuko as this super chill dad who lets their kids do whatever they want mostly like letting them stay up past their bed times and hang out with him, stuff like that, then Katara would get mad at him for doing this and stuff ahhhh I love it 😍😍

I have a couple of ideas of how they would parent, and I honestly think they’d both be fairly similar: 

Katara would be more wiling to discipline the children, given she had a proper example of what discipline should look like. 

Zuko, however, won’t allow any type of corporal punishment, not even a swat on the hand, because of how corporal punishment traumatized him as a kid.

Katara is super supportive of this, because she wants him to feel confident in his parenting style, so they compromise with things like early bedtimes if the kids are naughty, or taking away their favorite toy for the day. When the kids get older, they get grounded for a couple days or so. 

I see both of them wanting to spend every waking moment with their kids, reading to them, and teaching them about bending and martial arts and the world’s history. Zuko probably makes up long-winded bedtime stories and Katara probably stands in the doorway with her arms crossed, but she’s smiling at him. 

Lots of family vacations to the beach

Lots of rides around on Druk

Lots of baked sweets by the turtleduck pond

I feel like Zuko would be as excited as puppy dog every time Katara tells him she’s pregnant, until maybe the 4th time she tells him and he’s like OH MY GOD WOMAN I AM A 35 YR OLD MAN I CAN’T DO THIS AGAIN (yes i can)

Katara just reminds me of the kind of mom who sees her kid doing something he’s not supposed to be doing and she’s like “don’t do it, ezra,” while pulling out a camera (let’s pretend they have them) and video taping the whole scene.

Zuko woud be the parent who runs over immediately and rescues the child and then launches into a big speech about the dangers of trying to climb trees or something.

I think both parents would stuff a sleeping kid (while it’s a baby) inside their robes and sneak them into meetings. Then, like halfway through said meeting, you hear a baby cooing and Zuko/Katara is looking down their robes and making eyes at whatever is in there. 

Zuko lets the kids sneak turtleducks into their beds. 

Katara raises an eyebrow disapprovingly. 

Both parents wake up everyday and wonder how the hell they ended up with four kids, and every night, they get super sad because time just keeps going by way too fast. 


Some color sketchwork for my piece for the @radiance-anthology! I was originally trying to see if I could do parts of the piece in gouache (the Will on the right) because I like the flat, matte colors, but that turned out to be a bust because I’d have to do the entire thing lineless - drawing with ink pens on gouache is a pain, and the ink dries very glossy so it won’t scan or photograph properly. 

So basically, looks like I’m gonna stick with watercolor for now XD 

won’t you tell me your name, #2

In a world where soulmates can write messages on their skin, Peter and Chris mostly use their connection to take their anger out on each other. Stiles is the somewhat traumatized kid on the other end of their bond.

[Stiles/Chris/Peter, soulmate AU, so much pre-slash although there will eventually be a time skip.]

Stiles sees one of his soulmates in person for the first time when he slips into Peter’s hospital room. Three months after the fire, Peter is in the long term care ward now that his condition is stable. He’s not getting any worse and he’s not getting much better.

It’s easier to face one of his soulmates when there’s no danger of the soulmate actually talking back. Stiles would feel bad about that, but mostly he just feels empty the first time he sits down in the visitor’s chair of Peter’s hospital room and stares at his soulmate staring up at the ceiling with blank blue eyes.

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jordanthecat11  asked:

Apologies if this was asked already, but since I'm new to your blog, what was your biggest inspiration for creating your Hell's Studio AU for Bendy?

Honestly, it mostly started as a dumb silly idea i had and drew it out for a good laugh. And then I showed the doodles to Spooks-mc-pooks-esquire because I thought he’d get a chuckle out of it. Then we threw around different dialogues of Bendy ranting angrily to the animators. And then i drew it some more and posted it, not thinking i’d really do anything else with it.
and then it gradually turned into an actual au.

That being said, I took a lot of the jokes from my own experiences and frustrations as an artist as well as my own experiences in working on animation stuff.

TCR AU #12: Youtuber AU

I’m surprised I’ve come this late into the game with a Youtuber AU, but hey, I’m here now!

Kiiiind of inspired by the fact that one of my favorite RWBY AUs is the Youtuber AU, I decided I’d sit down and figure out what kind of content the Bureau + Friends would produce on the great interwebs.

So here we go!

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Summer 2017 Anime Overview: Re: Creators

Okay, time to review our next batch of Summer 2017 anime. I watched 7 anime this season. I’ve been ranking them from worst to best. Previously, I reviewed what I considered to be the weakest anime I watched this season. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we’re getting to anime that…well, kinda sits squarely in the middle of this season’s batch as far as “good”and “bad” go. I have a lot of mixed feelings and a lot of things to talk about. So let’s get down to it! This is a review, so it’s gonna spoil a bunch of things.

Re: Creators

Oh, Re: Creators. What am I going to do with you. You had such good ideas. You could have been so much better than you were.

Which isn’t to say Re: Creators is a bad anime. It isn’t. But it’s kind of in the area of “fine” rather than anything great, mostly because it couldn’t figure out how the execute the very interesting concepts it had going effectively. 

Re: Creators was a story about writing itself. Basically, a bunch of animanga, light novel and video game characters were transported to the “real” world by a mysterious woman in a military uniform, who encourages them to take vengeance on their creators who made their lives hell.

Like I said, that a hell of a great concept, and Re: Creators does do some interesting things with it. The show is at its strongest when it’s discussing the struggles of writing and the power of stories. It also does really interesting things with how writing functions in the internet age. 

For instance, the mysterious military woman character ends up being a very popular fan creation named Altair. A teenage girl named Setsuna created Altair as an alternate version of a character from a story she liked- essentially she was a fanfic. But then her design went viral and she morphed into a character all her own through the internet. 

Since Altair is a collective creation of the internet, basically everything the fans on the internet do with her- all the scenarios, all the music videos, all the fanfic and fanart- is accepted into her “canon” which means she’s infinitely powerful and versatile compared to the other characters because she’s not bound to one author or continuity and is constantly being updated. Basically, she’s Hatsune Miku. 

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Chill Pill - Avengers x Reader

A/N: Okay, so this was so annoying because I was feeling it with Vision and then it was like “oh my god what about Pietro that would just be hilarious” ‘cause trying to get him to sit still to look at the clouds? But guess what? You’ll have to read this to find out what I wound up doing!

Request: “After you do the song challenge, would you consider doing something litte and cute with teaching Vision how to chill out? Like binge watching netflix or just staring at the clouds? If you aren’t feeling Vision it would be cute with Pietro or Bruce too. Whatever you write I’ll read.” This courtesy of @travelwithwords.

Taglist: @courtneychicken, @travelwithwords​.

Summary: After a long mission upon which you may or may not have said something regrettable, who doesn’t want to relax? Unfortunately, it seems that some people don’t know how, and you take it upon yourself to show them.

Warnings: I think there’s no swearing! If there is I’ll just have to update this.

Other Notes: Gender neutral reader, of course. I hope you like it!

“Get off my back!”

You scowled at Vision while turned away, walking quickly.

“No, I won’t. You need to-”

“Take a chill pill.”

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Apparently I write gryles drabbles now: the ongoing saga 

Work: kiwi
Fandoms: One Direction, BBC Radio 1 RPF
Pairing: Nick Grimshaw/Harry Styles
Tags: Canon Compliant 

For @jiksax, who submitted a winterbreak prompt to grimmyfest that deserved to be written. With a massive thank you to @writsgrimmyblog for reading this through <333

Alternatively, please feel free to read right here:

“It’s like…a message.”

“A message! It’s—”

“It is!”

“It’s not a message. You literally just wanted puppies and little kids and cake, do not try to tell me—” Nick couldn’t hold back the laughter in his voice.

“No,” Harry drew the word out, which would have carried more weight if he hadn’t also been laughing, “it’s about like, reputations and expectations and, like, rebellion.”

“One hundred percent it isn’t.”

“It was a whole concept, it was pitched and planned and—”

“Guaranteed the entirety of the plan was ‘I want it to feature mini Gucci suits and cupcakes and little me is going to be both female and wearing a more masculine version of my outfit, it’ll be sick.’” He could hear Harry laughing down the line. “Seriously, tell me I’m wrong.”

“God you’re such a dick.” It was incredible, Nick always thought, the extent to which you could hear people smiling.

“Ha! Victory!”

Harry snickered, “Yeah, yeah.”

“Anyway, how’s Amsterdam?”

There was a characteristically long pause, and Nick could just imagine Harry stopping to look around, deciding exactly how it was, “It’s, y’know, yeah. Scenic.”

Scenic. You’re such a legend sometimes, honestly.”

Harry sounded pleased, “Obviously.” And then it was Nick’s turn to snort. “Really though, it’s lovely. I was out for a bit with Katie and Jo, dunno where Naomi was actually, now that I’m th—”

“You went out in Amsterdam with two of Muna and you weren’t immediately mobbed? This is a red letter day in the House of Styles, we—”

“I say ‘out’. We were, we were actually like, on the balcony,” he raised his voice, probably to be heard over what could have generously been termed a burst of Nick’s laughter, but in reality sounded more like some combination of a witch on Halloween and a record that had got stuck, “but we had a really nice view! No, it was lovely! Stop—”

“Sorry, I’m sorry. I’m sure it,” Nick had to stop for a second to get his breath back, “I’m sure it was wonderful.”

Harry evidently couldn’t hold out in the face of Nick’s mirth, started laughing right along with him.


“So you’ve said.”

“Yeah. Listen, this is a bit off topic, but I meant to mention. My birthday—”

“Your—? Haz, it’s literally November, wh—”

Harry spoke right over him, “I’ll be home, it’s during the tour break, and we can. You’ll, uh. You’ll be around, yeah?”

Nick could feel his laughter fade, fondness warring with his sudden desire to very clearly articulate that he wasn’t the one who was always gone. “Yeah Haz, I’ll be around.”

“We’re 57, this time.”

Fondness won out. “That was much more exciting three years ago. They make Happy 50th! balloons, never seen ones for 57.”

“I could get them.”

“Bet you could. Don’t though, you’ve spent enough on my birthday. Plus, no need for joint celebrations this time around. You made it to the original.”

There was a pause where neither of them mentioned the ones he’d missed.

“I’m thinking you had the right idea with that,” Harry eventually said, very brightly. “I’m going to have a week long birthday extravaganza.”

Nick was very on board with the cheerful tone idea. “Excuse you! I had one lunch and one evening thing, it was not—”

“And one shopping spree and multiple breakfast shows on the theme and—”

“They were not on the theme! I maybe mentioned it once, and Fifi let me play a couple of extra s—”

“And ‘one evening’ does not, like, capture that evening. You had what was essentially a ballroom—”

“I did n—”

“There were silver balloons that spelled Grim.”

Which, admittedly, there had been.

Harry wasn’t done, “That’s like, an idea actually. We can get silver balloons, a five and a seven.”

They could not get silver balloons in a five and a seven.

“A two and a four, maybe.”

Harry huffed out a bit of a laugh, and Nick didn’t think he was imagining that it sounded slightly off, “But where’s the fun in that?”

The fun would be Nick’s continued sanity and relative lack of internet harassment, but really, who was counting.

“You’ll be around, though? For Christmas and the next few months?”

“Course I’ll be—Haz…is this just, like, Harry Styles and his love of diaries and plans, or…”

The couple seconds where all Nick could hear was Harry’s breathing coming down the line suggested or.

“You know me, love a plan.” Harry took an audible breath, “But actually I just. It’s a tour break.” Nick swallowed, didn’t cut in even as the pause stretched. “We, like, win awards for our tour breaks. Let’s…let’s give the Mirror something to talk about, yeah?”

Nick tried to laugh, tried to call back the feeling of bubbling mirth that had been overflowing at the beginning of this conversation. He didn’t have a huge amount of success. “Are you suggesting we tear up London Town, popstar? Party like it’s 2012?”

Harry laughed softly, said, “Maybe Rita’s doing G-A-Y.”

Neither mentioned all the tour breaks they’d missed.

“Will you, though? Tear up London with me?” Harry went on, somehow sounding like he had a better idea of what he was asking for than he usually did.


No, Nick’s mind was shouting. No, I won’t, because you’ll be fine and the break will end and you’ll go back on tour and sashay your way through life in mostly-unbuttoned floral shirts, and I’ll be here by myself hugging my dogs and obsessively scrolling through twitter mentions and cutting off my hair and I know better now. I know better.

“Course I will, Haz,” Nick rasped, cleared his throat. “Course I will.”

precipicles  asked:

hey, mr-entj! :D thank you so much for the time and effort you dedicate into the upkeep of this blog!! it's a very inspiring place to be, and you bring a lot of insights to the table. i've learned a lot about myself, actually!! (specifically the thing about high-Ti types and constantly asking why, but never really solving the issue). if you have the time, can i ask a somewhat personal question?: how did you end up in your career? was it something you were actually really passionate about or -

[2/3]  - loved to do? or was it something you did mostly because of the economic benefits it gave? have you had any additional passions in your younger years that you wanted as a career, but didn’t pursue due to its economic implications? i was curious about your input - personally, i’ve always had a very all-or-nothing mindset and while this might seem like a good thing, i don’t think i’ve ever really known what it felt like to actually have a hobby i enjoy because i was all too consumed with the -

[3/3]  - idea of achievement, and felt like any hobby that didn’t contribute to the fulfillment of that achievment was…well, wrong. this is what i thought in my younger years and now i just get burnt out easily :/ so yeah, is work = life/fun for you, or do you set boundaries to distinguish one from the other? i apologize for the lengthy message, and thank you for taking your time to read this!! :D i hope you had a spectacular day!! - a lost & confused enfp-entj-entp hybrid high school senior

Related answers:

Thanks for visiting. I chose my career by working the equation backwards by first asking what I ultimately wanted out of life and then brainstorming how I would get it. I never entertained hobbies or passions as a career choice (ex. I play and enjoy playing the piano but I never wanted to be a professional pianist, I play video games but I never wanted to be a professional gamer, etc.)

I asked myself: 

1. What quality of life do I want for me and my family? 

Answer: High. I don’t want to be just comfortable and just have my basic needs met– I want to thrive. I want freedom and flexibility to live in the neighborhoods I choose, eat the foods I like, travel all over the world to beautiful locations I’ve daydreamed about, drive the cars I enjoy, have access to the best health care and education, indulge in amazing experiences and make unforgettable memories, etc. I don’t want to worry about poverty and I don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck– I want ample financial cushion and financial security. I want peace of mind.

Conclusion #1: I need a job that has a high salary to provide a high standard of living.

2. What do I like and dislike doing?

Answer: I like solving problems that make a measurable, meaningful, and lasting impact on the world. I like the things I do to matter on a large scale. I like implementing my vision and strategy into concrete and observable results. I like to build and I like to fix.

I dislike work that’s monotonous, repetitive, and too focused on the little details. I dislike caretaking and looking after other people’s emotional needs. I dislike doing the same thing after I’ve mastered it, I get bored without progression and without variety.

Conclusion #2:  I need a career that is high level, high impact, and high visibility with interesting projects, challenging problems, and opportunities for growth and learning.

3. What are my strengths and weaknesses?

Answer: I’m good at solving problems, critical thinking, people management, organization, and leadership. I’m good at writing and math. I have a knack for strategic planning and implementation. I’m an incredibly hard worker with high stamina.

I’m bad at highly detailed oriented tasks, repetition, and situations that require constant emotional entanglements. I have difficulty learning foreign languages, I’m not artistically skilled, I’m not musically gifted. 

Conclusion #3: I need a career that is tailored to my strengths and weaknesses above.

4. Which careers available today that the world economy needs and values, match my criteria above, and are careers I would enjoy?


  • Business (consulting, banking)
  • Medicine (surgery)
  • Law 

5. Of those options, what do I like most?

Answer: Medicine, followed by business. I went the medical school track first, realized it wasn’t for me, and switched out to a career that better fit my needs. The point is that I didn’t get it right the first time– and many of you won’t too– but I got it right eventually through trial and error. You won’t know what you want (or don’t) want to do until you try, and it helps to have a logical approach or framework to minimize the amount of time and energy wasted.

My career is demanding and stressful but it’s fulfilling both personally and professionally. If it wasn’t, I’d leave and move on to something else. Your choice is never final. 

crabs-for-breakfast-co  asked:

Do you have any fun cute stories of your bf sound tings

everything involving my bf is cute but here’s a cute bf story:

a few years ago we were both really into pokemon (mostly completing our pokedexes and shiny hunting) and i kept hinting that i was going to give him something special. i was actually breeding for a shiny gastly for his birthday because he loves shiny mega gengar and it’s one of his favorites. well, hearing this, he decided to try and get me a present in return. i could sense he was doing that but had no idea what he had up his sleeve

so one day i finally hatch the gastly and go to trade it to him. well. he sends me ANOTHER shiny gastly in return. completely unaware of my gift, he had bred one for me too. you have no idea how hard we laughed at that. we both still use our gengars and if multi battles didnt have same-pokemon restrictions we’d probably use them both as our leads