most talented singer right now tbh

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So excited for solo liam. I know he's doing to do great, even if he doesn't have the full support of this nasty, ugly ass fandom tbh. Like, he's so fucking talented??? he has such an amazing voice that honestly everyone likes ( whether you admit it or not), he's so funny and charming, and not to mention...he's one of the most attractive singers out there tbh. I can't wait for him to get a new fanbase full of people who actually appreciate him and i know it'll happen.

LISSEN i could have wrote this ask cause i agree with everything you said. He is one of the most talented young stars out right now and hes only gonna be more popular once he drops something. he may not be as well known as the other boys but i think thats gonna change once he drops something cause the gp won’t ignore his talent. he has the look, the talent and drive to really do something amazing and im so excited to watch it happen.