most well developed relationship on the show

I’m really tired of people disregarding Keith and Lance (or any gay ship in general) just because they don’t think it’s possible for two boys to have a possible canon relationship in 2017.

This show is apart of Dreamworks, it’s a kid’s TV show, so that means they’re not gonna be shoving gay content down kid’s throats, because they know how sensitive of a topic it is still to some people. But that doesn’t make it any less possible for something to happen. Most of the creators of Voltron came from LOK and what did they do? They literally left Korra and Asami’s relationship to the last minute and it was nothing more than them holding hands. Except their whole relationship developed well over time and it still meant something.

This isn’t some heterosexual relationship that they can put so obviously in the show since so many kids are used to seeing that from the get go, but they can put small moments and hints to give an indicator. 

There have been subtle moments between Keith and Lance that I find hard to view as them “just being friends”, and even though it’s more from Keith’s side it’s still important.

But let me emphasise, if anyone ever saw a boy and a girl in this situation they would think almost immediately that there is something romantic between them, and this isn’t even a stretch:

If they showed Keith smiling at a girl like this, people wouldn’t even hesitate for a second to think he had a crush on her:

If a boy and a girl made fun of/teased each other as much as Keith and Lance did, they’d immediately think it was flirting. 

So why disregard it just because it’s happening between two boys? And I know people are also disregarding it because it’s canon that Lance likes Allura. That’s been an obvious fact since season one, but even if it doesn’t happen, Lance can’t like boys either? That’s literally not even an option on the table for some people because they want their straight ships to sail into the sunset.

The producers/creators said that they’d give us some sort of LGBT rep in the show, and it could be between/through anyone, but from the huge af hint Lauren gave us here, it’s either Lance or Shiro are one of these reps, and it could even be both. It doesn’t even have to be limited to just them (because I strongly believe my son Keith is not straight).

So why not just embrace it already? That two boys or girls can fall in love, that it’s OK to have a canon gay relationship in a show. It’s happening, it has already happened in many other shows, so let’s just accept it. 

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is one of the best kdrama of all time and it continues to be overlooked as hell. It doesn’t even rank top 20 in Korea despite having one of the most well-written, organically developed plot AND characters for a kdrama. This is the first kdrama I’ve ever seen where they actually show a healthy, supportive relationship between the main leads without using over-exaggerated storylines to drive the romance. Also it’s one of the few Korean dramas that actually talks about mental health issues without downplaying it or use it as a plot device for ratings. I honestly love this drama so much and it deserves so much more love. It’s so fluffy and fun but also serious and relatable when it’s important. 

Supernatural ask meme

  1. Favorite male character
  2. Favorite female character
  3. Favorite actor
  4. Favorite actress
  5. Favorite episode
  6. Favorite quote
  7. Favorite season
  8. OTP
  9. NOTP
  10. BROTP
  11. Favorite demon
  12. Favorite angel
  13. Favorite monster
  14. How did I discovered Supernatural?
  15. Have I ever been to a con?
  16. Make me choose between two characters
  17. Make me choose between two ships
  18. Top 5 characters
  19. Top 5 ships
  20. Top 5 angels
  21. Top 5 demons
  22. Top 5 monsters
  23. Favorite fanfic
  24. Most hated character
  25. Favorite villain
  26. Character I think I’m more alike
  27. Dream crossover
  28. Character death that I’m not over yet
  29. Most layered character
  30. Character I have a crush on
  31. Actor/Actress I have a crush on
  32. Scariest moment
  33. Favorite moment
  34. Funniest moment
  35. Saddest moment
  36. Most beautiful scene
  37. Unanswered questions
  38. Couple I’d like to become canon
  39. Actor/Actress I’d like to see on the show
  40. Do I own anything related to the show?
  41. Do I have any tattoos related to the show?
  42. Most boring plotline?
  43. My less favorite season
  44. Most well done character death
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  46. Character I wish I could bring back
  47. One thing I really hope to happen
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  51. Demon!Dean or MoC!Dean?
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  61. Is my blog just about Supernatural?
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  68. Human!Cas or Angel!Cas?
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  70. Did Supernatural changed my life in any way?
The Two Types of Drarry Fics

Me: I want a long, well developed, perfectly characterized slow burn that draws out the relationship between ‘Malfoy’ and ‘Potter’ as it buds over time to 'Draco’ and 'Harry.’ I want believable angst and dialogue with relatable humor that makes the plot seem all the more real and less like a depressing shit show. I want to read the most intense yet believable sex scene and know that the painful wait and drawn out tension was worth it. I want mistakes, betrayals and heartbreaks. I want to cry and not know if it’ll all be okay. I want to read the last sentence and cry some more because it’s over. I want to stare at my screen in disbelief before going back to Chapter 1 and starting over to read it again and again and again.

Also me: searches “drarry smut pwp”

bex taylor-klaus: “I think that the Keith-Pidge relationship is the most underrated friendship on the show […] they work well together, they secretly absolutely adore each other. It’d be cool to have their relationship develop into something a bit more emotional, an emotional friendship.

jeremy shada: “i mean they’re pretty open on our show…because of the network […]. but i think they’re playing pretty slow burn with most of the relationship stuff, and so, as far as where we’re at, there’s not even been–i mean, they always put like little things that will probably pay off later, odds are, but nothing like, for sure at the moment.”

little things that… will pay off.

Persona Chart Series - Interpreting The Axes

Okay so in the last post I talked about interpreting the Person Charts of our planetary placements. In this post I will talk about interpreting the axes in the chart - meaning the Ascendant, Descendant, IC and MC.

The chart’s axes or angle represent different faces we show to different people, the Ascendant being the face we show to others on a daily basis, the IC being the face we show to our family/people we consider family, the Descendant being the face we show in our personal relationships and the MC being the face we show in our career and on social media. 

In that sense we can also interpret the axes the way we do the planets (in being a separate person etc).

However, the angles also represent different areas of life that we experience, so when we look at their persona charts it’s helpful to read the chart like a map of these experiences, as if these experiences are lives themselves within our lives. 

For the purposes of this, especially in the ASC and IC persona charts, Sun and Moon can represent the role of the parents as well as their other representations. 

  • Ascendant Persona: Our immediate environment after being born, relationship with our surroundings.
  • Descendant Persona: Our life within our relationships, legal matters, our private life
  • IC: Our childhood, home life, heritage, hereditary traits
  • MC: Our career path, our end game in life. 

The above are just a few of the things that we can look at these persona charts for to help uncover hidden information in our natal chart. I find the angles particularly interesting to interpret because they represent 4 very different experiences that we are bound to encounter in life. 

What to look out for in each Persona Chart

Ascendant Persona Chart:

  • House position of the Sun and its aspects, this will show us where in life we feel we express our Ascendant the most. Can also show us the role of our father in early life.
  • The ascendant, can indicate the nature of the environment we were born into, adds onto how we express ourselves.
  • Position of Saturn, can indicate hardships experienced in early life
  • IC/MC axes, can show us our early needs in contrast to how we developed into childhood. 

Descendant Persona Chart:

  • House position of the Sun and its aspects, can affect how we feel about partnerships with other people
  • Asc/Dc axes, can show how we are received in personal relationships as well as how we handle legal matters. 
  • Pluto position, where we need control in our personal relationships/private life
  • Moon position, emotional motivation to act the way that we do privately. 

IC Persona Chart:

  • House position of the Sun and its aspects, can show how we felt during childhood on a personal level, perception of the father during childhood
  • Saturn position, what held us back during childhood
  • Moon position, perception of the mother during childhood, emotional stimulus
  • Venus position, where we tried to find love as children, what we were taught to view it as
  • IC/MC axes, can show us lessons we were taught in childhood, how we grew from it

MC Persona Chart:

  • House position of the Sun and its aspects, aspects of life we want to incorporate into our line of work.
  • Ascendant, how we appear in our line of work, in the eye of the public.
  • IC/MC axes, links between our childhood and our choice of career/how we present ourselves 
  • MC, area of interest in our career
  • Moon, emotional ties to our choice of career/why we present ourselves in public the way we do
  • Mars placement, our drive and motivation
  • Saturn, lessons we’ve learned that led us to our chose career. 
Let's Voltron #96 -- Bex Taylor-Klaus -- that one part's transcript (starts at 25:50)
  • Mark: The next one is from BluelightningBug: "I have a question for the lovely Bex. Would you be willing to give your interpretation of Pidge's relationship with each of the Paladins, Allura, and Coran? How does she regard each person and which relationships are you most excited to see developed further?"
  • Bex: I think that the Keith/Pidge relationship is the the most underrated friendship on the show.
  • Mark: Oh wow.
  • Bex: Yeah!
  • Mark: Yeah, I think you're right!
  • Bex: Yeah, I think they get along really well, and there's need to talk about it 'cause it's just so...peaceful between them. And then they work well together; they were the first team, to, work well in the food goo fight,
  • Mark: Yeah.
  • Bex: They...they've never clashed. Like, they secretly absolutely ADORE each other.
  • Mark: Wow.
  • Bex: But it' doesn't need to be talked about because they just work well together, and, that's all that matters to them. That's how they click.
  • Mark: Cool! Is there anything you're excited to see developed further?
  • Bex: I'd like to see, 'cause I think Pidge kind of views Keith as, like...he's a little bit more "robotic" to her, and that's why they click well is just like he follows his method and that's...that's why they work well together is ' her, he's almost mechanical, in what he thinks.
  • Mark: Right.
  • Bex: And so I think that's, it'd be cool to have their relationship blossom into something a little bit more emotional. Y'know. I mean--I don't mean like shipping it. I don't mean like an EMOTIONAL relationship like that, I mean emotional friendship.
  • Mark: Okay. That's cool.

“The best part about [Maggie] was that she showed you how to be true to yourself.”

I haven’t watched the crossover, but I’m aware of this line from Kara (serving as a mouthpiece for the writers) to Alex and I keep coming back to why I’m so bothered by it. On its own, it may not be the biggest deal, but in the context of everything it’s representative of a troubling pattern.

When the show decided to introduce the character of Maggie Sawyer, it wasn’t just taking on the responsibility of telling Alex’s coming out story. It was also taking on the responsibility of using a long-standing lesbian comics character as representation. Unfortunately, as most are well aware, the show’s producers and writers never really viewed Maggie as anything more than a plot device for Alex (a problem exacerbated when Ali Adler left after 2A). After two strong intro episodes that wove her budding relationship with Alex with what she could bring to the show as a detective, Maggie became almost exclusively just “the love interest.” The love interest isn’t an unusual role on TV, but a failure to develop her outside that probably, in many ways, doomed her character’s future from the start.

Here’s where the biggest problem lies: Supergirl made the decision to try and expand Maggie’s backstory, and leaned heavily on the trope of “LGBT character + tragic past.” Instead of utilizing her as a detective, or her joining multi-ep storylines related to the show’s current events, they intentionally kept her development isolated in the themes of her life as a gay woman and her role as a LI. It often felt like they had no plan on what they were doing. They wanted a Valentine’s Day conflict, so they wrote in a tragic outing/disownment story, which only served as a plot device. Four episodes later, they dropped a past cheating revelation again solely to spur conflict. If you, as a show, are going to tackle themes like a gay kid being kicked out of her house at 14 and the ramifications of it, commit to it

The kicker is when the show decided to finally follow up on it (only when it was in the process of writing the character out) and created a mess of an episode where the big takeaway at the end was that Maggie could finally move past what her parents did to her because her new life with Alex was enough and she was finally happy. This was done with full knowledge that Alex would break up with Maggie two weeks later, leaving her with…what exactly? This is really the story they did with an LGBT character?

I get that the producers were dealt the hand of needing to write Maggie out. But here’s a short list of things they had total agency over: declining to establish Maggie as her own character or build a bridge between her past and present (how did she go from being 14 and kicked out to a top detective in the NCPD and so confident in her sexuality?), choosing to routinely give her limited screentime and keep her isolated from the main plots (both of which almost certainly had an impact on why they lost the actress), writing in an abrupt 20-second proposal and then airing it with full knowledge that one of the actresses would be leaving, and drawing out an engagement/wedding storyline with teases of walking down the aisle and a full bridal shower knowing full well it would never happen.

In the end, the best part about Maggie wasn’t that she helped Alex come out. The best part about Maggie was that she was a confident, out gay woman who overcame a past filled with bigotry and hate and grew into an independent, kind, intelligent woman; one who used her career as a way to help people who were outcasts like her, one who had a hard, guarded exterior but was the kind of person who would guide someone she hardly knew through their own coming out process so that it would be better than hers. And one who loved Alex so deeply that she risked everything for her. That’s why Maggie Sawyer had an immense impact on me and countless others. It’s a shame that point seems to be continually lost on those behind Supergirl.

Can we trust everything we see in Killing Stalking?

I think the reason why I find Sangwoo to be more likable compared to other serial killers would be the fact that he seems so human even in the depths of his insanity: he clothed and showered Yoonbum, he fed him porridge in the beginning, he gave him medicine because of his crying, and we’ve seen him take Yoonbum up to the room to take care of him even when Yoonbum tried to poison the food. We’ve seen Sangwoo panic, we’ve seen him pretend and lie, got to know his honest and dark humorous side, was shown an inch of his tragic childhood, we understood he’s just not right in the head. Rather than being downright terrified of this guy, there’s a sense of charm and appeal we’re drawn to with just a little hint of fear and this kind of stumped me. Is Koogi making this a known fact by purposely making sure Sangwoo seems to do a least a little bit of good? A serial killer is manipulative and I wonder if we, the readers, are being manipulated as well…

But how? Then I went into thinking - how much can we trust ANYTHING in this manhwa? I mean, two of these characters aren’t completely mentally sane after all.

Let’s take a look towards my baby Yoonbum - 

Koogi made sure right off the bat, at the VERY beginning (even when we didn’t know about his certain hobby) that he wasn’t normal as well. He had this obsession with Sangwoo that lead to stalking tendencies such as finding out Sangwoo’s house and his combination, and we’ve known he held this torch for a very long time. Right, now then I realized most the chapters we read is in Yoonbum’s perspective and since we understood that Yoonbum’s not completely right in the head, so why should we trust anything we see of Sangwoo? 


Yeah, you’re right. Even though Yoonbum isn’t normal, he’s also not as twisted as our muscle bunny, Sangwoo. However, Yoonbum’s imagination of Sangwoo had to be shattered mainly for the character development and plot drive and thus we can see how unreliable Yoonbum’s perspective can be because further along he shows hints of Stockholm syndrome and other characteristics of an abused victim - from Sangwoo’s image turning into something scary, to gentle, to loving, then vice versa. 

To further emphasize my point let’s bring in a supporting character that is no way involved with the relationship between Yoonbum and Sangwoo.


Why I find him to be more reliable in terms of perspective is that we got to know a bit more of his background as well and the most important one was that he used to be a detective. And as we know, detectives are usually keen to nonverbal cues such as face expressions and body language. Through Seungbae’s eyes, let’s see what Sangwoo looked like: 

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Kind of creepy, right? In Seungbae’s mind, we are given a suspicious and less-desirable Sangwoo. Is it because Seungbae’s experience as a detective has honed his skills in detecting something we couldn’t see through Yoonbum’s eyes? However, Seungbae too cannot be trusted as much.

Why? Because we were also shown in his background that despite being a detective, he was demoted to a regular patrol cop. This can be like a double-edged sword - maybe Seungbae is trying to see the evil in people to redeem his worth back up, after all, we have seen an emotional scene with a picture of Seungbae and an older man (dad?) in a picture that was crumbled in Seungbae’s fist. His arc is directed towards being a hero and from my previous readings, heroes can turn towards a thorny path even with good intentions - think of Light from Death Note. 

So what can I tell you in summary? 

Take everything with a pinch of salt. We’ve seen unreliable narration with Lolita, The Great Gatsby, Othello, etc. so I’m not surprised that in a psychological manhwa like KS we are also being pushed and pulled in a direction that we do not have control of. There are also some truths embedded in KS but the best convincing lies always have a bit of truth in them. 

I guess we’ll see in further chapters but this was just my two cents.

“Star vs The Forces of Evil” - Love Triangle

What I love most about Star vs The Forces of Evil is the love triangle between Marco, Jackie, and Star. Unlike most current cartoon shows they either do is focus on the two specific character relationship develop and forget the other or it just written poorly like 

Mako, Korra, and Asami from The Legend of Korra  

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Mordecai, Margret, and CJ from Regular Show 

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They build it up pretty well like having the characters growth and develop their relationship

Back in season 1, Marco was always awkward whenever he’s around Jackie

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But after everything has happen to him, he’s actually feeling more comfortable around her now in later of season 1

And that my friends I call development 

However for Star and Marco relationship. They started as platonic, acting as friends and going on many adventures together

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And as their relationship grew, there love grew stronger as well

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Now in season 2, Star started to have feelings for Marco

But as that is going on, Marco and Jackie relationship starts to build up

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and then “Bon Bon the Birthday Clown”, the episode that nearly killed most of SVTOE fandom, espesically Starco fans, shows up

Finally after a long time Marco Diaz gets to date the girl he has a crush since they were infants, Jackie Lynn Thomas. Star began having second thoughts on her decision of going to the dead clown sceance than going to the dance with him.

  She actually start to feel doubt, jealously, and frustration of this  

While the Jarco date is going really well 

Back with Star, she decided to use dark magic to see what Marco been up to

and Star becomes envious 

Then this happen after they both crash off the skateboard! 

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After the fight with Ludo and him stealing Glossaryk from her. Marco comes to see her if she’s alright but than he admittedly go see if Jackie is okay… ouch  

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Then the trio went to Love Handel concert, all things were going well 

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Until Jackie and Marco kissed

Instead of being the third real of this, she with a force smile for her to tell him that it was okay

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Star and Marco relationship got really complicated is in Song Day, Star crush towards Marco got revealed 

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Now things got awkward to them

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They patch things up by talking to each other and just sticking as friends 

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But after her mom, Queen Moon Butterfly, tells her that she has to leave Earth ‘cause of Toffee uprising, she told him the truth of how does she really feel for him before she has to flee to Mewni. 

and that left Jackie completely shock

So I find this Love Triangle well written than most cartoon shows. It shown drama, great character development and, love and the build up was great. As much I love Starco and I consider to be my TRUE OTP, it was great to watch this. 

Honestly Yuri On Ice is such a ridiculous piece of fiction like it’s based around this somewhat outdated cliche of what if your idol and celebrity crush fell in love with you? except it does it in a really great way where we witness them actually falling in love with each other through building a relationship, while also addressing well the fact that the main characters have anxiety and depression, and the entire time it’s about competitive ice skating so we get a lot of really beautiful sequences, and it’s also super gay which is like really lovely to see a strong romantic relationship develop between two grown men and overall the show is just so wonderful and pure and wholesome but there was also a scene with drunk pole dancing and dry humping that serves as arguably the most pivotal scene in the entire show in terms of character development and plot twists so there’s that as well.

anonymous asked:

So you think kiri is the most developed character in class 1A , in my opinion I think he is the second after bakugou , I even think he will get more character development in the future

Kirishima’s Character Development Throughout the Series

Huh? I didn’t say Kirishima is the most developed character in Class 1-A. If I did, I didn’t mean that. What I meant to say was Kirishima is the most developed SIDE CHARACTER of Class 1-A. I definitely don’t think he’s anywhere near as well developed as main characters like Midoriya, Bakugou, and Todoroki. In fact, I don’t think he’s as developed as any of the main characters. The focus Kirishima received the Internship Arc isn’t close to the focus Iida got during the Stain Arc.

or close to the focus Todoroki got during the Sports Festival Arc.

Uraraka has received more focus than Kirishima in all the BNHA arcs except for the Hideout Raid Arc, Internship Arc, and MAYBE USJ Arc.

Kirishima really hasn’t gotten much development before the Internship Arc. In the USJ Arc, the start of his budding relationship with Bakugou is decent, but he doesn’t take down any major villains. He just stands there for a good portion of the arc.

His relationship with Bakugou and Tetsutetsu stands out during the Sports Festival, but he’s overshadowed by a lot of other characters like Midoriya, Bakugou, Iida, Todoroki, Uraraka, Tokoyami, Mei, and Shinsou.

He’s out of focus during the Stain Arc and End of the Term Test Arc.

In fact, he fails the End of Term Test, so he never gets a chance to shine.

He doesn’t get a chance to fight the villains during the School Camping Trip Arc.

I’ve read the manga since early on, probably around when the Sports Festival was happening. I’ve joined conversations, and early on in the series, people were not talking about Kirishima or were interested in him. He was known as Bakugou’s friend, and people assumed he and Tetsutetsu are practically the same person. Some people found him charming, but he was rarely mentioned in conversations. I personally didn’t become interested in him until the Sports Festival Cavalry Battle because I thought his friendship Bakugou would go somewhere interesting. To be honest, I didn’t Horikoshi would do anything with Kirishima except develop his friendship with Bakugou. Nonetheless, I was still interested in Kirishima’s character because I thought his friendship with Bakugou was interesting enough on its own. It was a little annoying seeing Kirishima not do much during the Stain Arc, End of Term Arc, and Camping Trip Arc, so I thought Horikoshi didn’t like his character or have any big plans for Kirishima.

Fortunately, Kirishima’s character started getting interesting during the end of the School Camping Trip Arc when he looked devastated at the thought of Bakugou getting captured and really wanted to fight the villains to protect Bakugou.

Fans started getting interested in Kirishima when he was insistent on rescuing Bakugou and was blaming himself for not being able to do anything to help Bakugou. That moment signaled Kirishima means business and would do anything to help his friends. It really showcased his heroic spirit and determination. Kirishima wanting to rescue Bakugou and blaming himself for letting Bakugou get captured was the most interesting Kirishima moment at that point in the manga. Unfortunately, considering the lack of big moments Kirishima had received until that point in the manga, that’s not saying much.

Even though I did say Kirishima’s character didn’t get much development before the Internship Arc, he does get a decent amount of character development during the Hideout Raid Arc. That arc shows off Kirishima’s determination and heroic personality as well as how important his friendship with Bakugou is. That’s more than enough to make Kirishima one of the most well developed side characters of the series, but nowhere close to the level any of the main characters are at. It also doesn’t help that when chapter 90 came out, some people were complaining Bakugou and Kirishima’s relationship didn’t get much development until that point, and I agree the moment would have been more effective if their relationship was built up a bit more.

During the wrap up of the Hideout Raid Arc, Kirishima and Bakugou’s relationship gets a bit of attention from the manga.

And Kirishima shows off more of his kindhearted personality by comforting Tsuyu.

However in the arc afterwards, the Hero License Exam Arc, he doesn’t get much attention. Instead of getting a badass moment, Kirishima turns into a meatball and has to be saved by Bakugou and Kaminari. I’ve kind of gotten used to the lack of badass moments from Kirishima by that point.

Kaminari praises Kirishima for his nice personality, but it’s not something any of us don’t know, and Kaminari’s comments are more geared towards Bakugou’s character development while also showing how highly Kaminari thinks of his friends. This moment is mostly meant for Kaminari’s and Bakugou’s character development. Although, Kaminari’s remark towards Kirishima is meaningful nonetheless.

Later after being rescued, Kirishima just tags along with Bakugou and Kaminari. He takes down some people to pass the first half of the exam in pretty cool moment to show Kirishima is still a competent fighter since the last time we had seen him take down anyone is during the Sports Festival.

During the second half of the Hero License Exam, Kirishima relies on his common sense and heroic spirit to save as many people as possible in order to pass the hero license exam. Kirishima rescuing people is mostly done off screen.

and Kirishima’s most notable moments during the second half of the exam is calling Bakugou out on his bullshit and then feeling bad for Bakugou when Bakugou doesn’t pass the exam.

By the end of the Hero License Exam Arc, Kirishima is a well-liked, charming character by the fans. However, he doesn’t have a lot going for him in terms of development. At least, he’s nowhere close to any of the main characters in terms of development. He’s kindhearted and good friends with Bakugou, but he comes across as a simpleminded, typical, kindhearted, hotblooded shounen character whose characterization is centered around Bakugou. He’s a great character and certainly developed enough to gain fan attention, but he doesn’t nearly have the development the other main characters get, and I don’t think the attention and character development he gets during the Internship Arc is enough to claim he’s as well developed as any of the main characters yet. His character development during the Internship Arc is a pleasant surprise since we knew Kirishima was due for development; we just didn’t think it would be this much this quickly.  

Let’s see…what happened to Kirishima during the Internship Arc?

He gets lots of screen time with the main character.

His low self-esteem is addressed.

He finally gets a really badass moment and a noticeable improvement in his Quirk.

His past is hinted at.

He has a mentor and senpai whom he thinks highly of.

He helps take down some very tough villains while being severely injured in the process.

Kirishima gets a lot more screen time during that arc overall.

That development is more than enough to make Kirishima the most prominent side character in Class 1-A. HOWEVER, as I mentioned before, Kirishima got so little development in early arcs that the development he gets here doesn’t catch him up to the main characters’ levels. Uraraka and Iida have had arcs where they’re a bit out of focus, but their focus and character development have been more consistent, and they’ve been prominent in the manga since the beginning. They’ve gotten decent development and panel time every arc simply because they’re main characters and close friends with Midoriya.

This is only my interpretation though. Others may think differently.

I don’t think Kirishima is as developed as any of the main characters. He’s getting there. He just needs to get more consistent screen time in future chapters, and considering the development he has gotten during the Internship Arc, that likely will happen. Horikoshi has plans for Kirishima’s character.That has been apparent since the hideout Raid Arc.  

(I did not intend for this answer to get this long.)

time for a new goddamn psa

i seem to like making these things when i decide that i don’t want to spend time on my english lit and french essays :)

reasons why zutara isn’t toxic

  1. said ship is the literal definition of equality and balance within a relationship. aka. healthy, functioning partnership and not a one-sided mess rooted in a misogynistic and outdated cliche designed to reduce female characters to one dimensional representations of the male arm candy fantasy.
  2. idk what ship you ‘radical kat@angers’ (this is such a weird term but idk what else to call y’all) are looking at but it’s katara and zuko. if you think for a second that either of them have any capability to be toxic or abusive within a relationship after all the shit they went through on the show, i don’t think we watched the same show…they’re literally the most cinnamon roll characters to ever cinnamon roll
  3. literal besties. need i say more? say it with me: healthy friendship based on trust and mutual respect as well as a deep understanding and appreciation of the inherent flaws within each other and a desire to encourage growth and development in one another.
  4. don’t even get me started on parallels and symbolism. y’all know they’re there. y’all know.

also zutara shippers aren’t toxic [psa extension]

  1. zutara shippers are literally the most supportive and creative and coolest people i’ve ever come across in fandom? like the metas i read are always fanfuckingtastic and they’re so well thought out and shit. like, that shit takes dedication. also fanart. also literally any threads involving @honxrable or @seapruncs or @theadamantdaughter (if i have forgotten other people i’m sorry but i’m running on 2 hours sleep)
  2. considering that many zutara peeps have received death threats and rape threats and all kinds of violence in their inboxes and still manage to stay classy is testament to the non-toxic nature of shippers and ship alike
  3. but no lie we will sass you because a) some people take shit too seriously (considering i made a whole goddamn psa i guess i can’t talk)* and b) people are unnecessarily rude and nobody needs that

*although i didn’t make a whole fucking blog about it *cough*

this has been an unnecessary psa by me and literally nobody cares but i needed a way to procrastinate, so here we are.

edit: ‘radical kat@angers’ refers to the select kat@ang shippers that are truly terrible and can’t respond to analytic meta in a responsible, mature, sensible way like most normal people. many kataang shippers seem perfectly harmless. y’all keep shipping your ship.

nadificobsessed  asked:

I am just so worried that after 6 years of thinking Clarke was dead, Bellamy would have moved on and hooked up with either Raven or Echo.... I mean the man can't stay celibate. Then when they reunite there will be all sorts of complications. Please reassure me.

Six years, with only seven other people for company, is a long time. Every character and every relationship will be shaken up. It’s too early to say what might happen.

But here’s the thing. Never have Clarke and Bellamy been together during any time jump on this show. I think the writers know very well that if they were together for any amount of peace time, the only romance for them that could happen would be with each other. There’s really no contest from any other characters. And the show doesn’t want to do bellarke in a time jump. Every piece of bellarke development is going to be shown deliberately on screen. That’s the relationship that’s most important, and that’s a story they want to tell.  And no matter what happens with Bellamy, that’s what you should remember.

Full offense why are you guys calling jerza open ended and not canon when they’ve been mutually in love the entire fucking series and like if chapter 264 doesn’t exist lol? They’ve been in love with each other. For the entire manga. That’s canon. That’s literally canon. We have a right to be pissed off that they were given the short end of the stick until the very end despite being the most well developed romantic relationship in the series. Mashima really did them both as characters and as a relationship so dirty especially with that shit show ending. But they have been canon for a very long fucking time. “Open ended” my ass.


This panel shows so much character development. Kougyoku, who saw herself as weak after the Kou civil war, has become so confident. She cherishes her friendship with Alibaba so much she wanted to have a heart to heart with him by casting away her djinn equip and sword while everyone sought violence against Alibaba and company in their delusion she has also been entranced in. It’s something that surprised everyone.

But I specifically wanted to point out her hand which is telling her beloved brother to not worry about her. She’s used to be very insecure and dependent on her imperial family whom she’s always respected, but when Koumei reaches his hand out to stop Kougyoku she sticks out her arm to gesture him to leave her be. She knows what she’s doing, she wants to handle things her own way, and I just really love it.

Honestly the relationship with Alibaba and Kougyoku is so well developed and not to make this into a ship war but Alikou was such a missed opportunity. Nonetheless I still love Kougyoku and all her badassness.

This is also good development for Koumei since I’ve never seen much of a brotherly nature from him outside of when he’s with Kouren and Kouha. Showing a loving side towards his sister who he hasn’t been close with for most his life is amazing to. You haven’t had Kougyoku interact much with her family.

The Bubbline guide

UPDATE: Time Sandwhich has been added to the list, as suggested by yellowdartvoice

So all this hype made you want to watch Adventure Time, but just for the cute couple gal pals? (Or you just want to watch the show itself, in which case another guide is coming soon.) Yet you’re intimidated by the 226 episodes that have aired so far? Fear not, here’s your guide to Bubbline that includes their shared episodes as well as those that help you understand them as individual characters. I know you could just go to wikia and see what episode features both Marceline (the punk-rock vampire one) and Princess Bubblegum (the scientific pink one), but come on, you want to understand their story, don’t you? Which is why I made this guide (and it’s not procrastinating, not at all).

The episodes themselves are gonna be under the cut because, well, out of 226 I listed 71 of them. I know, I know, I was supposed to narrow it down, but most of these are optional ones that only feature one or neither of them. If you watch all of these 71 episodes then cool, you have a general understanding of Adventure Time’s most important plot points and know pretty much everything there is to know about Marceline and Bubblegum. If you don’t want to and are only here for the real action, you can find the ones to watch on this list.

Overall, there are 13 core episodes (including all of Stakes), 21 recommended and 37 optional ones (tho some are more important than others). Watching just the core episodes is not that recommended, since you will be confused during later episodes and I don’t think one can appreciate, say, Varmints, as much, but hey, you can of course just watch these.

These 13 episodes are:

  • s2ep20: Go With Me
  • s3ep10: What Was Missing
  • s5ep29: Sky Witch
  • s7ep2: Varmints
  • s7ep6-13: all 8 episodes of Stakes (srsly, watch them all)
  • s7ep27: Broke His Crown

Okay, so Go With Me is more like a prologue for Bubbline and Stakes centers around Marceline, but I’m not willing to cut these out of the core. Now, if you’re also interested in their individual character development, I have more episodes for you, some highly recommended, some entirely optional. I really do hope that even without most of the optional ones you’ll get the overall picture of this show, these characters and their relationship. The 71 episodes are the following:

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

how do you think Lapis and Peridot will develop from here, both as individuals and as a pair? maybe it's too early or unfounded, but i worry a little about people bailing ship if Lapidot goes south in canon :/

As individuals, I think Peridot will learn that she doesn’t need to force herself to walk on eggshells around someone just because she doesn’t want to hurt them. Like yes, Peridot is blunt, often rude, and has insulted like…everyone before, so yeah her communication issues make it painfully obvious why she did what she did, but it also makes it kinda scary because Peridot didn’t know where to draw the line. So, that’s something she needs to work on, something that other people (*cough* Lapis) shouldn’t be blamed for, and something I’m positive we’ll see her overcome.

As for Lapis, boy is she due for some long awaited development. However, since su is a show where the characters are constantly developing even in the smallest ways, I don’t expect everything going on with her to be wrapped up in this arc, but I do think we’ll see her do what we all expect her to do and

  • realize that she can’t run away from all her problems
  • learn that she should fight for what she cares about (aka steven, peridot, and in due time, the rest of the gems)
  • make some sort of peace with earth because she still very much has problems with that planet and everything that happened on it, but I’m sure they’ll be resolved one way or another if she’s going to go back there and stay

And as for how I think Lapis and Peridot will develop as a pair:


Those two haven’t been doing it recently (or at least, not well) but su is always, always reminding us that communication is the most important aspect of any relationship. Other characters have learned that lesson, now it’s Lapis and Peridot’s turn. I know this problem between them will get resolved (bc y’all it’s a tv show, conflicts always get resolved, especially on a kid’s shows like su where the main theme is love will always prevail and whatnot) and I’m legit not worried at all about Lapis and Peridot’s relationship going south and being completely dumped because a) the crew are smarter than that and b) they had to develop their relationship in some way and this is how they’re doing it. 

And I just have to throw this in here: as an audience, we never saw how Lapis and Peridot became close in the first place. Many people complained about it, many said it was bad writing, but I now think that was %100 intentional, because it made it feel like something was missing from their relationship. And as we saw in Raising the Barn, something is missing from their relationship but most of us overlooked it while we were talking about how cute they were with their pumpkin child and meep morps and etc. 

I have to really give it up for the crewniverse because it was ingenious to skip the development phase of their relationship and go straight into making it seem like everything was okay between them, luring the viewers into the very same false sense of security that Lapis and Peridot lured their own selves into. But now, we’ll see how they learn and grow from this, see them develop their relationship for real and see them do it in the genuine, honest way that they always should have.

anonymous asked:

hi! i love your blog! can i ask for your top five favorite bellarke scenes, and why?:)

First of all, this is a personal attack on my life so:

But secondly, in no particular order:

1. The argument in Hakeldama (3x05):

I love this scene because it serves the purpose of showing how much they trust each other, even when they’ve been ripped apart (because Bellamy has for the most part been maintaining his composure in public and Clarke was as closed up as we’ve ever seen her up until now) and also finally deals with (and clears) the unresolved tension between them about Clarke almost blowing up his sister, as well as the feelings of abandonment and guilt they both feel, which helps pave the way for their expanding relationship. Unlike many other couples on this show Bellarke actually tends to excise issues that would otherwise haunt them when they finally get together romantically, so the scene while painful is hugely important for the development of their relationship and their individual arcs as well. 

2.  The “Head and Heart” conversation in Praimfaya (4X13):

This scene is one that shows just how far they’ve come. We are taken all the way back to the beginning of their relationship (S1) and made aware of the fact that Clarke has been paying attention to him from the beginning. Even when no one else noticed the things he was doing, she did, and for whom. I also love that finally someone is telling Bellamy that he is capable (and always has been) of leading alone. Again, another scene that advances both the characters and their relationship. 

3. The “There You Are” scene in Blood Must Have Blood (2x16):

Bellamy has the two most important women in his life with him in this scene and even though he can’t hold Clarke, he can look at her. And the look on both of their faces is so important. Neither of them thought they’d make it this far. Clarke certainly thought Bellamy might die (accepted that risk when she agreed with his plan about needing an inside man in Mt. Weather), but the longer the were apart the more concerned she became. Basically, I love how much is conveyed via facial expression in this scene. 

4. The Tree Scene in Day Trip (1x08):

Originally posted by merdok1993

This scene here. For obvious reasons I love the little bit of peace they manage to find under the tree before they go back to reality (highlighted even more by the released script). I love the iconic “You want forgiveness?” scene. I love the idea that even though Clarke has never met Aurora she knows that Bellamy’s worth shouldn’t be tied into the idea that his mother might have had for his life. 

 5. The List Scene in The Four Horseman (4x03)

Because we have Bellamy and Clarke affirming that they would not willingly live without the other in this scene. This is also the first scene between them where they seek a different form of physical comfort than the hug. It’s also a scene where Bellamy gives Clarke the knowledge that she doesn’t have to make the difficult decisions alone (although Raven stated earlier in the episode she did and would). 

Honorable mention:

The Beach Scene in We Will Rise (4x06):


The “Let’s Drink Possible Poison ‘Together’” Scene in Join or Die (3x13):


ReLIFE is a series about a 27 year old man who’s given the chance to be reborn ten years younger and relive a year in high school to correct his life’s direction.

The premise is a fascinating one, reliving a period in your life that, well, might not have been the highlight. High school is such a complicated time to think about, whether you were on the jock or geek end of the spectrum. Friendships, possible relationships, classes, there’s a lot of moving parts. ReLIFE was interesting here because Arata, our main character, went into it thinking it’s be easy, but man does seeing teenagers in action really break that idea apart.

The further in the series you get, the better Arata is at identifying what’s going on, finding resolutions to problems, and just becoming friends with his classmates. It has an authenticity to it, the idea that if you could experience high school with the maturity you have now it might go better.

Running through the cast of classmates, one could argue they’re stereotypical, but there’s enough uniqueness mixed in to make them more than cardboard cutouts. Chizuru is such a woefully socially awkward, kind girl at the beginning and slowly warms through the series. An is that spunky troublemaker you probably knew - or avoided in school. Rena is the too-hard-on-herself one. Kazuomi is the bookworm who is socially competent but relationship blind. Honoka is the born athlete. They each play a role, and they’re each enjoyable enough you pull for them, even when they make you mad.

Yes, what I’ve written gives some points away, but don’t let that deter you from watching the series. It’s a wonderful slice of life, high school series that has enough well written conflict, romance, and all around feelings that you just go away smiling a little after watching it. A good, serious, non-satirical show seems hard to find most seasons, but this is one of them.

Recommended? Yes, absolutely, especially if you’re into a slice of life that delves into solid relationship development, both romantic and friend. This series was wonderfully put together and I really want more seasons.