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Do you also sometimes have a "block" with some ppl?Like all of sudden u just can't talk to 1 of your friends and it might be bc smth they did bc of u feell misstreated or some little tiny thing what changed your point of view on them that you just cannot bring yourself to talk to them? Bc it happens to me quite often and I have to PUSH myself SO hard to go through the block. But mostly I don't even want to but I feel like I have to bc they feel bad and it's i e 10years of friendship but Idc

Oh my god yes. I’m actually experiencing this with one of my friends right now. I just can’t enjoy her company anymore, and honestly, I don’t think I’m going to force myself to. Although she has her good traits, she isn’t right for me: she’s very selfish, she doesn’t think of others, she has a ton of negative energy, and I simply don’t feel she contributes to my growth anymore.

But yes, I know exactly what you mean. When someone hurts me or makes me feel bad in some way, I tend to retreat away from them for a bit, like a break, and then I return to them when I’m ready.

Anyone else?
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Steve Rogers is the Winter Soldier - a tiny masterpost



and bc i’m a huge nerd and live for this au i’m here to propose that we finALLY USE THE #steve rogers is the winter soldier  TAG

if you find anything else throw it my way and in case you just want evil steve i have a tag for that as well but it’s even more meager bc it’s mostly steve/tony

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I'm a very catholic girl who lost my composure when I gave into the physical temptation of premarital sex. I've always held my virginity so close to me & made it the most important thing to me for the longest, but I messed up & now I can't take it back. I'm so disappointed in myself in ways words can't describe. Mostly bc I know God is too, but also bc I won't be able to give myself fully to my future husband. I feel disgusting so much that I didn't even got to mass this past Sunday. Any advice?

Listen, go to confession (if you haven’t yet), then immediately go to adoration and start over. Give yourself to Christ again. Your sins are washed away, don’t let the devil convince you they are unforgivable, ever. This time, instead of holding your purity to yourself, give it completely to God. Tell God you want it protected, tell God you want it veiled again until you are married. Don’t be discouraged, get back up again and continue this pursuit of chastity.

Please do not ever believe that you will not be able to give yourself completely to your future husband. I know chastity talks these days say things like “your spouse will hurt because you’ve been with other people”. I honestly really *really* find that sort of chastity “encouragement” really disturbing. It makes young people not fully aware of the forgiveness and mercy found in christ.

Marriage is a vocation between two sinners. If your future spouse cannot accept that you have sinned in the past, you’ll likely sin in the future, and that he/she is going to marry a sinner, then Marriage is not their vocation. You are an absolute treasure, and your spouse should be elated that you want to gift yourself wholly to them, they should see this, and not your past sins. Your vocation is the pursuit of Christ like love for eachother, for love of God. They should be ready and willing to forgive you for all of your sins, expecially the ones Christ has already forgiven you for.

Get the devil of your shoulder, Christ is forgivness and He is patiently waiting for you to start over in pursuit of Him every single day. You will have a spouse that treasures you, and don’t accept any less! Don’t allow yourself to hold your past sins against you, and don’t allow any person you are in a relationship with to do the same. Chastity is a life long pursuit! Never give up no matter how hard you fall :) I’m praying for you anon and I hope you find your peace in Christ over this💕