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It all began with this post: [X] (careful scrolling because it contains graphic images of the puppies’ injuries)
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So this Friday, while I was on my second day of Comic Con PT as a seller in Artists’ Alley, I got a call from the animal association that’s been helping me trying to find a family for Luca and Calu and they gave me the most wonderful news:

The puppies were adopted by their temporary foster family!!

I honestly couldn’t even reply because I got all chocked up and started to sob my heart out, but I honestly was so happy that the puppies finally had a place they could call home I couldn’t deal with my emotions. I’m still a bit emotional because these puppies experienced first hand just how awful humans can be and for them to finally be treated, healthy and safe is a huge joy (and a relief) for me.

Their foster family (now adoptive) loved them so much that they decided to keep them as members of their own family. What’s more, the babies will never be alone and apart from each other. This was a fear of mine all along too, in case people decided to adopt just one of them and separate them. Thankfully it wasn’t the case!

That said, any donations I receive will be promptly transferred to the animal association that helped me find these puppies a family. Their specialty is to care for mothers and babies who were left abandoned (although they do not refuse to care for other animals) and they’re always in need for donations. If you’re interested to know more about them, please send me a non-anon ask and I’ll be more than glad to link you to their facebook.

I know I’ve thanked everyone a million times, but I’m so thankful for all the help provided and your generous donations to help ensure these puppies would be taken care of. Any amount of donations given were so helpful and vital for the babies… I’m eternally thankful to everyone who contributed and last Friday we saw the results of our efforts!

The babies finally have a home!!

This is a happy ending for them, but I’ll keep supporting the association that helped me because our job never ends (if you want to help just let me know! We have a lot of mothers and babies in serious need of treatment).

I’ll still post their pictures here, so they can bring your day some joy and hope.

On behalf of Luca and Calu: THANK YOU!

omfg tao’s studio has reported and asked to delete an infamous anti account on weibo

this weibo account from the antis & haters “法騎吧__bar” has always been spreading rumors and hate for tao and spammed tao’s mention on weibo with disgusting posts

tao & hailangs have been enduring all of this for 3 years, tao couldn’t sue them bc 50% of these trash are from chinese exo fandom, tao was still in exo at that time, it would be awkward if he sued his group fandom, sm wouldn’t allow either, that’s why he had to endure it

but since now he’s no longer in exo, he took action by reporting them

and boom, the trash has been cleaned out

birds singing again, flowers blooming again, the sun shining again~

p/s: this is just the first trash that has been cleaned out, hls on weibo are now sending more and more the anti accounts to tao for reporting, so brace yourself if you keep sending hate to tao

⚠ Trigger warning ⚠ Self harm ⚠

Draco Malfoy sat alone in his dorm room, while the rest of his classmates were eating in the great Hall. It was the first day of his sixth year and already he felt as though he wanted to die.

Two weeks prior he had been summoned by the dark Lord, who was currently taking up residence at Malfoy Manor. Lucius had half dragged Draco into the drawing room where stood the monstrosity’s throne. Voldemort had called him over and ordered him to kneel before him. “Draco, my child. I have most wonderful news for you. I have decided that you are to be invited into the inner circle. You have earned your mark.” his high pitched voice had made Draco’s stomach roll. He did not want the mark, he did not want to be a death eater. Unfortunately, no one ever said no to the dark Lord, and so Draco found himself kneeling,trying to stifle his sobs against the fire trying to engulf him, starting at his left arm.

It was a long and frightful two weeks he spent waiting for the day he could leave for hogwarts. It didn’t matter that he was supposed to kill the only wizard he’d ever respected, or that he was due to let the cruelest of the death eaters into a school full of children. Draco would approach Dumbledore. Would beg for forgiveness, but he would not, however, beg for salvation. He did not deserve it.

And so he found himself, two weeks later, sobbing in his bed alone. Staring at the disgusting mark on his left forearm, wondering how he could get it off. He had tried glamour charms, deletion charms, and anything else he could remember. Nothing worked. Finally he had snapped and started to claw at his skin. He spent a half hour scratching, trying as hard as he could to lift the ink from his body. Finally grabbing a blade from his desk, he had hacked and mutilated his arm until the there was nothing left but bloody hanging flesh.

Nothing could be done for it. The mark was still there. The black skull etched into sinew and muscle. He realized then that he would forever be branded by his inability to stand up for what he believed in. Maybe he deserved what was coming. Maybe, he deserved to be branded for his stupidity.