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Girl meets STEM

I think the genius plot of the episode is actually Ava and Auggie. Not the science class. Here is why. Ava worked hard, and busted her little tushie, and got her hands dirty, and she got a trophy. Auggie did none of that and he got the same damn trophy. Now fast forward that “lesson” 20 years from now, where we get a self-entitled, ego-obsessed, never-question-his-own-greatness jerk of a human species, who is literally capable of shit, but who still gets rewarded for the commendable achievement of being born with a penis by getting a paycheck that is 21 cents more than Ava on every dollar, despite Ava being more capable at the same sport. Both Ava and Auggie were basically taught that accomplishments don’t matter. In Auggie’s case, 20 years from now that would mean that he will have the unsubstantiated confidence, despite not being any good at all, and therefore will move ahead in life; and in Ava’s case, that would typically mean questioning whether her abilities even matter - since everyone gets the same damn trophy- therefore creating a barrier for her to advance in the future. Now multiply that to a national scale and we understand why women have to fight to be recognized as people of value outside of just being nurturing mothers whose most valuable organ is a uterus. Nothing wrong with being nurturing mothers, but that is not the only thing women are capable of. And that is also why I loved what Riley said to Maya about the world where she does not believe she can be an evil genius scientist is a scary place.

Good for Ava though for very colorfully highlighting the fact that Auggie did not deserve the same trophy she got, and for actually teaching him the value of working for his rewards instead of just collecting them.

When I think of the person that I’d be if I hadn’t discovered tumblr a few years ago, I remember the person I was, and think about how different I’d be had I not been exposed to all of this.

I’d still have so much hate for myself, my body and my mind, still think I’d never be good enough. Now I’m working towards loving every inch of my body and appreciating what it and my brain can do.

I’d still be slightly uncomfortable with racist and rape jokes, but would probably still laugh along with everyone else and wouldn’t dream of calling anyone out for using slurs, or be able to explain why cunt is sexist and retarded is ablest.

I’d probably think it’s totally fine to wear bindis and native headdresses, and would probably get defensive if someone tried to tell me I was appropriating a people or culture.

I would still be fighting to find my worth in the hearts and wobbly words of drunk boys and cutting my wrists and thinking that being yelled at by men was justified because of my short shorts.

I’d probably still think pussy was synonymous with wimp and that ‘like a girl’ was an acceptable insult. I’d still think my legs were too fat and my stomach too wide, never remembering that it holds some of my most valuable organs.

I’d still be subconsciously squeezing myself into the smallest space to make room for men draping themselves all over the seats on the train and I would never dream of making them walk around me instead of moving out of their way on the sidewalk.

I’m so proud of how far I’ve come and I know that I have so much to owe to tumblr, and the community here.