most tragic moments

Day One Hundred and Twenty-Six

-A woman’s total came out to $6.32. She handed me $5.07 and waited patiently for her change. I let her know that there was $1.25 left, to which she let me know that this was the correct amount for her to receive back. Upon getting my point across, she handed me $1.00 more. Hesitantly, I pointed out the discrepancy, at which point she took the balance out of my hand and passed me a crisp ten.

-A bouncing baby with, what I suspected to be, a full diaper, showed me his talent of fitting his entire fist inside his mouth. Already, he has accomplished more in life than I could ever dream of achieving.

-When asked how she was today, a woman replied with only silence and a single thumb raised to the sky. This fleeting moment spoke volumes more than any mere words could.

-In one of the most tragic moments I have yet to witness, a jar of salsa slid out of a man’s cart and shattered into thousands of spicy shards, spraying all over his sandal-clad feet. This was not a tragedy for his loss of mild picante pleasure, nor did the sadness lie in the hot mess left for me to clean. The deeply troubling nature of the situation stemmed entirely from the squelches that accompanied each of his steps after.

-A man asked me not to bag any of his items, as he had, instead, brought along with him a large bucket.

-A five year-old girl approached my register, got up on her toes to rest her arm along the bar, and, holding up five of her little fingers, ordered as many stickers, to go. With a flick of my wrist and a wink of my eye, I served up this order, receiving only a blank expression in return. True artistes are never appreciated in their time, but I will never give up the Craft of Flair.

-I handed a child a sticker. His mother prompted him to thank me. When he did not, his mother revoked his sticker privilege and insisted that he say his thanks. Instead, he turned to me, looked directly into my eyes, and said, “Voodoo.” I deeply wish she had just let him keep the sticker. Another curse is the last thing I need right now.

-I saw a man in his eighties walk into the airlock at the store’s entrance, perch himself upon a motorized cart, and drift swiftly to sleep. I want this man to take me under his wing and teach me, as I could never achieve such sound slumber so speedily in such a trafficked place, but I know that I can never ask him as much. That would involve waking him up, and that simply will not do.

-I watched a young boy walk up to my lane, brandishing a pixelated sword from Minecraft and a Peter Quill mask from Guardians of the Galaxy. He asked me if I could ring up his aforementioned “Star Wars toys”, and after a brief pause, if I had heard of that new movie about the galaxy guards. When I told him that I had, he informed me that he was, in fact, the guy from that. Naturally, I was starstruck and asked him for more details. This rare celeb sighting was sadly cut short, as Star-Lord’s dad leaned over my counter, stole my hand sanitizer, and demanded to know what exactly was with these credit card chips he kept hearing about everywhere.

-A newborn child, scarcely two months-old, rolled through my lane and, in the moments that followed, changed my life. I smiled. She giggled. I waved my hand. She waved her foot. I stuck my tongue out. She waved both her feet. This is now, and will forever be, our secret handshake.

  • you: yeah cole was cool, so sad he died tho
  • me, an intellectual: the death of Cole Stewart was quite possibly one of the most tragic moments in the entire TDM series. Not only did he die completely believing he was a monster who didn't deserve to live in the first place because of his abilities, but he died fighting for the freedom of children with the same abilities who he saw as innocent victims of a cruel unaccepting world when he couldn't even find it in his heart to accept himself. His death means that his family has now lost 2 children to IAAN and the third is going to be scarred permanently after seeing not one, but two of his siblings' cold, dead bodies, especially when the realization hits that Cole died protecting him after a lifetime of killing himself to take care of him even when he didn't appreciate it. Liam Stewart will spend the rest of his life feeling guilty and responsible for his brother's death.
School and college life be like

 Most irritating moments
- Morning alarm/waking up

Most difficult task
- Finding socks

Most Dreadful journey
- Way to class

Most lovely time
- Meeting friends

Most Tragic moment
- Surprise test  

Most wonderful news

SnK Chapter 92 Poll Results

The chapter 92 poll closed with 500 reported entries.

(486 responses)

This chapter had a better reception than the last one. Seeing Reiner and Zeke was cited as a factor by many. Also the action was hard to resist.

that was an interesting way to set up a new story arc. i don’t really know whether i liked it or not, and i’m really eager to see what’s going on with our main crew. i’m gonna reserve most of my judgement until there’s a bigger picture though, so i can fully see what’s going on and why Isayama decided to start like this.

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Nami’s LOYALTY - The Hidden Gem

I know this arc has a lot of people debating on whether a SH will end up in a romance, but Oda has also used this arc as an opportunity to showcase Nami’s loyalty.

During the fight with Cracker, Nami did not run away, she had 11 Hours to get away to not only safety, but to go after Sanji, Chopper, Carrot, etc. Instead she stayed with him, despite the enemy’s status as a YONKO COMMANDER and fought side by side with her captain.
Even better is that she yelled at the same commander that she does not care what his position is, because they guy fighting alongside her will be the Pirate King and he has no limits.

Next we see how she reacts in a desperate situation when her captain is being beat to a pulp in front of her eyes.

This moment showed how even in the most tragic moments, she will back up her captain. This is further evidenced by the proper translation and looking at the context. A friend of mine said this:

So Nami Says : “ Gomen ne Yokei na Koto shite ”
Now there is 2 very important thing in this. “ Ne ” and “ Yokei na Koto ”.
“ Gomen ” just means sorry and “ Shite ” is only the Verb
I came to understand that “ Yokei na Koto ” is a japanese “ expression ”, it means like, to do too much, overdo it, unnecessary act.
“ Ne ” in this sentence is an “ intonation ” it adds a strong sense of “ sarcasms ” in this context .
So the sentence is more like
“ Sorry for my unnecessary behavior ” (with a sarcastic tone)
This means Nami’s slap got a deep meaning behind it. It’s a direct parallel to Sanji, Nami is apologizing for overdoing it with her slap when Sanji has gone and overdo it with his role, disrespecting their crew and beating Luffy to a pulp
She was trying to get Sanji to react by making him understand in a subtle manner that he went overboard with his fake act.​

This shows she retaliated strictly for the excessive beating of Luffy even though she begged him to stop multiple times combined with her own frustrations of everything that she’s gone through.

Note: Correct translation is as follows, 

“Nami: ……Luffy!! Why?! No matter what his reasons, after he did all that to you…”

This confirms her reasoning behind the slap to Sanji and is coherent with my explanation above. I’ve said it before but I’ll restate it again. This is why I think that this moment is considered HUGE. Sure he could have made Nami say things from the top of King Baum but Oda also wants readers to get the message. Basically if you cross the line with Luffy, Nami will cut ties with you holy shit.

And to keep it short, I’ll only add in one more instance, her stand with Luffy against a freaking YONKO ARMY. As if a commander wasn’t enough, she stayed with her captain again, instead of leaving for safety, or again going after Sanji and the others.

She herself knows that this may be a losing fight. In fact she warned Luffy multiple times that they are not in the best spot, deep in yonko territory, with BM being angered.

Even after seeing a massive army coming she still stays and is prepared to fight. When Nami of all people says Luffy will not win a fight, you best believe Luffy has no chance of winning that fight. No one displays more confidence or plays a cheerleading role for Luffy than Nami, as Oda has shown time and time again.

So for her to say that, it shows how she thinks the upcoming battle is going to turn out bad. Despite that she still STAYS and fights alongside her captain.

This kind of loyalty is amazing and Oda has clearly shown how much her captain means to her in this entire arc. I am confident, he will show more again later this arc and of course in future arcs as well.

  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: maggie and carl have been through so much together. maggie was the one that warned hershel that rick and carl were coming and needed help. maggie was right by carl's side when lori was going to die. maggie protected carl when rick was going crazy and having hallucinations in the prison. carl gave maggie the music box after beth died because he thought she would like it. carl was right beside maggie letting her know he and the rest of the group were going to take glenn and that it would be ok. carl was there with open arms accepting a hug they both needed more than anything while maggie was crying in his arms. these two have been by each others sides during their most tragic moments and if they don't team up and kick negans ass together i'm going to riot.

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Hi! Your blog is amazing, I've learned so much! I have a question, if you don't mind. I saw Matthew Bourne´s Swan lake and thought the pas de deux by the male leads was beautiful and very interesting in how they choreographed it as there was not the typical stronger/lighter dualism that lifts are very dependent on. I've seen a few other clips online of two men dancing but my question is, do you know of similar things but with women? Thank you!

Thank you!

Matthew Bourne’s “Swan Lake” is my favourite ballet! I love the Black pas de deux. It’s one of the most beautiful and the most tragic moments in the ballet. The whole scene takes place in the Prince’s head. This is the moment when his mind fractures and paranoia takes over.

Bourne put a lot of thought into the scene:

“What I tried here - a filmic device - is to make the Prince put himself in the Queen’s place. This dance is for the two men alone together, and it’s where the music is suddenly at its most Black Swannish. I had a problem in my mind for a while about exactly what to do in this part. Then I saw one of those Argentinian tango shows that came to London: Tango Argentino or Forever Tango - it’s all the same and it’s all wonderful - where two men were dancing together. I though their style of movement would work very well: that sort of dark intertwining of bodies. You’ve got a formal partnering style built in, which says something straight away; and it allowed for us to develop something that got more violent and antagonistic between them after a simple start. It brought an older memory into my mind, of the film Valentino, where Nureyev as Valentino dances with Dowell as Nijinsky. They’re just partnering each other in a ballroom in dark suits, observed by someone from a distance, and they do a whole tango.”

The thing to remember with Bourne’s “Swan Lake” is that, though the story is more psychological than romantic, there is a homoerotic undercurrent. It makes a lot of sense for a relationship between two men to be explored in the context of a ballet story. Arguably more so than a relationship between two women.

I don’t think there are any similar ballets with women at its core. In fact, I can’t think of any ballet that examines the relationship between two female characters. I love Nikia’s and Gamzatti’s interaction in “La Bayadere”, but their relationship and dialogue centre around a man. In “La fille mal gardee” we get a strong mother / daughter dynamic at the centre of the story, but the relationship is comedic rather than poignant. And the mother is played by a man. It almost feels like choreographers are either afraid of exploring female relationships or find the subject boring.

The thing is, most ballets (the entire classical canon) were created by men, and we inevitably see ballerinas, their characters and relationships through men’s eyes. Very few choreographers actually delve into a woman’s psyche. In my opinion, only MacMillan and Grigorovich created real female characters, and even then there isn’t a great deal of interaction between these women.

Deborah Bull talks about this in her documentary:

d i s c l a i m e r

The most tragic moment in Hollow Knight: when Monomon the Teacher uses the last of her power to spiritually send a glitter bomb to her only remaining acolyte before accepting her fate to destroy the seal

truly the most moving and emotionally charged scene in the game, left me in tears

Rachel Bloom Shares the ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Scene She’s Most Proud Of

The CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” ventured into even deeper emotional territory for its second season than it did in the first, testing the limits of some relationships and ending others entirely. One of the show’s most tragic moments came when the tension between Rebecca and Paula finally boiled over, erupting in a huge, heartbreaking fight.

It’s that scene that co-creator and star Rachel Bloom chose as the moment from “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” Season 2 she’s most proud of.

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Hi! Can I ask what is your favorite Nygmobblepot scene? :)

  I’m sure that my fav nygmobblepot scene is  from 3x14. bc for me it was the most emotional and tragic moment between Ed and Oswald. they are both aware of heartache and what touches me the most is their brokenness.
I was proud of Oswald when he’d been saying ’i love u’ again repeatedly to Ed. and when he refused to betray Ed by calling him even after Ed’s attempt to kill Ossy. of course Oswald understood that Ed tried to kill him and that he wanted to do it, but Ed was Oswald’s first love. the first and the last (i think). Oswald’s love was like a blue fire and Ed’s love was like a green poison. fire and poison always kill people.  

during this scene, Oswald found himself. he accepted himself and understood who is he. this is the purest and most sincere moment for Oswald. this broken bird felt wings behind his back again but realized that he could not fly alone over the dark city of Gotham. the boy realized that he had found his treasure island. this island was another broken man. this man’d shown the broken lonely bird paradise and then burned it down.

and I’m sure Ed actually had feelings for Ossy but he just couldn’t understand them. It may have been another kind of love for Ed, more like respect and admiration. he needed Ossy and he wanted to protect him but he couldn’t protect Ossy from himself. (do you know that those hard to love need it most?) Oswald needed Ed’s love but Ed didn’t love him.  

“love is self-sacrifice.”

Oswald didn’t really think about it before then, but when Ed appeared in his life, he saved him. and then he destroyed everything that Oswald loved. but Ed never understood that it was a silly mistake, because Edward was the only thing Oswald loved.

  love hurts but sometimes it’s a good hurt and it makes you feel like you are alive. but what happens when your love kills you?

So my word is still not good enough, Mr Carson, after so many years?

Rob James-Collier’s character brings something different to Downton Abbey, something that only characters like Sybil Crawley and Tom Branson manage to portray: the incredible likeness between modern day individuals and members of a past and distant life.  

There is a vulnerability to Thomas Barrow that is perfectly being brought out now in this final season.  Talk about a 20th century Severus Snape; this person is the pure incarnation of antagonists.  He is a pure schemer, he has managed to make us hate him, loathe him, pity him and perhaps even love him on various occasions.  He has been a total nightmare in the first couple of seasons; only a handful of us devoted DA fans haven’t cursed his name when he and the loathsome Mrs O’Brien just couldn’t stop having a go at Anna and Mr Bates.  And then it is all momentarily forgotten when he shows us vulnerability on two consecutive occasions: when he completely loses it when the war broke out, when he realizes that he has been made a fool of by that black market guy, and when he is so scared he mutilates himself in order to get away from the trenches.  Serves him right in the first case. He is a coward in the second. But my god isn’t he the perfect representation of any member of our modern day society?

What is so great about Downton Abbey is that there is no hero nor villain, no right nor wrong. It’s all greyscale. It’s you might be bad now, but you have a history that explains it. Or you might be good now, but how easily that can change. And the perfect embodiment of all this is Thomas Branson, and James-Collier’s portrayal is just amazing.  We can all be cowards, and we can all try to thwart justice and be better off by using perhaps non conventional means. Does that mean we are the true embodiment of evil?

Barrow crying when the blind soldier dies is one of the most tragic moments in DA.  When Sybil dies, Barrow is the most grief-stricken of all the staff. It shows a rawness that few of the staff have managed to see in him. When he cries, he’s always on his own. The only person who’s ever seen him cry is Sybil, and probably she was one of the few people who managed to understand him. When she passed away, that feeble level of understanding disappeared along with her, and that, to Barrow, is devastating.  Miss Baxter is perhaps the new Sybil Crawley in Barrow’s life; he’s absolutely horrible to her at the beginning, but she’s having none of it. She knows how much he’s hurting when news arrives that his father has died. And she’s the one who encourages him to be nice to others, to let everyone see that he has a humane side, that there is nothing shameful in letting go and being who you are in front of everyone. Aren’t we all afraid to show our true colours, for fear that nobody can accept us or understand us?

We have the ruthless schemer and the child carer. We have the rude antagonist and the hopeless lover, in need of a second chance and desperate to be loved. Aren’t we all searching for our loved one, our soulmate? Aren’t we all tired of having our intentions misinterpreted, of being judged for past mistakes or for our personality and personal beliefs? Aren’t we all tired of making excuses for who we are, and desperate to do good but ruining it all every single time? Barrow is every single one of us combined; we have all been what he’s been through at some point or another, he’s just that one person who’s been unlucky enough in his life to go through every rotten thing possible.  And every time he’s caught unawares by his emotions, every time he is mistreated or misinterpreted, his crying has that redeeming quality us viewers need to be able to ascertain that yes, Thomas Barrow is human, he is every single one of us in spirit, that he is as able to love despite all his mistakes as much as any one of us.  That he gives up as much as any one of us, that he too can end up facing a brick wall with no hope of getting over it.  That at the end of the day, he might be able to conquer all judgment and go against all expectations, and live a happy life that he truly deserves. 

May he have the best ending any character of DA can have.  Because my god he truly does deserve it. 

I wish that online fandoms appreciated friendships and platonic ships more because I really like the relationship dynamic between Jack and Athena. One of the most tragic moments in the series for me is when she finally has to walk away from him at the end of the Pre-Sequel because that’s a moment where his own actions cost him a friend. It’s tear-jerking for me when you scan her in Tales and Jack says he misses hanging out with her. For all of Jack’s total batshit Trump-esque insanity he actually liked her as a person and valued her friendship. Things like that are part of why he’s such a compelling character.

Scream Pt.1

Plot: idea thanks to @flyingpainsdaisies ;)
“reader is a professional killer i’m Gotham and Joker accidentaly ruins it one of her jobs and after that he becomes obssesed with her but, she keeps refusing and playing hard to get!!”

Authors note: I think I might make this into a fic idk. I might have to see everyone’s response first or tell me if you guys want me to continue!

Warnings: death, guns, swearing

Killing… that’s what I knew best kill , move to the next and kill some more. Whether it was recreational or for pay. That’s all I’ve known since I was the tender age of 11. Thats when my mom was murdered, shot in the head execution style all because of some gang affiliation by The Red Dragons of south side. Her limp body laying on the cold streets of the south side Gotham. That’s when shit hit the fan and so did I. I just started going crazy after that , I mean what was an 11 year old to do when she watched her mother get murdered right infront of her eyes? I eventually learned how to handle guns and heavy artillery. I then went on to wipe out the whole Red dragon chapter in Gotham. Now I’m just a contract killer doing my own thing and getting my share.

I had just walked into this night club, fancy place might I add. Gold and black everywhere with little purple accents glinting in my eye from time to time. It was rumored to be owned by the jester of genocide himself, The Joker. The music was loud and I could feel it in my chest. Just how I liked it loud enough to drown out the bad thoughts. I walked around looking for my target, yevgeny kevnicoft one of the many leaders of the Russian mafia here in Gotham. From what my contact told me he’s supposed to be here in this very club tonight. I took a seat in one of the booths looking around, checking my surroundings looking for an exit. There he was walking into the club right on time. I was getting ready to get up when a large looking man stepped in front of me.

“M'am the owner of the club would like to have a word.” I scoffed trying to look over his shoulder for yevgeny.

“Kind of busy here, come back another time” I said as I pushed him. He grabbed my arm

“Now” he said dragging me toward the VIP area.
“You don’t have to be so rough” I said smirking up at him. As I neared closer I could see it, the bright green hair and the red lipstick. I entered the area and sat down taking in my surroundings. That’s something I always had to do since she was murdered, I have to know everyone’s move or else. A growl snapped me out of my thoughts. I looked up at him dressed in a burgundy dress shirt and some slacks.

“Hello there doll, I had to bring you over here you just… caught my eye and when daddy see’s something he likes he just-” he said getting up circling around me
“He just has to have it” I rolled my eyes and scoffed still trying to search for yevgeny if I messed this up it would cost me big time. He grabbed my face and growled.

“Your attention is on me at all times you got that?” I nodded, I needed to get out of here quick and fast and kill yevgeny before it was too late.

“If you excuse me I have important business to attend to.” I said getting up and trying to leave. He grabbed my arm and sat me back down

“You leave when I say it’s time to leave.” I leaned back in the booth and and tensed. I obviously wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“So what’s your name sweet?”

“Y/N” I answered blankly. Maybe if he thought I was boring he’d let me leave.
Yevgeny neared the VIP area. This was time I got up and pulled my gun out and tried to shoot him but he ran out of one of the exits. I quickly ran towards the exit trying to get through. I got outside and fired at him again this time hitting him in the back of the neck. I walked up to him and shot him in the back of the head, just for good measure. Just then the cops showed up I attempted to run away but was handcuffed. I thrashed and screamed trying to get out the cops grip.

“I think it’s about time she payed a visit to arkham.” Once I heard the word arkham I lost my shit. I couldn’t go to Arkham, I’ve never been locked there before. Maybe some small institutions but never Arkham. I heard that’s the rabbit hole to insanity, the place where the sane go to become insane. I screamed and thrashed even harder maybe I could just try and run for it again. I pulled away and was wacked in the head with a gun.

I woke up strapped to a metal table with a belt in my mouth. I wiggled and thrashed about until someone came into the room. Her name tag read Dr.V.Sinelli.

“Hello Y/N I’m Doctor Sinelli and I’ll be administering your electro shock therapy today.” I started to scream, I had never experienced electro shock before. She turned on the machine and got the paddles.

“Tell me Y/N why have you killed so many people? Is it because the voices tell you too or is it a deep emotional problem because of the death of your mother?” I slipped the belt off of my mouth and spit in her face.

“Fuck you, you stupid old bitch” she wiped the spit off her face and turned the machine all the way up. She pressed the button and put the paddles on my head. I screamed as the electricity surged through me. I couldn’t see or breath all I could do was scream.

I was escorted back to my room. All the walls were see-through I looked to the cell next to me and saw him. The Joker. He was sitting on his bed with only arkham sweat pants on looking right at me. I took a seat on my bed and stared back at him.

“We meet again doll face , fancy seeing you here” I just stare at him, no words could come out of my mouth. Maybe it was the electro shock or maybe it was how he looked, sitting there in his sweatpants. I opened my mouth but nothing came out.

“Your bruises must explain your lack of words” he said pointing to my forehead. I looked at my reflection in the wall and saw 2 red bruises on my forehead, I’m guessing from the electro shock paddles. I couldn’t look at myself I had bruises on my forehead, my make up was smudged, blood running down the side of my face and my hair was all over the place. I just layed down and got under the Arkham issued bedsheets, thin and cold. I drifted off to sleep to dream about my mother being killed over and over again. Like my mind was some fucked up broken VCR replaying one of the most tragic moments of my life. I woke up screaming and that’s all I could do for the rest of the night is scream. Scream until my throat got raw and I focus on the pain. Scream like it was nothing. Scream so I could forget about everything and forget about her and what happened that night. Scream until I lost my voice, scream until I lost whatever humanity I had left.

Get To Know Me Using Emojis 😄 (part 1)

😊- what has been the happiest moment of your life so far?

😢- what has been the saddest/most tragic moment in your life so far?

🐶- do you have any pets?

💇- what’s the color/style of your hair currently?

💑- have you ever been in love?

👪- how many family members do you have?

👮- have you ever been arrested?

👽- do you believe in aliens?

👻- do you believe in ghosts?

💋- have you had your first kiss?

👀- what color are your eyes?

😷- have you ever been so sick you had to stay at the hospital?

💪- do you work out?

😈- what’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?

👣- what shoe size are you?

💅- do you paint your nails?

Haruspis’ relaxing Halo playlist

Perhaps my favourite thing about Halo, other than the story, is the music. Across the last 14 years, this is just one department that has never ever let up in its quality. So I thought I’d compile a list of my top 20 Halo tracks which I listen to for the purpose of relaxation.

Ambient Wonder (HALO CE)

This plays aboard the Truth and Reconciliation at the gravity lift and really sets a beautifully ambient tone with its high notes and 80s-inspired synth.

Under Cover of Night (HALO CE)

Many will remember this from The Truth and Reconciliation’s opening stealth segment, but to me it’s grounded in my memory from the ‘Final Run’ section of Two Betrayals where you have to get to the Banshee in order to deactivate the final pulse generator. On your way, you’re caught in the middle of Covenant troops giving it their all against hordes of Flood. It’s one of Halo’s most unforgettable encounters.

Yawning Chasm (HALO CEA)

The camera pans up past a barren mountain and over a clifftop to gaze up at the crashed hulk of the Pillar of Autumn while a single, solitary Banshee is crashing right towards it because the Master Chief is a huge nerd and loves showing off.Yeah, this is the track which punctuates that.

Beyond Hope (HALO 2)

Our first of several unreleased tracks. This plays during the bit after reuniting with Miranda and Johnson where you’re fighting the Sangheili Rangers out on the station’s hull. The choir is ridiculously soothing to listen to.

Dust and Bones (HALO 2)

This one plays after John kills the Prophet of Regret and is forced to flee the temple as a Covenant ship’s energy projector begins to glass the area, and is dragged to an uncertain fate by the Gravemind.

Heavy Price Paid (HALO 2)

You’ve heard this many times in Halo 2′s main menu suite, but also at the start of Uprising where Thel learns that the Jiralhanae have murdered all of the Sangheili in the area. Like so many tracks in Halo 2, it conveys a haunting and mournful sense of sadness. Says rather a lot that I find this sort of thing relaxing…

High Charity (HALO 2)

You’d think that being caught in the middle of the eruption of the Great Schism would call for great bombastic tracks as you shoot, punch, slice, and explode your way through High Charity. Nope, you’re going to watch many small Grunts get slaughtered by Jiralhanae in pretty gardens and you’re going to feel relaxed doing it!

In Amber Clad (HALO 2)

I have actually come to associate this track more with the late Monty Oum, as he used this in the opening of the video that made his name as an animator on the internet about 8 years ago - Haloid. Rest in peace, Monty <3

Punishment (HALO 2A)

This is the Anniversary ‘remake’ of Heavy Prince Paid. It’s a track well worth listening to twice.

Halo Reborn (HALO 3)

A personal favourite of mine, the choir that makes up the first two minutes is so damn beautiful. That image of the Pelican flying towards Installation 04B as Thel affirms to Rtas that he will see this fight to its end is really quite powerful, and the track leads into gameplay as you make your way over to the control room.

Action Figure Hands (HALO WARS)

I love Halo Wars. I love Halo Wars’ story, I love its multiplayer, and I love its music. I find the music so relaxing that I actually feel sleepy at times when I’m waiting for my next batch of Hawks to finish construction and this track is playing. If you listen closely, you can hear the faint drumbeat in the background playing In Amber Clad.

ODST Concept Track #3 (ODST)

This track was not actually in the game which makes no sense to me because this fits so well with the ambience of Mombasa Streets. I don’t actually know if it was made by Marty and Michael, but I’ve been listening to this for 6 years now it’s as consolidated a Halo track as any other to me.

Bits and Pieces (ODST)

ODST’s music is just… some of the best you’ll ever hear. Wandering through the streets of New Mombasa by yourself while evading Covenant patrols, searching for audio logs and clues, just soaking in the very noir atmosphere, is an experience that I don;t think anybody ever expected Halo would or could do. But it did, and it was the best thing ever, and the music is like 90% of the reason for that. It just sells it.

Neon Night (ODST)

What genre of music even is this? I don’t know if ‘god-tier’ is its own genre, but if it was this track would probably be in it…

Rain (ODST)

…and so would this one. You’ll want to hug the next piano you see after this.

New Alexandria (REACH)

New Alexandria stands out as a shining beacon of everything I had hoped Reach would be like. The level was absolutely fantastic, a much-needed break from form where you could essentially do whatever you wanted and had a wider variety of objectives. There’s a really ODST-esque vibe about this, which is fitting since Buck is in this mission.

Legacy (HALO 4)

You’ve heard me say it a million billion squillion times, but this is my favourite Halo track. Ever. Of all time. I have nothing new to say about this track other than what I’ve been saying for almost 3 years now. I can’t believe that human beings made this.

Haven (HALO 4)

I actually remember not being too sure whether I liked this track when I first heard it, and if I had a time machine I’d go back and slap my past self for that because it is simply stunning. Also, the second half of the track plays during one of the most horrific and tragic moments in the Halo franchise, so you get to feel sad and relaxed at the same time.

Wreckage (HALO 4)

I actually have a habit of hanging around the opening area of Requiem just to hear this in its entirety, just taking in the scenery with the remains of the Dawn, the mortally wounded Covenant feebly crawling towards their weapons, the ‘god rays’ poking through the cloud cover and piercing through the smoke. It really set the tone for the game, and is followed up by…

Requiem (HALO 4)

…this! You emerge out of the caves and stumble upon one of the most unforgettable vistas in Halo’s history. Great floating spires shifting over a circular cityscape-hanging over a mountain complete with a waterfall. Again, this just sells the atmosphere of the game, that feeling of exploration and open alien environments. It brings Requiem to life.

Epilogue (HALO 4)

I kind of cheated because this makes 21 tracks, but I just had to include it. This plays at the end of the campaign where John is floating in space after his farewell with Cortana , and then transitions into a very ODST-inspired piece which was not in the game outside of the Halo 4 beta menu.