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In the Darkest of Places - KakaSaku

Someone wrote an awesome KakaSaku recently and I absolutely adored it and it inspired me to write this, but I can’t for the life of me remember the name of it or who wrote it?? (Maybe @raendown or @mouseymightymarvellous???)

In the Darkest of Places

Kakashi had been watching her all night.

Like a moth to a flame, his gaze drew to her, falling away only to be pulled back again some minutes later. As her ex-teacher, it had long since become habit for him to keep an eye on Sakura. She had been the only female and the one with the most to lose, and in a way he was more protective of her than the others, even if she had become the most successful. Sakura was equal parts strong and beautiful and intelligent. She drew every gaze when she walked into a room but even the bravest of admirers refrained from approaching her when her teammates were attached to her hip.

But not tonight. Tonight she was alone.

Kakashi had witnessed her arrive some hours ago, but Naruto and Sai continued to remain absent as she sank lower and lower in her stool as alcohol took her in its unforgiving grip. The chatter of his companions felt on deaf ears every time he diverted his attention to observe her across the bar, eyeing each shot she consumed. The longer he watched, the more concerned he became.

Something was a little off, something a little wrong. Sakura never came alone and she never drank herself onto the floor.

And so Kakashi continued to watch over her from afar, silently chasing away any admirer that entertained the thought of approaching with a warning glare and a promise of regret should his unspoken order be defied. Sakura needed company, but not to share a bed with. And as the night wore on and the shot glasses continued to drain, Kakashi knew he was going to have to be the one to fill that role tonight.

The bar was nearly empty by the time Genma and Anko finally left Kakashi alone at the table. His gaze never wavered from the kunoichi still hunched over the bar who had drank her weight in liquor and had slipped so low her cheek pressed to the countertop. She didn’t show any signs of moving any time soon.

It was only once Sakura continued to remain oblivious to the bartender’s pointed stare that Kakashi finally pushed himself to his feet and quietly approached her. He was mildly surprised to find her still conscious as she traced the scratches in the counter’s surface with her nail absently. Her finger stilled as she noticed his presence and she peered at him without lifting her head. “‘kashi.”

He could hear every drink she had consumed in that single syllable but he merely smiled at her under his mask as he placed a hand to her back. “It’s about time we get you home, yeah?”

Sakura hummed and her gaze fell back to her finger as she resumed tracing patterns in the old wood. For a long moment, he was certain she wasn’t going to move and he briefly considered the potential consequences of just hoisting her over his shoulder when she sighed heavily and straightened on the stool.

Her pale, pink locks cascaded over one shoulder in a mess of hair that brought attention to the slender column of her neck and the strength of her shoulders, but it was her eyes he was drawn to. They were red-rimmed, but from exhaustion or alcohol he didn’t know, and the energy that normally brightened her forest-green eyes was dull and lackluster as if the spirit had been stolen from her.

“Am I a good shinobi?” she suddenly asked.

Kakashi cocked his head curiously. “What?”

“I asked if I am a good shinobi?” Sakura repeated slowly.

She gestured with her hands, briefly taking them off the counter of the bar and it was only Kakashi’s years of training that allowed him to react fast enough to steady her before she slipped backwards off her stool. Sakura quickly placed her palms on the counter again but his hand still lingered on her waist, not entirely trusting her to remain upright on her own.

“Of course you’re a good shinobi,” he told her. “One of the better ones, in fact.”

Sakura nodded slowly. “Good. Because apparently I am not a very good medic  and it’s good to know that at least I have something to fall back on.”

Her words slurred together but she spoke slow enough that Kakashi could make out her words, and his brow furrowed in confusion. “Why aren’t you a good medic?”

“Because medics are supposed to save people,” she said sharply, like he should have already known the answer. But then her voice softened as her shoulders slumped dejectedly. “And I don’t.”

Understanding washed over him like fog dissipating in the sun and sympathy curled in his chest as he rested a comforting hand on her back. “You can’t save everyone, Sakura,” he reasoned quietly as her gaze fell to the dirty counter. “It’s just a fact of life. But you are still a great medic. Sometimes you’ll save a patient and sometimes you’ll lose one. I know it’s hard but you have to keep trying-.”

“Four,” she said, holding up four fingers towards him.

Kakashi frowned before he shook his head, not understanding. “Four?”

“You said ‘sometimes you’ll save a patient and sometimes you’ll lose one’,” she explained. “I didn’t lose a patient. I lost four, back-to-back.” She lifted her gaze from the counter to meet his gaze, the dare evident in her haunted eyes. “So tell me again that I’m still a great medic.”

Kakashi released a silent but heavy sigh as he finally understood the weight of her burden. But before he could say anything to lessen her grief, the bartender slid a piece of paper towards them. “The tab,” he explained simply.

It took a great deal of self-control for Kakashi to not shoot him a scathing look and he said nothing as he pulled a small stack of yen from his pocket and left it on the counter.

Sakura missed the entire exchange as she rested her eyes on her palms but she picked her head up again as Kakashi placed a hand to back again. “You are a great medic,” he repeated firmly.

She shot him a ghost of a smile but it breathed some life back into her emerald eyes and she followed his silent gesture to stand before she allowed him to lead her from the bar, his arm wrapped securely around her waist as he supported most of her weight. She stumbled a few times as they traveled down the dirt path away from the downtown district of Konoha but Kakashi caught her every time, ensuring she remained tucked safely against his side.

“Can I stay with you tonight?”

Kakashi looked down at her sharply, caught between being surprised at her boldness and confused as to why she didn’t want to go home.

“I’ll sleep on the couch, or even the floor,” she pressed before he could ask. “I don’t care. I just don’t want to be alone.”

Sakura tucked her face into his shoulder as they walked, her fingers gripped the back of his vest as her other arm wrapped around his middle. She looked so lost and fragile, something he hadn’t seen from her since she was a genin straight out of the academy, and whatever argument he had building on the tip of his tongue died.

There were so many times he had fallen short on his responsibilities as her teacher and then again as her team leader; so many times she had required help and he had been unable to support her in the way she needed. But this time would be different. This time, he would get her through this night.

“Yeah, you can stay with me.”


Eponine runs for lesbian officer in her uni’s lgbt society. The person she is running against is a Super Terf and she is adamant to beat her. Together with Floreal, Cosette, Musichetta and literally most of the other wlw people in the society she runs the most successful smear campaign in possibly political history ever. The uni newspaper reports about it every week in a special column. People ask for selfies with her. The other girl stood no fucking chance. 


On this day in music history: July 19, 1980 - “It’s Still Rock & Roll To Me” by Billy Joel hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 2 weeks. Written by Billy Joel, it is the first chart topping single for the singer, songwriter and musician from Hicksville, Long Island, NY. The song is inspired by a conversation that Joel has with his publicist and manager over his image, and his unwillingness to change or conform to current trends. All of this is influential in the stylistic turn that Billy Joel takes with his seventh album “Glass Houses”. Featuring a more straight ahead rock sound than his previous work, it becomes one of his most successful and acclaimed works. Issued as the follow up to the albums first single “You May Be Right” (#7 Pop) in early May of 1980, “It’s Still Rock & Roll To Me” is a smash right out of the gate. Entering the Hot 100 at #38 on May 24, 1980, it climbs to the top the charts eight weeks later. The success of the single drives the “Glass Houses” album to over 5x Platinum status (as certified by the RIAA) in the US alone. The music video for the song, a performance clip features Joel singing a live vocal to the original track. “It’s Still Rock & Roll To Me” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

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im a muslim and i love writing books but im scared to try and get it published because i think people will be turned off by a muslim author's name :/ ik it's a stupid thought but idk, i cant stop feeling this way

Ahh!! no!!! there are SO MANY amazing Muslim authors out there! Just to name a few: Tahereh Mafi (one of the most successful YA authors EVER) only bloody KHALED HOSSEINI (author of The Kite Runner!)!!! Salman Rushdie (on SO MANY university booklists)! don’t let something like that worry you!!!

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So how is Amélie's criminal record handled? I mean, she was one of the most successful operatives in Talon, a terrorist organization. Then she straight up goes to Overwatch which isn't exactly sanctioned by the international community. I just imagine like, she must have lots of counter terrorism units hunting for her. Sombra could just hack into the databases and erase it all, but that kinda feels...wrong.

Not to Sombra, it doesn’t. But I mean, also I’m pretty sure Interpol and whatnot would notice a big Widowmaker-shaped hole in their records too–I mean those assassinations happened, everyone knows that much. 

Sombra’s been leaking stuff about Amélie LaCroix’s fate with Talon to the public, bit by bit. There’s a lot of stuff already there put by conspiracy theorists, so she only has to drop a document here and there confirming tidbits. Every once in a while, something pops up–usually some records on Talon scientists’ forays into the science and practice of brainwashing, a mysterious (but unsettlingly familiar) test subject referred to as ‘The Widow,’maybe a photo if she and Widow are feeling particularly daring, and Sombra only needs to drop one little thing to drive the conspiracy theorists nuts for months. Sombra’s making a trail of breadcrumbs, nothing to lead anyone to Widowmaker, since with Talon still around that’s still highly dangerous, but as strikes against Talon and to plant the idea in people’s heads that Amélie LaCroix was brainwashed and that Talon is a very real legitimate threat that is operating on a higher level than people realize. I don’t think Widowmaker is the first person Talon’s brainwashed and there’s only so much Sombra can release at a time without causing huge international panics–but she’s hoping someday she can clear Amélie’s name. In the meantime though, lots of hiding. Sometimes going off the grid completely if necessary. Sombra has a handful of safe houses around the world for such occasions. Amélie’s partial to the one in the Seychelles. But until the Petras Act is lifted and/or Talon is taken down completely, it is a very precarious position they’re both in. 

what to talk about in therapy tomorrow~

-how the psychiatrists there aren’t accepting new clients?? like the heck is up with that!! i emailed her about this last week and she said she will find out more info about this. hopefully i will be able to get an appointment with one of them

-how i felt really weird all last week, probably because of the lead up to my job starting.

-i went to a grad party to try to make myself get out of a rut and i saw friends there but nothing helped which was weird because i usually am never like that with friends. but the next day at my cousin’s birthday party went really well and distracted me from my job starting the next day.

-my “vacation” which was, for the most part, a success. i hate cities though(i wish i would like them), i didn’t want to park on side streets.

-how the day before my job started we got a bill from the company i get therapy for even though we didn’t have anything due and i for some DUMB reason asked my mom if this could be that our insurance has dropped us and she was like who knows, maybe? and i was like 😧 i didn’t really freak out, but i couldn’t stop thinking about it. i have to take it in tomorrow, and ask the receptionist to fax it to billing.

-the big thing she is going to want to know about is work. i guess some points i can discuss are: -i am afraid to take my lunch break(i was really light headed by the end of my shift today:/)-the day before my next work day i am filled with anxiety. -i am scared about what each day will bring -i want to do well so badly and this then makes me terrified that i won’t do well -i am scared to ask questions or for help even though they have told me that i can -i worry that i work too slow -what i wear, if i am too causal or too dressy -what i say, too OH and how i don’t have access to a clock rn because i am not at my desk, i am by the files. cause filing. so i worry that i will work over my time and since my phone is in my bag then i won’t hear my dad text me and ah i am a person who checks the time constantly so it’s really different.

Orange is the New Black is the most successful show in Netflix’s history and The Handmaid’s Tale is the most successful in Hulu’s. And now Wonder Woman is being hailed as the movie that has “saved” the DC franchise. It’s almost like people are actually interested in seeing more of women’s stories on screen instead of the same tired shows centered around flawed male heroes that the mainstream machine has churned out a million times before.

“most idols don’t even work hard, they have everything handed to them bc of their famous companies”

You’re the most successful exorcist in the world, getting dozens of calls everyday. Your secret? You made a deal with the demon possessing you to weed out the competition.


15 Years ago today Kim Possible premiered on the Disney Channel. The show went on to become the most successful Disney animated series for a period of time. It broke boundaries and gave us unforgettable characters and amazing action sequences. Many of us fans will always love this show and it will always have a special place in our hearts. <3

June 7th 2002

Dr. Who is a woman, Star Wars has a female lead, we got an all female ghostbusters, Wonder Woman is one of the most successful DC movies in the past few years, Supergirl has a TV show, Aquaman will be the first Pacific Islander superhero movie, Moana is one of the most successful Disney films, Black Panther is one of the first black superhero movies in years, there is a gay Teen Titan, can I say I love how much the media is progressing lately?