most underrated disney movie ever

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IT JUST HIT ME! Rooney always reminded me of someone and I could never put my finger on it until now! (idk if you've mentioned this already but) have you ever seen Atlantis the Lost Empire??? The character Audrey Ramirez? She looks like Rooney, atleast I think so, & I mean it in the best way possible! I'm mind blown.


SHE AND KIDA WERE MY FAVES OMFG thank you for opening my eyes and making me realize this holy cow. it’s even funnier because rooney’s sister is named audrey ahehehe

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I got this idea a couple years ago but I knew it would mean doing a crazy background and that did me a frighten so I procrastinated. Then I did a really good scene at work and was feeling good and began the journey of finally finishing this piece. I’m pretty happy with it! I was hoping to finish it by the release of the 4th game but in the end I finished this in August. 

So the idea is a riff on a certain fantastic scene from one of the most (if not THE most) underrated Disney movie ever. Except these carvings are far more relevant to Drake’s journey.

Nah but really

I would just like to point out that the Lion King 2 is one of the most underrated Disney movies ever.

Did we all just forget that happened? Do you remember the good - ass plotline? Do you remember the good-ass songs? Do you remember being weirdly attracted to Kovu or was that just me?

I’m just saying it’s one of my favs and ppl always say sequels suck.

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: why the fuck is treasure planet one of the most underrated disney movies ever. youve got steampunk space pirates, amazing graphics, wonderful characters, the most beautiful soundtrack ever, and did i mention STEAMPUNK SPACE PIRATES???? and the worldbuilding like sign me the fuck up!!!!!!! and yet! ive met maybe 5 people who've seen this movie i hate this im gonna go listen to im still here on repeat and maybe cry a lil

Ok of all the 2000’s Disney movies to potentially get super successful and get a bunch of sequels + a TV series, I’m glad it was Lilo and Stitch.

but you know which one of them is actually the most overlooked/underrated Disney sequel ever

not the movie that started the series

not the movie that was made as a conclusion to the series

but movie that was made after, but took place before both.

the honest to god, pure-and-simple, sequel. That had actual movie-worthy animation and writing. It’s where a lot of the Lilo and Stitch clips around tumblr come from, and yet people rarely mention it when talking about straight-to-DVD Disney sequels.


Tash’s 365 Movies in 365 Days Challenge

036/365 Treasure Planet (2002)

“Let me make this as… monosyllabic as possible. I don’t much care for this crew you hired. They’re… how did I describe them, Arrow, I said something rather good this morning.”
“A ‘ludicrous parcel of drivelling galoots’, ma'am.”
“There you go! Poetry.