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Knight in Shining Armor (Loki Lafeyson x Female Reader)

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Words: 1546 (Holy shit??!)

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader, Thor Odinson x Reader (platonic), OMC (kinda??? Idk I just made his name up) x Reader

Warnings: Arranged Marriages, Angst, Fluff

Summary: (Y/N) and Loki have been friends since childhood. Now that they’re older, they’ve drifted apart, Loki being too busy to spend any time with her. She’s fallen for her, but like a true warrior, she pushes her feelings aside. That is until her father promises her hand in marriage to another man. Will she be forced to marry a man she doesn’t even know? Or will the love of her life save her from him?

A/N: WOW I suck at summaries! Anyway, this is just something I wrote up last night, not thinking too much of it. I was just in a Loki mood after seeing a couple gifsets on Tumblr. So here we are! I hope you enjoy and I hope there aren’t too many mistakes. This is only my second time writing for Loki and it takes place in Asgard so I hope I did the Asgardians justice. Also, I was too lazy to proofread this one. I hope you enjoy!


You look up from your book, startled. Your mother and father enter your chambers.

“Yes?” You reply.

“We have the most wonderful news!” Your mother declares.

You furrow your brows, closing your book and cocking your head to the side. “Oh?”

Your father smiles. “I have promised your hand in marriage to a very wealthy Asgardian warrior!”

Your eyes widen. “Wh-What?!”

“Yes! Lord Deinnson.”

You feel the blood rush out of your face.

No no no no no nO NO!!

You’re out of your chair in a flash.

“How dare you?! You make such rash decisions without my consent?! Without any consideration as to whether or not my heart already lies somewhere else?!” You yell.

You can see the rage building up in your father’s eyes. “Do not speak to me that way young lady!!” He shouts

You head for the door.

Do not walk away from me!“ He screams at you. "I know what’s best for you!”

You turn and look at your parents. “You do not know me at all.”

And then you’re rushing out the door. You head down the hall, down the stairs, and out towards your family’s stables.

You throw the bridle on your horse, and jump on him, preferring to ride bareback than worry yourself with a saddle.

You let him run as fast as his legs can carry you. You let your tears fall freely as you grip his mane, burying your face in it.

You finally arrive at the castle.

You jump off of the horse, and walk up to the heavily guarded entrance.

“Name?” A guard asks.

“Lady (Y/N) (Y/L/N). I am a friend of Prince Loki Laufeyson.”

“Did he summon you?”

“N-No but-”

“You are not permitted here.”

Tears flood your eyes again. “P-Please I-”

“GO!!!” He yells, causing you to shrink.

You can only nod, as you walk back to where your horse is waiting.

“Lady (Y/N)?”

You turn at the sound of Thor’s familiar voice.

“Thor…” You say, gratefully.

He furrows his brows when he sees your tear streaked cheeks.

“What ails you (Y/N)?” He asks in a gentle tone.

“Something I’d rather not discuss. But I need to see your brother. Please.”

He nods and turns to the guards. “See that her steed is put in the stables.” He says to one, who nods and leads your horse away.

“Why did you turn her away?” He practically growls at the guard who had given you a hard time.

His eyes widen. “I-I-I didn’t realize- My most sincere apologies Your Majesty.”

Thor huffs. “Don’t apologize to me.” He gestures to you.

The guard’s face reddens. “Of course. My most sincere apologies Lady (Y/N).” He bows, before opening the gates. “Right this way.”

You nod, and let him lead you into the palace.

You’re led up to his chambers.

The guard knocks, and you hear a familiar ‘Come in.’. The guard pokes his head in and tells Loki who you were. Then the guard opens the door wider and lets you in.

“Thank you, you are dismissed.” Loki says to him.

Once you two are alone, Loki allows himself to smile. It’d been too long since he last saw you.

But his smile falters when he sees the look in your eyes.

“What is it my darling flower?”

And then you can’t hold it in any longer. You let yourself cry.

He has his arms around you in an instant. You bury your face in his chest, inhaling his scent, letting it wash over you.

“Shh, come my darling.” He murmurs, leading you over to a couch.

He holds you in his lap, rubbing your back soothingly until you calm down.

You take a deep breath.

“Loki… I am to be wed.”

His eyes widen, and his jaw clenches. You notice his grip on you tighten ever so slightly.

“To whom?” He says, his voice an eerie calm.

“Lord Deinnson.”

His grip tightens even more. That man was known for being a player. Using a woman for whatever he wanted, before throwing her out like an old rag.

He pushes you away from his body so that he can look at your face.

“And you do not wish to marry him?”

You shake your head.

He sighs in relief. “Hush now my sweet. You mustn’t worry yourself too much.”

You nod, burying your face in his chest again.

He leans back on the couch, still holding you. Your legs are stretched out, and he runs his slender fingers through your hair.

Once your breathing has deepened, he slowly stands, laying your sleeping form on the couch and covering you with a warm blanket.

“Sleep well my darling flower.” He murmurs, before pressing a gentle kiss to your cheek.

He changes into his royal attire, helmet and everything.

And then he’s on his way to your family’s home.

You blink your eyes open and look around.

Loki’s chambers.

You smile to yourself. He’s not there, but that’s okay. You slowly stand, and head for the door.

You find your way out of the palace, heading down to the stables where your horse is waiting.

You get on and head back home.

You try to kill as much time as possible, taking your time with putting the horse back in the stables. Once you’re done, you head inside.

You stop dead in your tracks when you see your parents, in the living area of your home, with… Loki?

“Loki?!” You ask in shock.

“(Y/N)!” Your mother reprimands you for not calling him by his title.

“That is alright Madam, your daughter and I have known each other long enough. Titles are not a necessity.”

You blush, smiling as he walks towards you.

He stops, only inches away from you.

“What are you doing here?” You whisper.

He smirks. “I, your knight in shining armor, have come to save you from the beast.”

You roll your eyes, which are now tearing up.

“The Prince has come to ask for your hand in marriage.” Your father says.

“Oh?” You say, cocking an eyebrow.

“Yes, and therefore your promised marriage to Lord Deinnson is  no more.”

You feel a tear slip down your cheek.

“I am so in love with you (Y/N). I think I have been since we were children, and used to play in the gardens.”

You giggle. “You always wanted me to be the princess so you could save me, but I wanted to be a warrior instead.”

He chuckles, a low melodic sound that rumbles in his chest. “I remember that.”

He takes your hands in his. “You and I have been friends since childhood. I don’t think I realized my feelings for you. You are strong, witty, smart, mischievous.” He smirks, and you giggle. “And when I heard that you were to be wed to another man, I couldn’t bear it. Because I knew that he didn’t know you as well as I do. I knew he wouldn’t be the husband you deserve. I knew what I had to do.”

He gives you a small smile, which you return with an even wider one.

“I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else. So if you’ll let me, I wish to make you my Queen.”

Tears blur your vision, and you nod smiling. “Of course I’ll have you Loki.”

He smiles, sighing in relief. It’s then that you notice the tears in his eyes.

He cups your cheek and pulls you closer before his lips are on yours in a soft, gentle kiss.

The two of you pull away, and Loki looks back at your parents. “Thank you, Lord and Lady (Y/L/N). I promise I will take care of your daughter.”

They nod, smiling at the two of you.

A week later, you stood in one of the great halls in the palace.

“Are you ready Your majesty?” One of the maids asks.

You giggle nervously. “Enough of that, at least wait until it’s official.”

She smiles. “Very well, are you ready M'lady?”

You close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Loki showing you the secret garden when you were four.

Loki chasing you around said garden at age seven.

You and Loki watching the stars at night

Loki showing you his magic when you were ten.

You sitting in the garden and confiding in Loki, telling him about all your troubles at age fifteen.

Loki showing you his frost giant form when you were sixteen, him being afraid of your reaction, but you only being amazed and telling him he was beautiful.

You and Loki training together as warriors at age eighteen.

The months you spent apart in recent years, you wishing he would call you to the palace like old times, but knowing that those days were over.

And then finally, Loki proposing to you.

You open your eyes and nod. “I’m ready.”

The doors leading into the throne room open, and you walk in.

You see him standing there, in all his glory, and you feel tears fill your eyes.

“You look ravishing my love.” He says when you reach him.

“You look quite handsome yourself my king.” You reply.

He smirks.

“My Queen.”

“My Loki.”

A/N: Thanks for reading! I really hope you enjoyed this drabble. I probably messed up when writing the Asgardians. But anyway, thanks again! As always feedback is appreciated. Have a wonderful day my lovelies!


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Can you please do a Jeon Jungkook reaction to their significant other being pregnant after trying for a long time. THANK YOU❤️

/sigh/ Jungkook… okay let’s do this. :P

Jungkook was over the moon. 

He knew what happiness was: it was when he got signed at BigHit and debuted with BTS… It was when they won their first music show for I NEED U… It was when he stood on the stage at the Billboard Music Awards, accepting the Top Social Artist Award in 2017…

But this…this felt different. He was more than happy…more than overjoyed that words couldn’t begin to describe it. 

A seemingly uneventful night turned out to be one of his best when he came home to the most wonderful news: 

You, his beautiful wife, were pregnant!

“What?” He had mumbled at first, unsure if he heard her right. 

“I’m pregnant, Jungkook-ah,” you say and there was a lilt to your tone, a happiness that was undeniably reflected upon your eyes that had suddenly turned glassy. “We’re going to have a baby! You’re going to be a dad!”

Jungkook was frozen then, mouth hanging open slightly. “A–are you serious?” he asks. The two you had wanted to start a family so badly and had been trying for a while. It’s been a few years and Jungkook had almost lost hope. The two of you had even opened the idea of adoption…

But then this came and he couldn’t quite believe. He was going to have a son or a daughter. He’s going to be a dad!

“Oh baby, don’t cry…” you smile as you wipe the tears that were falling from his eyes. 

Jungkook was surprised himself, not noticing that he had started crying as his eyes were so focused on his wife; her words still sinking into his system.

“We…we are? Pregnant, I mean? We’re going to have a baby??” You nodded and that’s when his face crumples as the waterworks came pouring from his eyes. “That’s so–” he hugs yous tight, words garbled by his sobs. “I love you, Y/N. This is amazing news!”

“I love you too Kookie,” you say just before he cups your cheeks and kisses you on the mouth. 

The two of you stayed glued to each other’s side the whole night, talking about all things “baby” from getting a new house to naming your future bundle of joy.

Just before bed, you felt tears pricking your eyes when Jungkook asked if he could speak to your child. The sight of him murmuring against your belly made your heart swell and though you told him the baby was merely a pod in there, Jungkook couldn’t seem to care…he caressed your stomach lovingly and kissed it good night. 

“I love you,” he murmured in your ear as he pulls you into his arms that night. You say it back and felt him smile against your shoulder. The two of you slept soundly that night, with dreams of a little kid whose smile looked a lot like yours… and whose eyes mirrored that of his father’s. <3

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I’M SOFT–don’t touch me. This is not helping my Jungkook crisis. I cannot think of my son having his eyes okay? /sobs/

Reactions Masterlist

- Kaye Allen

School and college life be like

 Most irritating moments
- Morning alarm/waking up

Most difficult task
- Finding socks

Most Dreadful journey
- Way to class

Most lovely time
- Meeting friends

Most Tragic moment
- Surprise test  

Most wonderful news

They Know! (Telling the Team  May 3rd)

“Friend Raven!” Starfire exclaimed as her and Beast Boy entered the kitchen.  "I was most concerned, I came to your room this morning and you were not there!“ 

Raven opened her mouth but before she could say a word Starfire gushed "Then I checked the roof, The living room, the garage, the evidence room, the shore, all the bathrooms, the gym, the—”

“Starfire!” the empath exclaimed before grabbing her arm and leading her away.  As they left the room she shoot Beast Boy a glance that that conveyed only one thing. Panic.

Their alien friend had just eliminated all there standbys, all there explanations that they had used for the last few months for Ravens absences. Of course Beast Boy knew exactly where Raven was all those times, right next to him in various stages of undress.  

This was bad. Raven was either going to have to come up with a fresh excuse, or tell Star that when she came to look for her, she was busy being the big spoon in Beast Boy’s bed.  But that wasn’t the worst part, the worst part was behind him, and Beast Boy could almost feel their eyes on his back.  

He didn’t turn to look and just simply asked. “Robin? Cyborg?”

“Good morning” the Titan leader replied.

“Anything you would like to share on this fine day?” Cyborg added.

“Nope!” Beast Boy blurted before walking briskly to the fridge to get the soy milk. Now they were in trouble, Beast Boy loved Star like a big sister, but she would believe just about anything, Robin and Cyborg were a different story. He quickly got a bowl and his fruit loops as the other two just men just stood there appraising the situation.

Beast Boy just sat at the table shoveling cereal into his mouth trying to keep from blurting something out. They knew, or at least they suspected.  Well of course they suspected! Cyborg had more surveillance equipment built into his head then most satellites,  and Robin was trained by Bat-man! How did they not know?!  

Cyborg sat down across from Beast boy, and Robin on his left, cutting off his escape routes unless he shifted into something that could get past them.  Both of them waring odd smiles.  

“Soooooo Green Bean, anything interesting happen last night?” Cyborg asked folding his hands together like it was a negotiation.  

“Nope” he said again. Nothing happened, He didn’t find out that the back of Ravens ankles were ticklish, or her favorite Harry Potter movie, or that he turns into butter when she rubs the back of his head like a cat, or that she makes the most wonderful sounds when you kiss down her spine! FUCK! Where the hell was Raven?!  He needed to know what she was telling Star, if their stories didn’t match everything was going to fall apart. The urge to say anything to throw the guys off was overwhelming.  

Soon Beast Boy’s bowl was empty and he quickly filled it again. It was the best plan he could come up with just keep eating, keep his mouth busy till the smarter member of this little caper showed up and back up anything she told Star.

“That’s a lot of cereal for you isn’t it?” Robin asked as Beast Boy filled his bowl for the third time.

“Oh he is a growing Boy Rob, but it does make me wonder how did he build up such and appetite?”  Cyborg answered for him, his human eye narrowing making Beast Boy feel like he was under a magnifying glass.  

“Do you know what I am wondering Cyborg, why is Beast Boy so quiet?”  Robin added in a playful tone  

“Why yes Robin” Cyborg responded putting his elbows on the table and resting his head in his hands, his expression full of scrutiny. “I wonder what happened to our green chatter box that couldn’t keep his yap shut for 17 seconds?”

Oh god! they knew,  they knew everything! They knew about the kiss they shared in the elevator as they both came down this morning, they knew that Raven slept in his WrestleMania 23 T-shirt and looked adorable it in, they knew the stupid pet names they had for each other!

Beast Boy stomach ached from the stress and overeating. He went for another spoonful but the utensil just found the table. Robin had pulled the bowl away forcing Beast boy to raise his eyes to his.  

“Beast Boy, what’s going on?” The leader asked point blank.  

Beast Boy just looked at him a rouge fruit loop on his face from ramming the cereal down his throat. At that moment a high pitch squeal filled the tower.  The sound was so powerful it forced the three of them to clamp their hands over their ears as the windows vibrated. The piercing sound ending when Starfire exclaimed loud enough for the whole tower (and maybe some of coastal residence of the of jump city) to hear “XHA'L! YOUR BUMGROPHS WILL BE ADORABLE!”  

All three man sat there in shock, Robin and Cyborg’s heads turned to face each other.

“Robin, isn’t that Star’s word for—

"Babies” Robin finished.  

Starfire and Raven came into Beast Boy’s view, the alien princess had a smile on her face that just radiated joy while Raven wore and expression of mild defeat.  

“Friends! Raven has the most wonderful news!” Starfire said floating behind and above Raven, her hands on the empath’s shoulders.  

“I think most of North America knows Starfire” Raven said.

“Your pregnant!?” Cyborg asked jumping to his feet.  

“No!” Raven said pulling her hood down, “Beast Boy and I are, we are,  we have,…Beast Boy?”

Beast boy opened his mouth but no words came out.  His head fell under the table followed by the wet echo of the pound and a half of cereal his stomach couldn’t hold anymore hitting the floor.  

“Yea that’s love, nothing else could be that gross”  Cyborg stated as he backed away from the table.  

“Raven congratulations, please help your boyfriend clean that up”  Robin said as he made his own retreat, taking Starfire with him.  

Beast Boy pulled his head up his face looking more lime then emerald. His eyes meeting hers full of sympathy and confusion.    

“What did you do?” she demanded.

“I tried to cork my mouth with fruit loops so I wouldn’t spill the beans”  

“Brilliant” sarcasm lacing her words.  Her right hand messaging her forehead.  

“Hey! I might have been able to hold it together if it wasn’t for the whole bumgorph thing. ” He said taking a few deep breaths his color starting to return.  "I thought that maybe there was something that you hadn’t told me yet!“

Raven went to the sink, returning a moment later to hand him a glass of water.  "Starfire got carried away, when I told her” she explained. “Trust me Garfield, if I get pregnant I will tell you first. ” Raven started pulling the table away to expose the mess.  "Now please go get the mop. “

He got up his first few steps a bit wobbly and got the cleaning supplies.  They said nothing to each other as they took care of the small disaster.  After it was done Raven excused herself to go meditate on the roof. But before she left "She was right!” Beast Boy said out of the blue, pulling Ravens attention back to him. “Our bumgorphs would be adorable.” She could feel the weight of those words. Raven quickly pulled her hood up to hide the blush rising into her face and the smile that slipped past her control.

I always liked the idea that the others finding out that these two crazy kids hooked up in a non standard way.  

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Do you have any Hamilsquad head cannons for when they find out their S/Os are pregnant?

This might be pretty anti-climatic, but I’m sure the HamilSquad will be super duper excited! Though I can say that from least to most nervous it’ll go in this order:

Gilbert –> John –> Alexander –> Hercules

Gilbert is pretty well-off and if you’re already married, then this will be the most wonderful news to him and his family of course! He might even cry at the news. He’ll be a pestering husband, making sure you wouldn’t lift a finger in case you hurt yourself or the baby. He’ll have everyone in his house on call for anything you need, which will be convenient for your late night cravings. 

John would be excited- he’s not one to be concerned about petty details, like money. As long as you guys love each other, he’s fine. He might not be as concerned with the fact that you are now pregnant- he’ll probs suggest you go out to the bar to celebrate… In which he’ll be lectured by the HamilSquad about how it’s not safe for a pregnant woman to be in a bar. 

Alexander is a little more anxious about being a good father, and not being able to provide for his family. He’ll be attentive, trying his best to be with you throughout everything, but you know how much of a workaholic he is, so he might not be as doting as Gilbert and Hercules.

Hercules (bless this sweetheart) will just be so concerned about not being able to provide and just being a ball of stress because he thinks he’s doing everything wrong. Hercules will try to over compensate with his concern for you during pregnancy. He’ll go out of his way to get you everything you need, and anything you want. 

Cyborg X Reader- Robot with a Built in Walkie Talkie

You sighed while surveying your body behind the fogged glass, wishing that your accident never happened. Many of the doctors that you were sent to said that there was nothing to do, and that you had so little time. You always joked around that you would like to sleep for a few years before a big exam or when life was too hard, but now you realize how serious it is. Now, you can’t feel the warmth of the sun, taste the wonderful foods you used to eat, or even feel pain. It felt as if you weren’t human anymore. Sure, you had emotions, but the android body you now inhabit prevents you from experiencing the physical side of being human. Everyday you had to remind yourself that not that many people were this lucky, to be able to live their lives outside of their dying body, but in your point of view, this is not living. It’s only surviving.

“(Y/N)!! You would not believe what I finally found!!”

You quickly stepped out of the way of the sliding wall, watching as your frozen body disappeared out of view. Just as the sliding door locked, Cyborg bursted through your bedroom door. He had an excited smile on his face and his left hand hid behind his back. You smiled, knowing that he could always lift your spirits.

“What is it, Cy?” you asked your ecstatic best friend.

“I was sorting through our old tools and I found this!” he exclaimed while holding out his hand.

You glanced at his open palm and gasped. It was your necklace that Cy had made out of some spare parts. When he had given it to you, you never took it off, but you thought you lost it when the Hive stormed into Titan Tower. You took it out of his hand and placed it around your neck, hearing the click of the magnet clasp. You frowned slightly when one of them attached to your neck, and fixed it before Cy noticed.

“Thank you for finding this,” you smiled.

“It was no problem. Oh, and Robin wanted to know if you were going to come with us to get some pizza.”

“I’ll come, but let me grab a few things,” you agreed. “What time are you guys going?”

“We’re leaving in ten minutes, but you and I know that Beast Boy is not that patient,” he joked.

You laughed and rolled your eyes. You grabbed your shoes from your closet and slipped them on before following Cy out of the door. On the way towards the living room, you and Cy spoke about many of the new designs and upgrades you wanted to try out for the new weapons and security systems. These conversations always made you forget about your troubles and finally focus on what’s in front of you.

“You finally dragged her out of her cave!!” Beast Boy shouted with joy.
“It is not my fault I prefer to be in the comforts of my room, or the peaceful workshop,” you said. “A person can only deal with your loud mouths for only so long.”

“You know you love me.”

You rolled your eyes and followed the team to the garage. Once the elevator opened, you immediately went to your new motorcycle that you built yourself. The rest of the team piled into Cyborg’s car. You smirked, pulled on your leather jacket, which was hanging on the motorcycle’s handles, and placed your helmet on your head. It wasn’t like you needed to wear all of this protection, but you didn’t want to get suspicious. You turned on your lovely piece of machinery and revved the engine, waiting for Cyborg to get his metal ass moving. He then turned on the engine and also revved the engine. You smirked and revved your engine once again and sped out of the garage with the team right behind you.


“I really don’t understand why you guys don’t wear civilian clothing,” you stated as everyone entered the Pizza Corner.

“You have to always be prepared,” Robin said, probably quoting Batman.

You sat at the end of the booth, attempting to make origami animals and flowers to pass the time. Many of the team members gave questioning glances to you and looked at each other, silently telling themselves that they notice something is wrong.

“Why don’t you have a slice of pizza, (Y/N)?” Beast Boy asked.

“I already ate before you asked me to come,” you replied and finished the origami lotus you made.

“Okay, but we never have seen you eat. I mean….. Are you actually eating anything?”

“Of course I am, Beast Boy. Why would you ask that?” you asked, tearing your attention away from the napkins in front of you.

“I was just making sure you are okay, isn’t that what friends are for?”

You gave him a small smile and resumed making origami. The team continued to chat about their latest missions and some improvements Robin would like for his gear.

“I see you are wearing the necklace Cyborg gifted to you, (Y/N),” Starfire observed.

You glanced down at the necklace, “Yeah, Cy found it in our old tools today.”

“That is the most wonderful news!! You were in much distress when you misplaced it.”

You laughed, “Yes I was.”

You frowned and pulling out your buzzing phone, and saw that it was flashing red and black. Your eyes widened and you immediately stood up.

“Someone has broken into the tower!!” you shouted and rushed out of the door.

The rest of the team jumped out of their seats and ran to the car. By the time they were outside, you were already speeding back to the tower. Negative thoughts flooded your mind. Are they going to find your body? Are they going to cut the power? Your personal generator could help the device keeping you alive function for a few hours. The generator also powered the defense systems you put up to protect it. What if they destroyed the generator? It would be even worse if they used an electromagnetic pulse to shut down the whole tower. Another notification from your phone popped up and showed that your room had been breached. You urged your motorcycle to go even faster and crashed through the closed garage door. Your brand new bike skidded across the floor, causing sparks to fly across the room. You looked down and saw the clothing and fake skin you had on your right leg was gone, but quickly pushed that in the back of your mind. Rushing to the elevator door, you pulled it open and opened the secret hatch you installed if this were to happen. You grabbed the metal rope that was hanging to your right and pressed the red button from the hatch. The rope pulled you up to your level, faster than the elevator could, and you kicked down the elevator door. You sprinted to your room and saw Brother Blood standing next to your body, smiling like a madman.

“Ever since I first met you, I have wondered why my abilities had no affect on you. Apparently, I was focusing on the wrong source,” he smirked maliciously.

His eyes glowed red and your limbs stopped working, as if the joints rusted. You panicked. How were you supposed to get out of this mess?

“I wouldn’t bother, child. I can’t control your metal body, but I can control your true one,” he stated while glancing out of your window. “Oh, your friends are finally here. This is going to get interesting…”

You knew what he was going to make you do. You knew that he was going to make you hurt your new family. No matter what you did, you couldn’t twitch a single finger. There was only one option left, and that was to shut down completely. All you had to do was think it, and it would happen, but you didn’t know the outcome. You didn’t know if you would lose all of your memories or cause your brain to overload, but there was no way in hell this guy was going to use you as his puppet. You let out a shaky breath. SHUT DOWN.

The team rushed into the tower and saw your crashed bike and the bent elevator door. Cyborg ripped the remaining door out of the way and waited for everyone to board the elevator. When everyone was on, he smashed the button to your level. His scanners from the security system showed that you were in the room with on person. Obviously he didn’t have cameras in your room, but he knew you were in trouble. When they reached your floor, Cyborg had to blast the doors off due to get the whole team through. Once they reached your bedroom, they you frozen with Brother Blood’s eyes glowing red with a smirk on his face.

“So nice of you to join us, I was just telling (Y/N) about a little favor I would like to ask her.”

“Let her go now,” Cyborg demanded.

“Now where’s the fun in that?”

The team waited for you to lash out at them, but you remained still. Brother Blood’s smile faded and backed away from the team.

“What is going on? Attack them you brat!!”

The team smiled and attacked him, but Cyborg stayed behind to check on you. He tried to shake you, but your frozen limbs caused you to tip over. He quickly caught you, but noticed that you weren’t breathing. He quickly scanned you for any vital signs, but found nothing. He placed your body down and joined in battling Brother Blood. With one solid punch, he ended the fight.

Cyborg picked him and held him up against the wall, “What did you to do her.”

He chuckled, “Why don’t you look over there like your other teammates are?”

Cyborg growled and knocked him out. When Brother Blood sank to the floor, Cyborg looked over to the team. They were staring at a huge cylinder made out of metal. He walked over to them and gasped when he saw you in there. You had burns on the left side of your face, and they traveled down under the clothing you were wearing. Cyborg could tell that more than half of your body was covered in these burns and scars. Tearing his eyes away from your scarred body, he walked over to your body that he was holding earlier. He noticed the exposed cybernetic parts of your right leg and the charred remains of the fake flesh that covered them.

“Dude, this is weird,” Beast Boy said.

“The (Y/N) we know is an android,” Cyborg said, “but what happened to her?”

“At least we found out why she doesn’t eat,” Beast Boy reasoned.

Cyborg looked over the robotic copy of your body and searched for any way to switch you back on or at least save the data stored in this body. He found a button right behind your left ear and pressed it, hoping that you will wake up. He saw your fingers twitch, and then the rest of the joints moved. You groggily sat up and squinted your eyes, waiting for the mechanical eyes to adjust to the lighting. When your eyes finally adjusted, you saw Cyborg staring at you with his team standing behind him.

“Why are you guys-”

You stopped when you noticed that the door was wide open, revealing your frozen body. You then looked over to see one of the Titans’ enemies, Brother Blood, unconscious at the back of your bedroom.

“What happened?” you asked.

“You don’t remember anything?” Cy asked.

“I remember going to the pizza restaurant with you and then my phone going off, but then it’s blank,” you replied and glanced down to your hands.

You glanced down even further and saw the exposed cybernetic skeleton of your leg. Some of the fake skin was still managing to hang onto the wires and metal.

“You have some explaining to do, (Y/N),” Robin said and folded his arms.

“Rob, now is not the time to-”

“No,” you cut him off, “it’s fine.”

You stood up and walked over to your frozen body. You grabbed a slim black book and tossed it to Robin.

“I was an engineer and technician for this big company that paid well enough for me to help my parents. Back then, they were involved in a car crash and needed serious medical attention. I had enough money for them, and they were getting better day by day, but that changed after the accident. It was a regular work day when all of the sirens went off and the whole building went into lockdown. I was in the workshop with a few interns when it happened, so I rushed them over to the safe room, knowing that something like this was serious. I tripped and the door closed. Then there was an explosion. I was hurt badly, as you can see, and I wasn’t given that much time left. The same company I worked for gave me a second chance and implanted this device into my brain, allowing me to control this android while I’m in a dream-like state. They let me go and I didn’t have enough money to keep myself and my parents alive, and they said to let them go. I regret it, but I can’t change the past. So that’s my explanation. Excuse me.”

You walked out of your room and quickly made your way to the workshop, hoping to find some quiet to clear your head. You looked down to your right leg and decided that you needed to fix it. You grabbed a pair of scissors that was on your work table and started cutting off the ruined skin.


You sighed and stopped cutting the skin, “Yeah, Cy?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked.

You placed the scissors down on the table, “I don’t know. It is really painful to know that I can’t have a normal life. I’ve always wanted to get married and have kids, but now it’s impossible. I felt like every time I see myself as a popsicle, my world gets crushed.”

“You know, I was in an accident like you,” Cy murmured. “That’s how I ended up like this.”

“At least you’re still human,” you said. “All I am is a robot with a built in walkie talkie. It has been so long since I felt human, and I’ve already forgot the feeling.”

“Maybe you won’t have to do this any longer,” Cy said.

“What do you mean?”

“I can make you a cyborg like me.”

Robb Stark- Children of the Summer

There were certain perks to living in the North during the long summer. Although you often didn’t get to actually appreciate those days, with your husband learning how to be the Lord of Winterfell, and you were spending your days juggling shadowing Catelyn to learn your place as the future Lady of Winterfell and raising your two young children.

Ed (named truly after Lord Eddard) had just had his sixth name day and your daughter Lyla was nearing in on her third name day. It was always a cause of celebration for your Northern home whenever it was announced that you were with child and when you survived the births of both of your children, your place as a Lady of the North was cemented.

Although for you, the fact that the children had always been an expectation of your marriage was forgotten the moment you saw the look of pure joy on Robb’s face when you had told him, you can remember the moment as clearly as a new day’s sun rising over the walls of Winterfell…


You had been suspicious of a pregnancy for a few weeks, but you waited to be sure, checking with Maester Luwin before you even considered telling your husband.  The real issue was trying to figure out how to tell him, you didn’t want to just out right say it, you and Robb had been trying for a child since your bedding ceremony (and if you’re completely honest, the pair of you hadn’t exactly been avoiding the conception of a child even before you were wed, Robb was simply too much to resist) so the a creative plan was necessary to break the news to him.

 It took you roughly three days to come up with a plan to announce to Robb about your child. You decided to go with some creative needlework, creating a baby-sized blanket with a direwolf embroidered alongside the Stark house words. You smiled to yourself as you finished the blanket, placing it on your shared bed and awaiting Robb to return from a hunt with his father and half brother Jon, knowing that the hunt was his final commitment of the day you were hoping that this would lead to a joyous celebration. You sat in front of the fire in your chambers, a book in one hand and the other resting gently on your small bump, although you knew a bump was still unlikely, but you liked to think that you were beginning to show, the door to your chambers slowly opened and in walked your gallant husband, hunting furs still hanging from his shoulders and his auburn curls still ruffled from riding through the wind, a loving smile appearing on his face as he finally sees you sitting in front of the fire, his smile only grows as he makes his way towards you and greets you with a light kiss

“Good afternoon my love” He says pulling back from you, his hand gently holding your cheek

“Hello my darling how was the hunt?” You ask, standing from the chair and helping your husband to remove his furs

“Successful! We managed to take two stags and a couple of wild boars, the kitchens will be full for the next week or so” He said, a proud smile appearing on his face, you knew that he felt great pride for his finesse in such ‘lordly’ activities as they helped to confirm for him that he will be a great Lord just like his father when his time comes.

“That sounds amazing my lord, you know how much I love roasted boar, I can’t wait” You reply with a smile, taking his face lightly in your hands and taking a moment to admire the breath-taking man that you married

“And how has your day been?” Robb asks, kissing your forehead before moving to the seat you were sat in previously to heat by the fire for a moment, it may have been sunny outside but the castle somehow managed to remain cold

“Oh nothing much really, I completed some needle work, would you like to see?” You enquire, trying as hard as possible to keep your voice steady so that you don’t ruin the surprise by allowing excitement to leak into your tone

“Of course my love” Robb answers, his eyes following your body as you moved to collect the blanket from your bed, he had noticed something was different about his wife, but he simply could not place it.

“Here you are” You said, watching his face intently as he inspects the blanket

“Its beautiful my lady, but what is it?” He asks, a blush rising on his cheeks, embarrassed that he did not know what you had created

“It’s a blanket” You said, Robb nodded in understanding but then turned to you again in confusion

“But its much too small for our bed” He said, his northern accent becoming thicker in his confusion

“Yes but its not for us darling” You whispered lightly, moving your hand to lay on your stomach again, waiting for your sentence to settle into Robb’s mind

“Wait a moment… Are you certain?” He asks, standing from his chair and stepping close to you

“Aye, it’s been a few weeks and Maester Luwin confirmed it for me a few days ago” You said, a smile breaking out onto your lips

“You’re with child?? LET THE GODS BE GLAD THIS IS THE MOST WONDERFUL NEWS” Robb shouts, picking you up and spinning you around, kissing you passionately, your joint laughter ringing out as you celebrate the news of your first child


“Now what are you thinking about my love?” You hear a voice say from behind you, two arms reaching around your waist to hug you and pull you back into the strong chest of your husband

“Just thinking about the day I told you that I was pregnant with Ed that’s all” You say with a smile, tilting your head back slightly to kiss your husband

“That was one of the best days of my life, and now look, we have two beautiful children, growing together in the same place as generations of Starks before them” Robb said, you could clearly hear the joy in his voice, the fact that Winterfell will eventually be passed down to your children and the children of the other Stark children, and hopefully Jon if Ned ever convinces Catelyn to allow him to legitimise Jon

“Its almost crazy to think about it like that, how many tasks do you have to complete today my love?” You question Robb as you turn in his arms

“I believe I need to have one more brief meeting with my father and then I am done for the day, why do you ask my lady?” He returns, eyeing you rather suspiciously, obviously assuming you mean to sneak off and begin work on your third heir
“We haven’t spent time as a whole family in so long, I miss seeing you with the children” You say, you hand reaching up to play with the small curls at the nape of Robb’s neck, knowing full well that it is one of the easiest ways to get Robb to agree to anything you want

“I think a day as a family seems like a wonderful idea, I’ll go meet with father, you go to the kitchens and ask them to prepare a small picnic for us, after my meeting I will find the children wherever they may be causing trouble and then we’ll meet you at the gates” Robb said, kissing you softly but lovingly at the end of his long list of instructions and he begins to turn to go and find his father, but you grab his collar and pull him close to whisper in his ear

“Just think about how well the children will sleep after this, it means the whole night will be free for us to do whatever we please” You feel a shiver pass through Robb’s body at your words
“They do say three is the magic number” Robb whispers back to you
“Well we better work hard tonight” You respond with a kiss on his cheek before you saunter away towards the kitchen, feeling the lustful look emanating from your husband as your hips sway with your steps
“Go find your father” You call out without turning back to face him, hearing a mumbled “shit” before you hear the stomp of his boots move in the opposite direction.


I am taking requests! I just need a synopsis and a character!

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Coffee shop AU teenlock though. John works at a small book/coffee shop and Sherlock always comes in to study. John keeps giving him free chocolate muffins and drawing tiny hearts on his cups and Sherlock just blushes and looks down at his shoes every time- smitten but thinking John just flirts with all his clients like this. And then.... (Passes mic to the amazing mssmithlove and waits for awesomeness)



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Chocobros reaction to pregnant s/o?

((Aww, these are absolutely precious. >:3))


  • He’s probably going to deny your pregnant the second you come out. There’s absolutely no way you could be pregnant right?
  • That denial turns into an internal crisis as he just  falls to the ground and shakily tries to play something on his phone. And that isn’t working at all. 
  • Once he finally takes a second to think about it, he looks up from the ground at you before a smile covers his face. Noct finally speaks and shakes heis head. “So, we’re having a kid, huh?” He’ll be a bit quieter as he still aborbs what you just said. “Man…” He’s still pretty speachless to be honest. 
  • … And yes, you just literally saw Noctis go through several emotions at once when you told him.


  • Damn the Six, Prompto is going to be jumping up and down when you tell him. You can tell that he is super excited about this news as he can’t even speak. 
  • Okay, he almost just passed out from the news and everything going to his head. You have to help him stay standing as he’s all crazy-happy. 
  • When he calms down, he grabs you by the shoulder before bringing into you a big hug, and kisses you all over the face. “A baby? Man, they’re gonna be as cute as you, Y/N!” He moves his finger into his cheek, goofy. “We’re going to need to get them the cutest outfits and takes lots of pictures of ‘em right.”
  • Be expected him to just call everyone afterwards, whether you like it or not.


  • Papa bear is very quiet at first when you tell him. His eyes are closed and his arms are covered as he sits down on something, bed, chair, whatever is close. 
  • Gladio stays a quiet for a lot longer than you re hoping. Like a scary quiet until you watch him stand up, looking down at you. 
  • A wide smile crosses his face before he picks you up from the ground. He just starts laughing head, and you can feel it coming from within his chest as you can’t help start laughing with him. 
  • He’ll put you down and start rubbing the top of your head. “Wonder what kind of little one it’s gonna end up being.” He flexes his arm. “Gonna make sure that whatever they are, that they’re going to get some good training.” You look exasperated that he’s already talking about that, causing another chuckle from him.


  • Pretty sure he’s making tea the second that you tell him that you are pregnant. While he might be the most composed of the chocobros, his initial reaction is just dropping his cup.
  • It takes only a moment for Ignis to snap right back to reality and apologizes, cleaning up the mess. But you can see a smile on his face while he’s cleaning up the mess he caused. 
  • When he’s finished, he’ll come up to you, first placing a kiss to your forehead and then a hand at your stomach. Iggy won’t say anything at first. He just stays close to you, and you can tell he is more than elated at this news. 
  • “You’re with child. That is most wonderful news, and perhaps we should..” He hushes himself. “Ah, shame on me. We’ll discuss this more later shall we not. This is big news for both of us.”

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Hi I've just seen your last reply on a certain ask saying that you're still going to paint more Acotar fanarts and after you finish them and Six of crows you will paint TOG and honestly that is the most wonderful news you just made my day😍, I hope you paint Feyre as a High Lady but your fanarts are exactly like I've imagined the characters. P.s: your Six of Crows fanarts are just awsome. P.s.s: I was afraid you're going to stop painting.

hello, i painted feyre already as a fae and honestly i dont know if i draw her again… but im planning to repaint rhys, 

thank you so much<3 <3 im happy that you like my works <3 oh im not gonna stop, there are so many books i want to paint fan arts for, so dont worry im not going anywhere lol

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✍️ luna lovegood

“Dearest Diary,

I just got the most wonderful news from Daddy. He say’s we will be going to Sweden this summer in search of a crumple-horned snorcack! Oh I do hope Sweden is as lovely as it sounds. I thought I came across a snorcack the other day in the forest but it turned out to be a centaur with a battle horn. Why do you suppose a centaur would need a battle horn? Really, we should do away with battles at all. If everyone could share a little love and…where was I, Diary? Oh yes. Daddy and I will visit Sweden and I will tell you all about it!”

Part 2 of the Reaction Below:

Wow this one is even longer than the first half! Sorry it took so long, but it took me like 3 hours to write this! I hope you guys enjoy what I’ve done so far. This one was extremely long, but most should get answered way faster than this one did! Thank all of you for the support so far! :3

MacCready: You’d think MacCready would be the most calm considering he’s done this before, but he wasn’t. He knew what would happen, and he knew what COULD happen, and he was terrified. He’d stayed up for days with Lucy reading all kinds of parenting books, and most of it was pretty straight forward as long as you had a competent doctor. Then he read all the things that could go wrong, and a disturbing amount led to things he wouldn’t even think about now. Lucky for him, Duncan’s birth went smoothly, but what if he wasn’t lucky enough for that to happen again. God what if something happened? He held Sole’s hand so tight he started to worry if he was hurting her. She was in the middle of labor, and all he could do to keep himself under control was to think of something else. He thought back to when Sole told him she was pregnant. He couldn’t believe it, he just sat there like an idiot, trying to process what he had been told. Sole thought he was upset, and when MacCready saw the smile on her face turn into a grimace, he shot up. He brought her into his embrace. “This is the most wonderful news you could have given me Sole.” And he meant it, he was just scared. Only 22 and he was going to be a father of two! He and Sole planned to go get Duncan after the pregnancy so they could have their family all together. “It’s a girl!” The announcement brought him back to the present. A girl. He wondered if he could be the father this baby needed. And when the doctor gave her to Mac, all he could think was it didn’t matter, he would give it his best shot. She was beautiful. “Hey darlin’, thanks to you the commonwealth just got a whole lot better.” He turned to Sole with the biggest dopey grin on his face. “Say hi to our ray of sunshine.” He said as he handed this little gift to Sole. She held the baby and gave her a little boop on the nose. “Hey angel. Welcome to the family.” He looked at Sole and instantly thought he would do his best to protect them. He would do better this time. “Hey Mac.” MacCready looked up at Sole “Yeah?” “For a name… I was thinking… How about Lucy?” MacCready’s throat hitched. “…It’s perfect.” He said trying his best not to let his voice show the emotion he felt. He kissed the top of Sole’s head while hugging the both of them.

Maxson: “Cade how much longer is this going to take? She’s hurting here, isn’t there anything you can give her?” Maxson yelled while holding Sole’s hand with both of his. “Not much longer Elder, there’s not a whole lot I can do, this is mostly up to Sole and the baby. And no, I can’t give her anything she hasn’t already been given.” Knight Captain Cade said a tad more annoyed then he would have normally been allowed to get away with. Maxson knew Cade was capable, and he didn’t doubt he knew exactly what he was doing, but GOD, couldn’t this go a little faster? He hated seeing Sole screaming every couple of seconds. He was trained for battle, to lead, to make decisions. None of that lent itself to this. It certainly didn’t calm his nerves about being a father. He had been trained with things that could be learned from a manual or experience. There was no manual for fatherhood, he knew, he looked. And he was worried about the fact that the only way to get better at being a parent, was to do it. What if he messed it up? You mess up a training exercise, you did it again. There was no real consequence. It didn’t seem fair that he may be a skilled parent only after fucking up his kid. When Sole told him she was pregnant, he looked like someone punched him in the stomach. He was already the leader of the people he thought would save the country, and now he was in charge of a family. How would he even raise this kid? He and Sole had discussed that he would have to gentler. This wasn’t an initiate, this was a child. Unfortunately for Maxson, that was the closest he thought he had to being part of a family before this. He’d been raised in the military since he was a small child, and he didn’t want the same thing for their child. He thought back to Sarah Lyons. How much more tender she was with him than the rest of the Brotherhood growing up. That was it. He would raise this child like Sarah would have, with a gentle and respectful tenderness. “It’s a girl Arthur!” Cade exclaimed. Maxson was brought out of his epiphany when Cade placed the child in his arms. “Wow.” A girl. A beautiful little thing she was too. How could something so soft and beautiful come from someone who comes off as so harsh and rigid? He looked up at Sole, she was gently smiling at him and the baby. “No wonder she’s so perfect, she’s just like her mother.” Sole held out her hands to receive the child. “Hey boo.” She moved the little bit of light blond/brown hair across the baby’s forehead. She smiled up at Maxson. “That’s your daddy. He thinks he’s real tough but he’s a big softie, you can see it in his eyes.” Maxson felt so honored everytime Sole refuted his hard exterior. She saw him as just Maxson, not a cold military leader, and he loved it. “What are we going to call the little lady?” Maxson asked kneeling by Sole’s bed. “I’ve been thinking for a while now… and, hear me out… what if we called her, Sarah?” Sole was nervous asking the question because she wasn’t sure how Maxson would react. Maxson was shocked. He suppressed the tear that wanted to spill “I love it.” He got up and gave Sole a kiss on her forehead and gently held the back of the baby’s head, playing with the hair on the back of her head with his thumb.

Nick: “Hang in there doll.” Nick was doing all he could to support Sole in the middle of her going into labor. Nick was still amazed that he was in this position. He never thought this was going to be the outcome of meeting a little vault dweller when he was rescued from Skinny Malone and his band of goons. He had refused Sole’s advances a few times because he said it was unfair for her to be stuck with an old bag of bolts when she could be with a real man, or hell, at least a better looking synth. But she was determined, and she wasn’t having any of his self-deprecating excuses. Looking back, he’s glad she did. And when Sole mentioned starting a family, he was the happiest he had ever been. Nick Valentine, a father. And now everything the two of them had worked for was about to come to fruition. How great he thought, this kid would have two parents with pre-war morals and ideals. All the information this kid would have available to them. “It’s a girl Mr. Valentine!” Dr. Sun announced. “A bouncing baby girl, wow. And she’s got you eyes Sole.” Nick muttered. He could immediately see the resemblance between the baby and Sole. “This bundle of joy is going to give you a run for your money in prettiest thing to walk into the commonwealth doll.” He handed her over to Sole who was eagerly waiting to hold their new pride and joy. Nick was so amazed that the baby didn’t cry when she saw him. He knew she couldn’t tell the difference between him and her mother in their composition, but something told him that this innocent babe would somehow see everything wrong with him. Sole smiled at him. “Say hi to your daddy sugar, he’s one of the good ones. And apparently you do have my eyes, because you can see just like me, how he’s just like everyone else here. And you don’t even know what a human is, but I promise, he’s the most human one here.” Nick would have cried if he could. He came close to Sole’s bed and hugged the two of them. He was going to love them as long as he was alive.

Piper: “You literally survived a nuclear apocalypse Blue, you can handle this no problem.” Piper stated with a smirk. She was so excited. She loved Sole with every fiber of her being, and when Sole told her she wanted to start a family with her, she almost screamed. A family! She thought she was content with being with just Sole and Nat, but now she knew what was always missing. There was no going back, once Piper had the idea in her head. She went and started to get all the arrangements ready. She did all the research she could. She didn’t want to rely on old world techniques alone. She interviewed every parent she came across that would let her, especially mothers with small children. What would she need to get ready for? She had basically raised Nat herself, but that was different. Nat was her sister, and Piper did what she could to keep them alive. But this was her child. She wanted to do the absolute most, she didn’t want to just survive, she wanted to live. She started a whole segment in the paper about starting life as a mother and tips for a smooth pregnancy, along with things she thought expecting parents should be aware of. Sole was holding Piper’s hand and squeezing it furiously, if Piper wasn’t wearing her gloves she’d probably be yelling along with Sole. “It’s a boy!” Dr. Sun handed the child to Piper, and she couldn’t smile any larger. “Huh, a little boy, finally some testosterone in this family.” Piper joked, she had honestly expected a girl, she wasn’t quite sure why, maybe because her family this far had been primarily female. None the less, she loved him. “What do you think Blue? Perfect? Or absolutely perfect?” She asked as she handed the baby to Sole. “Perfectly perfect Piper.” She said with a smile as the baby grabbed her pointer finger. “Hey we finally found someone you can’t even ask for an interview.” “That’s where you’re wrong Sole, there’s not a person in the commonwealth I can’t interview. Hey boo bear, you love your mommys?” Piper asked gently brushing the baby’s hair to the back of his head. The little boy giggled and both of the new mothers smiled. “See? I told you. Sounds like a headline to me.”

Preston: Preston was nervous to say the least. Sole had walked into his life and saved him more than once. She had saved the Minutemen back in Concord, but Sole had saved HIM. He wasn’t even sure what he was fighting for after all this time, he didn’t even really do it for the “greater good” anymore, he secretly wished he wouldn’t make it back from one of these missions. But Sole changed everything, now he had a reason to fight, he had a reason to live. And now here he was with Sole. She was about to give birth to their child, and Preston felt so blessed. He couldn’t have been happier when Sole walked up to him about 9 months ago telling him she was pregnant. He picked her up, spun her around, and kissed her on the cheek. He made Sanctuary as family friendly as he could with Sturges. He baby proofed the house and kept Sole as comfortable as possible during the pregnancy. He found the best doctor he could that would travel right to their house, he didn’t want Sole to have to even have to get out of bed a few days before the expected arrival date, regardless of the fact that Sole was tough enough to lead all of the Minutemen, he wouldn’t have it. Now he was sitting by Sole’s bed while she was giving birth telling them they were the strongest person they knew and they would be fine. “It’s a boy!” The doctor happily announced and gave the baby to Preston. “Wow. He’s perfect. Look at us Sole, we’re really a family.” He turned to Sole and saw her smiling at him and the baby. “Here, you hold him.” He gave Sole their new addition to the family, and she gladly accepted. Preston watched as Sole played with their child. “Hey there. Aren’t you a cutie? The second most handsome guy in the room aren’t you?” Sole smiled up at Preston. “We’re going to be a great family.” Preston said and smiled at the two most important people in the world to him.

bring him home

a/n - this is set during ww1, so it’s a bit different from anything i’ve written before. 

calum hood & y/n
word count - 4044
rating - nc-17
warnings - sexual content, language

They said it would be over by Christmas, that they would barely be gone before they were back home again.

How wrong they had been.

Instead you had spent years waiting for the telegram to arrive, it was the first thought that would cross your mind when you woke up in the morning; what if today was the day? What if today it was your turn? Every time the telegram boy didn’t stop at your house you couldn’t help but feel relief wash over you; even though you knew that meant that some other poor family would be getting the news that you so desperately dreaded.

The not knowing was the worst part – not knowing if he was being sent over the top, not knowing if he was safe, not knowing if you would ever see him again.

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And Your Sorrow Shall Become Joy

Cullen x Arian, 1938 words, Post-Trespasser.

Prequel to “Woes of Regality”, takes place in the same universe as that fic where the Inquisition didn’t disband. Warnings for angst and mentions of miscarriage under the cut.

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When the both of them had first found out - neither had been prepared for the little spark of unfathomable happiness, instantly shadowed by hearts filled to spilling with grief.

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Help, Part Two - Robb Stark

Requested by @unlikelycupcakequeen.

Part One.

Joffrey pranced in on his horse, his head held high and noble. You stood to the side with the rest of the workers, trying to stay out of sight. His eyes unfortunately found yours as he went to greet Lord and Lady Stark. Robb took notice, and gripped the sword at his hip.

Lord Stark led the king out of the town square, and the crowd began to disperse. You tried to sneak away with the crowd. 

“Y/N!” a voice called. You ignored it and picked up your pace. 

“Y/N!” You looked back and saw Joffrey running after you, an evil glint in his eyes and a smile on his cruel face. You spun back around and ran face first into one of the king’s servants.

“Watch it!” the boy shouted as you fell down into the cold, muddy dirt. You rolled over so you were laying on your back, propped up on your elbows, looking up at Joffrey’s smug face. 

“We can’t keep meeting like this,” he said, reaching out a hand to help you up. You ignored his reach and pushed yourself up, wiping your hands on the skirt of your dress.

“We have never met like this,” you said, beginning to walk away. He snatched your arm to stop you.

“So cruel to your future king.”

“I meant no disrespect,” you said softly, bowing your head a little. “But I do have work to do.”

“You left King’s Landing to spend time as a servant to the Starks?” he spat.

“They are a noble family,” you said, matching his scorn. “I’m afraid I have to go.” You began walking back towards Winterfell’s grey walls when he called once more to you.

You could have been a part of a noble family!” You ignored him and slipped into one of the hidden servant’s entrances Jon had shown you.

“Does the future king have any ill feelings towards you?” Robb’s question echoed in your head. Joffrey was always a horror to be around, but he had a different look in his eyes today. Joffrey was furious with you, and he clearly wanted revenge.

Turning the corner, you nearly ran into Sansa.

“Y/N!” she said, and excited giggle escaping her lips.


“Where have you been? Jeyne and I are going to watch the boys train.”

“You’re going to-” you stopped and shook your head. “No, a lady would never watch men train, a tournament, yes, but never just training. You must go back to the sewing room, I’m sure the queen will want to see your craftsmanship.”

“But I wanted to see the prince-”

“Sansa!” She frowned and looked down at her feet. “Please watch yourself around the young prince.” 

“He can’t be all that bad.”

“Yes, he can. Please, promise me.” She sighed and rolled her eyes. Before she could say anything, Jeyne called her from down the hall and she took off.

You changed into your gown earlier than the rest of the kingdom, having already promised to help Arya and Sansa get ready. You swept down the hallway towards Sansa’s room.

“Come in,” Lady Stark called. You curtsied to her when you opened the door. “Y/N? What are you doing here?”

“Sansa asked me to help her get ready,” you replied, shooting Sansa a dirty look.

“I wanted Y/N to style my hair like they do in the south.” Lady Cat pursed her lips but nodded.

“Very well. I’ll go help Arya,” she said before exiting the room. 

“Oh, Y/N!” Sansa exclaimed, grabbing your arms. “I have the most wonderful news!”


“King Robert wants to marry Joffrey and I!” Your heart plummeted in your chest. You sat down on the nearby chair and looked up at her.

“Surely your parents would never agree,” you said, motioning for her to sit. You began braiding her hair, calming yourself.

“Why wouldn’t they? I would get to be queen!” she whined.

“I’ve told your entire family about what he’s done to me. Your parents won’t agree to it.”

“Please, you were just being dramatic.”

“I was not! Joffrey is a cruel, despicable boy who cannot be trusted.”

“Keep telling that to Robb,” she muttered.

“Excuse me?”

“I know you only said that stuff for Robb’s sake. You fancy each other.” You sighed and sat down next to her.

“I didn’t lie about it, Sansa. What I said about Joffrey is true.”

“So you don’t like Robb?” she asked with a smile. You smiled back and looked over at her.

“You want to marry someone like Robb, Sansa. He is good, and kind, and true. All things that Joffrey is not.”

“He can’t be all that bad. He’s been quite charming since he got here.”

“Leave it up to your parents. They will choose correctly.” She nodded and looked down at her feet. “Come on, let’s get you ready for the banquet.”

Joffrey’s eyes never left you as you walked into the banquet hall. You cringed and sat down next to Sansa’s friend, Jeyne. Winterfell had pulled out all the stops for today’s banquet. The food was plentiful, and the wine never stopped flowing.

“Having fun?” a voice whispered in your ear. You turned around and saw Robb behind you, biting his lip.

“Not at all. You?” He grinned and sat down in the seat next to you, turning so the two of you were facing.


“Your Uncle Benjen is here, surely that must make you happy,” you said. He smiled and glanced across the room where Jon was hugging his uncle. 

“It would if you didn’t look so miserable.” You forced a smile on your face and leaned towards him.

“Sansa told me that the king wants to marry she and Joffrey,” you said, looking at Robb as his jaw tightened and he curled his fist into a ball.

“My father wouldn’t allow it. Not after everything you’ve told us.”

“That’s what I told her. But Joffrey has been horrible since he’s got here. I think he wants revenge, and Sansa is his way of getting that revenge.”

“He has no reason to be mad at you.”

“I called off our engagement, you’d be angry, too.”

“Well, you haven’t actually agreed to marry me, so you couldn’t break it off,” he said with a grin. You smiled back at him and rolled your eyes. “My father will take care of Sansa, that is nothing for you to worry about.”

“Should I worry if Joffrey is walking this way?” you asked, peering over his broad shoulder. Robb’s eyes widened and he flinched for a second, wanting to turn around. “Dance with me,” you said quickly, taking his hand.

“What?” he asked, but you already dragged him out onto the crowded dance floor, and fell into the merry jig that they were playing. You kept your eyes on Joffrey as you tried to keep up with the elaborate steps. 

“Is he gone, finally?” Robb asked breathlessly, spinning around the room with you. You nodded and he lead you off of the dance floor, to the opposite corner of the banquet hall.

“Thanks,” you said. 

“Of course. I told you I’d protect you from Joffrey.” You smiled and put your hand on his cheek.

“I know. Thank you.” He smiled sheepishly and laced your hand in his. Robb looked into your eyes for a few moments before the two of you were pulled apart by his uncle.

“Ah, you must be Y/N,” he said, clapping his hand on yours and Robb’s shoulders. 

“Yes,” you said, glancing over towards Robb who was sporting a slight blush.

“They all talk about you. You’ve helped our family get ready for these Southerners.” You smiled and nodded.

“I’m happy to do it. The Starks have always been good to my family.”

“Well, don’t you think it’s time to combine our two noble families?” Benjen asked, a grin growing on his face. 

“Benjen-” Robb began but he held up a hand to cut him off. 

“You won’t find anyone as strong, or valiant, or committed as young Robb.” Robb was now blushing rather furiously. You stepped closer to him and wrapped your arm around his.

“I know I won’t,” you said, only looking at Robb. Benjen seemed content with that response and walked away with a drunken hiccup. 

“Sorry about that,” Robb said once he was out of earshot. “He’s just drunk and doesn’t know-”

“Don’t be sorry, it was sweet.” He grinned and leaned forward slowly, hesitating a second away from your lips before kissing you softly. “I love you,” you whispered when he pulled away. He looked at you speechlessly, clearly surprised by your declaration. 

“I love you, too,” he said, beaming. “So do you have an answer to my earlier question?”

“I want to become your lady, but I won’t let Sansa fall prey to Joffrey’s scheming. Let us wait until their engagement is announced or not.” Robb sighed but nodded.

“You won’t go back to him just for her sake. That’s what he wants.”

“Don’t worry,” you said, tugging on the corners of his tunic. “I never gave him want he wanted,” you said with a grin, bringing Robb back to your lips.

anonymous asked:

Imagine a modern Glasgow with all 4 Fraser children as teenagers (with the exception of Fergus being in his 20s). Love your blog !!!

Modern Glasgow AU

“What time is he supposed to get here?”

Faith looked up from her biology textbook, squinting at Brianna – who stood in the window, eyes closed against the warmth of the setting sun.

“In time for supper – Mrs. Crook said that she was going to make a big pot pie. Do ye remember that’s one o’ his favorites?”

“Of *course* I remember – even though he hasna lived here for a few years, it doesna mean I’ve forgotten such things!”

Brianna turned to face her sister, arms crossed. At fifteen she was already over six feet tall – and would likely stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Da one day. Sixteen-year-old Faith, on the other hand, was the spitting image of her Mama – and had inherited her height and knack for healing as well. She was already in the accelerated science courses and volunteering in Mama’s clinic on weekends – medical school was the most logical option as she started thinking about uni.

Faith sighed. “Ah, weel – it’ll be good to see him again, no? Do ye think he’ll bring Marsali this time?”

Marsali MacKimmie was just a few years older than the elder Fraser girls – a second-year student at the same uni where Fergus was studying for his master’s. They had met last year in a History of Journalism class – Fergus was the teaching assistant, Marsali was in the first semester of her undergraduate studies. They had been utterly inseparable almost since that day.

Mama and Da liked her – she was beautiful but so quiet, and had hinted that she’d come from a troubled home. The first time Fergus had brought her to Lallybroch, she had been almost overwhelmed by the tidal wave of Frasers (and Murrays) and their almost boundless love for one another. Wee seven-year-old Julia had taken Marsali by the hand and led her through the gardens, naming every plant and flower and showing her the special treasures she’d unearthed on the estate during her expeditions with Murtagh. And slowly Marsali had smiled, and asked questions, and grown to love Julia – and William and Brianna and Faith and Murtagh and all the Murrays and even the staff.

“I hope he does – I do like her so much.” Brianna paused, absently twirling a red lock around her finger. “Do ye think it’s serious between them?”

Faith sat back in her chair, considering. “Aye. I do. Have ye seen how gentle he is wi’ her? And how kind and patient he is? And not to mention how she looks at him? It minds me of – ”

“Aye,” Brianna interrupted. “It minds ye of Mama and Da, doesn’t it?”

Faith nodded. “He’s so much older than her, though – ”

Brianna snorted. “Mama is five years older than Da, and it seems to work for them just fine!”

The sisters giggled – remembering a night not so long ago when they’d tiptoed downstairs for a midnight snack, only to halt in the hallway when they heard some – sounds – coming from the direction of Da’s study…

“Anyway, she’s still in school. I canna imagine anything serious will happen afore she graduates.”

“Yes – but remember, Mama and Da marrit after kenning each other for only a month. Anything is possible in this family.”

Gravel crunched in the driveway. Brianna turned back to the window, squinting, and cheered.

“Fergus is home!”


Julia’s ecstatic voice echoed through the house as the girls scampered downstairs.


Then they were in the entryway – watching Julia hug Marsali’s middle, William – who was never too old for a hug from his big brother – wrapping his arms tightly around Fergus, and Mama and Da standing off to the side, his arm draped over her shoulders, grinning like idiots.

“Mes soeurs!!”

Fergus smiled from behind his dark, bushy beard – which he’d had (to Mama’s annoyance) since his third year of uni – and stepped away from William to embrace both of his sisters at once.

Then William snuck in between his sisters, and Julia crept up between all of them.

For a long moment, all five Fraser children closed their eyes, breathing, holding each other. It was something they’d started as bairns – but which they could do less and less frequently as the years went on.

And then Mama and Da were there, too – encircling all of them.

“Marsali! Come on!” Julia’s voice was muffled, but clear.

Da stepped back from the circle, and then Marsali was there, tucked into Fergus’ side.

And all was well.


“And what is the occasion for this visit, wee frog?”

Murtagh helped himself to more whisky from the decanter in the middle of the long dining table. Claire and Jenny had insisted they use the more formal dining room tonight, rather than the two parallel tables they usually sat at in the kitchen. It wasn’t every day that the eldest Fraser was home, after all.

Nobody had come out and asked Fergus the reason for his impromptu homecoming – it wasn’t near any birthday or holiday, and school was still in session. But everyone had been too excited – it had been almost two months since Fergus had last been home – and also unwilling to bring up what could be a touchy topic.

Faith knew Da would get to it, eventually. But when they were alone, sipping whisky in Da’s study after supper. Not out in the open, with all the family.

But Murtagh – Murtagh wasn’t like that. He didna like secrets of any kind – and was of the firm belief that the more families kent about each other, and the more they communicated – the stronger they were.

And the room of more than twenty Frasers and Murrays went silent – eyes all focusing on Fergus – sitting at Da’s right, in the place of honor – and Marsali, sitting quietly, yet serenely, beside Fergus.

Fergus swallowed, and took Marsali’s hand.

“We have the most wonderful news to share with all of you. It couldn’t wait any longer.”

Marsali beamed at Fergus – so radiant.

“Marsali and I – ” Fergus hesitated, almost as if he couldn’t believe that the words he was about to say were real.

“Are ye breeding?”

All heads swiveled toward Julia – propped up in her booster seat between Murtagh and Young Ian.

“Julia!” Mama hissed from across the table. “Where did you ever hear that word?”

“It’s the word Da uses to describe the coos, Mama! And it’s wha’ Uncle Ian says when Auntie Jenny has babies in her tummy!”

“It’s no’ proper for a wee lassie to say such a thing now,” Murtagh said gently, meeting her blue eyes and holding them. “Fergus and Marsali aren’t even marrit yet, so it’s impossible – ”

“That’s our news, Murtagh.” Fergus pierced the silence with his deep, steady voice – beside Marsali, who had flushed beet red with surprise. “You see – Marsali and I are married. We are man and wife. She is a Fraser now, just like us.”

Even Julia had nothing to say.

Faith counted ten ticks of the clock on the fireplace mantel.

“Truly, Fergus? Are ye truly marrit?”

Now Da was smiling so wide – gripping Fergus’ shoulder.

“Aye, Da – we surprised even ourselves. It was a very…quick decision.”

“We didna want to wait another moment,” Marsali finally spoke. Her voice was quiet, breathy as always – but strong. Firm. “I want him. Always. It was that simple.”

Then she and Fergus looked at each other – and Faith felt time stop.

Before the entire room burst into cheers and applause, all the Frasers and Murrays rising to their feet, silverware and plates and glasses crashing to the table and staining the dark wood.

But nobody cared – for tonight would be a celebration like none other that Lallybroch had seen for a long time.