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Every. Damn.Time. I watch this moment in the episode 45, when Shirou just puts himself in the way of the ball and screams with pain when it hits him, my heart always breaks and I start crying. There’re too much scenes when this is just too painful to watch.. But this one is certainly one of the most painful to keep your eyes on the screen without crying… In fact, the whole episode is just horrible to watch.

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In 4x19, when Stefan and Elena had their dancing scene and Stefan was asking her if she felt anything. Do you think she lied when she said no? cause if not that's PROOF that Stefan was the one for her.Damon never even got close to that. Plus Elena was by far the most emotionless/worst without her humanity. It was REALLY hard to make her feel anything at all. Idk if Stefan made her feel anything at all but if so than that just became one of my new fav scenes of them.

I definitely think that she felt something and I think it’s proven in the details:

Elena strokes Stefan’s thumb with her own, that indicates that she’s responding to the emotional/sensual tension of the dance. Even her expression when she says “nothing”

The first time she says “nope” there’s a hesitation there and then a “nope”, the second time, she’s leaning into the crook of Stefan’s neck and her eyes are expressive:

And what’s really telling is when she says “What heart?” she doesn’t walk away from Stefan, she actually keeps dancing with him because that’s where she wants to be.


but it’s better if you do

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so i had this horse named max when i was growing up who didn’t have a mean bone in his body, i believe he genuinely had no desire to hurt anyone in his life, the only problem being that he was at times almost too clumsy to live.

he was a dirt-speckled white tall stocky arab gelding with absurdly long haunches and very dark quizzical eyes. he was very interested in new people and new objects and utterly terrified of anything that he couldn’t automatically define. he had very pronounced withers that would jam right up into your goddamn crotch when you were riding him bareback, and he had the worst, bumpiest, most broken-laundry-machine of a gait that would jar the teeth from your skull right as you were losing your virginity. 

he was the world’s largest dog. he would wander over without fail to come over and say hi and then he would slowly and sedately lick you all over your hands and arms without using his teeth once. the man. loved. to lick things. you offered him something to eat and he would ever so delicately pick it up with his front lip, deposit it dexterously in his mouth, then gently chew. he never bit or kicked a person in his entire life. he didn’t mind being sat on while he wandered around and grazed, and he was so tall and broad that you could sit on him backwards and lay forward with your arms folded on the big black-spotted white of his butt like he was a couch.

he loved having his feet trimmed. he would always be so interested in the man working with his feet, and he would lick them on the arms and they never knew how to deal with it. we got a lot of comments like “This is the lickiest damn horse I ever saw” and also “please god he’s leaning on me make him stop.” 

he’d trip over himself every four seconds, and while he’d amble like a lanky sedan chair on the way out on a trip, on the way back you’d have to keep your elbows yanked back to your sides and your biceps straining as you kept his head glued to his chest and kept him from going faster and faster. he had this amazing lunatic bursts of insane energy when the situation called for it, and while he wasn’t particularly fast, the mere sight of that much poorly aligned and desperately out-of-proportion horsemeat attempting to fling itself through the sound barrier was enough to make you want to sit down for a minute.

he became desperately unhappy once his lifelong partner-in-horse would leave  while someone took her out on a ride alone and he’d stand in the farthest mile corner of the six miles of pasture and scream his head off until she came back. his sweat always smelled more acrid and sour than hers did, and he always foamed in big greenish smears. he loved being brushed until his hair fluffed out gleaming white, and while hoses terrified him into emotional outbursts, he very much loved to swim, and stand in the shallows and churn the water while jerking his head up and down in dogged delight.

on hot summer days he would lay down in the softest most nibbled to the quick part of the pasture and sleep for hours in the sunshine with the breath wheezing in and out his mouth and his legs stretched out. 

he absolutely had to walk in front of his horse partner at all times. 

he didn’t like dandelion flowers. he liked eating hollyhocks and thistle flowers, and he destroyed my mother’s lilac bush by literally walking over it until it was on his undercarriage and scratching back and forth with a look of complete and total bliss on his long stupid face. 

if you walked up to him in the dark he would walk over, inspect you for food, then breathe on you and keep you company while farting gently. if you were taking a nap in the grass he’d walk over and lick you mournfully on your face while farting gently. if you were riding him and he saw a leaf that looked at him wrong he would explode in seven different directions at once and yank your arms out of their sockets, excitedly farting the entire time. 

he was, in every respect, the sweetest, dumbest farmboy who ever lived. 


Three Card Tarot Spreads


  • Past / Present / Future
  • Today / Tomorrow / Next Day
  • Morning / Afternoon / Evening
  • Beginning / Middle / End
  • Yesterday / Today / Tomorrow
  • Week / Month / Year


  • Fear / Why it’s invalid / How to overcome
  • Who you were / Who you are / Who you will be
  • Mind / Body / Spirit
  • Who you’re meant to be / What to work on / When to know you’re there
  • Strengths / Weaknesses / What to do with them
  • dreams / fears / reality


  • What’s healthy for the relationship / What isn’t / What needs work
  • What you like about your partner / what you undervalue / how you can appreciate them better
  • What you can do less / what you can do more / what you haven’t been doing
  • What you need from your partner / What you can give your partner / How to make sure everyone’s needs are met


  • Positive / Negative / Reality
  • Best case / Worst case / Most likely outcome
  • Goals / Obstacles / Solution
  • Problem / Solution / Likely Outcome
  • Pro / Con / Best Choice
  • problem / cause / solution
  • What you have control over / What’s out of your control / What you need to know

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Borderline Personality Disorder has one of the highest suicide rates of all mental illnesses. Here are some things that I am certain contribute to that:

  • Some professionals refuse to treat BPD patients simply on the basis of that diagnosis. Without even meeting us, we are judged to be not worth treating.
  • Many professionals see BPD patients as the “worst”, most “dreaded” type of patient. There are countless stories of mental health professionals speaking about the very idea of BPD patients in disdainful ways.
  • Unlike most other mental illnesses, patients with BPD are not viewed as “sick”, but as bratty, manipulative, and/or ungrateful. There is a pervasive idea that we don’t try hard enough, or that we don’t want to be helped. This is a view mostly held by our families, but is encouraged by some mental health professionals.
  • Many professionals focus on helping our families cope with our symptoms rather than how we can cope with them. Our disorder is seen by many as an illness that effects those around us more than those with it.

Earlier on my dad somehow mistook Alix for Chat Noir, so then I was like… yeah okay you know what she is Chat Noir now