Gotham For Real #1
  • Barbara: Disco vampire thing with your hair
  • Me: *spits out my tea*

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"Im living and im dying" that is the most accurate description of any ship ever thank you for that saying 😂😂

That’s how I feel!!! Ok!! She brought him flowers and coffee!!! He asked Winn how to be a good boyfriend for Kara!!! He held her in his arms and wiped her tears and kissed her forehead!!! And they both want to wake up together!!!! I can’t!

There was a post I saw in the su critical tag a while ago that described lapi//dot as something along the lines of “the ultimate, vanilla, white girl ship” and that’s honestly still probably the most accurate description of it I’ve ever seen

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First name: Melissavers -- Nickname: Pointy -- Age: Two -- Gender: Round -- Sexual Orientation: North -- Nationality: Arctic -- Relationship status: Omniflirting -- Likes: Papyrus -- Dislikes: The internet -- Random fact: Contains no less than three limbs

this is THE SINGLE most accurate description of me i’ve ever heard everyone else go home
-mod mel

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cannot spend a day without thinking about how much the riverdale writers fucked up. i mean they could have been so iconic and given us interracial and wlw relationships, asexual representation and strong black female characters. but instead they chose to turn archie into a fuckboy, not represent jugheads asexuality, make beronica non-canon and don't get me started on giving josie and the pussycats so little screen time. honestly don't know if i'll be watching season 2.

This is the most accurate description of Riverdale I’ve ever seen