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Since I’ve been looking into this a little, I thought I would put some stuff up. A lot of it is geared towards Writer/Artist teams, but I think it’s still applicable to everyone.

A lot about the official format, things like how to order the page and indicate what you want to indicate. I don’t think It’s necessary to use unless you are in the comics industry, but it’s a good thing to learn about. Especially if you want to know more, or go into the comics industry.

In depth on the difference between writing for comics and writing for other things. And what you should do, because of those differences. Also has stuff on format.

An interview. Covers many different things.

Remember how I said all the photographers at UDC Nationals had been super keyed in to my journey with Creed? Well… now he’s famous! One of the SAR photographers that personally knows his litter brother Trace snapped this of him and threw it into one of that team’s articles about the importance of working your dog and developing the bond between dog and handler.

This single photo took about 15 minutes and a small band of women calling to him, throwing toys and food towards the photographer, and running a short distance past me and towards her before she managed to get even an ear flick in her direction. I eventually had to toss her my wallet and point to it for him to take his attention off me.

If anyone is interested in reading the UDC focus, you can find most of the magazines listed online here:

Middle of the Night 25 - The last part

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When they woke up, it was almost dinner time and Harry offered to cook something for his sleep-deprived boyfriend but Niall told him no, they should go out.

“Niall,” Harry argued, “you know what’s going to happen if we go out. The world will know you’re here. They’re all going to want a piece of you. It’s too soon. You’ll feel like you have to leave sooner if they know you’re here!” Harry whined.

Niall walked up to Harry and put his hands on both of his shoulders. “Harry, Pet, it’s OK. We’ve spent too much time hiding. Let them think what they want. I just want to go out to eat with you. Is that so bad?” 

Harry sighed, “of course there isn’t anything bad about that. I’m just thinking about you. I don’t want you to get harassed any more than you already do.”

“Thank you for thinking of me but I know what I’m doing. I’ve done this whole fame thing as long as you have Pop Star. I can take em.”

Harry sneered at the nickname Nick Grimshaw had given him and groaned, “but you haven’t been as harassed as I’ve been over the years.”

Niall glared at Harry and answered, “I know what you’ve been through Harry. I’ve got this.”

At that answer, Harry caved and got ready for dinner. “Where to?” he asked as he picked out his clothes.

“Nobu,” Niall answered. They both loved Japanese and he’d missed that restaurant in particular since he’d been in London. Harry had introduced him to it and, even though it was a paparazzi hot spot, he loved it. He heard Harry groan at his answer but he didn’t say anything in protest.

They managed to get in fairly easily and enjoy their meal quietly. Harry was starting to relax, realize they could go out sometimes without the press or their fans calling attention to it. He loved going out to eat and he wanted to share that with Niall. After dinner they weren’t so lucky. When they walked out of the restaurant, there were several photographers there waiting for them. Harry wanted to reach out and grab Niall’s hand and pull him through the crowd but knew the pictures that would come of it would cause more hassle than it was worth. So instead, Harry lowered his head and went towards his car. He could feel Niall right behind him. He tried to ignore everything the paps were saying but one question stuck out, “Harry, are you and Niall dating? You look like a good couple.” It wasn’t judgmental. It just sounded like an honest question and statement.

Before Harry could answer, he felt Niall’s hand in his and his boyfriend’s answer of, “thank you.”

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Harry turned around with wide eyes as his mouth dropped open, a gasp escaping before he could hold it back. Harry didn’t know what to say. He was frozen to his spot in the ground as Niall smiled at him, so wide his teeth were gleaming under the moonlight. His eyes sparkled with surprise and joy and Harry had never felt so much happiness before. It was falling out of Niall in buckets and filling him up.

Instead of trying to come up with any words, Harry let Niall continue to lead their coming-out party. Niall raised his eye brow at Harry in question, making sure he wouldn’t object to him continuing. When Harry didn’t respond, he moved forward slowly and kissed him sweetly on the lips. Niall then pulled away and started towards Harry’s car, with Harry tripping over Niall’s actions along the way.

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Niall took the wheel since Harry didn’t seem to have all of his faculties working. The drive home was quiet while they both thought about what had just happened. Niall was starting to get scared that he’d moved too fast for Harry. When they pulled into Harry’s driveway, Niall put the car in park and slowly turned to Harry. He was staring at Niall already with a dazed look on his face.

“Pet, are you OK?” Niall asked cautiously.

“I’m fantastic, Ni. I just can’t believe you did that. That you love me enough to come out and kiss me for paparazzi!”

Niall leaned into Harry, relieved that he wasn’t upset. “I always loved you enough to kiss you in front of anybody. Maybe it was me that I had to grow to love more. You helped me you know.”

“What are you talking about?” Harry asked, confused.

“You love me so I know I’m worth loving. And if you’re willing to let me love you, I’m absolutely willing to let the world know. I’m kind of dying for everyone to know really. I want them all to be jealous of me. And I know they will be. I’m a very lucky man,” Niall said, never losing his smile.

Harry’s eyes are tearing up and he’s overwhelmed with feelings. “I love you so much, Ni. If I’ve ever done anything in my life that matters, helping you love yourself is the most important. You deserve all the love in the world. You’re so strong and just lovely,” Harry said breathlessly.

“You make me strong,” Niall said simply.

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“You’re being so cheesy. I thought that was my thing,” Harry said laughing.

“You’re rubbing off on me. Besides, when I’m cheesy, I can practically see your heart beating out of your chest, so it’s totally worth it,” Niall said with a smirk.

“So, you’ve really got No Control around me?” Harry said with a wink.

“That doesn’t work, Pet. I didn’t say I had No Control, I said you’re Perfect and we are definitely Something Great together.”

Harry answered, “you’re my Home,” keeping it sappy.

“I want you to Rock Me,” Niall said raising his eye brows.

I Would,” Harry said with a smirk.

“I could do this all day,” Niall said teasingly. “I could also Kiss You all day.”


“And you love it.”

“I love you.”

Two Sugars and No Whip

Writing For: @giantbandgeeks
Written By: @harry-styleswho
Pairing: Harry / OFC
Word Count: 8,794


When Willa Teegan meets Harry Styles, the pieces of her life seem to be simultaneously falling apart and falling together. To be honest, she never would have thought that a string of corny pickup lines scribbled across her venti caramel macchiato would be the glue holding those pieces together.

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Hi! I just wanted to know if Southern Metropolis Entertainment is a big/popular magazine in China? Does Jackson being on the cover mean that his popularity in China is huge now? Thanks!

This magazine is #1 most popular magazine about entertainment. So yes it’s a big deal :) Luhan, Tao and Kris were on its cover before. Jackson’s previous photoshoot for Cosmopolitan was also quite an achievement because they invited top stars for photoshoots for anniversay issue and included Jackson. 

Дети, выросшие в таких семьях, кстати, обычно гениально врут, ведь правда редко ценится родителями-абьюзерами, и поэтому умение врать и скрывать свои чувства, демонстрируя взамен другие, «правильные», «одобряемые», – это тоже один из важнейших навыков выживания.

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What qualifications would someone need to become a freelance writer? :o

A good grasp of grammar and spelling, flexible hours, and a love of writing, of course! Most magazines list the qualifications and requirements they’re looking for on their main page so you know what you’re getting into. You do not have to be published/have experience for some of them, but it is preferred.

Mystic Messenger Imagine With Zen -when papparazis find out Zen has a girlfriend-

Zen comes to house with a stressfull face after the meeting with the company he works for. Yesterday, you and Zen were all of the magazines’ most important new. Since fans learned that Zen has a girlfriend, they’ve gotten kinda angry, kinda sad and kinda happy too because they want Zen to be happy.
“Honey how was the meeting?” you ask, when he sits next to you.
He closes his eyes and say “More serious than i thought it would be.”
He puts his head on your lap and you kiss him forehead.
“They didnt like it, and they want me to tell it’s a lie that i have a girlfriend. They want me to introduce you as my cousin or just friend.” he says, complaining.
You feel sad for it because you dont want you two be a secret anymore but you stay quiet because it was an important situation about his career so you dont want to ruin everything because of a selfish thought.
If Jae didnt call you before Zen came, you wouldnt have stay quiet, though.
“It’s too bad for Zen’s career as you see he is on the top for his career. I think you should think of it because Zen is so successfull and he loves his job.” said Jaehee before Zen came.
You kiss Zen again and whispear “everything’s gonna be allright.”
Zen falls asleep as he always does on your lap. You stand up, and put a pillow under his head and take your diary to write what you lived today.
it makes me sad that Zen has to introduce me as his friend or a relative. I want people to know that we are a couple, I cant stand hiding it from people anymore. Maybe im too jealous but it started getting harder to share Zen with his fans since he started getting better on his career. So i should be quiet because he loves his job, as Jaehee said.”
The other day the company Zen works for calls Zen. He’s gonna be in a live show where he’ll introduce you as his friend.
You fell asleep while you were writing your diary so you couldnt put diary to its place but it was not important because in this situation he wouldnt even see.
You open the Tv, and wait for the show.
When you see Zen on TV, a tear falls from your eye. You feel so lonely and left out from Zen’s life. You have to stay strong but you feel as if you cant.
“So… Zen, how about that girl? Is she really your girlfriend?”
Zen laughs as if it is a joke. You feel your heart is broken into pieces.
“That girl, huh? Haha for sure she’s not my girlfriend, please.” Zen says while laughing.
Tears fall from your eyes faster. You keep telling yourself that its his job but it breaks your heart anyway.
“She’s not my girlfriend. She’s the reason why I breathe, why I am happy and why I can be successfull at my job. She is not ‘just’ a girlfriend. For sure I love my fans, but her place is so different. I love her and I hope my fans understand it and I’m sure you’ll be happy because I found true love.”
You are so shocked that you cant realize that your mouth is open. How did he say all those things after all?
You feel so happy that you take your diary to write what has just happened. Then you see Zen’s handwriting there.
“So my babe is jealous? I think I dont deserve to make you feel sad, and this relationship doesnt deserve to stay as a secret. We should tell the world our love, huh? Oh by the way, wait for me at night, I might have a surprise for you babe~”