Self care package: Virgo

1. Your mind and your tummy need to be pampered, rested, and given respite. If you are feeling physically ill and avoiding eating, losing appetite, or eating too much, you are mentally out of balance. Science points to the gut being a second brain. What you don’t deal with consciously and mentally will be painfully processed in digestion. You need to settle and rest your nerves, that feeling of your chest closing in and snowballing worries are a side effect of an over abundance of nerves. These in term heighten your mind and accelerate the impact on digestion. If you can meditate and slip into the space between your thoughts, it will settle your whole body and the problems you have with eating. Eat lightly and avoid too much caffeine. It’s ok to stop and rest sometimes, you will not combust. Stop fearing being unproductive. Gyrating around in a fluster worried about being unproductive will only burn you out quicker. Treat yourself by ingesting mostly natural and organic pills/foods/etc;, it resonates with your body more than most

2. You are very idealistic, and it’s fine if the world and your efforts don’t manage to meet your ideals. They are quite imaginative and brilliant, your image of a perfect world is frosted in slain discrimination and perfection. Your dreams are intricate and sometimes you cannot manipulate the material plane to reflect your tremendous vision. And thats okay. You cannot do everything, but you try your best, and we all see, and realise, and know. Don’t become frustrated that you can’t always achieve what you set out to create. Not even God could craft something as delicate and divine as the images in your mind. Don’t be so hard on yourself, we all see perfection

3. Your nerves, the endless thoughts, the restlessness, the inability to stop and free yourself from the confines of your skin burn you out. And getting enough sleep can be difficult, and when you don’t sleep because you have stayed up worrying and catastrophizing it puts you into even more of a pedantic state. Don’t go to bed hungry, don’t go to bed over full. Although the voices that remind you of everything that can go wrong are quite loud, there are softer voices in your mind, and these are the ones you must listen to, the quiet voice, it has the most wisdom, ravage through the vines in your mind and hear that voice, and sleep, please sleep, worrying will not take the problem away it will only cause you to oversleep tomorrow.


anonymous asked:


1. if you’re gonna throw super ninja jesus traits onto your protagonist, please stick to one at most

2. fuck off with that whole “if sakura had given up on sasuke she would’ve been a terrible person” attitude, that man is trash

3. actually just remove sasuke and the uchihas in general, 99% of my complaints about naruto spawned from that clan

4. stick to strategic battles, not contests of how many nuke powers one character has vs how many the other has

5. stop pretending characters are dead only for them to be brought back via ninja magic a minute later


So sorting out who does what is very difficult, so this is what I’m doing. 

Here are your options: 

Houses: Candy, Chocolate, Drink, big food, and Cleanser

Staff: Principal (taken), Vice principal (up to three), counselor (taken), janitor, and anything else like that you can think of.

Teachers: Art, history (taken), science, math, english, sales,  music, film, lunch (taken), and anything else you can think of.

If you’re in the fic and you want to be staff/teacher, reblog this with
1. What you want the most
2. Second pic

If you just want to be in a house, say the name of your house.
Thanks guys! I’ll be able to get started as soon as this is done