“I love you. Most ardently.” (Mr Darcy)

“Look back. Look back at me.” (Mr Thornton)

“I am half agony, half hope.” (Captain Wentworth)

“My heart is  and and always will be yours.” (Edward Ferrars)

Blue eyes ! Blue eyes everywhere !!!

iloveyou-mostardently  asked:

Roy and Felicity becoming good friends and Oliver finding himself jealous of their easy friendship (and more specifically of Roy)

Loud laughter disturbs Oliver’s concentration and he turns to Roy and Felicity, who are huddled over her work station.

A mournful noise escapes Felicity and Oliver swiftly crosses the room.

“What’s wrong,” he demands, crossing his arms.

They pull apart with wide-eyed expressions. Roy opens his mouth. “We were ju—”

“Felicity,” he interrupts pointedly.

She jerks her thumb to her tablet as she frowns. “We’re playing a game.”

“A game,” he repeats dumbly and narrows his eyes as Roy shifts over a few inches, obscuring Oliver from the tablet’s screen. “What game?”

“Don’t get mad,” Felicity starts, already cringing.

Oliver can already tell he won’t like it.

Roy laughs, shoving the tablet in his face. “Some dude drew you and made an animation game!”

Felicity pokes him in the side and Roy counteracts with a tug on her ponytail before they both burst into giggles. Oliver rubs the back of his neck before they turn back to their game, nudging each other every now and then.

One thing runs through his mind the rest of the night: How does Roy do it?