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It’s the right thing to do. As child you might feel like an outsider if everyone celebrates Christmas and you can’t be apart of it. I know I did, and that’s why my parents decided to celebrate it though they’re hindu and have never celebrated it.

The great thing is that their grandmother is very big on christmas and invites us over every year for Christmas eve.
So there is a regular Christmas celebration that also means a lot to their grandma and everyone is happy. :)

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I was also disappointed when I saw the teasers. So I am crossing my fingers, sacrificing my soul and whatever else is needed to make sure that the MV and songs turns out alright. But with SM release this year I am not hopeful.

With SM’s track record this year we need a small miracle… I struggle to think of one SM title song that got me really excited this year. (the song itself I mean, I got excited about the visuals of Red Light, Swing and Mr.Mr. at least.)
I so desperately want this to be not only flashy but musically good! They deserve that so much.