mostly because i got bored


Speakeasy Voltron AU! 

I didn’t get to finish everyone, but hopefully I will eventually, but basically, Allura hires the Paladins to work in her speakeasy, The Castle. They are fighting to keep the law off their scent as well as keep one step ahead of their rival, Galra, an opposing speakeasy determined to bring the Castle down.

Shiro is in charge of all of the rum runners AKA Paladins. Keith and Lance would be right in the thick of fighting to get the best booze and then returning to work as waiters at the Castle. Pidge is the young genius who runs the books, but you wouldn’t want to force their hand if a payment is late.

I dunno guys, I’m not a writer, so if someone with skills wants to take this and run with it, be my guest :D

Some guard in Falkreath told my Dragonborn to keep their fingers to themselves

like I didn’t even try to steal anything Steve

what the fuck do you know

I’m the kind of person who controls everything that goes on in my life, I’m a perfectionist. During my teenage years and early adulthood i always looked out for addictive substances. I drank a lot of alcohol, i smoked one too many cigarettes, and enjoyed some drugs a lot. But i was always careful, i never got addicted, I stopped drinking, smoking, using the second i decided not to… But mostly because i got bored, i didn’t enjoy them as i used to.
But you. You were the only thing i wasn’t monitoring, the only thing that slipped through my radar. You got me hooked little by little by doing things in your own special way, by the softness of your skin, by the warmth of your heart, by your strength. Even though kept showing me how rugged your skin was, how cold your heart was and how fragile you were at times. you’re the only thing, the only person i didn’t get bored of, i couldn’t get bored of, the only person i didn’t grow tired of even though you kept driving me insane, and made me sit through things i don’t enjoy, but i didn’t mind, because i was with you.
My only addiction…
I didn’t know that by being a perfectionist, i would fall for someone’s imperfections.
—  @yellopillowcase (me)