Prince Adam Headcanons

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Word Count: um…a lot. I might as well take out the dots and make it an imagine bc LOL I GOT A LIL CARRIED AWAY HERE

A/N: yes, I’m still working on my Gaston series, but while I’m writing that, here *dumps fanfic in ur lap* have these post-curse headcanons that I thought up at 4:00am of the purest most adorably precious cinnamon roll prince ever

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  •  Prince Adam still literally unable to wrap his mind around the fact, even weeks after the curse is broken, that someone could find it in them to love him in his darkest and most hopeless of times
  •   Adam, not surprisingly, suffering from post-curse nightmares. He’ll dream that he’s once again the vain, cruel prince who turned away the rose, and wake with hands clutching at his chest and face to make sure that they’re not animalistic and covered with fur again
  •  on nights when the dreams are particularly bad, he’ll wake you and you’ll stay up till dawn comforting him, his head on your chest or in your lap while you whisper soothing words and brush your hand through his hair
  • sometimes you’ll snuggle into him and place your cheek on his shoulder, bringing your fingers up to his face and tracing his cheekbones, his eyebrows, and his jawline with soft strokes to remind him that his features are human again, and always will be
  • Adam catches your hand and gently presses his lips against your fingertips, his eyes closing and his forehead furrowing before kissing your palm. When his eyelids open, his gaze locks on yours and you almost can’t breathe for the amount of love in his stunning blue irises that shine like moonbeams
  • eventually lulling him back to sleep by singing or reading softly, admiring the peacefulness of his expression as he dozes, marveling at how truly lucky you are to love someone so beautiful and pure and to have his love in return
  • having literally the most perfect and healthy relationship ever. Seriously, the two of you are the stuff of romance novels (the happy ones that aren’t all dramatic and angsty). You can practically read each others’ minds, which really comes in handy when trying to find each other new books to read. You know everything about each other. How you like your tea, what position you find most comfortable to sleep in, your favorite author, your favorite composer, even what things you find annoying or frustrating
  • One more time now: RELATIONSHIP GOALS
  • being able to match Adam’s mischievous side with your own. Don’t get me started on snowball fights during the winter seasons which always leave you soaked to the bone (much to Mrs. Potts’ amused dismay when you leave puddles through the halls and on the stairs) and grinning like idiots. Mud fights are frequent during the summer as well (poor Mrs. Potts indeed). You never miss a chance to enjoy the fresh scent of rain after a summer storm, so you head out with Adam to enjoy the dewy gardens…then come back looking like you bathed in a swamp
  • just. imagine. tho. You’ll be sitting on a bench glossing over a book, or breathing in the crisp warm air when all the sudden you glance up and see Adam looking at you from a few feet away, his lips upturned in a smirk and his gaze peering through his eyelashes. He slowly brings one hand around from behind his back and you see a ball of sticky brown mud oozing between his fingers. You barely have time to growl, “Don’t you even think about it.” before it smacks you in the face, instantly dribbling down your neck and shoulders. Adam’s deep laugh bounces off the statues before it’s cut off by the sound of mud splattering against the back of his head. Total chaos ensues, and the cleaning staff shares a collective sigh as the sound of hysterical laughter from the gardens meets their ears
  • fervent apologizing on both your parts to the gardeners afterwards
  • kisses. Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the camel, the k i s s e s. Kisses that stop time. Kisses that make the ground spin under your feet, or sometimes even make the ground disappear completely. Standing with your toes touching as Adam brings both hands to the sides of your face, dips his head and kisses you with such deep, slow passion that you forget who’s air you’re breathing, or you forget to breathe entirely. Gathering the fabric of his shirt in your hands and standing on your toes to be even closer to him. He brushes his thumbs across your cheeks, and when you finally break apart, you can’t move or draw oxygen for several seconds after. In these moments, if he were to ask you the sum of 2 + 2, you would only be able to answer with his name
  • waking up to feeling the feather-light touch of his lips against the side of your neck, along your jaw and on your cheek, unable to conceal the shudders that ripple along your skin or the butterflies that fluster uncontrollably around your stomach. Feeling him smile against your shoulder when he runs his hand along your arm and feels the goosebumps that his actions have caused, asking in a deep, husky morning voice if you’re cold or if there’s some other reason for the reaction. You sit up and stuff a pillow in his face
  • he’s not the only one who uses affection to rouse the other from sleep. Before the break of dawn, you’ll wrap your arm around his torso and lightly trail kisses across his features. On each of his closed eyelids, his nose, his cheeks, the corner of is mouth until the arm that he has around your shoulders tightens and pulls you against him, his lips spreading in a drowsy smile. After he’s awakened, you wrap yourself in blankets and lead him by the hand through the silent castle until you reach the tallest tower. There you stand in his arms, his lips pressed to the top of your head as the two of you watch the sun rise over the distant hills and flood the skies with pale pink light
  • spontaneous dances. This is 100% a thing. Imagine standing in the library at one of the tables, alphabetizing a stack of volumes when Adam’s arms wind around your waist and his firm chest presses to your back. “Do you hear that?” he’ll ask softly, prompting you to grin as you hear Cadenza’s playing a few rooms away. Before you know it your swaying to the sweet rhythm, then Adam’s twirling you across the floor, lifting you into effortless spins and dipping you nearly to the floor, making laughter flow from your lips
  • making faces at each other from across the diner table
  • holding balls and dances at least once a month to stay connected with the rest of Villenueve, and even though Adam is supposed to be socializing, he can’t help staring at you practically the entire night
  • Plumette helping you get ready for said parties, lacing up your dress and fastening back rebellious strands of hair when Adam appears in the doorway, his eyes widening in loving disbelief at your astounding beauty, which of course makes your face turn the color of a ripe pomegranate. Plumette smiles, her hands on your shoulders as she says, “Isn’t she a vision, my prince?” Adam’s shakes himself from his stupor and responds, “One almost too beautiful to behold.”
  • your face reddens ten shades
  • pet names. And lots of them, though mainly “love” and “my darling”

      • “(Y/N), I’m not wearing that.”  

      “Oh come on, it’ll look wonderful.”

      “It will look ridiculous.”

     “But Lumiere looks so dashing in them, I don’t see why you wouldn’t.”

      “(Y/N), it’s got bloody bows in it.”

     “It makes it look more fashionable. Now just try it on!”

     “I’d rather be a beast again.”

     “Oh honestly, it’s just a wig.”

     “Take one more step and I’ll throw that thing in the fire.”

  • the staff of the castle may as well be payed family members. Plumette is of course your best friend, Adam’s being Lumiere. Mrs. Potts is a second mother to you, and Cogsworth is always overjoyed to play the part of the father figure. Maestro Cadenza and Madame Garderobe took you under their musical wings as soon as the curse was broken, and you can never go through a conversation with either of them without being called “my dear” or “darling” at least five times. Your closest bond however is with Chip, and often you’ll glimpse Adam sitting with the young boy on his lap as well, exploring the surface of an atlas or looking at old maps
  • Adam being brilliant with children, despite thinking that he’s not. Sometimes he’ll watch you interacting with Chip and find himself wondering what it would be like to start a family of your own someday, not noticing the soft smile that graces his lips at the thought of it
  • going on adventures together. Not major ones necessarily, but even small journeys through the nearby mountains and forests are enough to mostly quench your wanderlust. You’ll often drag him to the top of a hill that overlooks Villeneuve and the surrounding countryside, standing with hands linked as the wind rushes over you
  • returning from such journeys to the warm castle, Mrs. Potts setting out tea by the fireplace, and you curling up against Adam by the huge marble hearth, practically on his lap with your face buried in his thick, smooth hair. Your fingers absentmindedly play with the laces of his shirt, his heartbeat echoing smooth and steady against your chest. Adam draws you closer as the warmth of the crackling fire surrounds you in a drowsy haze, pressing his lips to your forehead and murmuring a tender, “I love you.” to which you smile and tilt your head up to meet his eyes. “And I love you. For evermore.” His smile makes your heart swell to the point where it aches with happiness. “For evermore,” he replies.

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Do you do headcanons? If so, dating wonder woman would include, please? Thank you!

*cracks knuckles* This is the first time I’m writing for the most awesome and precious Diana Prince so here we goooo! And this is basically what I’ve managed to pull from the DCEU Wonder Woman.

What it’s Like Dating Diana Prince

  • Talking about the Greek Mythology where she reveals and corrects many misconceptions. 
  • Her showing you and telling you all about the brilliant objects which are very sacred to the Greeks.
  • And it’s not like it’s very boring. It’s super fun because you both loving discussing the mythology. 
  • Going to various museums and galas where they present various old Greek weapons and statues. 
  • Her telling you about the history of her people because she trusts you very much.
  • Getting to go to Themyscira to meet her mother, Queen Hippolyta.
  • Which btw is very daunting but fear not! She seems to like you very much. 
  • Diana being very proud of being with you and not fretting at all to let the others know that you and her are together. 
  • After all those history lessons, you get to show her the advances of modern technology and the amazing food.
  • Like all the Paradise Island stuff is delicious but haaaaave you met burgers and pizzas??
  • Getting her to dip her fries into the milkshake which she at first thinks is kinda gross but as soon as she tries it, that is all she does.
  • Diana falling in love with ice-cream and always acting like a 3 year old whenever you both go out for ice-cream (which is totally understandable cause I do that).
  • Her very adorable reactions causes you kiss her. Nose, cheeks, lips whichever.
  • Holding her back whenever she sees a boss giving their secretary or assistant an order because ohmygod Diana! It’s their job! They get paid for it!!!!
  • It can get tough dating an Amazonian Demigoddess Princess Warrior but in the end it’s all worth it.


Day6 as Princes AU


  • the one who involves himself in JYP Nation’s political and social issues 
  • the social ambassador bc he’s good at A LOT OF LANGUAGES ( he studied abroad okay he’s a smart one) that’s why King JYP sends him to other nearby kingdoms to strengthen their alliances 
  • but the first thing Prince Jae does when he arrives ar other countries is to ask for food like lobsters, saying that the food would act as his welcoming and parting gifts. 
  • he’s not even guilty about it 
  • aCTUALLy he does more harm than good bc he gets into arguments with other people from different countries, including well respected and feared rulers. 
  • he successfully pisses them off but it’s nothing serious cause they always find him amusing and funny, (not many princes out there can be this sassy and funny and attractive at the same time, boy) 
  • invents the word “sweg” back in the day 
  • the people eventually get used to his sass and they even enjoy it 
  • which makes Jae proud, 
  • everyone in the country either lowkey hates him or is jealous of him 
  • “I’m a prince I have work to do” 
  • “No Jae, you’re just shooting heart eyes at Brian,” Said, Prince Sungjin, 
  • Has the best relationship with Prince Brian as they both studied abroad together and they both lowkey bully Prince Wonpil together 
  • and they both love the youngest of them, Prince Dowoon 
  • the one amongst the others who interacts with the people the most, you can always find him on one of the streets, talking and laughing with the people
  • or he’s playing his guitar, singing along with the crowd 
  • doesn’t act like a prince, as he wonders himself how he even ended up born as one 
  • the most down-to-earth prince with top sense of humour you could only find in the whole JYP Nation


  • the one who’s the most responsible out of them, 
  • probably the one King JYP trusts the most, 
  • handles a lot of issues within the nation as he tries to keep everything in order and makes sure everything is alright 
  • has to take care of his four other brothers, and to him, this is more tiring than handling nation issues 
  • gets annoyed at their pranks so he ignores them 
  • only succeeding in making Prince Wonpil whines even more at him, demanding attention
  • “Why won’t you talk to me?~~” whined, Wonpil 
  • “…” Sungjin and Jae’s same response for poor wonpil
  • he has a lot of responsibilities so he gets stressed a lot and singing is the only way for him to release his stress
  • the one prince who likes, loves to sing 
  • always sings at festivals, with the boys, 
  • and he gets absolutely happy when he sees people enjoying their singing
  • he would even dance occasionally, when he’s feeling up to it, twirling and flailing around the ballroom dance floor, 
  • causing people to hide their smiles and laughter 
  • but he doesn’t mind bc he enjoys it, so why should he care
  • when he’s walking on the streets, someone would always request for him to sing and he would always do so 
  • bc he’s the kind to never refuse a chance, an opportunity to sing 
  • and everyone is impressed of his singing
  • so he would sing, along with the crowd, until Jae comes running with his guitar 
  • so they would start all over again, singing again and grinning
  • until Dowoon and Wonpil come running along, yelling that they want to join as well 
  • they couldn’t find Prince Brian tho, who’s probably passed out somewhere, sleeping as usual 
  • the prince who has the most amazing voice you could never find anywhere but in JYP Nation


  • a real, actual breathing, annoyingly perfect prince
  • the one who actually seems like he could do anything, and everything, 
  • it’s like there’s nothing he can’t do 
  • he can sing, dance, play instruments, speaks different languages, devilishly handsome features, devastating smiles, a hot delicious body, 
  • (do i even need to list more?? i can bet that no one would have any trouble imagining brian as a prince) 
  • the one who’s the most popular 
  • receives flowers, love letters and chocolates daily, 
  • which he gets a little shy about it, but he doesn’t mind bc that means he gets to eat chocolate and probably a lot of other food that he gets everyday 
  • is mostly seen hanging around with Jae, mostly they eat or talk about food together 
  • or he’s nearby at wherever Prince Dowoon is 
  • everyone in JYP Nation knows how he adores Dowoon
  • probably the busiest prince too 
  • he’s almost always at the library, studying, with piles of books in front of him 
  • and a bulky bag filled with food next to him 
  • he always sneaks food in bc he couldn’t care less 
  • “Studying needs energy and we gain energy by eating.” He’d always say that
  • writes sappy bittersweet poems and he likes sharing it with other people 
  • bc he wants to hear people compliment him 
  • he sings them out as a song too, turning the words into lyrics, on the rare occasion when the five boys are all gathered together, singing
  • bc he’s always off sleeping, eating, or studying somewhere. Most of the time, he sleeps 
  • rumour has it that some girls even fainted 
  • everyone loves him and his sappy poems bc it’s so heartbreakingly beautiful 
  • gets vvvv happy and teary-eyed when people sincerely tells him that they enjoy his poems and singing 
  • BUT when he’s not off somewhere doing his thing, he’d probably gang up with Jae and bully Wonpil together (poor wonpil) 
  • or the both of them would get all heart eyes and smiley faces at Dowoon
  • the most prince-like Prince who’s going to keep torturing you bc of his perfectness


  • the cutest prince omg 
  • he gets shy when people compliment him for his good looks, or manners, or his voice when he sings, 
  • but he appreciates it, a lot 
  • he gets really happy and smiles very widely 
  • gets happy and excited everytime when he gets to sing 
  • turns into the cutest puppy ever
  • if he had a tail it would be wagging like crazy it might actually fall off 
  • he’s the type that would get sad too if you get sad
  • and get happy too if you’re happy 
  • everyone loves him bc he’s just so nice and kind??
  • except for Jae and Brian who likes to bully him, ESPECIALLY JAE
  • but ofc, our kind-hearted Wonpil doesn’t even mind 
  • bc he gets their attention anyway 
  • follows Dowoon around most of the time 
  • bc he adores the younger boy, a little too much (ofc everyone loves dowoon right?!)
  • which annoys Dowoon a little bc Wonpil’s basically glued to him 
  • hangs out with Dowoon at the nearest farm 
  • and he always tries to get close to the animals like the donkeys, sheeps, rabbits, dogs, 
  • but they usually ignore him, which makes him pout 
  • they just like Dowoon more, somehow 
  • plays the piano and is a genius at it 
  • everyone loves having him play 
  • anything he plays sounds like a masterpiece (it probably is) 
  • the type that’s always humming a tone softly no matter what he’s doing
  • gets absolutely excited and nervous everytime him and the boys get to sing in front of a crowd 
  • he gets a lot cuter when he’s nervous and excited
  • like he’d bounce lightly on his heels, he’d purse and pout his lips, he’d puff his cheeks 
  • but let me warn you, he turns into your great sin when he opens his mouth to sing 
  • those stares, and that voice, pure sin and pleasure 
  • the cutest prince with the brightest smile that you’ll definitely fall in love with


  • the youngest prince 
  • and no doubt, the one everyone adores and loves 
  • he’s a pure precious baby,

  • everyone is vv protective of him 
  • he’s also very kind, 

  • loves animals a lot
  • he’s almost always at the nearest farm/barn, taking care and playing with the animals

  • names the animals in a very savage but cute way 
  • for example, he names the chickens as “Jae’s kids” 

  • he loves dogs 
  • always has a dog with him everywhere
  • gets shy when people compliment him
  • the tips of his ears turn red

  • but he’s lowkey proud of himself
  • everyone else is very proud of him tho
  • no matter what he’s accomplished
  • gets annoyed when wonpil sticks too close to him
  • “Can you please get out of my bed?”
  • he doesn’t mind but he hates it when wonpil finds his way into his bed
  • tries to kick wonpil out
  • but wonpil never stops trying
  • so eventually dowoon gives up
  • and just share a bed with wonpil
  • has an amazing ability of just hitting random objects and turning it into some sort of beat or melody
  • he could be eating and he randomly starts hitting his chopsticks on his bowls
  • rhythmically
  • and when the boys catch on, they start to sing
  • and that’s how a random concert suddenly happens
  • everyone’s having a lot of fun
  • and he’s the happiest at the moment
  • the most precious prince and you’ll absolutely fall in love with him and his charm

Happy Birthday to the most precious boy and prince! Noctis enjoying some happy time with his boys <3
Also don’t let Prompto write stuff on a picture I guess…? (and yes my handwritting is awful xD )

tbh I wasn’t exactly planning to draw anything for Noctis’ B-day, then I had a big heartbreaking idea and finally I realized I would never have enough time to pull it off xD But I might still draw the sad part later >:D