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OK, I got curious after seeing you talk about TLBD: what is your favourite adaptation of Pride and Prejudice? Which one is your least favourite? Also, what about the characters (in which adaptaion, which characters you liked the most or least)? I hope you have a lovely day, and I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

Thanks so much for your kind words! :)

It may be predictable, but it’s a tie between the 1995 miniseries and the 2005 film, for me, because each does different things very well. Where the 1995 P&P is a little too well-lit and tidy and Elizabeth is too beautiful in keeping with the #aesthetics of the era, the 2005 is smokier, more colourful, more down-to-earth, with great details, music, and camera-work, and while Knightley is gorgeous by today’s standards, her looks would certainly have been considered atypical in the 18th/19th centuries’ beauty standards, compared to Ehle’s curls and bloom and bodacious curves. Where the 2005 P&P feels rushed and some scenes/characters are squashed or eliminated completely to save on time, the 1995 clearly has the space to breathe and simply include more from the text. The overall vision and budget of the film is awesome–they made definite choices and by and large those choices were good, but the pacing and more comfortable ‘roominess’ of the miniseries also elevates the quality of that production, as well.

My least favourite has to be the 1940 P&P. The studio meddling is just too, too evident in the whackadoo timeshift costumes, the unnecessary altering of Lady Catherine’s character so she can play switcheroo Cupid (which…is not required? At all? Worse obstacles have already been overcome, and it’s not like the story lacks comedy. The happy ending is already happy. It’s just baffling and feels gimmicky.) And overall I just don’t think Larry Olivier is All That.

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Which horoscopes as parents do you think are most/least likely to ACCEPT their kid's homosexuality?

Like… placements? Well I guess you’d have to look at a parent’s 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 9th House. The 2nd House represents value, the 4th House represents the upbringing they were raised with, the 5th House represents how they want to raise you, and the 9th House shows what the parents believe in religiously.

Idk, this is complex because parents can accept or not accept homosexuality for so many reasons. I’d rather narrow down my search lol. You can have someone not accept it due to a restricted view (Saturn) or because it doesn’t fit their ideals (Neptune)

so idk, depends on what kind of reason you’re looking for lmao

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wtf why you starting school on a thursday at the end of january christmas was a month ago you should be buried in hw by now smh

tbh I have no idea why we start so late, most of the schools in the Boston area start like at least a week before us. but also the ends of our semesters are later than everyone else? last semester I had my last final on Dec 21st so

2400 Follower Game (MTL)

Omg this blog just hit over 2400 followers which officially makes this the most popular blog I’ve ever had. I’m so sorry I haven’t been writing much recently.

 However since I just got 2400 followers (i’m still freaking out right now, lol) and I’ve seen a few other blogs doing this recently and tbh I’m intrigued, so I’ll be doing MTL for a while. I don’t really have a time when they’ll be closed, but please please send some in. 

For those that don’t know, they are, at least from what I’ve seen on other blogs, where you guys send a thing or a scenario or something and I rate the characters on Most to Least likely. 


30 Day SWTOR OC Challenge - Day #18

Day 18: Companions

Who is their first friend among their companions? Who ends up being their best friend? Who do they hate the most (or like the least)? Is there anyone they wouldn’t have recruited by the game gives you?

Bonus: Rate your class’s five ‘original’ companions from least favorite to most favorite. Explain why.

For the ‘official’ companions, Taj has only gotten up to getting Bowdaar in terms of story. He has some additional companions (personal OCs) as well though, unique to his story.

For his first friend of his ‘non official’ crew (the OCs), his first friend was Eddie(ED-D5), an ancient loader-droid modified into a ‘warbot’, probably by the Black Sun. Eddie was with him the longest and while he’s not the brightest or very talkative, he was Taj’s constant companion for years.

Among the ‘official’ crew, his friend would probably be Corso Riggs. The Kiffar (in Taj’s story at least) stubbornly refused to be left behind or abandon him, despite Taj being less than friendly at first. Gradually, Taj warmed up to him and they got to be good friends.

For his best friend in the ‘non official’ crew, that would actually probably be little Widget. Widget(Z2-D7) was a small Imperial astromech he rescued from a crash on Balmorra. She’s smart, helpful, and a hell of a good slicer. She also enjoys games and is probably Taj’s current best friend amongst the ‘non official’ crew.

For the official crew, that’s currently Corso Riggs with Bowdaar and Risha not too far behind. Bowdaar is kind of the ‘uncle’ so he’s not as close with him as he is with Corso, whose been with Taj longer. For Risha, she’s still got a lot of secrets and they’re still kind of butting heads a bit as they get to know each other.

For the ‘official’ crew, Taj doesn’t have anyone he hates, but he doesn’t feel much connection to Akaavi. It’s not that Akaavi is a ‘bad character’ but she felt very one-note and there wasn’t a lot of the interesting Mandalorian touches given to Torian. There isn’t really any member of the Smuggler crew he minded having join him though.


  1. Akaavi Spar - Least favorite. She’s not bad, but she just didn’t have a lot of development so it was hard to feel a strong connection with her for me. They gave her the veneer of ‘super angry Mando’ but didn’t add any more layers. She isn’t disliked, but she’s just not as memorable. Hoping that’ll change with more play-through.
  2. Guss Tuno - I love Guss, but he didn’t get as much development as I would like either (at least not in the first three chapters). He’s still a hoot though and gets along well with Taj. 
  3. Bowdaar - Taj loves Bowie and he respects the big guy a bunch. He’s solidly in the middle just because he also didn’t get a lot of extra, but the framework is very solid.
  4. Risha Drayen - She’s actually pretty much tied with Bowie as far as Taj’s ‘favorites’, but she gets more development. I wish she had a few tweaks but in general, she’s pretty interesting and well done. Taj and her butt heads fairly often since they both have strong personalities, but there’s a lot of respect as well.
  5. Corso Riggs - Most favorite. Taj really clicks nicely with Corso Riggs in weird ways. They don’t agree on a lot of things, but Corso is loyal and kind and tries very hard to be a good person. He’s a really good influence on Taj and he brought him out of being an angry, selfish person just by being the way he is. Corso is far from perfect, but he means well and Taj really appreciates that.

Shadowhunters Season 1 | Season 2


There were a ton of great artists at the October mcm london expo this year and I had no self control

so I commissioned these 4 lovely artists to all draw Coran my man

@jesstarts @p-kom @hollydrawsthings @mayachwan


save him.