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I’m really sad about all the hate I see within kpop as a whole. I’m a casual fan of most groups, I mean every group has at least one song I like. It makes me upset when I see people getting butthurt over hearsay, or when they hate on artists for dating. We are not there, we are not their keepers. Idols are people too, we need to easy up and let them live. They are not our toys.

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I'm sorry if this sounded rude, but about the anon who said something about haruta being bi I would very much hate that tbh because most comment were saying stuff like "at least let haruta be bi I really want him to end up with chika" I hate that very much tbh

I mostly agree with you

The Huntress and The Human

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader
Word Count: 1,143
Warning: M, Language
A/N: This most likely will break into at least 2 parts maybe 3? i’m not sure but in the beginning it’s when you and Stiles are little kids i’m going to say 7-ish? ALSO this mainly focuses on you rather than you and Stiles so you know.
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Request: N/A

Inspired By: The Deadpool List (in Teen Wolf)
Description: You were ripped away from your childhood sweetheart and raised to become a hunting machine. When your family gets a hold of a “deadpool” list you are forced to go back to Beacon Hills with them and try to collect as many of the names as possible.

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Most to least to be interested in dressing up for YOU. Like idk military man, marine, police man etc etc? Or their reactions to you sugesting it?(idk)









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star wars has always been bad with age differences in my opinion.. isnt han like 10 years older than leia? (im not trying to excuse anything!! its bad)

Yeah, they’re pretty bad. At least finnrey, the ship most likely to become canon, is good.

Han and Leia’s age difference is kinda on that iffy area where it’s really only ok bc Han genuinely respects her (from what I’ve heard) and they knew each other for years previously and Leia was in her 20s when they got together.

But yeah I really doubt George Lucas thought of that deliberately in the original movies given how he usually is, he probably wouldn’t have seen a problem in them getting together when she was canon 19 still. And it would’ve been nicer if the age gap was smaller and out of that iffy area. So yeah Star Wars is problematic but the hanleia ship isn’t really imo cx

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What do you like drawing the most?What do you like drawing the least?

I love drawing characters and ideas for them. I’ve just gotten rusty at that whole creative department because I’m trying too hard at improving. I’m balancing all sorts of shit at the moment so that I can be an appealing candidate for a job, especially having 0 experience. But otherwise, fuck, I love designing and I love concept art to death.

I hate environments because I suck at them lmao. I keep wanting to practice more but I just don’t understand the values. I don’t understand it at allllll, god help me. I’m baaaaaad at planning it landscapes and rendering shit into really high quality.

Thanks for asking questions, much appreciated.