happy jiyong for nylon japan♡


I love two characters (separately, each one in his own world) as each one of my patience followers know…Thranduil Oropherion and Loki. Laufeyson or Odinsson no matter at all.
And since I love to draw, I put many of my deepest emotions into drawing them.
Drawing is basically one of the most precious reason I still alive, the thing that make me feel free, capable and happy.
Yes, when I draw I’m feel happy.

And the two boys up there are the drawings I love most. Because resonates in me more than others.
Sometimes there’s not enough words to explain things that for your soul are clear and obvious…
The first one is my king. The way I love Thranduil character…he’s not the cold, proud and arrogant elven king, or not only.
He’s full of emotions, deep emotions that only when he’s alone with itself can floods down.
The second one is my young awesome prince. The introvert and bookworm prince. The second one and the quiet. And I feel him very close to me…he’s the outsider. I love him because I feel the same.
I have many drawings of them, most Thrandy, indeed, but this two are the most representatives of the deep emotions I connect with it.


he’s so cute i’m going to dieee

okay but can we discuss?? i’m crying over the idea of r and h taking tango and whiskey and the other tadpoles under their wing.

like, please give me tango and holster dueting rent and hamilton too loudly and in public. give me whiskey helping ransom study by making snarky mnemonic devices. give me the four of them marathoning lord of the rings (one of the few non-hockey things they all agree on). 

just, ransom and holster are such good captains. they care so much. bless them. 

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HOSEOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIS SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍💕😍💕😍💕


February 8th, 1991; the day an angel was born~

You, who’s smile constantly shines. You, who is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. You, who is like a precious gem. You, who has an endless amount of love for his Inspirit girlfriends. I want you to always be happy. Today is your day, so please make the best of it! Keep being the star that shines the brightest. You’ve grown up well and I’m so proud of you! Nam Woohyun, happy birthday. I love you with all my heart ♥

Have you ever thought about Ransom and Holster in high school?

I just can’t help but feel happy/sad for baby R and H. Just imagine them, living separate lives. Not unhappy lives, just separate. 

They both have solid groups of friends at school (please accept my headcanons of them basically being Gabriela and Troy from HSM). They have silly inside jokes and make late-night IHOP trips and have movie marathons which definitely include watching 13 Going On 30, etc. It’s good. It’s simple. It’s just that neither of them really has a Best Friend. Holster’s friends tolerate his constant singing and his 30 Rock references, but they don’t Get It. None of Ransom’s friends really know how to handle his anxiety attacks. They have good lives, but every so often, the loneliness that comes with not feeling truly understood creeps in. 

But then they get to Samwell. It’s not exactly Love at First Sight™, but there’s this moment on the very first day they meet. Holster references The Road to El Dorado, not really thinking about it, fully expecting no one to respond, but then Ransom casually responds with the next line and Holster is floored. They lock eyes and they just Know. That they’ve found each other, that they’re going to become the most important people in each other’s lives.