alphxlfa asked:

is it ten days too late to send my silly url for the meeeeeme ..


my opinion on;

character in general: SCREECHES. I am so in love with Owen Grady he is the most precious sweet prince who may as well own my heart. It is well known that I am Jurassic Park/World trash and I was so excited to see the movie but also a lil nervous about how it would turn out but god it was so wonderful and O W e N. Owen is so adorable and dorky and badass and I’m so emotional about him most of the time.
how they play them: I love seeing your writing on the dash, I loooove it. You’re such an exquisite writer and you capture Owen so perfectly I am in awe. You’ve got his flirty/confident side down, specifically in your verse during Jurassic World, but I’ve noticed when you’re writing like post-jw you have him so burdened about loosing his girls and ju st jesus please you’re going to make me cry. In short you are probably Owen Grady you are that exceptional.

the mun: Weeps please be my friend you’re really cool.

do i;

follow them: How could I not honestly.
rp with them: Soon.
want to rp with them: Always.
ship their character with mine: Idk.

what is my;

overall opinion: I will soon reply to that starter you made me!! Also please never leave the dash!! You brighten it up significantly and you will never allow me to get over Owen and his raptors.

**note: mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

currently not accepting.

if were mutuals could you guys tag cats. like any type of cat, more specifically male tabbys. i recently lost the most precious prince i ever loved and i miss my cat so very much but seeing pictures make me cry
thank you

nebulousnoiz asked:

you are the cutest most gorgeous precious puppy prince and i love you. so so so so so many smooches for you babe. im so so happy with you and i cant wait to be with you here. everything will be alright. were gonna make it. and i will do my best to pamper you and care for you the way you deserve it. ill cook you nice things and hug you lots and pet you and tell you how perfect you are. youre the best puppy. i love you.

i need to clean out my inbox so i’m posting this now wwwwwww i like looking back at this cutie message it’s so lovely look how schmoopy my babe is. god i love you

The 19 Most Precious Prince William and Prince George Moments: #CELEBRITY #NEWS

What better way to celebrate Prince William’s second Father’s Day - and birthday! - than by rounding up his sweetest moments with his firstborn, Prince George? The royal daddy-son duo shared plenty of adorable moments in the little prince’s first year and more recently at the birth of Princess Charlotte. Who can forget Prince George and Prince William’s matching blue outfits and those waves?! Take a look at their cutest snaps here! #PopSugar