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(I’m sorry if it’s terrible…this is my first attempt at writing Luna.)

The sound of strangled sobs and muffled conversations had driven Harry out of the Great Hall. He couldn’t mourn with the others. Not when he couldn’t feel. There was no sadness, no guilt, no relief that it was finally over. Just emptiness.

He found himself at the edge of the lake, knees in the rocky surface of the shore. Staring blankly across the water, he didn’t hear the soft footsteps behind him. Luna knelt at his side, her long blonde hair drifting serenely around her face in the wind. Harry didn’t react.

“I used to come out here to talk to my mum,” she said quietly. “She said this was her favorite place in all of Hogwarts.”

Harry didn’t say anything. Luna shifted, her hands coming to grasp the string of beads around her neck. She lifted the cork necklace over her head and rolled the small charm between her fingers. Reaching for Harry’s hand, she pulled it towards her. He looked at her when she placed the necklace in his hand, closing his fingers around it. She smiled at him, and he felt his face crease into a frown. A lump of…something formed in his chest.

“Nargles are particularly fiendish when you feel empty. They think you won’t notice when your things go missing, because they know you have nothing left to lose.” She squeezed his fingers before moving to rise, but Harry caught hold of her hand once more. Half crouching, half standing, she waited for Harry to decide what he needed. His eyes searched hers. Three infinite seconds passed, and Harry pulled her back to the ground.

Pain so real, so severe, blossomed in his chest, and he clung to the only thing–the only person–that made sense. Grief for those lost manifested in his pores, crushing him, making it hard to breathe. His fingers grasped at the back of her jumper, his tears stained the front. Luna simply held him, humming a lullaby, her fingers running through his hair. She would be his strength, until color started to seep back into the world.

Thoughts are welcome here! Did I do it justice?

sansastarkvevo  asked:

What is your favorite dramione fic that involves a child?(as in hermione's child, draco's child, or both)

Umm well I have never read a baby fic. I am looking forward to reading Beautiful, Picture Retribution, A Marriage Most Convenient and Aurelian though  :)

I usually cringe at the thought of Hermione being pregnant so I might have to ease myself into it. :P