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Lazy Town Head Canons

Presented with little order or cohesion:

  • Robbie Rotten is a Summer court Seelie Fae
  • Lazy Town is his domain and is heavily warped by Fae magic
  • He’s a very young Fae
  • Having an affinity for games and playing, his current role is raising children
  • All the children of Lazy Town are “his” as in he’s claimed them…
  • What happens to the children taken by Fae in deals?
  • Robbie is raising them to become changling fae children
  • This is his main frustration with Sportacus trying to re-educate them
  • Robbie just wants the children to love him and look up to him
  • He’s shaped Lazy Town to be a child’s paradise and fought to keep it safe from harm
  • His relationships with the numbered heros have been mostly poor till now
  • Robbie was raised in Lazy Town before the town was “freed and made happy” by a earlier hero
  • Robbie reclaimed it to raise the children
  • Number 9 was violent towards him and he has some deep seated trauma lingering from that
  • As a fae, he needs to eat fae foods
  • All the junk foods and sweets in Lazy Town are fae food
  • This is why he needs the children to eat junk food
  • The Sports Candy that Sportacus brings in and the one real apple tree persistent in his domain are the only “real food”
  • Going back to Fae food is hard on the body, thus stomach aches
  • Stingy is the eldest, Ziggy is the youngest, but Stephanie is the newest and only to be taken at an older age
  • Milford and Bessie have lived near Robbie for so long that they’ve been permanently wrapped by Fae magic
  • Robbie uses them as babysitters for the kids
  • As the kids become more Fae like, they are exerting their own power over the town
  • The town operates entirely off fae magical logic were belief means more than fact
  • While under the sway of a glamour, it’s hard to see through it
  • All of Robbie’s disguises are glamour
  • Fae child rearing looks nothing like human raising and even Summer Fae are bastards
  • Robbie just really wants to sleep and get a nap, his insomnia is horrible
  • He gets horribly bored and lonely without the kids
  • Part of the time he’s genuinely annoyed at them, most of the time he’s playing games with them and just doesn’t want to be left out, but he’s always teaching them how to be better Fae through play
  • The children lose their names and human past over time, the get new Fae names when they are old enough
  • All their current names are just nicknames given to each other
  • Eventually Stephanie might just have become Pinky, except for Sportacus slowing this process down
  • Robbie doesn’t find it important to remember their nicknames
  • The strongest magic requires physical exertion to put into effect, Robbie does this through building gadgets
  • He and the children are very urban creature of the modern age
  • All Fae have strong characteristics they embody, these are often things that are “bad” in a human or elf mind
  • Robbie cares very much about the children and encouraging what he sees as the best behavior (for Fae) in them
  • His biggest wishes are for them to just be properly behaved fae children, and for this to include large portions of quiet time for him to sleep
  • His goal of driving Sportacus out of Lazy Town is thwarted by his desire to keep the elf around and spy on him
  • It gets harder and harder to fight his attraction to Sportaflop
  • Which he finds ridiculous considering that the elf’s diet disgusts him utterly
  • All the “flippity floppiting” gives him weird feelings of arousal
  • Sometimes he has to break out the “dad voice” and when he does, the children obey
  • Stephanie is the most likely to disobey because of her stronger bond with Sportacus
  • Deep down the children know who Robbie is to them, but his being the antagonist is part of the game and they know they can disrespect him most of the time
  • Robbie is legitimately terrified out of his mind of heights which was made worse by number 9
  • The children are very rarely in real danger in Lazy Town and it takes a lot to actually hurt a them considering what they are now
  • Sportacus has been slowly putting this together and is why he takes more time to show off during saves as it’s fun for the kids
  • Lazy Town mostly is in a state of permanent summer, winter only comes when the summer court is at its weakest during the season changes
  • Robbie hates winter with a passion
  • Entering Lazy Town is difficult without an invitation, leaving is harder
  • Sportacus gets around this with the combination of the children’s invitation and an elven tech airship
  • The passage of time is deeply warped in Lazy Town
  • Sportacus is a raw vegan and only eats uncooked plants
  • He keeps his ears covered to hide his elf nature
  • He mostly eats apples and fruit around the children as he’s been looked at oddly in the past for eating leaves and flowers
  • Fae food is even worse for him that normal processed sugar however it leaves his system quickly
  • Sportacus is an extremely nonviolent hero and thus is often considered useless by some of the other elven heros despite his strength and speed
  • This had lead him to spend more and more time in Lazy Town were he feels loved and useful
  • Sportacus is getting very good at sensing fae glamour even if he can’t see through it
  • He’s also far better than the kids at breaking glamour
  • Usually he’s more amused by Robbie’s antics than upset, but he’s been actually upset a few times
  • Robbie has rarely if ever been serious on the show, he can be scary when he’s serious
  • Despite his lack of physical strength his magic is incredibly strong
What Happened in the DollHouse

Everybody is saying that Hanna’s treatment in the dollhouse must’ve been worse than the rest of the girls because she is beyond fed up with Charles’ bullshit.

However, I don’t think that’s the case. I don’t think the girls chose to “torture” Hanna the most, I just don’t see that happening. Charles messed with each of the girls in ways he knew would break them the most.

For Spencer he messes with her sense of sanity. We all know Spencer has trouble with sleep and memory and such so Charles doesn’t let her sleep, and when he does let her he leads her to believe she hurt somebody.

For Aria we see he gives her a haircut and makes her dye her hair. He forces her to a place where she was when things were crazy. Her dad was cheating not on her mom, she was going through adolescence, her friend had gone missing, she had to pick up and move to Iceland. She clearly has tried to erase memories of those past and being forced back to that place, being helpless, must have been hell.

For Emily we actually don’t get glimpses of what happened to her in her room. Back in Season One, and before Ali disappeared, the only thing Emily was seriously going through was trying to find herself essentially. She didn’t know how to manage her feelings and such. Maybe Charles took advantage of that but for the most part the most traumatizing thing for Emily was having to push the buttons on her friends. She had the most flashbacks for this so I assume this was the thing that stuck with her.

Now Hanna. She looked terrified and broken when she stepped out of her room. She talked about what Charles made them do as far as the cruel games he made them play, but she doesn’t talk about what happened in those three weeks. What I believe happened was that he made her relive her bulimia. Back in season 1, before Alison went missing, we know Hanna had been eating and then throwing up to lose weight. We saw this again when A bought the cupcakes and made her throw them up to get that money back. I believe he did the same thing again. She probably spent that three weeks forcing her to eat a bunch of food then making her throw it back up, telling her if she didn’t that he’d do something to one of the girls, including Mona.

Just my theory on what happened to Hanna. I’d love to hear other theories tho, my inbox is always open.