« He - for there could be no doubt of his sex, though the fashion of the time did something to disguise it…  »  Virginia Woolf 

or inspire me tenderly… ;)

1) Portrait of a young man / Vincenzo Catena
2) Piero, eldest son (Piero the Unfortunate) of Lorenzo the Magnificent
5) Portrait of a young Man / Sandro Botticelli
4) Portrait of a Courtier / Jan Mostaert

“Landscape with an episode from the Conquest of America”, 1535, Jan Mostaert (1475-1555), Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

I saw this in the Rijksmuseum in July, very soon after that magnificent place’s reopening, and also soon after the acquisition of this Middle Ages masterpiece.

It depicts the disruption of an “idyllic” native life in “America” by violent Spanish invaders. It is unusual for its time for its clear sympathy for the Indigenous peoples, even though they are not depicted, er, at all accurately. For a start, they weren’t white, and they did not hang around in the nude.