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oiiwa + a romance-comedy setting

Oikawa Tooru was living a nightmare. He used to have everything. Fame. Money. Youth. A well-paid job. A handsome face. Respect of his co-workers. A nice, big flat. A girlfriend. 

He was a 23 year old model in the most popular magazine in Japan and a science student in the Tokyo University. He often appeared on the covers of the magazines, had appeared in many TV shows, was interviewed by many. His parents were proud of him for achieving so much despite being so young. He had a girlfriend of two months that was the biggest beauty in the entire university. He had lots of money and fans. There was nothing for him to complain about. The perfect life. 

Until everything fell apart. 11th of July, the day Oikawa Tooru’s life was ruined. A kid named Kageyama Tobio joined the modelling agency in the early June and, despite the scowl, instantly became popular. The requests for Oikawa’s appearing in ads and interviews slowly started coming less and less often, his manager saying it couldn’t be helped. 11th of July, the day his girlfriend cheated on him with his ex-girlfriend and told him it was over between them. 11th of July, the day his landlord told him he wouldn’t be able to rent him the flat starting September since he had received a much better offer. 11th of July, the day Oikawa’s mother called him and told him he had to go back home as soon as possible due to family reasons, and yes he had to, no excuses. 

Oikawa hated his hometown. It was small, nothing exciting ever happened there, and whenever his mother called to tell him he HAD to go back, that meant his nephew would be there too. Oikawa’s nephew was the devil himself, out there to ruin Oikawa’s reputation and happiness, always making fun of his hair and his favourite T-shirt. 

11th of July, 11pm, the day Oikawa Tooru boarded a train, a suitcase in his hand, and left to his boring hometown. 

It was still 11th of July, when the rudest person Oikawa has ever met boarded the same train and sat across from him. A man around Oikawa’s age, with the biggest eye-bags and the most frightening scowl Tooru had ever seen on anyone. He used to think that Kageyama was the master of scowls, but the guy in front of him was clearly the best in this field - if only expressions could kill. Tooru just wanted to be friendly. Just wanted to ask where he was going. They WERE stuck sitting in front of each other for who knows how long. “I don’t believe it’s any of your business” the scowl master replied, not even once glancing up from the book he was reading. Awful

Oikawa hated the 11th of July, and the 12th of July did not promise to be any better. As soon as they arrived to his hometown, the scowl master got up. He was getting out in Tooru’s hometown and Tooru was not pleased. He didn’t remember jerks like him living in this boring, but peaceful town. 

“Stop following me, you creep”

“My house is in this direction!” the guy did not seem convinced. But if he really though Oikawa was up for a fight, he was wrong. Oikawa was not a fool - he noticed the muscles on the guy’s arm. He could probably strangle someone without an effort. Tooru wanted to live thank you. 

It was 12th of July, 6AM, when Oikawa witnessed the scowl master walk towards the house opposite of his own. The Iwaizumi household. 

Oikawa knew the Iwaizumi family. It was a kind couple who moved to town when Tooru was 16. They’d tell him sometimes how they had a son his age, who stayed in Tokyo with his grandmother since they didn’t want him to transfer schools and move away from his friends just because they got transferred. The Iwaizumi couple were the kindest people Oikawa’s ever had a pleasure of meeting. The man that Oikawa was seeing for the first time, now, looking as dumbfounded as Oikawa felt, the two of them staring at each other from across the street, must have been the infamous Iwaizumi Hajime. How a rude guy like him could be a son of such nice people, Tooru had no idea. But man, Oikawa didn’t like him. 

(aaand then you know, it turns out someone important in the city died so their familes had both of them come back, or some major event was taking place or something. And anyway Oikawa was absolutely bored and he went to his secret place but Iwaizumi was there and how did that jerk find out about that place wtf and days went by and they kind of got close and all *Can you feel the love tonight* playing in the background) 

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you don't give an interview with one of the most loud & notorious tabloid magazines in the UK after you said you wanted to take a break of fame... None of this adds up. Wtf Zayn.

Especially if you’re Zayn like Zayn hates this kinda shit I don’t get anything that’s happening this is like a bad math problem